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The 2nd Generation Marauders by AmethystPadfootBlack
Chapter 10 : Never Say Die
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“’Ickle niece! So my cousin figured out I lied to him about the birth of his daughter. He was distraught when I told him you had died. And when he turned to James and Lily to find out they were dead too… poor Sirius!”

The boys tensed, but Amethyst was used to the mind games. “Alright Aunt Trixie.”

“Amethyst Dagger, my, my how you’ve grown. Quite a beautiful young lady if I do say so.”

Everyone but Ash spun around, though Ash did turn.

She faced a handsome boy, dark hair, and black eyes. “Why Voldie, I must say you yourself look a lot better then you did last time.” Amethyst smiled politely, “I do prefer – as I’m sure you can relate to – Amethyst Black now. I do believe you were previously Tom Riddle, so as I said I’m sure you can relate.”

“Now daughter, your insolence will get you in trouble some time.” Amethyst turned to glare at her mother. James gasped. They were identical, apart from the hair. Chealsey Dagger had sleek black hair; Ash had messy black hair, streaked with pillar-box red as it had a tendency of changing to when Ash’s mother was mentioned.

“You can drop the pretence mother, everyone here knows you don’t care if I’m in trouble or not.”

“Very well Black,” spat her mother, “Where is the red head and the Potter?”

“James is there, but I swear mum, lay a hand on him!”

“Not him, the innocent one!”


“Albus!” she shrieked.

“Ouch, seriously Dagger, that sound was horrible. I don’t know where Albus is, in the safety bunker I guess.”


Amethyst screamed and bent double. Her mother didn’t keep the curse on long.

“Did not expect that,” Ash panted pulling up, “Mother, why couldn’t you use Legilimency?”

“Because you know Occulmency – I think I know my own daughter.”

“So you do realize I’m your daughter!”



Everyone else in the room was frozen. Chealsey took a deep breath, and re-arranged her features into a controlled expression of indifference. Amethyst, on the other hand, was quite clearly displaying her anger on her face, down to flashing red eyes. She felt more then anger, but that was the best one to wear on her face. So she stood there glaring at her mother.

“I’m not going to lie, you’re right. If I had Albus I would go out of my way to make sure you don’t sacrifice him to get your ‘Dark Lord’ back, and not just because he’s my best friends brother, but because you people are sick and need to be stopped. However, I have no knowledge of Albus being anywhere near this hell hole, so I can’t go out of my way to make your life hell, I just find myself once again useless to everyone – not good enough for you, not brave enough to go to them. Mother, I just want to tell you, I tried to be the perfect daughter for you, I really did, but this is who I am, and neither of us can change that.”

“Fine, we will resume our search,” said a cold, indifferent voice. Then, with four red flashes, the Marauders blacked out.


Gentle arms were pulling Amethyst into a sitting position. “She’s bleeding, just below her hair line.” Said a warm female voice.

“She’s always bleeding.” That voice was unmistakable, and sounded very worried.

“James?” Ash asked.

“Oh thank Godric.” The voice said, hugging her fiercely, “Padfoot, I don’t know how you have any blood left in your body!”

Amethyst gave a shaky laugh, opening her eyes. “They stupefied us didn’t they?”

“Yeah, but a ‘Potter link’ informed James so we came.” That was Sirius, and he was the one supporting her.

“Here,” muttered Ryan, “Eskipey.”

“Cheers Wormtail. I think I can stand now you guys, it wasn’t a big cut.” Ash said, pushing up.

“It looked pretty big to me.” Sirius sounded worried.

“Nah, she’s bled loads more then that.” shrugged Ted.

“Comes with being a half-breed with a Mudblood, a werewolf and an idiot for best friends.”

“Who’s who?” asked the sandy haired guy; “I’m Remus by the way, or Moony.”

“Well, Teds the werewolf,” Ash pointed at Ted, “Prongs is the idiot and a girl up at the school is the mudblood.”

“What are you two?” asked the pink haired girl indicating Ryan and Ash, “Oh, and Nymphadora, but if you call me that I’ll kill you – call me Tonks.”

“Ah, well, Ryan (Wormtail) is the logical genius, and I’m just the brilliant, perfect, beautiful one everybody wants to be.” Grinned Ash.

