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Reality Bites by Fallen Angel_21
Chapter 3 : The New Hermione
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 *Everyone’s point of view*


“So Pans when did Mione say she was going to be here?” Daphne asked as they walked down the stairs leading to the dungeons.


“She should be waiting for us out side the portraight hole we haven’t told her the password yet.” Pansy said as they heard commotion coming from the entrance hall. Pansy being a prefect turned around and walked back up the stairs. Lying on the floor by the stairs to the dungeons was a barely conscious Hermione.


“HERMIONE!!!!!!” Pansy, Daphne, and Astoria yelled at he same time running over to their friend and Honorary Slytherin.


“Pans, get me to the dungeons they said they would be back with more people.” Hermione said very weakly before Pansy and Astoria hoisted her up by they arms. Daphne ran ahead of them as fast as she would allow as not to lose them. They reached to portraight hole and Daphne yelled out the password. Running into the common room Hermione could barely hear what was going on. Then she herd the boys she came to love voices raised in rage. 


“Mione, we’re here we’re going to lay you down on the couch.” Pansy said as Her and Astoria layed her down as she screamed in agronomy when they had a hold of her ribcage. 


“Mione, who did this to you?” Draco asked as he knelt in front of her and the other boys were leaning on the back of the couch. All of them angry and ready to kill.


“It was Lavender, the Patil Twins, and a bunch of other girls. What doesn’t  sit right with me is that Harry, Ron, and Ginny were standing there watching it. I mean they were my friends for 6 years and now I dump Ron cause he cheated and now they all hate me.” Hermione said finally able to open her eyes.


Draco looked at her eyes and noticed one was swollen and blood shot. “that’s going to bruise. Your going to have a pretty good black eye. Come on if you can sit up I want to have a good look at the rest of you. The way you cried it makes me believe you could have a few broken or cracked ribs.” Draco said as all the boys gently helped Hermione into a sitting position her face screwed up in agony. Let’s get the robe off. Gently.” Draco continued as he unbuttoned the clasp on her Gryffindor outer robe. “Ok before I undo her shirt I want every other male Slytherin to avert their eyes. Blaise, Theo I’ll need your guys help.” As Draco said this all the other Slytherin males turned their heads and did not attempt to look. Draco began to undress Hermione taking her outer robe off with the help of Blaise and Theo. While the girls went to get new clothes and cloths to clean up her cuts. 


“We have a problem here Mione.” Draco said a little worried.


“What’s that Draco?” Hermione asked in a little stronger voice, but still laced with pain.


“You’re wearing a sweater. We have to either cut it from you or hurt you more by taking it off over your head.” Draco said as he watched Hermione reaction.


“cut it off from me.” Hermione said as she cringed in more pain as she tried to lift her arms over her head.


“Mate I think some of her ribs are broken. She can’t even lift her arms.” Theo said as he grabbed his wand and started to tear the seams of Hermione’s sweater.


“I am going to find the basterds and kill them all.” Draco said as he was shaking with anger.


“Hey if it’s girls leave them to us. Remember we are Slytherins and we know how to fight.” Pansy said as she walked back into the Common Room and Handed Draco a cloths and a basin full of hot water. Pansy set out to help Draco clean Hermione’s wounds as Theo and Blaise cut off Hermione’s sweater. 


‘No killing, just seriously injure. When I’m all healed I’m going to help you.” Hermione said as she carefully stood up so Theo and Blasé could get her sweater off her.


Draco looked over to Theo and Blaise to make sure their eyes were not staring at Hermione and began to unbutton her white blouse as well as her pants. Hermione was down to just her knickers and bra feeling very self conscious. Draco looked ever Hermione’s body and seeing the extent of her wounds determined he couldn’t fix them.  Feeling helpless he didn’t know what to do and the only thought that came to mind was going to Madam Pomphry.


“You need to go to the Hospital wing, I can’t fix these.” Draco said to Hermione as Astoria handed her one of her robes.


“No, she will ask questions, and I can’t tell her it was my old friends.” Hermione wined as she tied to robe closed.


“Then make something up.” Crabbe said as he turned back around.


“Like what? I fell down the stairs. She won’t believe that. She knows I’m not clumsy.” Hermione said as she slowly sat down on the couch.


“We will think of something on our way there. You are going there could be a lot more wrong that I can’t see.” Draco said as he grabbed her hands, the only place that wasn’t riddled with bruises and cuts.


“Oh, fine. Hermione said as she was brought to a standing position again. 


Hermione with the help of Draco and Blaise followed by Pansy, Millicent, Astoria, Theo, Crabbe, and Goyle all made their way to the hospital wing in the midst of the crowded corridors. On the way the group ran into the people they were trying to avoid. Harry, Ron, and Ginny stood in the groups way as they tried not to stop. Ron was they only one glaring. Ginny looked ready to cry and Harry just looked impassive.


