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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 11 : Three Encounters
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The rain crashed down on the quidditch pitch and soaked Rose through as she walked across it. She had just had to end practise early because even for quidditch the current stormy weather was dangerous but she had unfortunately forgotten to bring in the practise equipment at the end so now she was walking across the pitch to the hoops because she was too tired to run. After holding tryouts and then a two hour evening practise her bed was most defiantly calling her but after a long hot shower.

She found the trunk but she had stupidly left her wand back in the lockers so she had to carry the heavy box back. When she turned around she saw a figure running across the pitch towards her.

“Rose” he said gasping for breath “I saw that you didn’t get the trunk so I came to get it”

“Got it now” she answered indicating to the box

“Let me help you?” he added before taking a step closer so only the box stood between them

“Its fine” Rose said looking up to his sincere golden eyes

“No” he shook his head walking closer, but in stead of taking the box he put his arms around her torso so that the trunk was tightly wedged between their bodies. He looked down at her hazel eyes and she looked up at his golden ones. But after that strange moment his arms left her torso and his hands gently embraced her face before his lips came crashing down on hers. He could feel the softness of her skin and taste a subtle hint of strawberries as she smelt the strong sent of his cologne.


Rose opened her eyes after the spontaneous moment ended and loudly swearing came from the person opposite her. At first she was confused at what had happened but then she saw that he was clutching his foot and then she saw the large box on the ground next to it.

“Merlin, I’m sorry” she pleaded whilst turning red.

“Its fine, just a surprise how heavy those are”

Unsure at what else to do or say and remembering the current climate situations she quickly picked up the trunk mumbled another “sorry” before speeding back to the changing rooms.


The Hogwarts Halloween feast was buzzing as everyone tucked into the feast and chatter and laughter exploded from the hall. Hagrid had truly done himself proud with his pumpkins this year, the massive orange fruits were all around the hall, caved with some really terrifying faces and the elves had once again put on a spectacular feast which everyone was enjoying.

But out under a lonely sycamore tree next to the lake, Rose sat alone. She did it every year just sat by the same tree watching the lake. She would never be able to bring herself to join in the Halloween celebrations where people would now be rejoicing the seven years since Voldemort downfall, because how ever much she thought about it, about how they had died helping to bring down one of the darkest wizard of all time, she couldn’t shake the fact that she would of preferred them alive. It was hard for her that there were people in that hall celebrating right now yet they had lost nothing just stayed out of the war and it had to be her family that was torn apart, it was her parents she would never see again and her little brother who she hadn’t seen in seven years. He would be eight now but the last image she had of him was of a one year old baby.

She felt a stray tear fall down her cheek which she swiftly wiped away. She wouldn’t cry she knew that because after all these years one of the first things she found out was that crying wouldn’t help, it couldn’t bring them back.


She turned to see him approach her and sit next to her.

“You didn’t fancy the feast then?” he asked

“No” she answered as her concentration return to the lake

“You never do? You do realise you have never gone to the Halloween feast?” he inquired

“You noticed?” she gave a small chuckle and turned to look at him.

“Of course I’ve noticed” and this time it was him who turned to look at the lake in front of them.

“Thanks I think” she said still looking at him whilst he looked back at her and smiled.

“So you never said, why have you never gone to a Halloween feast?”

“It’s difficult” she murmured and started to fumbled with the locket on her necklace, moving her index finger over the delicately engraved ‘R’ on it.

After he sensed that whatever it was that was troubling her was difficult, he watch her play with her locket and then put his arm round her pulling her closer to his chest for support when he saw the water in her eyes.

“It’s a hard day for me that’s all” she answered against his warm muscular chest.
“31st October” he said

“yeah” she nodded shutting her eyes as his warmth was so comforting she started to rest against it.

“I’ll always be here if you need me, you know that don’t you” he clarified

“Thank you” she quietly mumbled into his chest.

She drifted of into a slumber in his secure arms and for that moment forgot about her worries and the bad memories the 31st October brought.


“Tonks has got the quaffle who makes a quick pass to Captain Rose Evans who dives past Greys bludger and makes a quick pace back to Tonks who… YES! Pockets another goal right under Knights nose. What a spectacular pair they make which brings the score to 70:10 to Gryffindor” the commentator David Rawlings shouted into the megaphone

The match was going well and Rose knew that if they won this against the snakes they would be in lead for both the Quidditch cup and the House Cup. She looked around and saw the red hair of the seeker and gave him a nod before zooming of on her broom again.

She could hear chants of the crowd around her and she flew around but twenty minutes later slytherin had got another forty points bring it to 70:50. She knew they would be their hardest competition they were a well trained team. But she had confidence in her team and was counting on her seeker to get that snitch soon.

The commentator started to shout through the megaphone again “Weasley must have spotted something because he’s gone flying off and I think Bletchley spotted it to because he’s on his tail. Wealsey still ahead showing everybody how it’s done. Getting close to the ground now, Merlin if he doesn’t turn up soon he’d going to crash! WEASLEYS NEARLY THERE BLETCHLEY STILL TRYING TO CATCH UP AND CLOSER.”


They had done it! She flew down to where the rest of the team was. His golden eyes met her hazel eyes and then his lips met hers as Rose Evans and Charlie Weasley kissed in the middle of the quidditch pitch again.

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