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The Chaotic Life of Em Jones by YetAnotherWeasley
Chapter 2 : It's All About Lily
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It's All About Lily

After Teddy found me hiding behind my bed, (yeah not the best hiding place in the world), and told me off for getting yet another warning from the Ministry (this is my third one), he insisted that I visit Victoire at her parents' house. She'd gone there to have lunch, and since Teddy wanted me to get out of the house because it was the last day of Summer, and blah blah blah, I used Floo Powder to get there.

"Shell Cottage." I said clearly, walking into the floo powder. My stomach tensed as the uncomfortable journey began. It lasted only a few seconds though.

I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was white light filling the large room I was in. The walls were also white, and so the light coming through the large windows, made the room even brighter by reflecting on the spotless walls. I soon realised I was in Vic's parents's living room.

I walked towards one of the big windows, and smiled at the sight of the beach, which was just two steps away. It was always so lovely in here. The sound of the sea was incredibly relaxing, and I could have spent days laying on the sand, sleeping and getting a tan. It all just seemed to peaceful.

"Mum!" A booming voice filled the house, and snapped me out of my daydreams. "Mum! Em's here!" Dominique Weasley yelled again. She then ran towards me, nearly landing us both on the floor, and trapped me in a breath-taking hug. Literally.

"Dom...can't breathe!" I muttered, gasping for air.

She quickly let go of me. "Whoops!" She laughed. "Sorry Em, I'm just so glad you're here! It's the last day before we have to go to school," why is everyone so obsessed with the fact that today is indeed the last day of Summer? "and I really wanted to see you." Dom continued babbling. I smiled at her.

Dom was Vic's younger sister. She was completely different from her sister. Victoire was polite, graceful, and always said the right things. Dom was loud, clumsy, and tough. Victoire was girly, loved shopping, and order. Dom was tomboyish, on the Quidditch team, and wreckless.They were opposites, and had constant fights and arguments. Like two sides of a coin, like fire and ice, like sun and rain, like yes and no, like black and white...

You get the picture.

"Dom! Will you quit screaming so much?! Oh.. hey Em." Vic came in, and as soon as she spotted me, she gave me a hug. "What are you doing here?" She asked, brushing her hand through her long, shiny blonde hair. That was also a difference between her and Dom. Whilst Vic had inherited her mother's perfect blonde hair, Dom had her father's fiery red hair.

"Teddy sent me. He said I should get out of the house for a while, because it's the last day of Summer and all that..." I bet he only wanted me gone so he could practise asking Vic to marry him with the broom again.

"Great! Lunch is just about ready. You can have it with us." Victoire told me pleasantly. Her face had lit up when I'd said Teddy's name, and she was grinning like there was no tomorrow.

If that boy couldn't see that she was utterly in love with him, he might aswell just take his eyes out now, since they seemed of no use to him anyway.

"I don't want to be an inconvenience, I can just pop into Wiz Auto, and get something, really." I started saying, but Vic and Dom's mum had come in, and she shook her head violently.

"Zat iz not necezary dear. It would be zo nize if you had lunch with uz." She told me in a thick French accent.

"Well, sure then." I said, and she smiled hugely.

"Very well! Dominique, tell you father zat Emily iz here pleaze." She instructed her younger daughter. "Victoire, you go get Louis." She ordered to her older one. Both girls shot out of the room, with unrecognisable speed, and it left me quite surprised. "Iz good, oui? I have trained zem well." Fleur said grinning. She reminded me of Yoda for a minute, but I guessed she wouldn't know who he was, so I just kept my mouth shut, and starting chatting to her about food, cooking, and shopping.

Once Dom returned back with Bill, he trapped me in a bear hug. He reminded me of Dom a lot.

"Em! Where've you been all Summer? I haven't seen you around enough!" He exclaimed.

"I had to sort out all my stuff for Hogwarts." I told him, as we sat down around the table in the kitchen, and waited for Vic and the youngest member of the Weasley-Delacour family; Louis.

"Are you all ready and set to go then?" Bill asked me, looking truly interested. That's one of the reasons I liked Bill. He always seemed curious and eager to know more about everyone, and he was very friendly.

I nodded at him, openning my mouth to speak, but right then Vic and Louis appeared, and sat in the two chairs that were (conveniently) left.

I smiled and waved at Louis, who waved back at me and grinned.

