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Longing and Loneliness by LoopyandLovely
Chapter 3 : Revenge
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 By morning Ginny Weasley had the perfect plan. Or at least with a little help from somebody, it would run perfectly. The only problem was would be willing to help?

After last night she didn’t dare go near Ron to ask him for help, the twins would be all for the trick, but she didn’t want to have to ask them either. She could ask Hermione but she would be unwilling to break the rules, and as for everyone else in the school, they would know about her and Malfoy by now and so would probably shun her. She could’ve asked Harry for help, but because he was Ron’s best friend she figured that Ron wouldn’t be too happy about it. Also, secretly she was worried that Harry might think her plan was childish. What she really needed was someone open-minded enough to listen to her side of the story.

Sitting in the great hall at breakfast as far away as possible from everyone else, Ginny ignored the dirty looks being shot at her from her fellow Gryffindor’s and tried to think. Looking over the hall, deliberately avoiding gazing at the Slytherin table, Ginny saw a flash of light blonde hair as Luna Lovegood got up from the Ravenclaw table and headed over to the Gryffindor table to talk to Harry and Neville.

Yes, she thought, Luna was definitely open minded. She stayed seated where she was until Luna moved away from Harry and Ron and then followed her out of the great hall.

“Luna!” She shouted, “Wait up!”

As soon as Luna turned around Ginny grinned at her. Luna smiled back politely.

“Oh, hello.” She said in her usual dreamy tone, “I thought you might have been with Malfoy.”

“What!?” Said Ginny, appalled, although Luna hadn’t said it in a malicious way at all, “No! Why would I be?”

“Because you like him of course.” Said Luna, as though it was obvious.

Ginny disagreed, this was not obvious or true at all.

 “Why would you think that?! I do not like Malfoy! It was just one kiss, it didn’t mean anything!”

Luna looked rather disappointed, “Oh, okay then.” She said, and Ginny couldn’t tell if she believed her or not.

“Actually, I came to ask you for help. I want to play a trick on Malfoy to get him back for what he did.” Ginny told Luna, rather hastily.

“Really?” Luna looked rather surprised, “I’ve never really played a trick on somebody before. People usually play them on me, you see. What sort of trick?”

“You’ll see.” Said Ginny, “I just need you to keep Draco distracted for me, or else I won’t have enough time to complete the spell. Please.”

Ginny added this last word with a hint of pleading in her voice.

“Alright.” Said Luna, “I can do that.”

A small smile had appeared on her face, and Ginny had a suspicion that the clever girl already knew how she was going to distract Draco. Glad that Luna hadn’t asked too many questions about her plan, or well, any at all really, Ginny thanked her and told her to be ready for a signal after transfiguration. She wanted her trick to be a complete surprise to everyone, Luna included.

Transfiguration that afternoon dragged by, it seemed to take hours longer than usual. Luckily, however the Gryffindors in Ginny’s year shared transfiguration with the Ravenclaws, so at least when the lesson finally finished it would be easy to get her signal to Luna. She was just hoping that Malfoy would be walking through the transfiguration corridor as they walked out, he usually was on Wednesdays like today, heading to his next class, but you could never be certain at Hogwarts.

“Miss Weasley!”

Professor McGonagall’s voice snapped Ginny out of her bored trance and it didn’t take Ginny long (all of two seconds) to discover that she wasn’t in a particularly good mood.

“You can tell me exactly what piece advice I just gave to the class about switching spells, I presume?” Professor McGonagall asked, with a tone that indicated, that, of course, Ginny couldn’t.

“No, professor.”

“Then, perhaps you should spend more time listening than staring into space. I doubt that I have to remind you that you will only learn switching spells once, and that it is of vital importance that you learn them well, as they will be a big part of your end of term examinations.”

“Yes, professor.” Ginny mumbled as she tried to avoid the gazes of other students who were staring at her.

“Right then. Well as I was saying…” Professor McGonagall turned back to the board and Ginny let out a breath that she hadn’t realised she was holding, she didn’t want McGonagall to keep her back or something. Just ten minutes to go and then she would be free.

The next ten minutes dragged by ridiculously slowly and as soon as the class was dismissed Ginny rushed outside into the corridor. Not too far away, just walking along, was Draco Malfoy - the set up couldn’t have been more perfect thought Ginny as she made a bright blue paper aeroplane fly in front of Luna who quickly rushed up to Malfoy and began talking rather loudly.