“Weasley’s, Potter get out of our way.” Pansy said as she walked in front of Hermione Draco and Blaise.


“What are you going to do if we don’t?” Ron sneered glaring at the group.


“Weasley the only thing stopping me from pulverizing you is this woman in my arms.” Draco said with so much hate and anger.


“Then let her go and fall to the ground were the traitor belongs.” Ron said with hate glaring at Hermione with disgust.


Pansy growled and started to lurch forward if it wasn’t for Hermione’s week voise saying “Pans, he is so not worth your breath and flying fists. He is going to get what’s coming to him in the future. Hopefully the near future. All of them are. Every single last Gryffindor that took that lying cheating losers side rather than mine.” 


Harry and Ginny moved to the side in defeat knowing this was true, but Ron just glared harder and stayed were he was. Seamus sensing the on coming fight grabbed a hold of Ron and hauled him out of the way. “Not yet mate. Not yet.” Seamus said


The group slowly moved by Harry, Ron, and Ginny at the same time Ron made a comment “ This isn’t over, it’s far form over.”


“You’re damn right it’s far from over.” Hermione growled as best she could with the pain she was in. The group made it slowly to the Hospital wing were Madam Pomphry came hurrying towards them with a concerned look.


“Goodness child what happened to you?” she asked as she opened Hermione’s robe and looked at the extent of her wounds. “it only appears that you have one or two ribs broken, no internal bleeding, that’s a good sign. You do however have a lot of bumps and bruises. That shouldn’t take any time to heal at all. You will be out of here in less than 20 minutes. Now child who did this to you. I know it was a person just by how the wounds look.” 


Hermione didn’t answer and Madam Pomphry took this as a “I’m not telling you” sign and fixed her up. Just after she sent her on her way Madam Pomphry flood to Dumbledore’s office


“Poppy to what do I owe the pleasure?’ The bright old man asked looking up from his desk.


“Miss. Granger just gave me a disturbing visit.” Poppy said as she took the seat across from his desk.


“what do you mean Poppy.” Dumbledore asked in concern for his smartest student.


“Miss. Granger was brought into my Infirmary not even an hour ago supported by both Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Zabini.” she said as Dumbledore’s eye brows raised farther up his forehead. “she was beaten.”


“Oh dear, by who?” Dumbledore questioned worriedly.


“She wouldn’t say Albus. I assume it’s either one or more students or a Professor. Also her friendships in the Gryffindor house has disintegrated. I do believe she is in danger in the house and should be moved to a different house for safety.” She advised the Head Master.


“Yes I believe she needs to be moved immediately. How about at dinner tonight. I will also question all the professors as well as the entire Gryffindor house. I think it will be best to place her in with her new friends.” Dumbledore said as he began the process for house transfer, which is a long magical process.






Dinner rolled around and with it anxiety for Hermione. She was scared to death to go and sit at her house table and her Slytherin friends knew it.


“Mi if you feel more comfortable you can sit with us.” Pansy said as they walked into the entrance hall.


“Yea, I would love that you guys.” Hermione said as they walked up to the Great Hall doors. Draco opened the doors and the group walked into the Great Hall as one and towards the Slytherin clad table. They walked to the middle of the table were it was empty and waiting. Sitting down they began talking waiting for dinner to begin. 


Dumbledore stood up and walked to the Eagle Podium and the students quieted  wondering if there was going to be a speech before dinner.


“It has been brought to my attention that one of my students was viciously attacked today. I am not happy in the least and asking if anyone knew anything about this?” Dumbledore asked the quiet hall looking around. No one raised their hand and the head master sighed. “For her safety me and the other teachers as well as the school board his come to the agreement that this student should be switched to another house for their own safety. But before I do that and tell you who the student was Poppy can you tell the students what kind of  condition this student was brought to you in.”


Madam Pomphry came out of the shadows and walked up to the front next to the headmaster. “ The student in question was brought to me half conscious supported by two of their friends. They had three broken ribs. Many internal injuries. Something like and hand or something else was compressed around their neck. Many cuts. A sprained wrist and fractured ankle. Thankfully there was no head trauma.” the nurse said into the stunned faces of the silent crowed.


“Now for this students own safety from who ever beat them, which was one or more of you. Yes I know it was another student I have already questioned all my staff with Veritiserum. I have no choice but to move this student to a different house. Will Hermione Granger please come up to the front of the room?’ Dumbledore asked as everyone looked around for Hermione as she rose from the Slytherin table and made her way to the front of the room. Standing next to the headmaster Hermione faces the front of the room. “Now Miss. Granger, I have talked to everyone that needs to be talked to and they all agree with me of my choice to move you form Gryffindor away from your old friends who we believe were the cause of the beating you took. Unfortunately we have no proof and are not able to give punishment as you are unwilling to tell us or show us who did this. So if you please will remove your Gryffindor robe sweater and tie. I will present you with your new house colors.” Hermione removed the articles of clothing and took the green and silver tie the green and silver sweater and the green house robe with the snake emblem. “ Miss Granger is now a member of the Slytherin house. She will be eating with the Slytherins, and attending classes with the Slytherins. Here is your new class schedule so if you will please take your seat at your knew house table I will begin the feast.”