Louis took mostly after his mother, like Vic. He had her blonde hair, although his was somewhat curly, and her light blue eyes. I think that he was the calmest member of the family. I'd never seen him panicking, or yelling, he never shouted, or lost his patience. And he lived with Dom.

That truly is a miracle.

No offence to Dom. I love her and all, but come on, we all know what she's like.

Lunch went by nicely, and after helping clear the table, Dom and I went outside, to enjoy some sun. But before that, I headed towards Dobby's grave.

The numerous times I'd been over at the Potter residence with Teddy, I had heard all the stories there were to hear about the Second Wizarding War, and Dobby's tale was one of the saddest, in my opinion.

There were shells still all around the grave, and although many years had passed, you could still read the inscription that Harry had engraved in the sand.

Here lies Dobby,

A free elf.

I smiled sadly, and left some flowers growing nearby on top of the makeshift grave.

Then I returned to my spot next to Dom.

"So, you excited to be attending Hogwarts?" She asked, when I sat down next to her.

I shrugged.

"What House do you think you'll be in?" She questioned, as we both stared out at the sea.

I shrugged.

"Are you not gonna answer any of my questions?" She asked, seeming annoyed.

I shrugged.

She then pushed me over playfully, and I giggled.

"I honestly don't know what House I'll be in." I told her, brushing the sand off me.

She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, I don't think you'll be in Ravenclaw. You're smart, but not that smart." This time I pushed her over, while uttering an offended "hey!"

Dom laughed and got up, I mirrored her. "Hufflepluff is most probably out aswell. So it's either Slytherin or Gryffindor."

I was in the middle of shrugging again, but decided against it when Dom shot me a glare. "I guess we'll see, right?" I murmured. The red-head nodded.

I was enjoying the silence that had settled, when Dom's hand suddenly shot upwards, and she smacked her forehead. She then proceeded to run like a savage towards the cottage.

"What the-?" I muttered, and started after her.

By the time I got inside, everyone seemed to be going crazy. "Err, what's going on?" I asked. Nobody replied.

They all seemed concentrated on what they were doing.

Fleur was looking through several layers of clothes that had been dropped on the floor. Her hair, which had previously been in a neat ponytail, had fallen to her sides.

Bill was looking underneath various objects, and inside drawers. His eyes were frantically searching for something.

Vic and her sister were both rushing in and out of all the rooms, Dom tripping over various objects, Vic stepping over them gracefully.

Louis seemed to be the only one who wasn't looking for something like it depended on his life. He was resting on the wall, with one leg up, and his arms crossed over his chest.

I decided he was the best choice to find out what the hell was going on.

"Louis? What's happening?" I asked, as I stood next to him, well out of the way.

"We forgot it's Lily's birthday today. We were meant to arrive at the Potter house half an hour ago." He said without even looking at me.

I closed my eyes. Damn. I'd forgotten it was Lily's birthday too!

"O-kay. But what are they searching for, so desperately?" I asked him again.

"Lily's present." He said matter-of-factly.

Ah! I may not have remembered that it was Lily's birthday today, but I had remembered a week ago when I bought her a present. Too bad I'd left it at home.

"Hey, guys." I called them. They continued to ignore me. "Guys!" I said a little louder. Still no response. "PEOPLE!" I yelled finally. They all froze, and looked at me. "Why don't you just Accio the present?" I asked. Honestly! I was the muggle-born here, and I was the only person that seemed to remember that we had a special gift called magic, that let us do cool things.

"Right!" Dom exclaimed, just remembering. She took her wand out, but Vic started shrieking.

"No! I'll do it." And she took her own wand out.

"I got my wand out first!" Dom told her, getting annoyed.

"I was born first!" Vic argued.

Jeesh, they acted like five year olds.

"No one likes you!" Dom screeched. Oh low-blow Dom, I'm sure that'll simply rip Victoire into pieces. Note the heavy sarcasm here.

"You can't use your magic out of school anyway! It's against the law." Vic told her, knowing she'd come victorious in the argument.

Yeah because what under-age moron would use magic when they knew that they aren't supposed to use it outside of school? Not me, that's for sure.

"Will you two juzt ztop?!" Fleur shouted, in my opinion though, it would have been scarier if her French accent didn't make me want to giggle everytime I heard it.

Just saying.

