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It's Just a Crush by septumsempra
Chapter 10 : Mummy, you came to love me!
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                    The wonderful world of Harry potter belongs to J.K Rowling. :)
                               Thanks to @GinnyPotter25 at TDA for the image! :)


Draco'd just finished writing his letter to Narcissa Malfoy and was giving it a quick look through,

Dear Mother,

I find myself to be in a bit of a predicament. There is this girl, you see, and I find that I fancy her. I want to tell you who she is, but I'm afraid you might not approve, and you know how much your opinion means to me. Before you ask: no, it isn't Pansy, so you can put away all those wedding plans I know you've got ready to go. This girl, she is stunning and she is definitely intelligent and, as far as I know, she could very well be the next minister for magic. That leads me to why I'm writing to you and asking for your help. I've made a mistake mother, a terrible mistake that I don't know how to solve. I'm stuck. Last week, my big mouth got me in trouble. You know that I'm not one for apologizing to others, even when I know that I am wrong, but this time, I have to apologize, there is no other way around this. The thing is I insulted her, badly. I mocked her heritage and in other words, her family. I don't know what to do and I care for her a lot, the only ones who know are her and Blaise. What should I do Mother? I need your infinite wisdom!

Your Loving Son,


He nodded to himself, happy with what he'd written. He also complimented his mother in his letter, knowing that she would be more willing to help him - not that she wouldn't anyways. Narcissa Malfoyadored her son; she would go to the ends of the earth for him. She was the reason he'd decided to fight for the light side. She slowly noticed her husband descending further into the darkness, she loved him dearly, but he had changed, he was no longer the man she once married. She didn't want that life for the pride and joy of her life. She'd convinced him to go to Dumbledore for help, she knew that the Dark Lord was taking an interest in the youngest Malfoy, so she had done what she thought was best. Draco only hoped that his mother wouldn't be able to figure out who the girl he fancied was. While Narcissa didn't care for blood purity anymore, he wasn't sure if she'd be okay with him being involved with someone who had muggle blood.

He closed the letter with the Malfoy seal and walked to the Owlery where his owl Midnight resided. Midnight was a jet-black eagle owl that had a dark blue sheen. The Malfoy family owned various owls, but Midnight was his.

Draco stepped into the Owlery and held his arm out, waiting. Midnight flew from her perch and settled herself nicely on Draco's arm. She hooted affectionately as she pecked her owner in a way that said:Finally you come to see me! Draco stroked her feathers before reaching into his pocket for a treat. He handed the treat to his owl before apologizing for not coming earlier. He didn't know if Midnightunderstood him, but his owl always did seem very intelligent to him since the beginning. After he had gobbled up his treat, Draco reached into his pocket once more to retrieve the letter. He held it out to Midnights beak and he took it before cocking his head at Draco.

"Please take this to my mother at the manor," he murmured. Midnight hooted once more before he took off through the window. Draco watched his owl fly before he was nothing more than a speck in the horizon. He sighed, hoping his mother would owl him back soon before turning around, ready to go back to his room. He halted in his steps as he noticed Hermione Granger standing with her own owl staring at him. She just stared at him before coming out of her daze, sending off her owl and quickly rushing down the stairs exiting the Owlery. Draco snapped out of it and rushed after her, maybe this was a sign, he had to talk to her!

"Hermione!" He yelled, running down the stairs, "I'm sorry! Please just listen to me!" He stopped when he reached the bottom of the stairs and looked around, but Hermione Granger was gone. He shook his head, upset with himself for not catching her and he skulked allthe way back to his dorm, not noticing the pair of chocolate eyes staring at him from behind the statue of a gargoyle.


Draco woke with a groan, he wished there was no classes that day, all he wanted to do was sleep. Then he smiled; he had potions first period, which meant he might just get to do that. He got dressed and looked at his watch; there was no time for breakfast if he wanted to be on time for class. Good thing he didn't care if he was on time or not. He went to the Great Hall where Blaise was just leaving.

