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Rumor Has It by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 4 : Consolation Prize
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Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

“I don’t feel bad.” I declared feisty as Malfoy dragged my now clean arm into a carriage.

“Just get in.”


I lasted about five minutes without saying anything, which was a feat considering I’d just punched my arch nemesis in the face. Finally once I saw the castle, I broke.


“She completely deserved it. Even you,” I started defensively, “should understand.”

Malfoy said nothing he just faced the opposite way.

I crossed my arms furiously. “I don’t even feel bad.”

Still nothing.

“Would you please for the love of Merlin talk to me?!”


He turned and I finally saw why he couldn’t look at me before. Scorpius Malfoy was laughing, apparently at me.



“…The look on her face.”


My face broke out into a wide smirk of pride and his laughter became contagious. For about five minutes we both were bent over crying with amusement. That stopped as soon as the school came into view. He was still going, but suddenly for me it wasn’t so funny. I could lose my badge. I could potentially loose the badge I’ve worked so hard for. Malfoy must have realized this too because he calmed down and took a deep breath.


“Who do you think he’ll put in my place?” I asked him in a quiet voice.

He shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“My parent’s are going to kill me…”

“They’ll get over it.”

I gave him a look. “You don’t know my mum. Sure my dad would understand but my mother’s sheer intensity of anger would force him to join her side.”


“When my mum was my age she didn’t even get to go back to Hogwarts. She’s going to be livid that I made it this far just to loose my position.”


He didn’t reply and I realized why instantly. I just talked to Malfoy. Like legitimately spoke to him about my own life and didn’t …insult him. I shook my head and looked away from him. I clearly was spending way too much time with him. Once we reached the castle he walked with me up to the Headmaster’s office.


“He’s not going to kick me out isn’t he?”

Maybe I looked as panicked as I felt because he stopped in front of the Gargoyles. “Weasley, you’ll be fine.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Your father did much worse things back when he was in Hogwarts and he got through it.”


We climbed up the stairs and he nodded at me as I walked in on my own. Professor Pulcer was standing by his desk reading a letter. His short wispy hair was curled slightly as he glanced up at me.


“Ah, Miss. Weasley. I was wondering when you would show up.”

I frowned guiltily. “Sir, I want to start by apologizing-”

“There’s no need Miss. Weasley. Mr. Malfoy sent a letter ahead of you.”

I stomach knotted up. “And what did it say?”

“That Ms. Levitt physically attacked you and you defended yourself.”

“Right,” I nodded anxiously, not hearing a word he said. “I’m so sorry it was just the last straw. I’ve tried ignoring her. I’ve tried talking to her and she just won’t leave me alone and you just can’t throw me out!”

“Miss. Weasley! I’m not throwing you out.” His face was slightly bemused. “You will of course serve detention but other than that I see no further reason to punish you for defending yourself.”

“Wait… wha-aat?”

“You may go Miss. Weasley.”

I blinked in confusion. “But…Let me get this straight…I punched her in the face and I’m not in trouble?”

“She attacked you first, you turned yourself in and I’ve been getting several reports that Ms. Levitt has been …”

I muttered, “A raging bitch…” under my breath.

“Bullying students,” He finished as if he didn’t hear me. “So therefore she will receive a weeks worth of detention. I do not tolerate bullying Ms. Weasley and I won’t punish you for defending yourself especially since it’s clear you have been trying to be the bigger person. Now off you go. I must go see Professor Longbottom about his Herbology field trip plans.”


We left the office and parted ways at the staircase. I pratically ran back to my dormitory where I found Hugo, Albus, Lily, Lauren and Kelly all waiting. Kelly got to me first.


“We heard what happened are you okay?”

Albus wanted to know, “Did he take away your badge?”

Whereas Lily said, “Dude I walked up just as you hit her! You should have seen her face! It was hysterical. If Malfoy didn’t drag you away –“

“Woah Woah Woah!” Hugo stopped everybody as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder amusedly. “Now, why don’t we let Rose speak?”

“Thank you!” I opened the door, invited them all in and explained everything.

Lily looked beyond proud. “You decked the ice bitch in the face and she get’s detention?!”


"I'm so writing uncle george! You know he always thought you had a Weasley streak in you somewhere!"

“Sometimes its painful how charmed your life is.” Lauren grinned.

Hugo laughed, “I know right?”



“But why did Malfoy help you?” Albus questioned suddenly from the opposite couch.

I shrugged, “I don’t know…He was there. He saw it happen.”

“So?” Albus’s face looked slight agitated. “Since when does he help you?”

“I’m sorry Albus, but it almost sounds as if you’re offended that he helped me.” I started snappily.

His thick eyebrows rose. “Well I am.”

“Al, you’re being ridiculous.” Lily snorted.

“No. I don’t think I am. Hugo back me up.”

