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For The First Time by weasleytwins123
Chapter 6 : Naomi Smith
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"I have nothing to wear!" was the first thing that came from my mouth on the 31st of October. I threw myself onto my bed in frustration and screamed into the pillow.

"I'm not going!"

"Oh yes you are!" Alice instructed, pulling me up by the neck of my top roughly.

"No I'm not Alice! I have nothing decent to wear. I'll end up going looking like a troll and Robert will never ask me out again!"

"Anneliese Lynch! How dare you even consider throwing away an oppotunity like this?! This is Robert Darcy you have a date with for merlins sake!"

"Exactly" I moaned. "He's out of my league."

"No he's not! He asked you anyway" Bea spoke up from where she was pulling her jeans on beside her four-poster. It was the first thing she'd said all morning. "Would you like to borrow something of mine?"

"Ooh yay!" Alice clapped her hands together. She was a serious girly girl. Ever since she'd worn her pigtails on the train in first year it was obvious she was one of those insanely excitable and giggly girls. Surprisingly, I hated girls like that but I loved Alice to bits. "I'll do your hair and make up and Bea can style you!"

Bea shook her head at Alice's excitement but after pulling on her shoes wondered over to her clothes drawers and shuffled through them.

"Give me your hair" Alice instructed in a business like tone as she pulled my hair in her direction and plonked me on a chair in the middle of the dormitory in my underwear and a dressing gown. I'm not going to lie, I was slightly nervous of how well the girls would style me. I had to be perfect for Robert.


An hour later and I stood in front of the mirror surveying myself. I was more than pleased, the girls had done a brilliant job. Bea had dressed me in skinny jeans and cozy boots, a navy blue cami with a thick light pink cardigan, my favourite quilted jacket and a thick, long scarf to match. Not only was it stylish, but it was also practical for the cold weather.

Alice had also succeeded with my hair, she had made it thick, straight and long and it cascaded down my front and back nicely, swishing from side to side, the colour full and striking. She'd done my make up simply, as I usually do myself, a thin layer of foundation, a good coating of mascara, some touches of blusher and lipgloss, with some black eyeliner on the rims of my eyes to make the colour stand out well. I was impressed, I felt pretty, and almost good enough for Robert.

"You look wonderful" Alice squeaked, clapping her hands together as she slung my bag on my shoulder, pulling me down the stairs effortlessly. For someone who seemed thin and weak, Alice was seriously strong. I tugged and pulled at my outfit and hair as we made our way down the stairs and caught Bea's smile.

"There's no need to be nervous Lise. You look amazing and you're out of HIS league." I'd always found it strange how Alice appeared to be the better one when it came to feelings, but Bea always knew exactly what I was thinking.
"Thanks Bea" I squeezed her hand as we entered the common room and spotted the boys grouped beside the fire, waiting for us like usual. They turned their heads as Bea appeared beside Drew and simply stared right at me.

Freddy let out a low whistle. "You look good Lise."

"Sure it's not for me?" Drew winked at me and I shook my head at him with a smile dancing across my face. I could feel Alice's smugness radiating off her as she felt pride for making me pretty.

"Robert's a lucky boy" Nick nudged me and I smiled.

"Thanks guys."

"Breakfast anyone?" Freddy stood up and clasped his hands together. "Men like me need a good morning meal before a good days worth of action."

Bea rolled her eyes at Fred and punched him in the shoulder. "I thought you were spending the day with us?"

"Change of plan. I'll meet you at two in the Three Broomsticks after I've had my way with Chang."

"You're still on Chang?"

Fred grinned cheekily and shook his head at me. "I've had a few in between but Chang is something else."

"You're vile" Alice tutted as Drew laughed at her and slung an arm around her shoulders.

"Just because I'm not a one gal man! You ladies are cruel!" Fred mocked hurt and flashed a wink at the three of us girls.

"Yeah, don't go hating on my man Freddy" Drew shook his floppy blonde locks from his face as he looked down at Alice.

"I'll hate on you too. I think I'm scarred from finding you with that girl the other day" Alice snarled at Drew.

"Jealous baby?" Drew winked at Alice. Alice blushed and swatted him over the head.

