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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 4 : I Don't Like Her! I Just...Got A Thing On Her.
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 Sirius’ POV:


I saw Isilee’s eyes closed and she fell on the floor, asleep. I rushed toward her and caught her before her head hit the floor. Her whole blouse was covered in the potion. I glanced at her potion lightly and cursed. Her potion was perfect. One simple drop could bring her into deep sleep in two days. Now, because my bloody effing sixth cousin, she was going to sleep for about five days. I lay her carefully in Mary MacDonald’s hand and went to Avery.


“You blasted skrewt! Look what you’ve done!” I yelled and aimed my wand at him. Avery smirked.


“Oh, you did fancy her. Wait until Bella and the others hear about this,” mocked Avery. I glared at him and lifted Isilee again. Stupid, useless Slughorn. He supposed to do do something, instead of staring like a stupid walrus.


“Fuck you, dickhead,” I hissed at him and off to the hospital. Being a Chaser for Gryffindor’s Quidditch team and also played baseball with the Muggles around my house (I did that to piss the hell out of my parents) have many profits. Example, I have well-build body that helped me to be able to carry heavy loads, and I could run faster than most kid.


When I reached the main area where people used to hang out, I heard screams and gasps. Well, me running with a girl wasn’t bloody likely. They thought I just drugged the girl and ran off to my room. Sure, I’ve fucked lots of girls before (like A LOT), but I never showed it. I had been careful when doing my mischiefs with the Marauders or when going to fuck a girl. Being a Black, I’ve always taught to be careful and well-planned.


“Madam Pomfrey!” I shouted as I kicked the door opened. The matron lady walked toward me and helped to lay Isilee on the bed.


“What happened?” she asked. I hesitated for a moment before I answered her.


“We were having Potions and we got some kind of arguing with Avery. Isilee mocked him, and that bloody scum threw something on her cauldron of the Draught of Living Death – causing her to sleep.”


Madam Pomfrey tsk’ed. “That was so dangerous. Fifty points from Slytherin,” she said angrily. “And you, Mr. Black, I want you to get McGonagall and Slughorn and Dumbledore here. NOW!”


I rolled my eyes and and took my wand. Why should we go around to call someone when we have Patronus charm? I casted the Patronus charm (ignoring Madam Pomfrey’s threat of cutting my points) to Dumbledore, Slughorn and McGonagall. Meanwhile, the matron lady was busy giving potions and muttering spells to Isilee. I sat on a chair next to her bed and stared at her blankly.


Isilee and I had never been friends. We were almost like enemies. I hated her, she hated me. And NOTHING could change that. She was a sick freak who tried to get any attention she could get. I don’t know how, but she got herself the three most popular girls as her friends; Lily Evans, Mallory Nolden and Abigail Nicola. Maybe she threatened them or manipulated their minds. Either way was very possible.


Avery was talking bullshit. I never liked her, not once. Attracted maybe, but not like. Let alone love. Hell no! I must admit, she was quite pretty if she took of those ugly glasses of hers. Moreover, she did have a nice, delicious body that I longed to run my hands around. Hey, I may hated her, but I am a guy. A pervert one, actually. Naked girls worked well in my mind. Especially, naked girls with those sexy lips of hers that I’d die only to put my lips on and-


Did I just imagine to kiss Napralina-bloody-annoying-Isilee?


I must have been dreaming. Maybe a drop of the Draught went inside my mouth.


Or maybe not. Maybe I was just really imagining to kiss her.


Damn it, I’m screwed.


Alright, I admit. I do have a thing on her. But, just it. I don’t love her.


Dumbledore and the gang came. Bloody old people, they walked slower than a snail. Yep, I was being an arsehole, but I don’t give a damn. What I want was to get away from this room as fast as I can. I hated hospitals. This place were where I spent my Christmas in – after being beaten by my bastard father. He was pissed when I told him I was sorted in Gryffindor. He sort of lashed me with a whip until I barely walked for weeks. My sweet mother wasn’t mind. My cousin, Andromeda, was the one who got me into the hospital. She was a year older than me, but from Slytherin. She had always been nice to me and I wonder why she was in Slytherin. Her sister, Bellatrix and Narcissa (she was in my year), were also in Slytherin. They were friends with my charming brother, Regulus. I fucking hate the lot of them.


“Mr. Black,” said Dumbledore. I shot my head up and met the old man’s eyes with mine. “She’ll not be awake in five days. Thank you for bringing her here. You may go back to your class now.”


