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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 2 : chapter two- memories
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Only a few kids at Hogwarts could see the Thestrals anymore, me, James, and Fred were part of those few.




I had decided to eat lunch with the Gryffindor’s today; I was excited for the annual memorial dance and was wondering if Scorpius would ask me or James. No that is crazy James was in third year and I was in second anyway it’s not like I could go with him because he was one of my brothers best mates.


“Oi! Liz c’mere” I looked up and saw James calling me. He was standing at the big oak doors that lead into the rest of Hogwarts.


“I’ll be back” I said to rose she looked up nodded than continued her conversation with Lilly.


“Hello Mr. Potter to what can I do this pleasure?” I said jokingly


“shut it lizard we need your help with a prank”


“hmmm tempting who’s prank?”


“Mine” he said promptly I laughed


“I gotta see this” me and James made our way through the castle until we came to the room of requirement. James walked in front of the wall three times until the door appeared. We entered


“there you are took you long enough!” Fred said as James sat beside him on one of the sofas. Collin had his head down over some parchment the marauders map was open beside him I too sat down. I loved coming here it was the room Collin had created for planning pranks and hanging out. The walls had tons of posters of quidditch teams and wizard bands, there were also pictures hanging too. There was a chalk board and some book shelves dedicated to books on pranking. The tall dresser to the left of the room was filled with products from WWW. We all sat around the fire place which had some pictures on the mantel including a copy of the original order of the phoenix. There was another picture of all the teens that were in Dumbledore’s army, a picture of the Weasley twins and one of James’ grandfather and his friends. Now they were true pranksters and the creators of the marauders map.


“Done” Collin said snapping his head up his eyes were filled with excitement. “All we need now is your help sis” he said to me with a smile


“tell me what to do” I said excitedly I loved to be part of their pranks.


“Ok so James had a great way to prank albus but involves putting a spider in his bed when he’s sleeping so you will need to get us into your common room after we get the spider.”


“Ok I will but where are you getting the spider?” I asked


“the forbidden forest you can come to that is if you’re not too scared” James said with a smirk


“I will come because I want to see you wet your pants” I snapped we all burst into laughter


“right then see you tonight” Collin said giving me a wink before telling me I could go. He hadn’t even told me were to meet them but I knew Collin had his ways.





I sat up eagerly in bed as I saw Collins patronus (an eagle) form beside my bed. Him Fred and James had learned how to concur one in their third year because that’s when harry learned. Collin promised to teach me next year.


“Meet us by the front doors bring your wand and cloak” the eagle said. I jumped out of bed grabbed my cloak and wand. I quickly made my way down to the front doors I was careful not to get caught. Collin, James and Fred were already there. We all exited the castle and walked across the grounds. The stars made Collins brown hair shine, in the darkness you couldn’t see the freckles splashed across his nose but you could still see His blue eyes shining with excitement and laughter as always. I had morphed myself to look like Collins twin sister long brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. Collin always though it was cool that I could copy his looks so I did this most of the time. We all stared into the dark trees as we stood at the edge of the forest


“you know dad and Uncle Ron once fought a spider the size of a house in there and you know what McGonagall said about centaurs they will kill us...” James started


“they won’t kill us they just kill the oldest in the group” Collin said he was the oldest because he was in his fourth year.


“Good maybe I’ll trick filch to come in here with me” I said trying to lighten the mood it worked the boys laughed. Collin stepped forward


“right then come on” we all followed his lead and stepped into the forest “lumos” Collin whispered his wand lit up me, Fred and James motioned to do the same until Collin said one would do. We stumbled our way through the forest for what seemed to be forever.


“Hey look!” Fred called pointing to the ground small black spiders were scurrying away from Collins wand light.


“Too small” Collin said as he marched forward. I shrieked as I saw a huge spider the size of my hand resting on a huge web. My hair went white. “Now that’s better let’s see if we can find one a bit bigger” Collin excitedly said moving forwards I reluctantly followed. We came to an opening in the forest we could once again see the stars but that’s not what we were concentrating on. Spiders of all sizes rested on huge webs we were surrounded by nothing but creepy black creatures. “That one!" Collin said pointing to a spider the size of my head. He reached out and grabbed it


“open the box!” I said Fred obeyed as Collin dropped the spider in the box. The spiders around us were closing in clicking their pinchers furiously. I was so scared I clung to Collins arm. Just when I thought they would attack all of them started retreating.


“Do you hear that?” James asked I listened closely I heard what sounded like hooves on the forest ground.


“Centaurs!” I said


“nox” Collins wand light went out.