I continued to stroll along in silence, turning to my thoughts and ignoring the constant banter between my friends.

"Thinking about Darcy?" James whispered into my ear. I rolled my eyes at his use of Robert's surname. It was as if they were feuding or something ridiculous like that.

"Why would I tell you?"

"You were?" he looked quite hurt and I giggled at him, shaking my head.

"I wasn't thinking about much really."

We continued walking down to the Great Hall in comfortable silence for a moment before James cleared his throat.

"You look beautiful by the way. Was it really all for Darcy?"

"Alice insisted. You know what she's like."

James dipped his head and licked his lips. I watched as he opened his mouth as if to say something before a girl came bounding over to James, her blonde hair hitting me in the face. I stared at her in shock as she wrapped an arm around James' middle and I observed her looks. Her hair was a bleached blonde, the roots clearly showing how unnatural her colour was and her eyes were sharp. She was slightly taller than me, with shoulder length curls and pale skin. She was very pretty (if you didn't mind missing out on all natural beauty) and extremely well dressed, but I had no clue who she was.

"Morning James" she giggled and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Hey Naomi" he smiled and turned to face me. "Sorry Lise, this is Naomi."

"Hi" she smiled prettily at me. "I'm in sixth year, Ravenclaw."

"Oh right. Sorry, I don't know you."

"Oh that's okay. I only know you because your friends with James!" she said it in a bright tone but I noticed the bitchy comment underneath, deciding to ignore it. James, having not been blessed with a girls understanding of bitchiness, had not noticed Naomi's harsh comment.

"Right. Its just James has never mentioned you before."

Naomi looked a bit affronted and I smirked slightly with satisfaction. Stupid sixth year, thinking she could get one over on me. Best friend- 1, annoying bitch- 0. James cleared his throat nervously.

"Well, I only met Naomi last week."

"He's lovely isn't he?" she commented to me, glancing at James with a sickening smile. This girl was so smarmy she made me want to vomit.

"Well, as in a best friend way he is."

"So you two are best friends?" Naomi's tone was slightly colder. What was this girls issue with me?

James nodded and grinned at me, ruffling my hair affectionately. "Since first year."

I grinned back at him and noticed how Naomi had a sour look on her face.

"Well I'll see you later James? I'm gonna go eat then find Robert."

James pulled a face at me as I spoke, my gaze switching from him as I noticed Naomi perking up, seeming interested in my trivial comment. She probably thought James and I secretly fucked like half the girls in school do.
James ran a hand through his hair as he frowned in my direction. "Sure you have to go out with Darcy?"

"Positive" I smiled at him and tucked my hair behind my ear, nodding in Naomi's direction. "Nice to meet you Naomi."

"You too" she replied brightly as she led James' hand to her waist.


"You look stunning" Robert smiled as he leant over to kiss my cheek in greeting. I blushed.

"You're looking good yourself."

He smiled, waving his hand in front of him to signal we get moving towards the small village. "How are you?"

"I'm great thanks! The house elves did pancakes for breakfast today" I smiled guiltily at him. "And you?"

"I'm good thanks. Just surprised. I'd never had you down as a pancake-loving girl."

"I love all things sweet."

"Me too" he glanced down at me and smiled in a sweet way. I blushed again. "Sorry, too smarmy?"

I shook my head and giggled. "No, it was kind of sweet actually."

"Well, I wasn't really going for sweet but as long as you can put up with my pathetic lines..."

"Trust me, I've dealt with much, much worse. Didnt you witness Zabini's chat up lines that were so terrible he had his arse kicked?"

"No I missed it actually. But I heard about them. Didn't he use the Chamber of Secrets one?"

"You know about that one?!" I gaped at him.

"Oh, every guy knows about it. In fact, every guy knows all the ones he used. It's just we leave them for the gits" Robert ruffled a hand through the front of his hair. He reminded me of James, except for the opposite way round.

"I will never understand boy logic."

"I'll never understand girl logic" Robert smiled down at me. I scoffed at him. "What?" he asked.

"Robert, you can hardly pretend you don't understand girls!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You knew exactly how to entice me into coming out with you!"

"Look, Lise if you've heard rumours..."