Ginny distinctly thought she caught the words ‘nargles’ and ‘wrackspurts’ as she pointed her wand at the back of Malfoy’s head and whispered “colovaria”.

Slowly but surely Malfoy’s hair began to darken and then starting from the spot at which Ginny’s wand was pointing, it began to turn pink. Not a pale pink, but a luminous pink that Ginny was certain would almost glow in the dark. Trying not to laugh to herself Ginny kept her wand steady until the whole of the back of Draco’s head was covered in pink hair. She stopped the spell before any of the hair towards the front of his head could be coloured, hoping that this would mean it would take him longer to notice the change, and then she cast a sticking spell to make it difficult for the idiot to remove the colour.

Checking around her to make sure that no one was looking, Ginny slipped her wand back into her pocket and walked over in Luna’s direction. This was their agreed signal for when Ginny had finished. As she reached closer to the pair Ginny could hear their conversation.

“There’s nothing there! I don’t even know what a fucking nargle is now move out of my way you lunatic!” Malfoy was desperately trying to push past Luna who was holding her ground firmly.

“You can’t come past here. The nargles have a particular fondness for light blonde hair, they bother me quite a lot and I couldn’t possibly let you become affected.” Luna said keeping her arm out to stop Malfoy from passing, she looked as if she was rather enjoying herself thought Ginny as she walked over and gave Luna a big smile – their symbol to show Luna that she could stop now.

However to Ginny’s surprise Luna didn’t stop holding Malfoy back, on the contrary she became more persistant.

“You can’t go that way. The nargles are there!” Luna was saying again, and then she whispered conspiratorially to Draco “With hair like yours, they’re sure to fill your head.”

Ginny felt as if she should stop Luna before Malfoy pulled out his wand or something, but she really didn’t feel like going anywhere near him so instead she spun around and headed back to the Gryffindor common room. Luna was intelligent despite her craziness, she could surely handle herself.


That evening in the common room was pretty dull since whenever Ginny tried to talk to anyone they mostly just ignored her or shot her filthy looks. Ron was the worst, he kept muttering under his breath to Harry and Hermione, Ginny was sure she kept catching words like ‘Malfoy’, ‘traitor’ and ‘ferret’.  Not long afterwards Ginny decided that it was time to get Harry and Ron back on her side.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” she asked Harry, walking over to the chairs in the corner that Harry, Ron and Hermione were inhibiting.

“Um, no, go ahead.” Harry said, when at exactly the same time Ron said, “Actually yeah, I do.”

Ginny stood there and looked at Ron as rain pattered against the windows outside. She was waiting for him to give in, but he was giving no signs. Eventually Harry spoke up.

“Ron, mate, it’s not her fault that Draco took advantage of her. It’s him you should be angry at, not her. I know that’s who I’m angry at.”

Ron snorted, “If he’d taken advantage of her why hasn’t she said so yet? I mean she’s not exactly weak is she? Or haven’t you been on the receiving end of one of her bat-bogey hexes?”

“Ron’s right.” Ginny admitted looking at the ground, “Malfoy didn’t take advantage of me. But it was quick, and I didn’t have chance to think.” She looked up and glared at her brother, “I don’t know why he did it, but I know that it meant nothing and I know that I’ve got my revenge. And will you stop talking about me like I’m not here.”

Ron looked rather taken aback and Hermione looked up from her book.

“What do you mean you’ve gotten your revenge?” She asked rather worriedly.

“You’ll see.” Ginny smiled and sat down next to Harry. Ron looked as if he was going to force it out of her but at that moment Neville stumbled into the common room and walked over to them.

“Have you seen Malfoy?” He asked, “It’s hilarious. Snape’s been trying to fix it but he can’t!”

Ron glanced at Ginny, “What about Malfoy?” He asked, looking quite excited.

“His hair. All of the back of his head has been dyed pink and it won’t change back.” Neville grinned.

Ron laughed, “I have to see this!” He said and leaped out of his chair. “Hermione, Harry, are you coming?”

Hermione frowned, “Surely that wasn’t a good idea Ginny? It won’t be hard to find out that it was you.”

“Loosen up!” Said Ron and practically dragged her out of the common room. Harry followed slowly, but he didn’t look gleeful like the other two, he looked different somehow. Angry? Maybe, or sad. Like a mixture of the two Ginny thought and as she cast her mind back she realised that he’d been like this all evening. But why? Surely it wasn’t anything to do with her - perhaps jealously? Ginny dared to hope for a second but then she shook her head. No, Harry treated her as a little sister, nothing more, she told herself she was being stupid. As Harry excited the common room, he cast one look back at her, their eyes holding each other’s gaze. Harry looked away first with a rather confused look mixing in with the rest of the emotions painted on his face.