"I'll juzt do it." And with that, she took out her wand from her pocket, and muttered "Accio present!" And a small golden box tied with a red ribbon, appeared in her hand. "Finally! Now, let'z go." She said. "Louis, Victoire, you two first." She commanded, and both her children, stepped into the Floo Powder, and disappeared rapidly. "Now you." Fleur said, pointing at Dom and I. We followed Vic and Louis's footsteps, and I faintly heard Dom say "The Burrow!"

And then we disappeared.


All parties and celebrations were held at the Burrow, because it was the largest place. Molly (I) and Arthur didn't mind at all, because they'd grown used to having people in their home; their kids, friends, the Order of the Phoenix... And now that all their children were grown up and married, they loved getting all the company they could get.

This didn't make Molly any less stressed when it came to birthday parties.

"Ginny! Take the cake out of the fridge! It's going to burn!" Was the first thing I heard when Dom and I appeared at the Burrow.

And yes, I heard correctly. 'Take the cake out of the fridge, it's going to burn', no, the fridge that Molly was talking about wasn't some kind of weird magical fridge, that burnt stuff instead of keeping it cold. It was a normal muggle fridge that Arthur (surprise, surprise) had mounted after finding its pieces, one by one, in a junkyard. Yes, he actually used to go to those places, that is, until Molly insisted that he couldn't go anymore due to his (cough old cough) age. So now Arthur sends Teddy to go instead, (another thing that makes Victoire bonkers).

"Ronald! Stop eating the children's sweets! They're for the children! Percy, I doubt Mike wants to hear about Broom Regulations. Why don't you do something useful and take Errol outside? You know he's too old to put up with so many people! Harry love, could you make sure all the lights are turned off when we bring the cake out? No! Not yet! When I tell you!" Molly's voice carried on scolding all the adults that were in her sight. It was quite funny to watch actually.

"Emily! Thank Circe you're here!" Molly said once she finally saw me, and came rushing over to give me a hug. "Oh look at you! What do those Frenchies give you to eat?" She tutted, giving me a look, I rolled my eyes at her.

"Molly, Teddy isn't French, and you know that he and Victoire treat me well." I said.

"Yes, yes. Now why don't you go talk to Lily? I'm sure she'll be happy to see you." She said hastily, eyeing George warily, since he seemed to be slipping something into everyone's butterbears.

"Sure, oh and Molly?"

She turned to look at me for a moment.

"Fridges cool things, they don't burn them." I told her smiling.

Her expression remained blank. "I already know that love." She replied, and then marched right up to George.

"Right." I muttered, making my way over to Lily, who I guessed was in the middle of the huge group agglomerated in a corner of the living room. Before getting there, however, I saw Teddy, and rushed over to him.

"Teddy!" I called. He turned to me and smiled. "Teddy hi, er.. I don't suppose that you've brought the present I bought Lily by any chance?" I asked him hopefully.

"I'm one step ahead of you kiddo." He told me.

"So you have it?" I questioned happily.

"Err.. no." He replied, and my face dropped. "I did, but I gave it to James, he said he'd find you."

"URGH!" I complained loudly, and then walked off.

Right, I thought as I walked, find James, get him to give me Lily's present and give it to her. I must do this before Lily sees me. Thankfully, Lily seemed pretty busy thanking everyone for their own presents.

Grr. Where the hell are you James Sirius Potter?

Music had just started to come out of the red balloons, that were floating around the room, and Molly had started to take the food out.

The music was on full blast, and all the guests (which were mainly Weasleys) had started to dance, and drink already.

My eyes darted between people, food, presents and floating furniture, but I couldn't find James anywhere.

Damn that son of a Potter.

I didn't see him, but I did, however, see his cousin Freddie, and I quickly pulled him aside.

"Hey Em!" He greeted me, giving me a big bear hug. I couldn't help but grin and hug back.

Fred was just like his father George, and, from what I'd been told, like his uncle Fred, whom he'd been named after too. He had the signature red hair of the Weasley clan, was annoyingly tall, and built, since he played beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He was funny, loved pranking, and was friendly as anything.

"Hi Freddie." I said smiling. "Have you seen your cousin, by any chance?" I asked him.

He grinned widely. Freddie was always smiling. "Which one of them?" He replied laughing.

I laughed along. "James." I told him.

He jokingly grimaced for a second and then grinned again. "Always is."

