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Forever Yours by Mrs_HarryPotter17
Chapter 3 : Quidditch, Parties, and Albus Potter's Bed
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Hey guys! It's been a while, hasn't it? This one took me a long time to write, since I didn't really know how to get my ideas out of my head. But here it is, please don't hate me if it sucks!

My head was pounding. It was like every sense I had was heightened. I could hear every breath and smell the faint musk of the person sleeping next to me. He rolled over, pulling me into his arms, holding me to his bare chest. 

I suppose I should explain. It’s the beginning of October, Quidditch has just recently started, and Slytherin had just won their first game of the season. We had a party to celebrate. There was alcohol. And that is how I woke up in Albus Potter’s bed. 

Why not explain all of yesterday from the beginning? 


I sat at the Slytherin dining table, eating my breakfast while reading the Daily Prophet, trying to stay as calm as possible, when my dork of a brother, his girlfriend of a little over a month, and his trusty sidekick came over to sit with me. Oh joy. 

Not that I wasn’t happy to see them, Albus especially, but I needed to stay focused. As in no distractions. Albus was certainly a distraction for me. I needed my mind on Quidditch, not him.

“Good morning, darling. How are you on this fine day?” Scorpius asked in an overly cheery voice. What the hell is wrong with him? Then it hit me. 

“Did you get laid last night?” I asked abruptly, not bothering to take into account that his girlfriend, and his best friend and girlfriend’s cousin, were right beside him. 

All three turned bright red. Albus from the thought that his sweet, innocent cousin getting a little sexual satisfaction, Rose and Scorp from embarrassment. They all began talking at once.

“What?! Of course not!” That was Scorp. 

“Did you two have sex? How could you! I thought we were mates, mate.” Albus, of course. 

“Albus, please. Just relax. Of course we didn’t.” And Rose, the voice of reason. 

While they were all talking over each other and paying no attention to me, I took the last of my toast and my paper and walked towards the dungeons, completely satisfied with my work.

“Hey, Ali, wait up!” I turned to see Al running after me. Why did I think I would be able to sneak off like that? Of course Al would follow me. He usually does. 

“What is it, Albus? I’ve got to get ready for Quidditch.” 

“Just hold on a sec, okay? I’ve got something to tell you.” I stood there, arms cross, foot tapping with impatience. 

“Well, get on with it,” I said with exasperation. This boy will be the death of me, I swear to Merlin. 

He opened his mouth to say it, looked away, closed his mouth, and looked at me. I could see a hint of hesitation is his face. “Never mind, it’s not important right now. Go get ready for Quidditch. We have to start the new season off with a bang, even if it is Ravenclaw we’re playing.” He smiled, but it was not a genuine Albus smile. 

I nodded, but hesitated slightly before turning away from him, not sure if he was really done talking to me. It was only for a second though.

Fast forward a few hours, and you have a very happy Slytherin house. We won, by a landslide in fact. Ravenclaw didn’t know what hit them. 

“Ali, are you almost ready? I want go to that party before everyone but me is completely trashed,” my roommate, Heather, whined. 

“Yes, I am now presentable and can show the world my awesomeness.” I have told you I’m awesome before, haven’t I? Well, now you heard it again.

As we walked down the grand staircase in to the common room, cheers erupted from below. I looked up from making sure I didn’t fall on my ass in these ridiculous heels, I saw Albus standing on a table with my brother, drinks in hand, looking in my direction. 

“Finally! Here’s to the girl who caught the snitch, and put Ravenclaw out of their misery by ending the match while they were far, far, behind!” Albus was drunk, that much I could tell. Everyone looked at me, still standing on the stairs, and toasted to me. 

He jumped off the table and walked over to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and handing me a drink, which I happily accepted. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a Dark Lord. It’s a drink. Calm down, people. 

“How did you know this was my favourite drink?” I asked him, sipping gratefully at the blackberry flavoured drink. 

“Aletha, come on. I’ve known you forever. Of course I know your favourite beverages,” he said, trying to sound nonchalant, but I knew better.

“Well, thank you, Albus. You’re an awesome person.” Suddenly, my favourite song came on. Naturally, I was excited. “Albus, you have to dance with me!” 

I grabbed his hand, and with little to no hesitation, he came with me to the middle of the dance floor. At first, our dancing was shy, always being at least a foot away from each other, but with a few more drinks in me and songs with heavier bass, there was nothing shy about us. 

One of his hands rested on my back, just above my ass, the other held mine, fingers entwined together. We didn’t notice anyone else, just each other. 

“Aletha, I want to tell you something,” Albus whispered in my ear. Well, it seemed like a whisper. He had to yell over the music, and it still sounded too quiet. “I know how you feel about me.” 

I looked at him in shock. How could he know? I haven’t told anyone, and I barely admitted it to myself. 

He laughed at my expression. “Don’t worry, love. I feel the same.” He said simply. I studied his face, and saw no deception, no ulterior motive. 

Always looking in his beautiful green eyes, I moved in for the kill. By that, I mean I kissed him. More like practically sucking his face clean off, but not at first. First, it was sweet. Then it got more passionate and demanding. 

I know this sounds incredibly corny and cliché, but it was like the entire world melted away, and it was just Albus and I in a moment of pure passion. Before I knew it, we were sneaking up to his dorm and he was hanging a sock, or dirty underwear or something on the door knob. 

I pushed him down on the bed, smirked at his waiting smile, and crawled on top of him, ending up straddling his hips and kissing his neck while his hands roamed all over my body. He brought my lips to his fiercely, practically ripping the buttons of my blouse apart. 