I nodded and turned to leave. I walked lazily toward Gryffindor common room. I have no class anymore, and the Potions class will be finish in fifteen minutes. I decided to spend my fifteen minutes without interruption from my friends.


I entered the common room and looked around. It was so empty; everyone from my house were in their classes. If there were anyone, maybe they were inside their room. I sighed and ran my hand to my hair. It was so bloody hot here, and I was tempted to take my shirt off. Usually, when James and I were having bad day, we would take off our shirts and roamed around the common room – pissing Isilee and Evans off. I loved pissing the hell out of them. Those girls were too logical. They never thought a thing except getting good scores. James, on the other hand, loved getting the attention of Lily (who apparently couldn’t take her eyes off of him) and most population of Gryffindor girls.


At last, I decided to take my shirt off. I threw it to the couch and lay on it. I heard my watch ticking and counted every tick. If my counting was right, it was already fourteen minutes and five seconds before fiften minutes. So, my friends will be here in-


“Padfoot! Where’ve you been?” exclaimed James as he went it with Remus and Peter.


See, there they were.


“He was taking Lina to the hospital, dimwit,” said Remus matter of factly. James slapped his own head dramatically. I fought the urge to chock him.


“Merlin, I bloody forget it,” said James. I rolled my eyes.


“Sod off, James,” I snapped. James smirked and slumped his big arse on my leg. I kicked him over and sat, allowing him to sit back next to me.


“So, what’s up?” said James with his infamous James-Potter-picking-everyone’s-business-out tone.


“Nothing’s up. Everything’s been down,” I said sarcastically. James sighed.


“You bloody know what’s up. One minute you’re pissing the hell out of Isilee, then you’re caring her like she’s your wife,” said James nonchalantly. Too bad, that pissed me badly and I was raising my wand to his neck.


“Go fuck yourself,” I snapped as I yanked my shirt under James’s arse and went to the boys’ dormittory. Unfortunately, my harsh tone wasn’t enough to get them off of my arse.


“Oh, come one, stop being such an arse. I’m better at it than you,” said James as he lay on his bed. I huffed as I lay on my own bed.


“Yeah, better at it when it comes to pissing Evans,” I mumbled.


“Hey, I heard that!” snapped James. He always pissed when I commented something about his precious Lily Evans. It was not like I’m against Muggleborns, but I just don’t like her. I don’t like any girls particularly. Girls are annoying.


“He’s got the point, Prongs,” commented Peter. “He’s better when it comes as being an arse. He’s titled as the arse-boy of the century.”


I held back a laughter when I saw James’s face twisted in annoy. “Wormtail, shut up!” snapped James. Peter shrugged and went pigging on his pie. Remus, as usual, busy reading his no good of a book. Merlin, how I loved to hex the three of them.


“Okay, why don’t we put it this way,” said Remus, finally pissed with out argumentation and put his book away. “We throw pranks at each other. The loser told anything truth the winner force him to tell and go swim in the lake. Agree?”


James and Peter nodded without hesitation. Me, on the other hand, hesitating a lot. The four of us knew well that I’ll be the only target. I hated Remus right now, a lot. I sighed and finally nodded. James’s eyes lightened in pure excitement.


And I know I won’t stand a chance.



“I hate you lot,” I grumbled as I stripped my clothes off. I was now standing in my boxers only, dangerously close to the Black Lake with my charming friends behind me – who looked fighting against the urge to push me into the water.


“Shut up, Padfoot. Just get into the water already. I can’t wait to ask you the questions,” said James with a tone of mockery. I rolled my eyes and gave a fake salut before I jumped into the water. It was in the middle of November and they forced me to swim in the lake! I could’ve die by the coldness!


“You won’t die, Padfoot. I’ve charmed the water so it’ll be a bit warmer,” said Remus, as if he was reading my mind. And, unfortunately, he was telling the truth. The water was a lot warmer than I thought. Still, I’d rather it’ll be cold and making me die. I won’t have to answer James’s questions if I’m dead.


I got out of the water and wiped the water off my face with my hand. It wasn’t until I heard girls giggling behind me that I noticed the place was filled with girls. Only girls. And I was standing there, wearing my boxers only! Merlin knows what those girls capable of. And I swore I’d kill those fucking boys behind me – if I managed to get away from those girls.


“Try to stay alive, Padfoot!” shouted James as he walked toward the castle with Remus and Peter.


