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Three's a Crowd by Bellatrix_Lestrange369
Chapter 4 : Another Marauder? Really? Thanks for that.
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“Come on Lily! Remus will be there and contrary to popular belief you do actually need supplies for school” Over the last two days James hadn’t let me have one moment to myself. This is getting seriously out of hand now I thought to myself as he continued to bang on my door. “ James I know, and I’m coming but I do in fact have to get dressed!” I shouted back. “”Not for me you don’t.” He said in a quieter voice. “JAMES POTTER!” this was not me but James’ mum. I sniggered a bit as I imagined the look on Alice’s face when I told her all about this. “WOULD YOU LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE FOR FIVE MINUTES!” I love this. James Potter, leader of the marauders is constantly getting told off by his mum, classic.

Apparently my five minutes were reduced to the thirty seconds that it took his mother to disappear. Sooner than I’d hoped he was knocking on the door again. Now it was my turn and as soon as I was dressed boy would he be sorry! “JAMES! GO AWAY! If looks could kill the door in front of you would be dead. Several times over.”

“Such a sweet tempered girl you are Lily-pad” he cooed. Grr… I hate it when he coos at me! I flung open the door and walked out heading straight for the bathroom. I was glad that I was only doing my teeth and make-up because I didn’t even get chance to shut the door before he was next to me. I let out a scream of frustration just as Sirius walked in, grabbed James by the back of his t-shirt and pulled him out the room backwards. Once he had shut James in their bedroom he bowed to me and also left backwards. The effect was rather ruined however when he missed the door and ended up in the toilet which promptly spat him back out.

Was laughing too much for eye-liner. Stupid spitting toilet.


In front of me was the fireplace, on my left was James and on my right was Sirius. In my hand I had a small amount of glittery powder. “Ok, one more time”

“It’s pretty simple really Lily-pad, all you do is throw the powder in the fire, step in and say diagon alley.” Wow, James talking in a kind voice? That was new. “I know that, I was just… stalling”

On my other side Sirius let out a laugh. “Look,” he said, “I’ll go first if it would make you feel better.” I simply nodded.

I watched as he threw the powder into the fire. The flames erupted in green as he stepped into them. “Diagon alley” and with a grin at James and a wink at me he disappeared. “Did he just wink at you?” I’d never noticed how much taller than me James is. “Yes and he grinned at you, congratulations captain obvious!” I said as I took a step towards the fire. I threw my powder in and the flames immediately turned green again. I stepped in and felt pleasantly warm. Very warm in fact.

Quite comfortable really.

“Lily!” At the sound of James’ voice my eyes, which I hadn’t noticed closing, jerked open. “Don’t fall asleep in the fire!”

Well you don’t hear that everyday do you? “Well maybe I wouldn’t be so tired if you didn’t keep insisting on waking me up every morning! Diagon Alley!”

And I was gone.

Spinning through the darkness at nauseating speeds until finally I fell out of a grate. Not very elegantly I may add. Someone was laughing, I looked up. Sirius. Git.

I stood up and dusted soot off me as I walked out into what was un-mistakably the leaky cauldron. No sooner had I stepped out of the fireplace James appeared. “Well maybe if you would actually wake up by yourself then I wouldn’t have to!” what a nice greeting.

“I would wake up by myself had I been given the chance! It’s not my fault that no-one in your house is a morning person, why don’t you try waking Sirius for a change!” well I had to greet him in some form or another. “I tried waking Sirius but it ended in him hitting me in the face in his sleep.”

“Well why don’t you read or something? You know, with a book? It may be a foreign concept to you but I’m sure you can pick it up!” ok, I know it was low but he was really getting on my nerves now.

“Right, that’s it,” I didn’t like that evil look in his eye one bit, “you’re for it now Evans!” with that he pinned me to the ground and started tickling me. Yes you heard that right, tickling.

“Prongs I’d let her go if I were you,” I tried to peer over James’ shoulder to see who had made that suggestion that I whole-heartedly agreed with. Wow he was good at pinning people down. “Not now moony,” ahh so it was Remus “if I let her up she’ll kill me”

“Damn straight I will” I growled up at him. I heard laughter from above as Remus pulled James off my and Sirius (it must be instinctive by now) restrained me. “You can let go of me I wasn’t actually going to kill him. No I’m going to wait until the time is right, when he is unsuspecting and then… BAM! Lily attack!” The boys all laughed but stopped when I said “you think I’m joking?”

“Come on now Lily-pad, you wouldn’t do that to me would you?” James gave me his best puppy-dog eyes. They were pretty good actually, his soft, hazel eyes.
No Lily! Stop staring at those beautiful eyes!

“You know full well what I would do to you” I snarled

“Kinky” chuckled Sirius

I glared at him. This trip was going to be worse than I thought. And believe you me that’s saying something.


So that’s seven requests for a kiss (James asking me)

Seven times I reject those requests

Thirteen shouts of SHUT UP! (Me telling James)

Zero times that he actually listened

Five death threats (Me threatening James)

Three attempted murders (Remus and Sirius stopping me killing James)

One time that Remus and Sirius help me try to murder him

In what? Two hours? So all in all I’d count that trip as a success.

We came home to more good news. I was in my room. So was James unfortunately. When Ben swooped in. He had two letters. One from Alice and one from Petunia.
The one from Alice contained a mixture of shock and I think jealousy (don’t tell Frank) at who I was spending the rest of the holidays with. If I was in her position I would not be jealous. Trust me.