When we were just underwear, and switched positions, Albus on top of me, he stopped. He stopped kissing me, he stopped leave love bites on my neck and collar bone, he stopped everything. He just looked at my face and into my eyes, and I into his. 

“Aletha, we can’t do this. Not now,” he finally said, after what seemed like forever of simply looking at each other. He moved off of me, laying on his side looking at me. 

“Why, Albus?” I asked, rolling to face him. God, I sounded like one of those whiney girls who always get everything, yet somehow have nothing at all. 

“Because. I don’t want it to happen like this, fuelled by alcohol and some heat of the moment bullshit. It’s not meant to be that way, not for us, Ali.” 

I was silent, contemplating his words. He was right, we both knew that. I wasn’t going to tell him though. I just nodded, looking into his green eyes again. 

“I care about you, Aletha, more than anyone I’ve ever cared about before, besides my mum and dad. I would never hurt you, I want you to know that.” He was so sincere, so loving in that moment, caressing my face with the most gentle touch I have ever know. 

“I care about you too, Albus. More than you’ll ever know.” He kissed me softly, his lips barely touching mine. 

And that was it. We lay there, just looking into each other’s eyes until we fell asleep. 


And here we are, where we began. Albus still lay sleeping beside me, holding me in his warm embrace, and it was amazing. I wanted to stay like this forever. 

But, sadly, what I wanted isn’t always what I got. Al stirred, still holding me tight, his eyes opening sleepily. 

When he saw me, he asked sleepily, “What time is it?” 

“It’s half nine. You’re up earlier than I thought you would be.” 

“Yeah, but that just means I get to spend time with you, consciously.” He hugged me tighter, as if that was possible, and kissed my forehead. 

“Uh, Al, not that I’m complaining, but can you let go, just a little bit? I’m on the verge of dying,” I said with a laugh. 

“Oh, sorry.” He loosened his grip on me, not completely letting me go. “So did you really mean it?” 

“Mean what?” I asked, laying my head on his shoulder, cuddling up to him. 

“What you said last night, about caring about me. I meant it. I hope you did too,” he whispered, not wanting anyone else who may be in the room to hear us. We had his bed curtains drawn, so we couldn’t tell. 

“Yes, Albus, I meant it. I care about you.” 

“Good, then you won’t be mad when I do this.” Before I could ask him what he was talking about, he had flipped us so that he was hovering over top of me. 

He smiled the smile I loved the most, the one that makes his eyes shine, and kissed me. Not the hungry kisses we shared last night, but gentle, sweet ones that were even better.

And it was perfect. For a moment. 

Albus’ bed curtains opened with a flash, both of us showing looks of shock on our faces. 

“What the fuck, Albus? My sister? Really?” Scorpius yelled, looking ready to murder someone, more accurately Albus. 

“Mate, calm down. What’s the problem?” Albus asked, calmly getting out of bed to talk to my brother. I quickly put some clothes on and got out too, standing somewhat between the two. 

“What’s the problem? Are you seriously asking me that? I just found my sister in you bed. Why don’t you tell me what the problem is with that?” He was angry, his face slightly going red and that angry vein in his neck was showing. 

“We didn’t do anything, Scorp. I would never take advantage of Ali that way. We just talked, that’s all.” Al had his arms up in surrender, his face calm, but I could see a hint on fear in his eyes. We all knew how Scorp got when he was angry. 

“You really expect me to believe that?” 

“It’s true. We didn’t do anything.” I piped in, but Scorp ignored me, as usual. 

“Scorpius, listen to them. They said they didn’t do anything, and I believe them. And, to be honest, you aren’t in a place to judge. You are dating his cousin, who is like a sister to him,” Rose said from behind him. I hadn’t noticed her before, but I’m glad she was here, because her voice calmed him right down. 

She looked over at me and smiled, and I mouthed a quick “thank you” before focusing back on my brother. I think it was that moment that Rose and I really began to be friends, despite the fact that we were two completely different people and had absolutely nothing in common. 

Anyways, back to the task at hand. Rose may have calmed him down, but Scorp was still looking at Albus murderously. Now may be my time to step in. 

“Rose, Albus, do you think I could have a word with my brother, alone?” I looked from one to the other, both nodding and glancing at Scorpius before walking out the door, closing it behind them. 

I looked back at Scorpius, who had now turned his glare to me. “What the hell is your problem?” You want to be angry, be angry. But two can play at that game, dear brother. 

My problem? What do you mean, my problem? You’re the one getting smashed and falling into bed with whoever is interested!” 

“I didn’t get smashed and fall into bed with whoever was interested! I didn’t fall into bed with anyone! We didn’t do anything, Scorpius. Why can’t you believe that?” 

“Because I know you, Ali! Relationships aren’t your thing. You’ve never kept that a secret before.” 

“That’s because no one has ever been worth the effort before. Albus is the first person I’ve really cared about. Is it so hard to believe that I’d actually care about someone?” 

He walked closer to me, placed his hand on my cheek, looked in my eyes, and said “No, I guess not, but Ali, are you sure? Remember that last time you really cared about someone?” 

“We don’t talk about that. He made me feel things that weren’t real. You know that. Don’t use that against me, Scorp.” How could he bring that up? He knows it’s a sore spot for me, and something you don’t need to know about right now. 

“Right, sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.” 

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Are we cool?” 

“Yeah, we’re cool,” he said with a smile.

“Good, because I would date him regardless,” I said, making Scorpius laugh. “I think I love him, Scorp.”

“You love me?” I surprised voice said from the doorway.

 I turned around to see a shirtless Albus, staring at me with a look of bewilderment and happiness.

“Oh, fuck.” Was all I could say.

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