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A Single Hour by RoseScorp57
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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On the day Alyssia Turner was born, there was a terrible storm. Her parents believe that it is because of the weather that Alyssia was given a terrible curse. They never considered it to be their own faults, they simply blamed it on the weather.

A fairy, who appeared to just be another lonely traveller, knocked on the door. Mr. Turner answered the door to find an elderly traveller.

“I have been traveling for quite some time and I am looking for a place to stay the night to keep out of the rain. May I please stay here?”

Everyone in the muggle world knows that you should never upset a fairy because they can bestow upon you and your family a terrible curse. But the Turner Family was not a muggle family. They were a wizarding family. They knew nothing about upsetting fairies because fairies usually stayed away from the wizarding world. 

“My wife has just given birth and we are in no position to have company for the evening. I suggest you keep walking to the next house up the road.”

“I am exhausted from my day of traveling and cannot walk any farther. I will stay out of the way. I just need a piece of bread and a spot of tea.”

“Sorry, but I must refuse you.”

Mr. Turner was about to close the door when he heard.

“Sir, have you ever heard of the curse of a fairy?”

“No I have not. Good night.”

“Wait!” Said Mrs. Turner. Mrs. Turner was far more charitable than her husband. She had heard the entire conversation and could not allow her husband to turn away such an old lady. “You may stay the night in our guest room. I will bring you bread and tea in your room. I am afraid because of todays circumstances, the bread is a bit stale.”

“Thank you my dear. For your hospitality I give to you a book.”

“Thank you. What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t. My name is Tianna. And I am assuming that you are Mrs. Turner? The sign outside of your home said Turner Residence.”

“Your assumption is correct. This is your room. If you walk down the hall the first door on the left is the bathroom. The door on the right leads to the babies room.”

“Thank you very much. You must be exhausted from today. You should rest. I will possibly see you in the morning. I must continue on my travels.”

“Of course. Rest well.”

The rest of the night was quite. Tianna laid in the bed waiting for the Turner family to fall asleep. When they did she charmed the house so that the parents couldn’t be awoken until morning. She then walked into the babies room. Her heart was set on giving the most wicked curse known to fairy but when she saw the baby her heart melted.

“My dear Alyssia. Your father is rude and your mother is kind. I will give to you a curse and a gift. When you turn 5 you will have an hour everyday when the world freezes. Time will stop. You will be utterly alone. When the hour is over the world will return to normal. This will continue until you meet the love of your life. Unfortunately there is a catch.  As soon as you recognize them as the love of your life they will join you in your hour of stillness. Only when they admit it to you and themselves that you both love each other will the curse break.

“My gift to you is fairly standard but will also make breaking the curse much more difficult. I give you the gift of perfection. You will be kind, loving, and beautiful. People will naturally be drawn to you. Those who don’t like you for who you are will be stuck on your beauty. That is how you will differentiate between fake and real friends.

“I’m sorry to do this to you, but your father must pay for his sins. Your mother will be given the daughter she always wanted. Good bye Alyssia.” Tianna stopped at the door and whispered “Good luck.”


The next morning Mrs. Turner started the book that the traveller had given her the night before. It told a story about a fairy in disguise stopping at a country home and seeking shelter. It continued with the wife stepping in and allowing the fairy to stay the night. The story ended with the fairy giving a curse and a gift to the baby of the family. When Mrs. Turner turned the next page she gave a small shriek. Written in gold was

The rest of the story is being written. Give Alyssia my luck. She will have much to deal with once she turns five years old. -Tianna

Until Alyssia was 5 she had a very normal wizarding childhood. She showed signs of magic when she was 4. Mrs. Turner had just made cookies and she wasn’t going to give any to Alyssia until after dinner. Alyssia wanted them now so she made a cookie float down from the countertop down to her level. 

Every night before Alyssia went to bed her parents read her the story of a fairy cursing a young child because of the rudeness of her parents. Alyssia’s favorite part was that the story continued to change and add pages every couple months. Little did she know that the story was a reflection of her life. 


The day of her 5th birthday Alyssia’s parents where hoping that the curse was not going to happen. They hoped that their baby had been good enough to not be stuck with an awful curse. 

At noon the world stopped moving and Alyssia was alone for an hour. She couldn’t figure out why her parents had stopped moving. Then she wondered why their family cat hadn’t moved or why it wasn’t playing with her. She ended up taking a nap.

When her hour of solitude was over her parents began to move around doing what they had been doing before. She asked her parents why they stayed still for so long. They both froze. 

Mrs Turner wailed “My poor baby!” Alyssia’s life would never be normal again.

They tried to make the most of her birthday but the mood was somber because they realized that their daughter would always live a cursed life. They didn't believe that she would be able to break the curse. 


Everyday at noon Alyssia’s world would freeze and she would be utterly alone. Her parents home schooled her until she turned 11. That’s when her world shifted upside-down. It was on her 11th birthday when she received a letter written in green ink.

"I never thought she would be accepted to Hogwarts because of her curse." whispered Mrs. Turner.

"Me either, but maybe this way she might finally break that curse so that we can have a normal daughter." replied Mr. Turner.

Things between the Turner's had been tense for the last couple of years because Mrs. Turner started to believe that her daughter lived a cursed life because of her husband. This made things awkward between the once loving couple.

For their daughter they put aside their frustrations for a single day and celebrated their daughters acceptance into the wizarding world. 

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