Hugo rolled his eyes. “You’re on your own there cuz. I don’t see what’s wrong with Malfoy helping her.”

“Is everyone forgetting who he is?” Albus questioned around wildly. “Have you all just stopped thinking clearly?”

“Al. I really think you’re being ridiculous-“ Lily began steadily.

Albus interrupted his little sister swiftly. “Lily has he ever given you even an inclination that he’s not just like the rest of his family?”

“He doesn’t need to.” I started, my anger rising. “Sure he’s an asshole, but he’s still a tolerable person!”

My cousin looked appalled. “Rose. You can’t be serious!”

“Actually, I am.”


We looked at each other, each daring the other to back down. I didn’t. Hugo cleared his throat awkwardly. “Well I think we should go. Rose’s had a very eventful day.”


Hugo and Lily grabbed Albus and forced him out of the room while Lauren and Kelly trailed after them awkwardly. I sank back into the couch furiously. What the hell was Albus’s problem? Yes Malfoy was completely jackass sometimes, but Albus acted like he was the resurrection of Satan or something. I shook my head and dropped my neck back onto couch. Many things have changed but one thing remained…  My life is fucking ridiculous.


The next morning I climbed out of my bed and changed into a pair of loose jeans and my oversized Weasley sweater. Unlike my father, maroon is my favorite color; so he gave me all his Christmas wear. All the other times I might have to work to find a clean shirt to wear, but not in the winter months thanks to dear old dad. It was Sunday, which was in my opinion the best day of the weekend. On Sundays there were no Hogsmede trips, Quidditch practice or really any drama. Sundays were calm and peaceful. After the year I’ve had though, even Sunday’s were losing their steam.


I tucked my hair behind my ear and went to the window ledge. It was softly raining outside causing an almost rhythmic sound of water splashing against the window. Slumping down on the ledge I starred out the window to the grounds. My eyes floated over to the lake in remorse as old memories resurfaced. This whole situation was just completely messed up. I loved him, I didn’t cheat on him, and I was just trying to be honest. Why was I being continually punished for doing the right thing? We weren’t happy and it’s almost as if everyone is trying to make a point out of it. Like I should have still held onto him even though we weren’t happy or something.



Crossing my arms over my chest, I felt a certain unwavering bitterness creep over me. I hated this feeling of worthlessness. My whole life I’d always at least tried to treat others the way I’d like to be treated. I would never have let Aiden become a social pariah and let the whole school treat him like shit if the roles were reversed. Then again, I also wouldn’t have replaced my boyfriend within a week of our break up. I, unlike him, meant what I said in our relationship. I didn’t lie when I said I loved him. I didn’t lie when I said he was important to me. Clearly that opinion wasn’t mutual.


To him I was about as replaceable as toilet paper. He didn’t even try and help me up. What a fucking asshole.


I think what hurt the most was that the guy that stood there holding another girl’s hand as I was in mortal pain, a part of me still loved him. Not that version of him obviously but the him I first met. The guy that opened doors for me. The guy that shared his french fries with me. The guy was always there for me when it felt like no one else in the world was. The guy …that loved me.


I was so immersed in the past I didn’t notice Delilah knocking on my door until she walked in front of me. Her bright blonde hair was piled up on her head as she starred down at me.


“You okay?”

I nodded and forced my self up to my feet avoiding her face “Yeah…what’s up?”

“You said you’d help me with Charms….You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah.” I sighed, “Let’s go in the common room.”



We were almost all the way done with her homework when Delilah demanded a break. “Rose, can I ask you a question?”

I rolled over onto the floor. “Shoot.”

“Did you have sex with Aiden?”

“Why? Are you thinking of having sex?”

She rolled her eyes. “No. I’m just curious.”

“Yes. I did.”

Her face twisted in thought. “Do you regret that now?”

I let out a little whimper of annoyance and frowned thoughtfully. “…No.”

“Why not?”

I starred at the black carpet centimeters from my face. “Because, when we reached that point in our relationship I completely trusted him and was in love with him.”

“Oh…” She starred at me for a minute. “Can I ask you one more question?”

“Is it related to Charms?”

Delilah smiled innocently, “No.”

“Ugh…” I groaned but shrugged, “Fine, but after we need to get back to Charms soon.”

“What would you recommend I look for in a guy?”

That was the opposite of what I was expecting. So it took me longer than a minute to answer. “Um…well what you mean? Like personality? Morals? Looks?”

“All of it.” Delilah declared anxiously, “I’ve seen my sister date a lot of losers and I like her current boyfriend, but Lauren’s taste changes on her mood and …well you’ve always seem to have a good idea of what’s right.”

“I have?” My eyebrows rose in surprise. “I always feel like a hot mess…Well um what kind of man do you mean? Like what man should you go for practically?”

She shrugged. “Yeah.”