The one from petunia was more interesting.

-Mum and Dad told me to write to you so don’t think that this is a letter out of the kindness of my heart. Honestly, I’m glad to be rid of you (the feeling’s mutual) . Everything’s fine here I’d ask how you are but I don’t care too much. By the way that Snape boy came round earlier trying to find you. Mum and Dad were out so I told him that you’d gone to stay at some guy’s house for the rest of the summer. He muttered something under his breath and stalked off down the road so I’d maybe watch out for him. He might decide to pay you a visit. Say hi to Sirius for me (and I suppose to that other one as well)-

James, who had been reading the letter over my shoulder had a few things to say. What else is new? “Right. Firstly I can see why you came here, even if I’m here. Nice girl your sister isn’t she? Secondly, HOW THE HELL DOES SNIVELLUS KNOW WHERE I LIVE??? And thirdly, your sister has a crush on Sirius doesn’t she?” I’m amazed at how he said all of this with one breath.

“That would be, yes, I don’t know and yes.” I responded answering all the questions in one go. James left the room (of his own accord? Wow) and this time it was my turn to follow him.

“Sirius!” James was shouting to him as he entered their room “Sirius, how does Snivellus know where I live?” he asked

“I don’t know mate why?” Sirius looked genuinely interested as he put his book down (he reads?) “Because he’s coming here!” James exclaimed as if it were obvious.
“Well then what are we waiting for?” I gave him a quizzical look. “He’s obviously coming here to see Lily and ask why she’s here, so I say” his face cracked into an evil grinhat I didn't like the look of “we give him a bit of a show.”


Ten minutes later the boys were in my room, again, looking through all my clothes. Embarrassed much? The plan wasn’t to my liking but no doubt James would enjoy it very much.

Suddenly James sprinted from the room. I looked at Sirius and he just shrugged and threw a too short skirt at me. Damn. I’d meant to get rid of that. James came back and started to chop some buttons off a red shirt. “What are you doing that for!” I shouted at him.

“Well we can’t have you doing up all the buttons now could we Lily-pad?” He said in an isn’t-that-obvious sort of way.

“You could have just said ‘don’t do all the buttons up’ you know” I pointed out
“But this way I get to use scissors!” I didn’t like that maniacal grin of his.

“Alright, alright, now let me get changed!” I said shoving them out of the room. Once I was changed I emerged from the room and had to pick James’ eyeballs off the floor for him.

“You look” he began but I finished for him

“Like a whore, now the sooner we get this over with the sooner I can change!”

“But we can’t get it over with until Snivellus is here” James so kindly pointed out “and anyway why haven’t you got any eyeliner on?” How does he know what eyeliner is?

“Blame the toilet” I muttered and grabbed my make-up and mirror to rectify it.
There was a knock on the door. Sirius went to open it as planned and James whispered to me “ready to threaten to kill me?” Stupid cute cheeky grin. Did I say cute? I meant annoying. Definitely annoying.

“I’ve got enough practice over the past two days” I replied with a glare. From downstairs we heard Sirius talking to Severus “well I’m afraid she’s a bit.. Ah… preoccupied at the moment so…” that was our cue, with a wink at me James went sprinting down the stairs. I followed him shouting that well known line “JAMES POTTER I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!”

I saw Sirius step back from the doors so that Severus could see me run past chasing James. “As you can probably tell she’s in the process of murdering James so I don’t think she’s going to have time to talk to you…” I squealed as James turned around and picked me up by the waist. He then pinned me on the floor and said “Oh yeah Lily-pad? And how are you going to do that now that I’ve got you trapped?” he asked. Severus had come inside now and was watching through the door way. “Well I have many plans but each of them involve you letting me up so if you wouldn’t mind….” I trailed off and was suddenly aware of how close we were. With Severus at the door. “No can do I’m afraid,” James’ voice brought me back down to earth, “first you’ve got to give me a kiss!” Sigh let’s get this over with then.

“If I give you a kiss will you let me up?” I asked knowing full well what the answer was going to be. “I’m a man of my word Evans, of course I will!” He was enjoying this way too much. Our faces were only about half an inch apart so I closed the gap and our lips met.


But this was fake! This whole thing was! It wasn’t meant to feel like… well like this.
The kiss deepened, I think he had forgotten about everything else as well. There was an awkward cough from above us and we broke apart. I was surprised to see not a cocky grin but a look of shock that probably mirrored my own. James got up and held out a hand to pull me up. I took it and stood up. Severus was staring at me in disbelief. Our eyes met and he looked at me sadly before shaking his head and leaving.

Sirius laughed, “James mate that was amazing, you both looked like you were actually into it! You should become actors or something!” I gave him a weak smile before leaving and going to sit in my room. I heard footsteps behind me but they didn’t stop at my door but carried on down to James’ room.

Bellatrix was going to be so pissed.




Well that was all a bit unexpected wasn't it? Lots of pinning down going on, hmmm... May have to change that a bit. Don't want to be getting repetitive now.

Ok, so all those people that did decide that the urge to reveiw took them. They are my new heroes. Officially. Love you guys.  If you didn't review but still read you're amazing anyway.

(")>   <-------Here is a chicken to brighten up your day


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