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Tigress by AlexRedden
Chapter 4 : Love Advice?
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 A/N: Edited and new text added 1/25/2011

Shout out to xxDobbyx for being my first reviewer!!!! Sorry this is so late! I hope you're still reading :)


As we entered the classroom McGonagall paused her speech about NEWTs and motioned us to sit at our desks after we gave her our pass.


“Now, as I was saying, NEWTs are the most important tests you will take in school, and this year and next year will be the hardest years you will face. You will have to work extremely hard this year.”


Yawn. This is sooo boring.


No, this does NOT mean I am a slacker.


Hey guys. I wrote.


Is it just me or is this boring? Asked Nix.


Well, this could be important, wrote Alex.


Come on, Lex. Even I know we already know NEWTs are important, wrote Rosie.


If she doesn’t stop talking in the next minute, I think a prank is in order, I wrote.


The girls nodded.


McGonagall finally said, “So, today, we will begin studying human transfiguration. This is the most difficult form of transfiguration, and we will begin with facial features.”


She explained everything and sent us off to work.


The girls and I already knew everything, so we began transfiguring random aspects of each other.


Then, my brother, Scorpius, and their friends walked over.


“What,” snapped Nix.

 “Chill, girl,” drawled Apollo. “We come in peace.”


“So? What do you want?” I asked.


Potter who was staring at the floor (random much?) looked up when Drew nudged him.


“oh, uh, we were wondering if you guys would be able to um, you know, undo this?” he asked, gesturing to the prank.


The girls and I exchanged looks; did they know?


“What makes you think we would be able to if McGonagall wasn’t?” asked Lex finally.


“Oh, right…” said Drew.

“And even if we could, why would we?” asked Nix.


That was rhetorical dumbchuck!


“Well,” said Potter. “I just wanted to say I’m moving up Quidditch practices. They start on Friday at 5:30 pm.”


“Whatever Potter.” I scowled.


Drew and Potter returned to their desks, as did Scorp, after giving me a wave. Apollo stayed.


“Dani, can I talk to you for a minute?” asked Apollo.


“’Sup Pollo?” I asked.

Yes, I call him Pol or Pollo. So what?


He smiled slightly and motioned me over. “Why are you dressed so… girly?” he finally asked.


“Rosie and Lex finally got to me. They used a Body-Bind Curse! Can you believe that?”


“And they did the same to Johnson?” he asked, seemingly indifferently.

But I could tell he cared, I am his twin, after all.

“Why, do you like the new look?” I teased.

“Um, pshhh… no!” he sputtered, turning red.


“You do like her!” I whisper yelled.


I glared at him.


“Ok, maybe a little.”


I grinned, “Finally! One of you two realize it!”

He scowled, “Well, what about you and Al?”

I stared at him, flummoxed. Haha... Flummoxed. Such a funny word... Flummoxed. FlummoxedFlummoxedFlummoxedFlummoxed- "Dani, why are you saying flummoxed over and over again?"


Ok, so maybe that wasn't in my head.


As I was saying, “What about me and Potter?”

“It’s obvious you two like each other!”


I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. “Are you kidding? That’s disgusting! I wouldn’t date him if it was a choice between him and the Giant Squid!”


He frowned, “well, what should I do?”

I thought for a minute, “Try to be nicer to her. Stop being so jerky and be your normal self, not the stupid player jerk Apollo you normally are at school.”

“Kay. Thanks Dani. You’re the best.”


“I know.”

“Shut up.”


I flipped him off and he left back to his friends. I saw him talking with Potter, who looked kinda depressed. Whatever. I don't normally notice Potter this much. REALLY!!!!

McGonagall walked up to us, “Girls, let me see you preform the spell.”


Nix turned Lex’s hair blonde, gave her a pig nose, and made her eyes blue.

Lex turned Rosie’s hair green, gave her purple eyebrows, and a large nose.


Rosie turned my hair and eyes red, and gave me a beard.


I gave Nix fuchsia hair and white eyes, turned her skin black, and gave her a really big red mouth. Then I turned her nose into a clown nose.


McGonagall pursed her lips, but they twitched upward in a hint of a smile, “very good girls. And I see that you can do it nonverbally as well. You are excused from tonight’s homework.”

Yes! No homework from McG!


No, Adonis. Just ‘cause I don’t want homework does not mean I am a slacker.

Anyways, the rest of the day was pretty boring; surprisingly enough, the idiot boys didn’t make much trouble for us.


Anyways, after classes ended, Lex, Nix, Rose, and I headed outside to sit under the tree on the side of the Black Lake.


I had a tank top underneath, sheesh! I don’t want to have the entire school see me in my bra!


Just as we were getting relaxed, they came.


No, not the Death Eaters, idiot! The boys.

I frowned with my eyes closed as I soaked up the last rays of the sun.


“What the fuck do you want now?”


No response.


I opened my eyes and saw Drew, Apollo, Scorpius, and Potter staring at us.

Drew was staring at Lex’s legs since she was in booty shorts.


Apollo was staring at Nix’s chest which was emphasized by her tight t-shirt.


Scorpius was just staring at Rose.


And Potter, was staring at me. Or more specifically, my chest. ???


Oh! I was in a tight, low tank top. Still, he’s a creeper.


No Adonis, he is not in love with me! Why are you under this delusion? This means nothing! He’s just a teenage boy with raging hormones that will ogle anything with female parts.


 “Oi! Perverts! Up here! Stop staring and talk.”


That shook them out of their staring.

“Um, hey Dani,” said Apollo.


“What do you want Pol?” I asked.

“Um… Nothing!Toseemyfavoritesister?Can’twehangoutbythelake?Stopaccusingme!” he said all in one breath.

I shared a look with Nix. Boys. They’re so stupid sometimes.


“Ok. Now that you’re done lying terribly, why don’t you tell me the real reason you lot are here?”


He looked guilty.


“Can I talk to you alone for a minute Artemis?” he asked.


Something was up. He never called me Artemis.

“Whassup big bro?” I asked. Did you like my American impression, Adonis? No? You wound me.


“Can I talk to you for a sec?” he asked. “Alone?”

We walked out of earshot. “Now spill Pollo,” I said. “What’s going on?”


“Well, I need your help. With Nix. You know I like her, right?” I nodded. “Well, I can’t talk to her without stuttering, or acting like a total prat. Help me! You’re good with getting people together, so get me and Nix together! Please? I’ll do anything!”



"Almost anything," he amended.


Unfortunately, I knew Nix and Pol were perfect for each other, and if I didn’t agree, this would get a whole lot worse. Like that time when he thought he liked a Russian model, and, well, lets just say, it's very hard to swim in jello.


Plus, this way, I would get a solid favour from him to blackmail Pollo with...



"Um, Dani? Your cackling evilly to yourself again."


Again? What does he mean again? I've only done it once... or twice... or almost everyday.... Ok! so maybe it's more like once every ten minutes! What. Ever.




“Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!” Pollo hugged me, then ran off.


I shrugged and walked back to my friends.


“What was that about?” Nix asked.


“Oh, a nothing. Pollo was asking me if I wanted to read the letter from our parents.”




underlining is when they're passing notes... DUH!!!

Sorry for not updating sooner! 

The first chapter of my new story is up!!!! Check it out!!! please? I'll give you virtual cake!!!


However, instead of Alex and Dani being related, Im making it so that they are not connected in any way, shape or form.


Hope to update soon.


Thanks for Reading!

PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!! (hopefully they will motivate me to write faster)



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Tigress: Love Advice?


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