The younger Marauders scoffed as James (the first) laughed and said, “She’s yours Sirius.”

Both of the Blacks broke out into identical grins.

“I love your bonding and all but we shouldn’t be caught out here, and they need to get out.” Said Lily, with a sad smile.

“She’s right,” Nodded Ash, “We should be fine if we don’t get caught by Voldie, Aunt Trixie and Mother. Thanks you guys, we’ll see you soon.” And with a cheeky wink, she beckoned the others to follow her lead back to the entrance.

Padfoot distracted Cerberus whilst the others snuck pass. They were cautious going to the exit, but no one was there. Ash frowned, “Why aren’t they here?”

“It’s pass midnight.” Said James, looking at his watch.

“Ah, how long.”


“Oh, well both Death and my mother will be occupied, we have a clear…”

“Path?” the voice was a deep monotone, “Immortal Amethyst Opal Black, I understand, previously Dagger.”

“Yes sir.”

“Did you realize that bringing mortals here means they die.”

“It passed my mind.”

Death chuckled, “I like you Amethyst, why are they here?”

“I believe you can figure as much from what my mother told you.”

“Ah, I did not for one second believe that you and your friends just stumbled in hell.”

“In all honesty, I nearly did, James caught me.”

Again, Death laughed, “I don’t scare you?”

“In all honesty, I’m petrified of you, but I don’t like to show weakness. Also, if I were Death I’d want people to treat me like a human.”

“I like you, but I can not allow your friends to pass with out payment.”

“So we can all six of us, go up to earth now, if I pay you.”


“Right now.”

“I will make an exception for you, considering you didn’t really die and your bodies are down here.”

“Right, here’s my immortality.”

“What?” yelped James, “You’ll die for us.”

“It’s what I want.”

“Albus, do you realize what has Amethyst just sacrificed for you?”

“It’s my fault.” Spoke up Rose, “I was stupid enough to be lured down here.”

“By who?”

“Scorpius Malfoy.”

“I’m going to kill that filth.”

“Prongs calm down. It’s no ones fault. I told you on the way down here I wanted to be mortal, for so many reasons. So let me do this.”

She didn’t know how she did it but it worked. “Okay.” He breathed.

Ash took the stone out of her necklace, and placed it in deaths hand. “There’s no place like home.” She laughed. Death grinned – you know he isn’t that bad.

“That’s payment enough.” For the second time, the marauders blacked out in hell, and this time Albus and Rose did too.


“Ash, Ash, wake up, please wake up I can’t live with out you.” James was sobbing.

“N’aw, love you too James.”

“Oh, you’re alive.”

“Yeah, I’m alive. Where am I?” said Ash, whereever it was it was not the forest.

“The hospital wing.”

“Again!” she heard madam Pomfrey exclaim. Ash smirked.

“I guess we have to go to Longbottoms office.”

“Right away, the others are there. Why did you take so long to wake up?”

“Because I lost my immortality, it’s more tiresome then I thought.” She said, swinging out of bed. “Lets go face the press then.”



“You’re going to die and it’s all my fault.”

“Yeah, it ruins the irony of my Goonies never say die t-shirt.”


“Sorry, I’m over killing in muggle references. James, please drop it. I want to die – do you know just how boring immortality is. Unless I fall in love with an immortal it would be torture, and something tells me it’s not an immortal I’m going to fall in love with.” She said, shooting a side-glance at James.

When they entered the office Ash was instantly pulled into a tight hug by four arms. “Can’t breath!” she joked.

“You saved our children!” cried Ginny and Hermione.

“Not me personally.”

“You gave up immortality to save our children!”

“It wasn’t…”

“Oh stop being modest.” Teased James.

“Either way, we have more important matters.” Interrupted Neville, “I have very little interest in hearing your side of the story Ash, since all the other’s matched up under separate questioning. They all got the impression that Voldemort was coming back, Lily, James, Sirius Remus and Tonks too.”

“I think so, though I don’t know if she made the payment, because Albus was meant to be they payment and I got him out. But I reckon she will have done.”

Neville frowned slightly confused by Ash’s babbling, but he got the gist. “And what about the others coming back with Voldemort?”

