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This is the story of a witch by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 2 : My name is Lily
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 A/N: Hey Guys Chapter 2 is up.

My name is Lily


I opened my eyes from a vivid dream, which after awakening, immediately forgot. Rolling onto my side, I glanced at the clock which read 3:32 Am. Sighing, I sat up and and grabbed the diary, which was sitting on the oak night table, and switched on the bedside lamp. I already knew that if I didn't at least partielly satisfy my curiosity, I wasn't gettin back to sleep. I opened to the first page and began to read. I was surprised to see that the first page was addressed to me. Not directly of course, but it was addressed  Dear reader. I continued to read on.

Dear reader,

If you have found this, than you must be Head Girl. For I have hidden this diary in thevery rooms of the future Head Girls, in an enchanted place only another Head Girl can open. So you must be a Head Girl. You should know, that if you continue to read on, that the coming pages are filled with words that tell a story. Not a story that you would find sold on theshelves of a bookstore, muggle or wizard alike. No, these pages are filled with a story of a life. My life. It is not a simple story. On the contrary, the coming pages will make you both laugh and cry, throw the book in outrage, curse like a sailor, and maybe even swear to never fall in love. Please promise me that you won't try that last one. Everybody needs love, even if men are gits. This is a story, that most certainatly is not easy, it will be filled with fears and joys, sadness and happiness, love and hate, anger, and calm intelect, problems and soultions, questions and answers, mysteries and insight. They will be filled with things we will all face in life; challenges and boredoms, heartaches, and headaches, curses and charms, makeups and breakups, beauty and bad-hair days, as well as everything else. Where there is good in the story, there will still be bad. Where sadness fills the pages, happiness may be just right around the corner. Realize that life is not easy and where you may relate to some of my experiences that areto follow, you will be deeply baffled and upset by others. My name is Lily Evans. I am the Head Girl of Hogwarts in my seventh year, or I was at least, graduation was the day before last. In these pages to follow are the true life events of my 7th year. Boys, friends, enimies, the mauraders, tricks, hexes and the good and bad times. Sirius Black, boyfriend number 1, and Severus, oh poor dear severus, Boyfriend number 2 and why those relatioships failed are buried within these pages. They are filledwith tips on being Head Girl and getting good grades. Hopefully these pages will bring you insight, and knowledge. 


                                  Lily Evans

Wow, I thought to myself as I closed the pages of the book. Wow, what luck. Lily Evans. The Diary of Lily Evans- Potter. I switched the light off, and before I knew it had fallen back to sleep. I slept right through my alarm later that morning.

"Black." A voice said irritated coming through my subconcious mind. I ignored it.

"Black." The voice said again. I mumbled but still ignored it.

"BLACK! Would you wake up and turn that bloody buzzing off?" The voice yelled and I sat up and saw malfoy sitting on my bed.


"Oh just shut up black and turn that noice off and i'm happy to leave you and your royal pain in the arse behind." Malfoy hissed at me.

I turned to shut off the alarm and screamed when I saw the time. I was late for class. I ran around the room finding my robes and threw them on, than I said a simple spell to fix my terrible bedhead, and of course speedily brushed my pearly whites. Than I dashed out the door of the dorm, and down the hall.

I was Halfway to transfiguration when I realized I had left my books and quills back in the dorm.

"Oh Bloody Hell! Tara whats wrong with you?" I mumbled aloud to myself, as I ran back to the dorm grabbed my stuff and ran back towards Transfiguration. I made it to the class in record time, only problem being that I was there five minutes before the class let out.

Proffesor Mcgonnagall gave me a dirty glare but said nothing, and the rest of the class turned around.

"Since the class seems to be so observent on Ms. Black's tardiness and not so focused on their work, put your quills down this examination is finished."

Shit, I thought to myself, I missed the pre-course test I'm really in for it now.

The class mumbled and groaned but set the quillson their desks and mcgonnagall collected the exams.

"Class Dismissed! Ms, Black come to my desk please."

I approched the desk as if this was 1556 and I was walking towards the scaffold that i was to be executed on.

"Would you care to explain to me why exactly you showed up to class 55 minutes late?" she asked me. i gulped before I replied.

"I overslept."

"Well, I certainatly expected more from The Head Girl. You wil be issued a sauterday night detention to repeate the Lesson, and I do not expect this Behavior to continue Tara. No points will be deducted, just make sure to arrive here at 7 Pm sharp."

"Yes Ma'am." i said.

"Dismissed. Now leave before I change my mind about the points."

I left the room, running towards my next class, I only had two that day, and I had already royally botched one.

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This is the story of a witch: My name is Lily


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