“Fuck you, James Potter!” I shouted back, which only made James and the others laughed. I groaned and I looked around, trying to find away. I realised that my only way was through the Womping Willow Tree. I quickly put my clothes on and ran as fast as I could toward the tree.


“Gotta go! Mal’s waiting for me!” I shouted and ran faster. The girls were far behind me and finally stopped, realising they couldn’t get me. I tried to make sure no one’s around me before I turned into a big dog. I slipped through the tree and went inside it.


I knew as this place better than anyone else. I was the one who found it. With my four legs, I could walk faster through small places. This place will led me to Shrieking Shack – where me and my friends will spend our days as an Animagus when Remus turned into werewolf. I found myself already inside the house and now I walked toward the door. It was so cold out and I’m really glad I turned as a big fury dog. Soon, I was out from the house and ran toward the castle. I stopped right in front of the castle and turned back into me, a human. I went inside through a secret place and finally, I was inside the castle again.


I walked slowly to the seventh, to the Gryffindor common room. I kept cursing my friends as I walked, causing a few first year to glance at me in fear. I don’t care. All I want was to kill my friends right now. I said the password to the Fat Lady and found my dearest friends, laughing like idiots while sitting on the couch.


“You bloody fucking bastards! You nearly killed me!” I shouted. James smirked. Merlin, give me the strenght to not kill him.


“Well, I suppose you went to the Tree and the House then here?” guessed James. If I wasn’t boilling in hatred and anger, I would be amazed at how he could guess that easily.


“Shut up or I’m gonna fucking kill you,” I snarled. Remus sighed.


“James, stop it. Sirius, chill out,” said Remus. I glared at my closest best friend before I decided to sit next to Peter.


“You still owe me-“started James but Remus snapped him out.


“Cut it out, James!” yelled Remus. James rolled his eyes.


“So,” said Peter. “Can I get to ask you first?”


I sighed and nodded. The only arsehole was James, and maybe Remus. Peter only did a little. “Yes, just ask me the bloody question so I get to sleep.”


“What happened to you?” asked Peter.


“Pissed to hell.”


“By who?”


“Avery and James and maybe Remus.”




“They just pissed me.”


“Nothing specific?”




Remus, after talking something to James, finally joined the coversation. “Who's your best shag?”


“Kira Greengras.”


James, eyes bulged out and quickly joined himself. “You did not!”


I snorted. “As a matter of fact I did.”


“With that pathetic Slytherin?”


“She got nice tits and good skills, though.”


James sighed. “Sirius, Sirius, Sirius... No wonder everyone titled you as a Sex Maniac.”


I smirked. “No I’m not. I’m a Sex God.”


James snorted in disgust. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. “Who's you true love?”


I froze. I’ve never been in love with anyone else. Every girls were only toys for me. Something that I could dispose easily. Yes, I’m a fucking heartless bastard, but that was really my opinion about girls. I gave you a suggestion; only love them because they’re good in bed. Nothing else.


“No one,” I answered flatly. James looked disappinted, but he didn’t pull back. Stubborn git.


“At least, someone you’re attracted to?”


“Not because their delicious body. But, because their personality, and maybe a bit of their looks,” added Remus.


“Napralina Isilee,” I said without thinking – which I regret after that. James and Remus were now smirking evilly. Peter, looked happy, though it was kind of childish happy way.


“AHA! I ALWAYS KNEW YOU LIKE THAT FREAK!” exclaimed James loudly. I jumped toward him to shut him out.


“Well, she has the best body around, despite having six fingers on each. And, she’s quite pretty,” added Peter, which got a good response from Remus. I groaned.


“I fucking hate you,” I grumbled as I walked toward the boys dormitory. James laughed behind me happily.


“We love you too, Padfoot!”


Let’s just hope that they didn’t tell it to Isilee. If they did, I’m fucked.


A/N: Well, finally I'm done with the fourth chapter! This story is in Sirius's POV, since Lina is unable to tell the story (due to her condition). The fifth and (maybe) the sixth will also be in Sirius's POV. But, I promise it'll be in Lina's soon!

I'm sorry for being late at posting this chapter. I was so busy at school, being the student's council and other shit. The teachers were being a bitch and I blame them since day one.

So, what do you think about this chapter? Do I did a good job a being arsehole Sirius Black? I hope so, because I enjoy writting in his POV :D

Please, please, please review my story. And, thank you for those who reviewed me. I love you guys a lot. No words can explain my feelings to you. Wait for the next chapter! ;)

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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile: I Don't Like Her! I Just...Got A Thing On Her.


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