"Robert" I held up a hand and smiled. "I know you've had a few girlfriends and you're a bit of a charmer. I don't think badly of you for it. I mean, I've had a few boyfriends, so I can exactly be hypocritical or anything. I just meant that you understand how a girls mind works" Robert looked incredulously at me and I flashed him another smile. "That's a good thing by the way."

"I'm sorry for just... Well, it's just I've been out with girls before and they've just sort of..."

"Robert I'm not expecting anything. I'm happy you asked me out, but if you'd rather date another girl I wouldn't have a problem. I'll only ever be hurt if you string me along or cheat on me if we were a couple or something."

Robert raised his eyebrows at me and stopped in the middle of the track, just beside the entrance to Hogsmede.
"You really don't expect anything?"

I shook my head, my hair flying around the edge of my face with the sharp gust of wind that blew through the village.

"You're the most interesting girl I've ever met Anneliese Lynch."

"Thanks" I decided to take his comment as a compliment, I valued uniqueness. We began to walk again, strolling into the village and automatically heading towards Honeydukes. It was surprising how good a sweet shop appeared on a cold, blustery day. I spotted Drew, Nick, Alice and Bea through the steamy window and hesitated. "Robert?"

"Something wrong Lise?" he turned his face towards me. God, he had lovely eyes.

I swallowed. "Could you, uh, not mention the 'a few boyfriends' comment in front of the boys? In fact, in front of any Gryffindor's? It's just, the boys are already in protective mode because I'm out with you today, and I'd rather they didn't become even more unbearable."

Robert chuckled. "No problem. Ready for some chocolatey goodness?" he pulled me into Honeydukes in a state of desperation. Looked like he was in the mood for some delicious sweet treats too.


"Freddy, no! Don't go and-" I heard Bea's whispered shouts from behind Robert and I's booth and rolled my eyes as Freddy pulled up a chair to join Robert and I.

"Afternoon Lise, Robert" he stuck out his hand for Robert to shake. They shook hard, with a firm grasp, proving their manliness. As Fred pulled his hand from Robert's shake I could at least relax in that Robert had proved himself 'man enough'. "Sorry to interrupt but I like to play big brother for Lise here."

"Sorry Lise. I tried to stop him" Bea hurriedly sat down and unwound her scarf from her neck, looking hassled.

"Have you been babysitting all afternoon?" I pitied Bea being stuck with Fred. Fred understood my comment and stuck his tongue out at me.

"No" Bea shook her head. "Drew and Alice went to buy something or another and-"

"Nick practically ran away screaming to some Hufflepuff mate at the thought of being alone with Bea" Freddy chimed in.

Bea scowled at Fred. "No he didn't! Why would he do that? We're friends, we're obviously comfortable with one another."

"Because he can't handle your sexiness. I'm sure he's afraid he'll shag you if he spends any time alone with you" Fred smirked.

"Why? Has he said something?" Bea said, sounding concerned.

"About what? He just talks about you loads and stares at you. It's obvious he wants to get into your knickers."

"Or maybe" I threw a look at Fred. "He likes Bea rather than just wants to shag her."

Fred looked puzzled and I felt Robert smirk at him beside me. "I hadn't thought of that..."

"What are you two doing interrupting Lise and Robert's date?!" Alice exclaimed in horror to Freddy and Bea as she appeared beside our booth area.

"Alice, it's fine. I'm quite happy for you all to join us, if that's alright Lise?" Robert looked at me for conformation, slipping an arm around my waist. I shivered at his touch and attempted to pass it off as a hair flick.

"I don't mind you guys joining us at all" I smiled at my friends. Alice shot me a look as if to say 'dismiss us now and kiss Robert' but I tried to ignore her. I didn't think much of Alice's dating rule book. After all, it had never got her and Drew together and that was something that had to happen sometime soon. My friends pulled up a chair and we were sitting discussing Quidditch when James arrived.

He stalked over looking murderous when he noticed Robert and I snuggled up in the corner with the rest of James and I's friends. He dragged up a chair beside Drew and muttered a 'hey' before slumping in his chair, shooting Robert glares. Robert had noticed but was trying to ignore him. One more reason to fancy Robert, he was mature.

