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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Alright this is my first fanfiction so please review and enjoy! Oh yeah almost forgot DISCLAIMER anything you recognise not mine anything you don't most likely mine and on with the story!

It was late and the common room was empty except for a certain brown haired bookworm who was sat on the sofa still studying for the upcoming O.W.Ls. However her thoughts had strayed to a particular tall, red head in his seventh year. Yes it was true and Hermione had finally admitted it to herself she was in love with a Weasley twin, George to be exact. Now she was beginning to worry George hadn’t come to dinner which was unheard of for any Weasley man but she hadn’t seen him after that either and Fred had already gone to bed along with everyone else. Just then the portrait door swung open and in came an annoyed looking George. He was storming off to the boys’ dormitory clearly unaware of her presence.

“Hey George where’ve you been?” Hermione asked.

George came to an abrupt halt turning quickly to find Hermione chocolate brown eyes watching him in concern.

“Oh hi Hermione I was in detention,” he stated plainly. Hermione frowned then her eyes widened in alarm.

“George, who did you have detention with?” she asked examining him carefully she noted he was hiding his right hand behind his back.

“Umbridge,” he spat the name in disgust.

“Oh George! Let me see your hand!” she instructed.

“My hand? Why?” he pretended to be clueless. ‘How would she know about detention with Umbridge?’ he thought.

“George don’t try it I know what happens in her detentions! Now come here let me see your hand!” she said.

George sighed and sat next to her; Hermione gently took his large hand and examined the cuts. There were two different lines etched into his flesh the first read ‘I must not misbehave’ and the second read ‘my pranks and inventions are stupid.’

“Hermione how d’you know about the detentions with Umbridge?” he asked.

“Well Harry had detention with her plus I was unfortunate enough to have one as well she’s a cruel, cold hearted witch!” Hermione said.

“You had detention! For what?” George exclaimed. In response she offered him her hand; he took it and read there were several lines that had begun to fade. The first was ‘I must not correct teachers,’ the second was ‘I must not speak out of turn,’ and the last was ‘I am pathetic and gullible.’

“You’re a what!?! That evil, old, lying, hag!” George yelled angrily reading what Umbridge thought of Hermione.

“Yeah it was originally just the first two lines then once I was finished I told her that I hoped since she didn’t believe he was really back that Voldemort would kill her! She then told me to write that Harry was an attention seeking liar I responded by telling her that he wasn’t lying and that she was a clueless, idiotic toad. Needless to say she didn’t appreciate that!” Hermione sighed.

“Wow Granger’s got an attitude!” George joked making Hermione smile.

“Yes well I’m not too happy with what she had to say about you either!”

“So you don’t agree with them?” George asked.

“George! Of course not! You wouldn’t be you if you behaved! And yours and Fred’s inventions are far from stupid they’re genius I just don’t appreciate you testing them on first years!” Hermione said.

“So you think I’m a genius?” George teased arching an eyebrow at her.

“I think you and Fred are very smart, yes! Speaking of which why wasn’t Fred in detention too?”

“Well she was about to find us both so I told him to hide and gave myself up! After detention I just hung around the boys toilets trying to heal my hand. It didn’t work. But I didn’t want to tell anyone especially not Fred because he’d then prank her and if he got caught he’d have to go through this same pain which I don’t want,” he explained.

“That’s very considerate of you, George. Is your hand still hurting a lot?”

“Yeah but don’t worry I’ll be fine,” he said unconvincingly.

“It’s in my nature to worry just stay here I’ll be right back!”she said before disappearing into the girls’ dormitory.

After a few moments Hermione returned with various jars and vials and a bowl. She set them out on the table and began mixing them together in the bowl until the contents turned green. She stirred it a moment longer before declaring it finished. George had taken the chance to just watch her the way her hair fell down her back in glossy ringlets of caramel brown, she was truly beautiful and though only Fred knew he was madly in love with her.


“George?” she said softly noticing him watching her she began to blush.

“Oh yeah...sorry” he whispered a light blush spreading cross his own face reaching up to his ears.

“Err just umm give me your hand,” she said suddenly more nervous since he’d looked at her there had been something there in his eyes she wasn’t sure of what but it had unnerved her. Hermione carefully rubbed some of the green liquid over his cuts apologising as he winced, “just give it a minute to work it should soothe and heal the cuts it did for me and Harry.”

Their eyes locked his light, sparkling blue and hers an enchanting chocolate brown she didn’t release his hand, she didn’t want to lose the feeling it gave her. He didn’t want her to let go her touch felt like electricity running through his veins. After a while she spoke softly to him “How does it feel?”

“A lot better thanks to you,” he grinned at her.

“I’m glad” Hermione smiled back.

He put his arm around her and she snuggled closer to him they both sat in silence enjoying each other’s company and watching the dancing flames throw shadows across the common room.

“Has Harry agreed to help the students to fight for themselves yet?” George asked.

“Thank god I was starting to think no one heard me when I spoke about it! Oh and yeah he sort of agreed well he said he’d have a meeting tomorrow with whoever we can get to come to the Shrieking Shack on the Hogsmeade visit so we’ll see I guess.” Hermione shrugged.

“Cool I’ll see who I can get to come we need this with Voldemort getting stronger by the second and that hag teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts we don’t stand a chance! Harry better step up I mean being the boy who lived and all!” George laughed so did Hermione.  

“I’m scared George,” Hermione whispered her voice small.

“We all are Hermione but it’s going to be alright I promise! I’m serious though Harry he’s going to lead us through this and you know Dumbledore he must have something up his sleeve! Plus we’ve got the Order and we have each other it’s all going to be just fine!” George said reassuringly squeezing her hand lightly.

“Thank you George it means a lot it’s just with the war so close ahead and everything seems to be falling apart I just don’t want to lose you, any of you I can’t bear the thought of a future missing anyone of us!” Hermione said tears rolling down his face.  

“Hermione don’t worry that’s not going to happen no one is going anywhere not me, not you, not Fred, not Harry, not Ron, not Ginny none of us it’s all going to be okay,” George promised her wiping the tears from her face.

“You’re right I-I’m just being stupid...”

“No you’re not; don’t speak about yourself like that! You’re not stupid you’re the brightest witch I’ve ever met and everyone gets afraid now and then!” George told her sincerely.

“Thank you George you’re a really great friend I appreciate it!” Hermione cuddled closer to him.

“It’s fine Hermione and thanks for my hand! Now I think it’s time you get some sleep Miss Granger I will see you tomorrow!” he said standing and pulling Hermione to her feet.

“Good night George,” Hermione said wrapping her arms around his neck to hug him before kissing his cheek gently “Thanks for everything,” she whispered then quickly ran out of the common room into the girls dormitory to hide her surely red face.  

George stood there for a moment in a daze touching a hand to where her lips had touched. “good night Hermione,” he whispered to the empty common room. He went to his room lost in his thoughts ‘She kissed me. It was just friendly. She kissed me. On the cheek. It was still a kiss. Yeah like between siblings. She could like me too! Unlikely.’ His thoughts confused and overwhelmed him but he eventually came to the conclusion it really was just sibling like. Gradually he fell asleep Hermione’s image fresh in his mind.

Well there you go the first chapter of my first fanfiction hope you enjoyed it now do me a favour and click the little button below this that's right leave a review it won't take long! Thanks for reading!

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A Building Love: Chapter 1


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