Hermione, Draco, Pansy, and Blaise were walking down the hall in their quest to get to the Great Hall for dinner a week before they were to leave fro Christmas break. “Hermione?” came a small feminine voice from behind the group. The group continued walking pretending they didn’t hear anything. “Hermione please?” the small voice that was Ginny tried again.


Hermione spun around so fast she had wobbled for a bit and shook her head to get her bearing “Are you Terminal?” Hermione asked angrily glaring at the pitit redhead.


“No, why?” Ginny asked confused.



“You haven’t talked to me since I so publicly dumped your brother, but it’s good to knolw you’re not dying.” Hermione said before she continued to walk to the great hall with her friends.


“It wasn’t my fault.” Ginny called in a choked voice.


“Yea, and it wasn’t my fault your brother is a cheating bastard because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.” Hermione yelled turning around glaring daggers at a Crying Ginny “It wasn’t my fault he ran into the open legs of the biggest slut in Hogwarts history. None of it’s my fault, NOTHING. I tried to save the friendship’s I had for 6 year. 6 FUCKING YEARS GINNY. I got beat up while my supposed friends stood on the sidelines and watched. ALL OF YOU HAD AMPLE TIME TO TRY AND SAVE THIS FRIENDSHIP LIKE I DID. BUT YOU DIDN’T. YOU LET IT FALL APART ALL BECAUSE YOUR BROTHER WAS A STUPID SLUT AND CHEATED ON ME. THAT’S ALL YOUR GUY’S FAULT. I‘m done I give up.” Hermione got gradually louder until she was screaming in the silent hall as everyone watched the always cool calm and collected Hermione fall apart.



“I’m sorry.” Ginny said in hysterics.

“Save it for someone who gives a fuck, because that is not me anymore.” Hermione said in a watery voice angry tiers running down her cheeks.

“Why don’t you and your pack of snakes leave my sister alone.” came the angry voice of Ron Weasley.


“She stopped us. She wouldn’t leave us alone. Now you’re making us late.” Pansy glared angrily towards Ron and Ginny.


“Hermione.” came Ginny’s choked voice again as the group started for the great hall again. “Hermione please.”


“What Ginny? What could you possibly say to me to forgive you. Yea sure you were there for me when I was at your house, but NOT when we got back here, you just like Harry and everyone else stopped talking to me and started giving me the cold shoulder.” Hermione said turning back around.


“That’s because you started hanging out with scum like that.” Ron sneered stepping up next to Ginny.


“That was long before I became friends with them. Do not blame this on me.” Hermione almost yelled.


“Who the hell am I supposed to blame it on?” Ron yelled.


“Look in the mirror. You’re the one that couldn’t keep it in your pants, or for me for that matter.” Hermione retorted.




“Are you really going to take her side over mine?” Ron asked at his sisters outburst.


“Yes I am., because for some ungodly reason I’m mad at her for shit you did.” Ginny said in a calm but deadly voice.


“Gin, she is friends with Death Eater scum.” Ron said recovering form his shock.


“We don’t know what they are. They were there for her when we weren’t. we have no reason to hate her, but she has every reason to hate us. Now whether you like it or not I’m going to try and save what’s left of this 5 year friendship that you ruined.” Ginny stated defiantly.


“Ron, Ginny is right man. We have absolutely no reason to be mad at her, and neither do you.” Harry said reasonably to Ron.


“She turned her back on me, on us. I have every right to be pissed at her and so do you. Now you’re turning your backs on me just like her.” Ron accused irritably.


“no that is not what we are doing. We’re trying to get our friend back.” Harry tried to reason.


“ yes you are. Yes you are she turned her back on us. She does not deserve our friendship.” Ron said his face clashing with his hair.


While Harry, Ron and Ginny fought amongst each other. Hermione, Draco, Pansy, and Blaise turned on their heals and finished their journey to the Great Hall. As they reached the end of the hall Hermione’s name was being called over and over again causing her anger to turn into sorrow and making her break down. They continued to walk to the Great Hall with Draco’s arm around Hermione as she silently cried into his chest.


“This shit with them needs to stop. Just when her smile reaches her eyes they come running along to destroy her again.” Draco said angry at the entire Gryffindor house.


“Totally agreed. I think we need to take a journey and put them bastards in their place.”  Blaise said as the group sat down at their house table.

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