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Crystal Clear by goldenphoenixtears54
Chapter 5 : Breakfast
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             “YOU DID WHAT?!” Ginny screeched.  Hermione felt rather dizzy.

            “It just kind of happened!” Hermione defended herself, weakly.  She was having trouble focusing on the red-headed girl sitting next to her at breakfast.  She was having trouble focusing on anything, to be honest.  A huge plate of eggs lay untouched in front of her.  Hermione stared at the plate emptily, her mind racing at a hundred miles a minute.  Thinking about those piercing grey eyes, that deep voice, those…

            “’Mione?  Are you feeling alright?”

            “What?”  Hermione looked up, startled.  She saw Harry standing next to Ron, staring at her curiously.  They plopped down in the seats across from the girls.  Ginny giggled.

            “She’s just thinking about Malf-“

            “Muggle Studies.  I’m thinking about Muggle Studies class which I have in a few minutes, so if you don’t mind…” Hermione said, giving Ginny a warning look and getting up to leave.  Ron furrowed his brows.

            “Muggle Studies?  I thought you already took that course?  Besides, you grew up with muggles, how can you not know all there is to know about them?”

            Hermione shot him a cold look.  “Learning does not just stop when a class ends, Ronald.”  Harry laughed.

            Hermione realized she wouldn’t be able to handle a sane conversation with her friends, so she stood up to leave, glancing at the door absentmindedly.  She froze, her eyes widening, and sat back down with a thump.  Harry raised one eyebrow at her.

            She met his eyes briefly before staring at her plate again, feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks.

            “Okay…” Ginny said, struggling to create an air of normalcy in spite of the incredibly awkward conversation.

            Draco Malfoy had just opened the door and was standing, talking to Blaise Zabini at the threshold.  He glanced around the room and caught sight of Hermione sitting at the Gryffindor smile.  He smirked and sauntered over with Blaise.  Blaise sat down at the seat next to Ginny, and Draco sat down next to Hermione, who was still staring at her plate.

            “What are you doing, Malfoy,” Harry said, spitting out Draco’s name with disgust.

            “Spending time with my date, Potter.  Speaking of which, I believe Parkinson’s over there.  Don’t worry, she’s an easy shag.  I’m sure she’d even get with the likes of you.” He said, snickering.  Harry turned to look at Pansy Parkinson, who was currently scarfing down her breakfast at break-neck speed.  He shuddered.  Hermione had made no effort to look at Draco since he and Blaise had come.  Malfoy quickly draped his arm around her shoulder, and pushed her hair behind her shoulders.  He pulled her in closer, achingly slowly leaning in to her neck.  Hermione felt the heat resonating off his body and her heart beat grew quicker.  She made no move to stop him as his lips gently touched the crook of her ne—

            “HERMIONE!” Ron exploded, slamming his fork down on the table and jumping up so quickly he almost knocked the table over. 

“Oh!” Hermione yelped, snapping back to reality in an instant.  She slapped Malfoy’s arms away from her and shoved his face off of her neck.  Draco and Zabini laughed uproariously.  Malfoy stood up and smirked.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Granger.  I’m irresistible,” he murmured, bending down and pressing his lips against her ear.  She smiled in spite of herself.

            Ron stood completely still, glaring daggers at him.

            “Jump off a cliff, Malfoy,” he said coolly.  Malfoy smiled.

            “Only if Granger comes with me, Weaslbee.”  He left the table, grabbing a slice of Hermione’s bacon, and sauntered over to the Slytherin table.  Ron sat down with a sigh, looking drained of energy.  Harry glared at Hermione.

            “Why’d you let that blubbering idiot put his hands all over you?” Harry demanded.  Hermione sighed and closed her eyes, pressing her fingers into her temples.  She didn’t respond.

            “Well?” Harry probed.

            “I don’t know.  I wasn’t thinking.  He surprised me!” Hermione said defensively.  She and Ginny finished eating.

            “I’ll see you at five tonight, right Hermione?” Ginny asked as they got up.

            “Oh, yes.  I almost forgot.”

            “Forgot what?”  Ron asked her.

            “I have a… a…” Hermione trailed off.  She didn’t want to lie to the boys but she couldn’t say the words out loud.  She looked at Ginny for help.

            “She has a date.  Now if you don’t mind, we have to go,” Ginny said, quickly.  She grabbed Hermione’s arm and rushed out the door.

            “Bloody hell.  With who?” Ron shouted with wonder at their retreating backs.  Neither girl responded.


            “He told me to ‘look nice,’” Hermione said, uneasily.  She stood next to a large mirror hovering in front of her.  Ginny was sitting cross-legged on her bed, biting her bottom lip.  She flipped through Hermione’s dresses, her eyes resting on a long-sleeve, shapeless black dress that reached the floor.  Ginny laughed when she saw it.

            “This is by far the drabbest dress I have ever seen,” Ginny announced.

            “It’s comfortable!” Hermione exclaimed.  Ginny laughed and reached for her wand.  She made it significantly shorter, much tighter, and cut off the sleeves.  She left the high neck line and cut the back into a v-shape.  Hermione gulped. 

            “No way am I wearing that, Gin.  It’s way too revealing!” she told Ginny.  Ginny only smiled.

            “Yes.  Yes you are.  Now hurry up and wash your hair.  It’s almost six and you know we need at least an hour to tame your hair!”  Hermione started to argue about the dress again, but she realized Ginny was right.  She took a quick shower and rinsed her hair with a potion she had bought in Hogsmeade the month before.  Ginny worked for their remaining time on taming Hermione’s wild mane of hair into gorgeous, shiny curls.  She gave her a hint of mascara and some tinted lip balm, and Hermione shimmied into her newly designed dress, and grabbed a pair of black pumps.  She looked in the mirror in the center of the room hesitatingly, a smile breaking out on to her face.

            She looked good.

            Hermione walked down the staircase next to Ginny nervously.  She was more worried about explaining her looks to the other Gryffindors than going out with Draco.

            Harry and Ron were playing chess in the middle of the common room.  She gulped and slowly walked past them.  They were both deep in thought, staring at the chess board.  She smiled, realizing they hadn’t noticed what she was wearing yet.  She crossed her fingers and hoped they wouldn’t look up.

            “Bye, Harry.  Bye, Ronald,” she said, meeting Ginny’s eyes.  Ginny gave her a thumbs up and pointed to the door, mouthing “Hurry!” to her.

            Hermione ran to the door, in her haste accidentally knocking over a roll of parchment to the floor.  The boys looked up, surprised.

            “Wow!” Harry called.  Ron’s mouth fell open.  He looked like the wind had just been knocked out of him.

            “You look…”

            “Bloody brilliant,” Ron finished.  Hermione blushed.  She looked at the time.  It was 6:58.

            “I have to go!” Hermione yelped, and pushed open the portrait door, leaving her very confused friends behind her.  She rushed down the corridors, taking a deep breath when she reached the doors to the Great Hall.  She paused, all of a sudden getting butterflies in her stomach.  She knew this was a bad idea.  Draco was nothing but trouble!  But she was here now, there was no use running away.  She took a deep breath and opened the doors. 

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Crystal Clear: Breakfast


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