“Ugh…Okay well I guess personally for physically my only big requirement is that they have to be taller than me and since you are five foot ten I’m sure you agree. Um…I don’t know what else to say for physically because it’s mostly made up of personal preference. Like I hate guys who wear necklaces and bracelets, I think it’s extremely feminine but you might not-“

“Well then just tell me what your preferences.”

I pushed myself up to a sitting position pensively. “Um, well I hate when guys try and gel their hair…or when they have unnecessary facial hair. Scruff is fine on the right guy but it looks awful on most guys... I don’t know I have weird things I’m picky about looks wise... Personality wise I would like a guy that has his own opinion, a guy that would stand up for me, but also wouldn’t let me walk all over him. And also he has to have a good sense of humor. Other than that…”

“Okay…Now where do I find that guy?”

A loud snort sounded in my nose. “Yeah well for that you’ll need Kelly’s help. She’s the match maker….Go see her at lunch and she can set you up.”

“Thanks Rose.”

“Of course.”


We spent a few more minutes going over her charms homework and before I knew it I was ushering her out the door. It was funny. Delilah and Lauren looked just alike, they were both tall, willowy with suffer blonde hair but personality they were so different. Lauren loved her boyfriend but not…in a real way. Like she loves him, but she doesn’t fully trust him. Every time he might possibly be doing something remotely wrong she tenses up and investigates the problem. She rarely finds out anything of note but she also never takes it as a sign to trust him either. Delilah on the other hand is a hopeless romantic. I’ve caught her reading those sappy romance novels quite a few times and I’m happy that she’s not as bitter as her sister or as ridiculous as the people in those novels.


When I spun around though I was surprised to find Malfoy sitting at the bottom of the staircase. “Still here?” He asked dryly.

“Well I couldn’t leave you here all by yourself. How can you be all brooding and mysterious if they have no one to compare you to?”

“Rounds is in an hour. Are you sure you’re up for it?” His voice turned condescending naturally I know that given your emotional state you might go postal and murder Filch.”

I glared at him. “Well you might want to watch it because if you cross me I might take you out next.”

“I would love to see you try Weasley. What are you going to do bewitch me in a bat?”

“No,” I grinned at him forcibly, “I think I’ll turn you into a ferret, it fits you more.”



This could have gone on for hours as it normally did and would have ended with one of us making a below the belt comment but today it didn’t because there was a loud knock on the portrait hold interrupting our squabble.


“Are you expecting someone?!” I asked confusedly.


He shook his head and went to open the door. At the door there was a man that was the very picture of tall, dark and handsome, or as he was more commonly known as Logan. Malfoy crossed his lean arms superiorly. “Yes?"

“I’m looking for Rose.”

Now it was my turn to look surprised. “Me?

“I would like to speak to you …alone.”

Malfoy snorted. “No problem…”


Once Malfoy was gone I starred at Logan curiously. Though we were in the same year and even the same house we had never really a reason to speak that often. We ran with different circles. I was a hybrid of a jock nerd whereas he hung out with all the slackers. This made me beg the question why the hell was he looking for me?


“So…What’s up?” I drawled slowly.

“I’m going to be perfectly honest with you.”

“That’s a nice change.”

He smirked, revealing a cute smile in its wake. “Rachel paid me a visit today.”

“Oh god…What did she want?”

“She paid me to take you out-“

My jaw dropped in anger. “And you said yes?!”

“Yes…but not because of that!” He answered quickly, “I mean I just figured it would be nice to go out with you.”

“What?” I was completely taken aback. “Why?”

He let out a snort of a laugh. “Is that so surprising?”

“No but,” I cut myself off, “What is the deal with Rachel?”

“I just have to take you out and keep you away from Malfoy. So I figured we could use the money to splurge on a ridiculously expensive date and have some fun.”

I blinked up at him. “So we’d go a date or two…and she’d pay for it?”


“But why would you want to do this?”

Logan frowned. “She was pretty persistent and I figured it wouldn’t be to bad. So what do you say? Want to hang out with me?”



I couldn’t explain why, but I hesitated. Here was this great guy, who was called a hunk by many women, standing in my common room, asking me to go out with him at my arch nemesis expense. And something was holding me back. But what was stopping me? I thought about it and realized that absolutely nothing was standing in my way. Except me.



He flashed me a smile. “Well I will see you tomorrow.”

I nodded and watched as he walked out the door.



Sitting back on the couch I felt tears roll down my face. It didn’t make any sense but I’d never been unhappier. I didn’t want to date Logan even for just pretend. The whole thing felt so…forced. How did Aiden do it? Just throw himself into a relationship without any thoughts to his own heart?


My heart was so battered I doubted that given the chance I would fall for Logan. I wasn’t in the mood for some half-assed arrangement. It would just be better to be alone then to have to constantly put on a face to the world.