Ginny didn’t see Malfoy for the next week as she deliberately stayed out of his way, meanwhile she tried to keep the way Harry had looked out of her head. What did it mean? She really wished she knew. However, Malfoy managed to win the bid for attention in her brain when she managed to literally run into him on the stairs rushing to her common room. It was a shame, she though, she’d really been trying to avoid him for the rest of her life.

“Watch where you’re going, you moron!” Malfoy snarled pushing her backwards before he looked up and saw who it was. “Oh. It’s you.” He looked startled for a second and then his face contorted into anger. “You manipulative, evil, ugly, little blood-traitor bitch!” He growled and Ginny stumbled backwards managing to get her left foot stuck in an invisible step. Her miserable position didn’t stop her giving as good as she got though.

“Me? You’re the one who goes around kissing girls to annoy their family and then spreading it around the school. Clever little plan you had there Malfoy. I bet your daddy’s so proud that you managed to make me look like an idiot isn’t he?”

Malfoy almost snorted with laughter, “Do you really think that if my father knew I’d still be in this sorry excuse for a school? Do you really think I’d still be alive for that matter? And what are you going on about. I didn’t spread it around the school - you did - to try and make me look bad. I didn’t even have a plan when I kissed you, and then on top of that you had to go and attack my hair!” He shook his head. “I swear you should be in Slytherin.”

Ginny tried to tug her leg free as she frowned, “I am NOT a Slytherin. Slytherin is for cowards like you. And if you didn’t spread it around the school, who did? It must’ve been you.”

Malfoy frowned for a minute and at exactly the same time as Ginny he muttered “Pansy.”

“Surely nobody is that stupid?” Asked Ginny.

“Apparently so.” Malfoy growled and looked about to run off to kill the girl but Ginny threw out an arm and stopped him.

“Wait a minute. Did I hear you say that you didn’t have a plan when you kissed me? So you kissed me just because you wanted to?” She asked, trying to tease a blush out of the pale skinned boy.

She succeeded and a faint pink covered Malfoy’s cheeks.

“You’re a blood traitor. Of course I didn’t want to kiss you.” He said half-heartedly.

“Uh-huh.” Said Ginny taking a step up, having finally gotten her leg free, so that she was right in front of him. “Are you sure that’s not your father speaking?” She looked up at him, biting her lip suggestively, trying to get a reaction. She didn’t know why he had this effect on her, why he made her act so differently, but she knew that there was no point in trying to stop it because she could tell she had the same effect on him.

“I do have my own mind you know. But you don’t know what he’s like. You don’t know what he can do to me if he finds out. What he could do to you.”

His voice caught slightly on the last word and he cursed himself for it, but Ginny heard the meaning behind it. He had meant to scare her, but instead he’d practically admitted he was scared for her. It was that more than anything that made Ginny take another step forward, slide her arms around his neck and lean up to kiss him. At first his lips were like stone, unmoving, but after awhile they began to move, caressing her own. Their last kiss had been fierce but this one was gentle and comforting. When she pulled away Ginny looked into his stark grey eyes and felt the need to say something.

“You’re your own person” was the best thing she could come up with, and then she grinned. “Sorry about the hair.”

Malfoy looked rather lost, as if he was confused about what had just happened, so Ginny decided it was probably time to leave before he came up with another stupid excuse to keep her away. As she ran up the stairs she yelled back to him, “Tell your dad he can go to hell for all I care!”

Malfoy hardly heard the comment as he shook his head clear. He didn’t know why but that girl did something to him, she was like fire. She could be warm and playful, but also dangerous and damaging, which wouldn’t be good in the long term. Shaking his head again he frowned, he didn’t really want to think about what had just happened, or the possible consequences and so he stalked off to the dungeons to make Pansy regret what she’d done. It was ridiculous the amount of trouble a kiss could cause. Why was it that every other boy in the world could kiss whoever they wanted and get nothing more than a frown? Stupid Weasley girl.

A/N Hi guys! This is the first authors note I've done, but I'd just really like to say that I'm not 100% happy with this chapter but it's the best I could do. Please leave reviews! Let me know what you like/dislike, where you think it's going next, what you'd rate it out of ten... anything! Just please review :)

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