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Unfading, Like the Flower by Esteliel
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Lucine Harris. 1993
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and, as such, I am making no profit from this story.  Or from the poem-riddle which appears in The Hobbit by Tolkien which appears on page 86.  This is merely an expression of the voices inside my head.  They said "Hello"


She was certain that Professor Lupin had not meant to leave his book there on his desk. He had seemed so absorbed in it while they, his Sixth Years, had been testing that he could not have possibly meant to have left it out. With cold hands, Lucine Harris picked it up and trotted after the loping figure of Professor Lupin. She lost him in the crowd and with a flustered sigh, she shoved the book into her satchel and headed off for the Ravenclaw Common Room.

"...And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter...
What am I?" was the riddle for her today.

She thought for a moment, grinning all the while. It was a fairly easy one, considering she'd read it a book once. Ah, Tolkien, she thought with nostalgia too great for her own years. She did miss her Muggle books. She did find out though that Tolkien himself was a wizard which was not that surprising.

"Darkness," she answered quickly before slipping quietly into the Common Room. She set herself up by the window when the journal she had found fell out of her bag. It fell open and Lucine could not help but see that it was handwritten.

"It's a journal," she muttered to no one but herself. Here in her hands was a piece of history.  A piece of the First Wizarding War.  Her parents were Muggles and so everything she knew about that tumutulous time had been learned during her last six years at Hogwarts.  It was an amazing and terrifying time.  Too curious for her own good, she sat down and opened the journal to the first page. In swirling, delicate handwriting it read: Amarantha Rosier. 1980. Other random things were scrawled onto the page and others yet were scribbled out. She thought she read something like: Stop reading over my shoulder, Sirius. And something else like: Dorcas is such a slag. Still strangely curious, she turned the page yet again.

13 of February 1980

Full moon tonight. I can see it through my window. Same bedroom I had when I a kid. It feels strange being back here after so many years. Well, alright, it's only been five but it feels like ages since I left. The moon's staring down at me and I have to wonder if the boys are together tonight. I don't think they know I know about his


Furry Little Secret, as James calls it but I know all the same. I'm worried about Remus though...
She shut it suddenly and violently enough that a little puff of dust floated out of the pages. She felt as though she were prying into someone's life, someone's personal feelings and reflections. It was not her place to pry like this. Remus? she asked herself as she tried desperately to remember where she had heard that name before. Slightly flustered, she set it aside carefully and pulled out her battered copy of Advanced Rune Translations. It was interesting but not as interesting as the journal. She set her translation aside and picked the journal up again and continued reading.

I'm worried about Remus though. I saw him at the last meeting and I've never seen him look so dreadful. I tried talking to Sirius but every time I bring up Remus's, er,
condition, he cuts me off completely. It's damn infuriating! I swear if we weren't family (and that's tenuous enough! I'm his mother's great niece's third cousin, thrice removed by murder, marriage, and murder again), I would have throttled him senseless ages ago...

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