I laughed to myself and wiped my face. What was wrong with me? I was going on a date with one of Hogwarts most eligible bachelors and I’m crying because it doesn’t mean anything. There were people in third world countries who don’t have food, shelter or families. In the large scheme of things my life wasn’t nearly that bad at all. I just needed to get over myself. This wasn’t a big enough problem to get worked up over. Checking my watch I was surprised to see that it was almost time for rounds.



Changing into my uniform was a small ordeal. Somehow I think my body knew how comfortable I was in my muggle wear and used this, as an excuse to make my uniform not fit as well as it should. When I went downstairs I saw Malfoy waiting by the end of my staircase. He looked less put together than usual, which struck me as odd.


“What happened to you?”

His jaw went rigid. “Can we just get on with this?”

“Fine.” I raised my hands defensively.


We didn’t speak for a long time, which for us was a feet. Normally we bickered about something or another, but tonight Malfoy seemed to prefer brooding silently to insulting me. I didn’t really mind. This silence worked well with my melancholy mood. It gave me time to revel in my teenage angst. Years from now I’ll be sitting in my one bedroom, run down flat alone thinking of how good I had it now.


Malfoy eventually got tired of the quietness and gave me a sideways glare. “So what did that kid want?”

“That kid? Oh Logan, Rachel paid him to ask me out.”

A crinkle formed in his forehead as scrunched his face up in confusion. “Why?”

“To keep me away from you.”

“Oh fuck!” He groaned angrily.

I nodded with a smirk, “Yes. So he asked me out.”

“Wait a minute.” He spun around regally with his nose in the air. “You are meaning to tell me that he straight up tells you that he’s being paid to ask you out and you still said yes?”

“I know. I just figured it would be…I don’t know.” I admitted regretfully. “I honestly have no fucking clue what I’m doing anymore...” When I glanced up my jaw dropped. What was I doing?! I never tell anyone about my personal life let alone Malfoy.



“I mean,” I started feebly but he cut me off.

“That’s really pathetic that you can’t go a day without a boyfriend.” He told me bluntly.

My eyes narrowed dangerously. “I don’t need a boyfriend! I never have! He came to me and said, ‘Hey do you want to go out? I know it’s weird that she’s paying for it but think of how great it will be to spend her money and get to know each other.’ Which sounds pretty honest to me considering I have no other plans next weekend and why shouldn’t I go hang out with him?!”

“That’s an interesting spin on it.” He cackled vindictively.

Miserable rodent…” I muttered under my breath hatefully. “You just have to hate on everything don’t you?”

Malfoy’s gray eyes squinted down at me, “I don’t hate on everything. I just think you are acting like a whinny 14-year-old girl. ‘Oh poor me! I dumped my boyfriend and now he has the audacity to find someone else!’ It’s ridiculous. What did you expect him to do? Wait around on a white horse for the day you decide he’s worthy of you?”

“You self righteous son of a bitch!” I whispered furiously, “You have no idea what the hell you are talking about!

“Oh I don’t?”

My lip curled in anger. “No. You don’t.” I took a violent step from him so I was only a few inches away from him. “The only person you’ve ever been in love with is yourself! He was my best friend. I’ve been in love with him for two years. And for that entire time he told me that I was the only person he ever wanted to be with. He told me that if I died, if we broke up or if anything happened to us he would still be there for me and love me even if he couldn’t be with me.”

“All guys say that.”

“I know that.” I spat at him bitterly. “But when I said I loved him,” I stepped back emotionally, “I meant it.”

His perfectly structured face tilted at me. “Then why did you break up with him?”

“Because it wasn’t working and we were going in two different directions. I was trying to do the right thing. Obviously that backfired.”


I glowered at him, shook my head and started moving again. “I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

“Because I’m just so evil.” He drawled sarcastically.

“No, you have a heart you just have no idea how to use it.”


This astounded him, I could tell because as I continued on down the hall he didn’t follow me at first. Normally he would be right on my tail with a snappy retort ready to go. This time though he seemed to be unable to find a worthy response to what I said…yet.


He scoffed loudly, before falling into step with me. “What kind of insult is that?”

“It’s not an insult it’s the truth. You have it in you to be a good person all the time but you’re just trapped in the body of an asshole.”

“Are you insulting my family-?!”

I shook my head immediately, my thoughts processing slowly. “No it’s not their fault you’re this way. See you know what’s the right thing to do you just can’t seem to do it. You proved when you helped me up when no one else would and when you stood up for me at the meeting. You could be a good person, but you just can’t seem to commit to the idea.”

“Weasley.” He rolled his eyes dryly, “I think there is something wrong with you.


 Author Note:


Song in the summary and title is Consolation Prize By: Phoenix. THANK YOU FO READING! I really appreciate the reviews i've been getting it encourages me to write quicker and update more. PLEASE REVIEW!

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