“Your hair!” James hissed but it was no use I could hear the centaurs getting closer. Suddenly an arrow came whizzing though the air and hit the tree beside me


“RUN!” Collin shouted we obeyed. I had never run so fast in my life I could vaguely hear Collin yelling spells behind me because the sound of my pounding heart filled my brain.

I stumbled out of the forest to find Fred laying on the grass and James leaning over with his hands on his knees as if he was going too puke.


“Collin!” I yelled spinning around I was about to run back into the forest when James caught my arm


“listen” he whispered I did. I heard a twig crack and heavy breathing, a few moments later my brother stumbled out of the forest. With an arrow, sticking out of his chest.

“COLLIN!” I screamed running forwards in time to catch his falling figure “GET HELP!” I shouted at the two other boys. I heard Fred send a patronus, “it’s going to be alright help will be here soon” I said as tears streamed down my face


“did we get the spider?” he asked weakly I nodded “good put it in albus’ bed for me will yah?”


“We can do it together” I stuttered


“promise me?” Collin said I nodded as I touched his wound lightly my hands were instantly covered with blood. Collin reached up weakly and touched my face. I looked at him he smiled “I love you sis” he said as I looked at his blue eyes for the last time before they closed forever.




“Elisabeth” I tore my eyes from the Thestral and looked at Scorp. He was holding my arm and concern filled his eyes. My hair had turned brown as it always did when I thought about Collin. I turned my head trying to look anywhere but my friends and the eyes of the Thestral. Instead I saw James staring at me. I knew he blamed himself for Collins death because it was his idea for the prank but he had tried to talk Collin out of it. I knew Collins death was no one’s fault it would have happened anyway if James hadn’t had the prank idea because it was his time to go. Well that was what Harry told me I had spent a lot of time at his house after Collins death; Harry comforted me with his words. I knew they were true because harry had faced more loss than anyone I knew.


I climbed into the carriage with my friends and forced my hair to turn purple again so they wouldn’t be too concerned. The flash back had giving me a realisation, I had never learned to conduct a patronus. Suddenly I felt the urge to learn but who would teach me? Well the answer was simple really; James. How would I ask him? He would probably say no anyway. I sighed and looked at Scorp did he know how to perform a patronus charm? As I contemplated this in my mind the carriage had come to a stop in front of the huge castle. We climbed up the stairs though the huge doors then proceeded to the great hall. As usual the four house tables were spread out in the room with thousands of candles hovering in the air above them. The sky (ceiling) was cloudy so we could not see any stars. The hall buzzed with conversation as we all waited for the first years to arrive.


Finally Hagrid came into view followed by the first years that looked very small compared to him. My sister looked pale as she walked with the line to the front of the hall. I remember when I was up there my hair had turned red and people started laughing at me. When the sorting hat spoke I wasn’t paying attention I had my fingers crossed hoping that my sister was in any house but Gryffindor so I wouldn’t be the only one to break the family tradition.


“Finnigan, Mandy!” Hagrid called out I watched as my sister stepped forward and was sorted into Gryffindor. I clapped reluctantly. This night was not going my way.


By the time I had reached the sixth year slytherin girls dorm all I wanted to do was sleep. I quickly changed into my weird sister pyjamas and was about to crawl into be when Leah slid the curtains of her four poster open. She was reading the quibbler ok so Leah had pick up on quite a few of her mother’s quirks but at least Neville had enough sense then to let his daughter believe in nargles.


“Hey it says here that James potter was named the most desired teen bachelor of the wizarding wold” she said her nose was inches away from the page.


“Mmm that’s great Leah I’m going to sleep now g’night” I mumbled rolling over and pulling my tapestry shut before falling asleep.


Disclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the extremely talented J.K. Rowling


Yes I am aware of all the typos I made in the first chapter oops my bad lol. Next chapter should be up soon hopefully it will be longer we will see. Also I would like to point out a mistake in chapter one I have decided to make Elisabeth on her sixth year at Hogwarts not her fifth thanks how about a sneak peek at the next chapter?


“I am NEVER going to Hogsmeade with you to again” rose complained as we headed to diner


“I thought I was cute” Leah said trying to back me up but I didn’t care what they said I had enjoyed myself with Scorpius and that was good enough for me. After dinner we headed to the library to finish an essay for professor bins before heading to bed.


“Cloud! Your my good luck charm the sky wasn’t cloudy!” She said beaming at her pet, I rolled my eyes. When I was changed and showered I hoped into bed hoping for a nice peaceful sleep, I was mistaken.

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