"Sorry everyone, I was just using the bathroom" a sickening voice announced as she placed herself on James' lap.

Annoyingly, he looked quite glad to see his date. Stupid Naomi Smith. Or 'Bitch with the fake blonde hair' as I had kindly christened her when I told Bea and Alice about her. They didn't seem to thrilled to see her either. From what Alice had heard about her around school, Naomi sounded like a complete bitch. And Bea disliked her because she detests fake blonde hair. She says it makes her want to vomit. She was looking slightly green as she surveyed Naomi now actually.

"Oh, hi Lise!" Naomi squeaked at me. "I didn't know you were going out with Robert Darcy!"

"Oh, we're not going out" I cleared my throat in embarrassment as I felt Robert frown beside me.

"Oh, well, I suppose that's good. After all, Robert, you only broke up with Sapphire Cleveland, the Hufflepuff in my year, a month ago. Weren't you with her for nearly seven months?"

"Um... yeah" Robert shifted anxiously in his seat. Naomi was such a bitch, purposely making awkward situations to spoil my date with Robert and cause trouble with the boys.

"Aren't you the girl who used to fuck Matt Grayson in the library last year?" Bea snarled at Naomi. Naomi blushed and shook her fringe out of her face.

"That was stupid rumours."

"Funny that, seeing as I actually saw you and him at it one day. In the History of Magic session?" Bea prompted, feigning innocence. Everyone was smirking now, except for James who looked pissed off. Thankfully he'd stopped glaring at Robert, but instead of being angry at Bea he was throwing me dirty looks.

"Well, that was last year" Naomi said haughtily. "I've grown up over the summer. And now I spend my time with James."

"Wouldn't be surprised if James shagged you in the library as well" Fred snorted and we all laughed loudly. Naomi attempted to be amused, but you could tell she was fuming inside.

"Stop it guys" James warned, and I watched with strange anger as he wrapped his arm tighter around Naomi, slipping his hand onto her ass. In public. And she let him. Alice noticed this with raised eyebrows and mouthed 'slut' to me, nodding her head towards Naomi. I sniggered and Robert looked down at me in amusement.

"Can we get going Robert?" I pulled my scarf and jacket back on as I turned to face my date. "I've got some things to pick up and um... yeah. Sorry guys, I'll see you later?" I pulled some money from my pockets as my friends wished my goodbye and Robert placed his hand over mine, shaking his head.

"My treat" he told me and I blushed as he slipped his hand around mine. "Nice chatting with you guys" he grinned at my friends and they all waved at him in a friendly manner, except for James who just glared. I blamed Naomi.

"So... what do you need to get?" Robert squeezed my hand as the cold embraced our bodies as we stepped outside of the pub.

"Oh nothing" I smiled guiltily up at Robert. "I just needed to get out of there."

"I understand, that Naomi is a bit of a hand full isn't she?"

I nodded my head and grimaced. "I don't get what James sees in her. She's foul! At least, definitely in personality."

"To me, she is in looks too. I'm not one to enjoy a girl with a fake look."

I wanted to kiss Robert there and then, he was so damn lovely and perfect! However, instead of snogging him, I simply blushed and squeezed his hand.

"At least some boys are see sense" I muttered and he chuckled and shook his head at me.

"I'm sure James will in time. Fancy heading back to the castle then?"

"I'd love to" I sighed as I pulled my clothes tighter to my body due to the chill.

"We could do something up at the castle if you'd like... You don't have to but-"

"I'd love to. After all, I promised you my whole days worth of attention!"

He stopped and turned to me as the wind slowed slightly and pulled me close to him. "You're really special Lise."

"In a good way?" I murmured nervously, my eyes on his lips as he leant closer.

"Definatly" he smiled before slipping his hand onto my cheek. Slowly, looking me in the eye to make sure I wanted this, he brought his lips to mine. I sighed into the kiss almost immediately, enjoying the feeling of Robert's soft, skilful lips on my own. His other hand moved to my hip, tracing patterns on the skin along the bone as he deepened the kiss. My hands linked around his neck, my fingers burying into the soft hair as I shivered in his grasp, his tongue lightly tracing my lower lip. Pulling myself closer to him, I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to play with mine before we broke apart slowly. I blinked and watched his adam's apple bob in his throat as he swallowed. His warm palm shifted to my chin as he titled my face up to meet his gaze.