I rolled my eyes, and elbowed him. "You know I'm not.." I started saying, but Freddie cut me off.

"Yes, I know." He said chuckling, "he's outside, in the backyard." Fred informed me, and after I thanked him, I went in search of Potter and the present.

Outside, the noise of the party had died down, and could hardly be heard. The air was fresh, and clean, and the stuffy atmosphere from inside the Weasley residence, disappeared completely.

As a light breeze made me shudder, I squinted in the darkness, waiting for my eyes to get used to the lack of light, provided only by the moon.

Finally, a few seconds later, I detected a tall figure standing by a large oak tree.


"Potter..." I started saying, but my words got caught in my throat when I got a chance to see him better.

Whoa, what the hell happened to him?!

And okay, fair enough, when Teddy had come back from a visit to the Potters a few weeks ago, he'd kept on going on about how much they'd all changed. I hadn't given it much thought though, just Teddy exaggerating and getting overly excited about something, as usual.

But no, Teddy hadn't been exaggerating at all, the Potter children really had changed. At least, James had.

In the four years I'd known him for, I never thought he could turn out to be so...




It's so weird!

And irritating. James is meant to be the pesky, spot-filled, scrawny boy that will never get along with me. Never. No matter how handsome he's got now.

"Stop drooling Jones." James said without even looking at me. Ah, thank Merlin, there's the James I know and hate.

"As if I'd ever drool over you Potter." I replied.

He smirked, and I realised that he had dimples.


Damn you Potter, for having dimples, that make me want to squeeze them and go "who's a pretty boy, who's a pretty boy?"

"I'm sure you have done before." He said, still not looking at me, but staring down at a piece of grass that seemed pretty amusing to him.

I snorted (oh so very attractively), and decided to get to the point.

"Whatever Potter. Just give me my present for Lily." I told him, and held my hand out expectantly

Finally turning to face me, James casually took out of one of his jeans pockets, a small blue parcel, tied with a vibrant violet ribbon. But before dropping it in my hand, he held onto the small box, and raised one of his eyebrows curiously.

"Before I give it to you, you have to tell me what it is." He told me.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out." I said, and tried to snatch the box from him.

Unfortunately, his Quidditch reflexes beat me to it, and he pulled the box from out of my reach.

I glared at him, and he childishly poked his tongue out at me.

"Potter, give it." I told him.

"I don't think I will." He said smirking, obviously enjoying teasing me.

Fit or not, he's still a twat.

"Potter!" I exclaimed annoyed, and started jumping upwards while he held the present above me and out of my reach.

This is so unfair! It's not my fault I'm only five foot four, and that Potter is irritatingly tall!

"Just give me the damn thing!" I told him again. He merely carried on laughing, and stood on his tiptoes, so the present was even further away from me. "Ugh." I huffed, my breathing ragged, from all the jumping up and down.

"You're tired all ready Jones? Someone's out of shape." The Annoying Twit smirked.

I glared at him with all the intensity that my blue eyes allowed me. I opened my mouth and was just about to rapidly snap back at him with a witty remark when someone else who wasn't me, but seemed equally annoyed, shouted Potter's name.

"James!" That voice could only belong to one person. I smiled triumphantly as Ginny Weasley herself stepped into view. "Em darling, hello." She gave me a quick hug, and then continued to fix her twitching glare on James. It was a glare so scary it would make Voldermort himself pee his pants. "James Sirius Potter, it's your sister's birthday. You should be in there with her, and not outside here, ignoring all your family and friends." Ginny said to him severely. James sighed, looking bored, while his mum carried on telling him off.

I felt kind of awkward, just standing there, between the two of them as they argued. I wasn't sure what I should do. In the end I began to fiddle with the hem if my shirt, until one of the threads came off. I am such a genius.

"Now I want you to go in there, and wish your sister a happy birthday, just like everyone else has." Ginny told her son, and then stalked off.

No! How am I supposed to get my present back now?

"And give Emily her present back!" Ginny yelled over her shoulder. James's jaw clenched, and he actually did as he'd been told, and gave me the present (well, rather shoved it into my hands). I grinned triumphantly, and raced back inside the Burrow.

A/N: So...? I know this is partially a filler, but I had to introduce some other characters in here, and Em's relationships with them and all that. How do you guys think I did? <----- An oh-so-subtle hint telling you people to review! Please? As always much love to you all.


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