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Smeared Lip Gloss and Pretty Lies by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Chapter 2

Yvette spends the rest of potions and lunch trying to decide what to do about Michelle Atkins. “That bitch won’t know what hit her! How dare she threaten us?” I decide it probably isn’t the best idea to give my thought on the matter. It seemed more like a warning than a threat.

During our free period, Terra and Meghan finally show their faces. They’ve spent so much time on makeup that it’s impossible to tell they’re hung over. They aren’t twins, but it’s pretty hard to tell the two apart. Both of them have long blond hair with blue eyes. They spend all their time together and buy clothes together, so even their wardrobes are the same. I used to wonder what would happen if they got separated somehow. How would they survive?

“You missed such a great party last night! Trevor managed to get firewhiskey and Josiah followed me around like a lost little puppy dog,” Terra giggled. Josiah is her on again off again boyfriend. They broke up a few weeks ago, so it’s about time for them to be getting back together. The two of them hate each other one month, then spend the next staring into each other’s eyes.

“And then they shagged,” Meghan adds, smiling widely. For some reason she thinks Terra’s relationship with Josiah was not only normal, but wonderful. It probably stems from the fact that Josiah’s Quidditch captain and very attractive. Personally, he seems like an arrogant arse, but he’s not my boyfriend.

Yvette rolls her eyes. “We don’t want to hear about your sordid affairs, Terra. That bitch Atkins was threatening us in potions! Sent us a nasty little note saying we should watch our backs.”

Both Meghan and Terra gasp melodramatically. “Oh that bitch needs to be taken down. What do you think, a nice confrontation in the Great Hall?”

“We could say she was putting the moves on Victoire’s man. Give her a reputation as a slut.” Part of me wants to talk them out of it, but mostly I’m just tired of everything. This will only make people hate me more. For some reason, I’m always the one who gets blamed for these things by the general population.

“Let’s go talk to her now!” Now? Usually Yvette likes to wait for breakfast. Teachers don’t care about things as much early in the morning. My three friends stalk off and clearly I’m supposed to follow. After a moment of hesitation, I do.

When we reach the Great Hall, Yvette’s the first to reach Michelle Atkins. She’s a Gryffindor, but I never spent any time with her. It’s odd that I know nothing about a girl who has slept in the same dorm as me for six years. “You little slut!”

Michelle looks mildly surprised, but not shocked. She must have known something would happen after sending me that note. “You need something, Torey?”

“I need you to stay away from Victoire’s boyfriend! I saw you flirting with him last night and we will not stand for it!” Now Michelle just looks bored and a little amused.

Meghan glares at her from beside Yvette. “Victoire’s done nothing to you. Stay away from her boyfriend, slag.”

“I was with Michael last night?” Michelle’s voice is calm, like she’s been planning this for some time. “Well that’s certainly a surprise. Whenever I saw him he had his lips glued to someone else, someone who looked an awful lot like you, Yvette.” This shocks the rest of us into silence. Yvette and Michael? She’s not the greatest friend in the world, but she wouldn’t betray me like this. She wouldn’t. “Oh, I’m sorry. Was that supposed to be a big secret? Next time you’re trying to keep a secret, don’t spread lies about someone else.”

Michelle leaves with a nasty look at the four of us. “Yvette?” My voice comes out soft as a whisper and raspy. “That isn’t- you didn’t-” I can’t find the words to continue so I let my sentence trail off. My best friend and my boyfriend? How could they?

“It’s not only me! He’s slept with loads of girls,” Yvette’s voice is cold and cruel and she’s smirking at me. “Merlin, you didn’t know? You must be blind and stupid. He’s not even subtle about it. There must have been a dozen girls besides me. Well now you know.” She smiles widely and leaves me standing in the Great Hall with Meghan and Terra.

“Did you two know?” I’m whispering, too horrified to speak in normal tones. “Did you see him-?” The look they share tells me everything I need to know. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you stop him?” It wasn’t until now that I realize how much Michael means to me. When you’re only sixteen, four months is a long time. Four months with a cheating boyfriend and a backstabbing best friend.

“We would’ve told you, but we thought you were better off not knowing.” Why would they think something like that? My life is over. I’ve lost my boyfriend, my best friend, and Meghan and Terra have always been closer to Yvette than me. How could she do something like this? And how can I stand to keep seeing her until winter break? It’s still a week away.

I take a deep breath. “Just leave me alone. Go pledge your alliance to Yvette before she takes you down too.” I’m bitter and hurt and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve always relied on my friends to take care of things for me.

I walk out of the Great Hall slowly, no particular destination in mind, I just had to get away from the stares and whispers. It seems like everyone in the school knew Michael was cheating on me. Well, everyone but me. I’m sure Dom knew. What does it say about a person when their own family doesn’t tell them the truth?

“Why so down, pretty girl?” Michael’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts. I never liked it when he called me pretty girl and now it makes me loathe him. “Come on, smile for me. I hate seeing you so sad.”

“Is it true?” I already know it is, Meghan and Terra confirmed it, but I want to hear it from him. I have to hear it from him. “Did you really shag Yvette? Have you been cheating on me since we got together?”