"Was that... was that okay?"

I smiled and touched his lips to mine softly. "It was lovely."

"Could we do this again?"

"The date or the kissing?" I giggled.

"Both" he murmured as he moved his lips back to mine. I closed my eyes and concentrated all my thoughts on Robert's skilled kiss.


"James!" I called along the corridor as I chased after him. My bag hung from my shoulder as I pushed through the crowds of first years. "James!" To my anger, my raven-headed best friend continued to ignore me as he strode down the corridor. Luckily though, James was stopped in the corridor just around the corner by Drew, who wanted to give James a message.

"Mate she said she was desperate or something" Drew winked. "She's gagging for it!" was what I heard as I pulled up beside the boys. I rolled my eyes, no doubt they were chatting about our resident slut of the moment, Naomi Smith.

"Oh, hey Lise" Drew waved at me and James flinched, shuffling away slightly before I grabbed onto his arm and yanked him towards me.

"Oh no, I want to talk to you Potter!"

"I'll leave you two to it" Drew grinned at James, who was looking frustrated. I yanked on James arm and he allowed me to drag him into an empty classroom.

"Explain" I snapped as I stood in front of him, my arms crossed, a defiant look upon my face.

"Explain what exactly?" James sighed in annoyance, huffing as he leant back against the wall of the classroom and pushed his sleeves back up the crook of his elbows.

"Why you've been avoiding me!"

"I haven't been avoiding you!"

"This is the first time we've talked to one another in full sentences for two weeks!"

"Because you've been spending all of your bloody time with Darcy!"

"What?" I stepped back, furrowing my eyebrows. I watched as James ran a hand through his hair, frowning.

"I dunno I-"

"James, I've spent more time trying to get you to talk to me than I have with Robert recently."

"Bet he's not too happy with that" James spat in a teasing manner, but in a tone that was so sarcastic I was surprised. This wasn't the James I knew, he didn't ever behave like this. If he had a problem, we talked about it, he told me everything. I told him everything. It was how we worked.

"James... I.. I don't understand what your problem is..."

"You have a boyfriend!" he threw his arms up in the air in frustration and stared me down.

"W-what... What did you say?" I spluttered.

"Darcy? Isn't he your boyfriend?"

I laughed sarcastically. "No! James, if he was my boyfriend I would have told you!"

"But... Then what's going on with you two?" he took a step towards me.

"I dunno" I shrugged. "I told him I don't expect anything!"

"But I saw you kissing in Hogsmede!"

"It didn't mean that we got together! It just... well, I don't know what it meant. I was sort of hoping you'd help me with that. See how much I need you James? That's why as my best friend you can't just go and ignore me!"

"Lise... I'm sorry, I-"

"Shut up and just give me one of your hugs" I stepped forward and ruffled his hair before crashing into his open arms and closing my eyes. I leant my head on his chest and concentrated on his breathing. In, out, in, out.

"I'm really sorry Lise. I've missed you loads" James murmured into the top of my head.

"Why did you do it?"

"I dunno. I was pretty hurt I guess..."

"You're an idiot James Sirius."

"I know. A really sorry idiot..."

"Don't worry. You're forgiven" I smiled up at him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He exhaled harshly and bit his lip.

"Good. Because I kind of have something to tell you..."

"I'm not going to like this am I?" I asked as I stepped back from James' embrace and crossed my arms.

"I don't think you'll mind in the long run but... Well, considering the reason I ignored you recently you might... well..."

"James, just spit it out. I hate suspense I you know that" I tapped my foot impatiently, frowning at him.

James took a deep breath to steady himself and looked right into my eyes as he spoke, the words rolling of his tongue and then cruelly stabbing me in the chest.

"Naomi Smith is my girlfriend."

AN - to celebrate my first cliffhanger, here's my first authors note! Hope you readers are enjoying the story, please review with whatever your thoughts were, it would be greatly appreciated. I would like a banner for this story but TDA dont seem to be open for requets or something, I'm not sure, so anyone with advice or can help in any othe way, please let me know I'm desperate! Thanks again! X

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