“Well, when you bring back someone, you have to bring back his enemies for balance. It’s a rare occurance, because 1) pixies don’t work for wizards and 2) pixies rarely have enemies. We prefer to isolate ourselves – my mother being the exception.  Anyway, when a person that initiated a war he has a lot of enemies he killed, so to bring them all back would be an imbalance, unless they brought back his side too. In short, to raise Voldermort would be to raise everybody that died in that war. Plus point - James, Lily, Sirius and co back; bad point - Bellatrix, Greyback and co.”

They all looked stunned. No one knew how to react. You could see the war on Harry’s face. The people he’d loved and lost would be coming back, but then the people he’d fought so hard to defeat were coming back too.

“This is awful!” said Hermione.

“No it’s not.” Snapped Harry, Ginny and Ron.

“This time we’ll have more people.” Reasoned Harry.

“So will he.”

“Hermione, don’t you see! Think of all the innocent people that can be saved this time around!” that was Ron.

“Ron, I know what you’re thinking. You want Fred back but it’s not that simple!”

“I don’t care how simple it is, I’d risk everything to get him back.”

“Even your family?” she asked shakily.

Ron gulped.

“Well anyway,” said Amethyst quickly, “It’s happening, no matter how complicated or great that makes things.”

“What does it mean to you Amethyst?” asked Longbottom.

She knew what he meant. What would this mean about her mother. “It would mean I get a chance to know my father sir.” She said steadily.

“Who is your father?”

“Sirius Black sir,” she spoke quietly.

“You are sure.”

She nodded.

“I’m sure Sirius would have gone looking for you.” Longbottom sounded nervous.

“Bellatrix told him I died at birth. She told him the night Lily and James died, so I don’t think he would’ve looked too much into it.”

Longbottom smiled, “That doesn’t surprise me a bit that you’re his daughter. You look nothing like him, but your personalities are identical. Your actions and body language too.”

“There’s got to be more to this raising the dead thing.” Harry said thoughtfully, “Like where will they be raised.”

“I think that’s arranged actually, by the pixie raising the dead. Or they can delegate it I think, to another pixie. What I mean is any pixie given permission can arrange where.”

“So Voldermort could, in theory, slaughter them all before they can react.”

“In theory, but there’s lots of them, too many to do that. Plus, that’s not his style – I mean how does that demonstrate power?”

“You know him well.”

“I grew up with him.”

Everyone looked at Ash with pity.


Surprisingly, no one figured what happened when the Marauders, Albus and Rose failed to turn up in the safety bunker. It was perhaps, one of the better-kept secrets at Hogwarts.

They were all kept in the hospital wing for a day. It drove madam Pomfrey mad. The Marauders together were hard to deal with, but when they were all cooped up in a hospital wing, neither of them feeling really ill (even Ted, with the full moon that night) they were horrible.

They left after dinner, when everyone was in the common room, and Ted was being lead down to the shrieking shack. Ash had decided to sneak up and change into a dog when he was up there, and keep him company. Ryan and James were taking Albus and Rose back to the Gryffindor common room. They planned on going to bed early.

Amethyst crawled into bed exhausted at five (Ted had been very energetic) only to wake up at 9 by a bunch of screaming girls piled on top of her.

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Was it James?”

Amethyst rolled her eyes ignoring this, looking for Jake so she could thank her and explain the whole hell thing, but she wasn’t there.

“Where’s Jake?”

“Down at breakfast, but you have too tell us about this boy too.”

“I was only hanging out with the Marauders, nothing to tell.” She shrugged.

The girls groaned as Stella and Lilli-rose hit her with pillows. For a second the enmity disappeared, but the next second they glared at each other. The other girls rolled their eyes. Tom Richardson had indeed broken up with Lilli-rose but she still insisted that she had done nothing wrong. The school was half and half on the matter.

Ash thought the whole thing was stupid.

When she got to the lunch hall, she paused in the door. James spotted her and beamed across the hall. The others turned and looked, waving her over. She smiled and ambled over. Everything seemed so normal.

“How do you do it?” Jake asked when she got there.

“I put one leg in front of the other.”

“Not walking,” Jake shoved her, “get into so much trouble.”

“I knew what you meant, and I stand by my answer.” She grinned

They all laughed.

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