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Final Chance by HermyBug12
Chapter 22 : welcome home
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 The four were driving to their new home and Ginny looked at Blaise "do you think she'll like me?" she started almost in a whisper so only Blaise would hear in the backseat.


"what Ginny? i didnt hear you."


She sighed and started again "do you think your mother will like me?" she said looking down at her hands folded in her lap. "i mean our families havent exactly been the most civil of people in the past."




"She knows im happy, and thats all she cares about, she doesnt care you were a gryffindor, she doesnt care your a weasley, she only cares that we are happy. and she will do anything in her power to make sure we stay that way. which is mostly why she agreed, and actually gave me and Hermione the idea of having you move in. she knew your family wouldnt take it well and that it would make things hard for us being in two seperate places never seeing eachother. just be yourself angel and she'll love you just as much as i do" he finished kissing the tip of her nose. she couldnt help but smile at that, he had his arm around her shoulder so she leaned into him so she was basically laying on him and fell asleep.




everything was white. and she was standing there with Draco, she was in a beautiful, white wedding dress and draco was holding her arm walking her down the aisle. there were floating candles everywhere and it was beyond beautiful. she realized  they were in the backyard of the Zabini Manour, because of the lake Blaise had described so many times to her. her and draco were walking down the aisle and she looked up to see Blaise standing there and Hermione standing just down from where she was to stand.


she got woken up almost abruptly by the car stopping, therefore stopping her beautiful dream. "good morning sleepy head" blaise said with a smile and a kiss "you sure slept awhile, you slept like basically the whole ride, and had the cutest smile on your face the whole time, you have a dream or something?"


Ginny laughed and smiled "a beautiful dream that i wish hadnt ended. i cant wait for it to be real" she said then kissing him.




"Oh? what was it about then?" Blaise questioned a bit skeptically. raising a brow at her.




"our wedding. it was beautiful. and exactly how i wanted it"




"well before you two love birds start some intense planning we should go inside and see Mum." hermione giggled hearing the entire conversation between her brother and best friend. most people would find that awkward, her best friend marrying her brother, but for Hermione, it just reinforced her love for everyone, not only was Ginny her best friend, she was soon to be her sister. and that means the four of them will be even closer after the wedding. and she was going to need all their help with the baby. she still couldnt believe she was pregnant. she was going to be a mother.




"Mum!" Hermione shouted running towards her "I have news for you later tonight after we settle everyone in." she whispered in her ear. "I think youll like it"




"Welcome home everyone, especially you Ginny and Draco. first off let me say, i am so happy my children found you. they have seemed nothing but happy in every letter ive recieved, and i truly thank you two for that. and Draco, as my new son it is my duty to look after you, yes you are a grown man and i understand that, but i am your mother now, you can come to me with anything at all and i will help you. and Ginny, my lovely Ginny. since you are soon to be my daughter, the same goes for you, if you need anything at all, do not hesitate to ask me. im as much both of your Mum as i am Hermione and Blaise." she said starting to get teary eyed. "now before i start blubbering like an idiot why dont you two give them a tour of their new home" she suggested before walking away.




Hermione giggled shaking her head. "ok well draco basically knows everything about this house because you basically grew up here. but Ginny what do you wanna see first? the bedrooms? the house? the lake?"




"the lake" she almost shouted then realized how excited she had sounded.




"well then lets get going" Blaise said as he took her hand and lead her out back where the lake was. it was a beautiful lake that seemed almost as big as the black lake at Hogwarts. but it wasnt nearly as big, and it was a normal lake, no mystical animals. it was surrounded on the far side by a patch of trees which had a clearing in the middle of them "i love this spot, i use to come here as a kid and just lay here when ever i felt bad or something happened."




"this is where i saw it." Ginny whispered in Blaises earr. "this is where i saw the wedding, our wedding. and Draco walked me down the asile." she smiled as she said it and he kissed her. and the four walked back inside so they could see the rest of the house.

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