The look on his face was horror and shock, but not a trace of guilt or remorse. “How did you find out?”

“Michelle told me! Then Yvette told me, then Meghan and Terra t-told me.” My voice quivers as my eyes begin to fill. “How could you do this to me? I l-loved you.”

“Don’t cry, pretty girl. It was a mistake, I’m sorry.” He’s pleading with me, begging for forgiveness. The sad part is, I want to forgive him. In the time we’ve been together, he’s been sweet to me and listens to me. “What do I have to do? I’ll do anything for you?”

It’s the begging that finally brings me to my senses. “Go back to Yvette. I don’t w-want you.” The tears start cascading down my face and I leave him standing there.

“Pretty girl, don’t go!” Something hits me when he says that. In all our time together, he’s never called me by my name, only ‘pretty girl’. Am I really that forgettable? He doesn’t even care enough to use my name?

“My name isn’t pretty girl,” I mumble quietly, although he’s much too far away to hear me. I keep walking aimlessly down the corridors and eventually find myself near the portrait of the Fat Lady. That’s no good, Yvette’s always in the common room, maybe even with Michael. I’ll have to find somewhere else to go. The library’s out, it’s too quiet and too many people will be there whispering about me. The only other real option is outside by the lake. It’s the perfect place. No one else will be there because it’s freezing outside.

I sit under a tree watching the lake in complete silence. I never realized how calming it could be before. The only time I ever came out here with my friends was to tan or go swimming. Never just to sit and relax. It’s peaceful. I always wondered about loners, how they could stand to be so alone all the time. Now I understand. Maybe I’m a loner at heart. That would make for some good gossip: Queen Bee turned Loner! I bet Yvette will be spreading that all around Hogwarts tomorrow. Even the Slytherins will know and nobody fills them in on the gossip.

Nothing seems to matter to me anymore and I just stare out at the lake. I don’t know how long I remained sitting in the cold, but by the time I leave it’s dark outside. My robes are wet from sitting in the snow for so long and I’m shivering. Dinner must be long over by now, which means I’ve missed charms. Old Professor Flitwick won’t care. He’s losing his touch and barely notices anything anymore.

In the Great Hall, I finally realize how cold I am. I’m shivering and the sudden heat makes my fingers burn. All the feeling in my feet has gone so I stumble through the corridors like a drunk. Because I still don’t want to see Yvette, I hide in the trophy room. I’ve always liked that room, except when I have to polish it for detention. It’s nice to see all the rewards past students have received. Some of them are even relatives.

Uncle Harry has a big one that says Battle of Hogwarts. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione also have their names engraved on it. They got it for skipping their seventh year and running around killing Death Eaters instead. There are a few for old Headmasters, like Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore. The one that I love the most is for Voldemort, or Tom Riddle. He got one for ‘special services to the school’, whatever that means.

I must have dozed off in the trophy room, because the next thing I know I’m being shaken awake. Teddy is crouched down beside me with a look of concern on his face. “C’mon.” I follow him back to the Heads’ common room where Teddy lives with the Head Girl, a Ravenclaw named Kelly. In the common room, he sits me on the sofa and places a heating spell on a blanket. My skin must still be cold to the touch.

We just sit there in silence for a moment, then Teddy casts a muffliato charm on the Head Girl’s room. “What’s this about? You could have gotten in serious trouble if a teacher or one of the prefects found you on their rounds. Why weren’t you in your dorm?”

“I didn’t want to see Yvette,” I croak, my voice unused to sitting out in the cold in silence for so long.

“But she’s your best friend!” Teddy protests. He’s got to be making fun of me. He honestly can’t not know about Michael cheating on me with Yvette. Gossip that good can spread all over Hogwarts in ten minutes flat. “What’s going on with you?”

If he doesn’t know, I don’t want to be the one to tell him. It’s almost like I can pretend it didn’t happen around Teddy. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He sighs, but doesn’t disagree. “Well you can’t go back to your dorm tonight. You can have my bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa.” I love the slightest hint of chivalry in his actions. Giving me the bed and spending the night on the sofa. I know I should argue, sleep on the sofa myself, but I’m too tired right now. I feel like I could sleep forever.

So I nod and make my way into his room. It’s funny how much it reminds me of Teddy. My room back home was decorated by my mother completely in pink, with toys from when I was small. It bears no resemblance to my character. Teddy’s room on the other hand is decorated in earthy tones and covered with books and pictures of my family and his grandmother. “Sorry it’s erm, a bit of a mess. I’d have cleaned it up, but I didn’t know anyone would be dropping by.

His room doesn’t look like that big of a mess to me, not any more than Teddy himself is. “Thanks.” I mean for more than just the room. For finding me in the trophy room tonight and being there for me. Teddy’s always been there for me.

He blushes slightly. “What are friends for?”


A/N: I posted sooner than I planned! Yay! So I know this chapter was kind of evil, but I ended it happily. You like? Chappie 3 should be posted about a week after this validates (but remember that reviews inspire me to post faster).

Thanks to all the reviewers on the first chapter! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)


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