"Well, obviously you're going to be late," he muttered.

Draco just smirked because he knew they both knew that if Blaise ever was late he'd get points deducted. Draco sat down and piled some pancakes onto his plate. He noticed that no one else was in the Great Hall since they were all good little children who went to class on time. He finished his stack of pancakes and washed it down with a glass of pumpkin juice. He grabbed his satchel and left. He marched to the dungeons where the Potions classroom was located. He fixed his hair before opening the door. As usual, everyone turned in their seats to stare at whomever dared to interrupt Snape's class. Once they saw it was him, the Gryffindors rolled their eyes and returned their attention to the lesson. Snape gave him a look and Draco shrugged before looking for a place to sit. Blaise was sitting with Pansy, probably as punishment for being later he was leaving Draco to sit by himself. There was a table near the back of the room that had no one sitting in it, but then he saw that the seat next to Hermione was empty and she was trying to hide herself so that he wouldn't notice her. Too late for that, he snorted and placed his bag down on the floor next to her before sliding into his seat.

Hermione scooted over and turned her seat so that she wasn't in contact with him at all, giving their professor her undivided attention; but he knew that he was getting to her. He got out a piece of paper and wrote down:Will you listen to me? Before turning it into an origami dragon and flicking it to her. He saw her look at it and furrow her eyebrows before she disintegrated it with her wand. Draco just stared at her in shock, well, wasn't she just a violent little person?

He tried once more and this time she sighed before opening it. She read the note and this time she set it on fire before she vanished the evidence. Draco wondered how Snape never saw a fire in his own classroom; he guessed that his ripe old age of thirty-seven was finally getting to him. Draco turned to face Snape to listen to what he was saying,

"The beauty of a softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the minds, and ensnaring the senses," Draco dropped his head to his desk cutting out the sound of his Godfathers voice, he was just talking about the beauty of potions again, something he knew his students hated listening to so he tended to repeat it about once a month. Draco proceeded to slip into slumber as the rest of the students listened to the Potions Master drone.

Draco eventually woke when he heard the stirrings of the class; he looked around to notice the class was empty, except for Hermione and Snape. Draco slowly put his things away while listening to the two talk.

"Miss Granger, I wish to speak to you about your last essay," Snape drawled.

"Oh Professor! I'm sorry, I knew I should have added more on the effects of mandrake juice being added to a calming potion, I'm sorry! It's just that-" Snape rolled his eyes and cut off Hermione in what he knew was bound to be a speech,

"Miss Granger, your essay was a perfect Outstanding. It is without a doubt, the best essay that I have ever received in my time as Potions Master,"

Hermione just stared at him in shock; she was finally receiving proper praise after all her years of hard work. Draco smiled, he knew that one day Snape would have to acknowledge the brightest witch of the year.

"Thank you Professor, that really means a lot to me," Hermione smiled.

Snape just grunted before telling her to go off to her next class. She turned around and squeaked when she saw that Draco was still there. She practically ran from the room and Draco prepared to follow her to get her to listen when his godfather called him,

"Draco, why do you insist on disrupting my class?" Draco gritted his teeth.

"Sir, I woke up late, I apologize,"

"Draco, you know that I'm not going to take points from you, but try to be on time next time, it's not fair to the other students when I insist on not talking points from you but I do from them," he implored.Told you Snape was a changed man, fairness shmairness Draco thought.

"Yes sir," before rushing from the room, once again missing his chance to speak to Hermione.


Draco was looking through the Owls that were flying about the Great Hall, when he noticed that his owl wasn't there, he dropped his head in disappointment. It had been three days, but his mother still hadn't replied to him. Blaise noticed his friend's disappointment and he slung his arm around him,

"What's got you down mate?" he asked.

"Nothing," he received a curt response. Blaise frowned.

"I got news mate," he tried.

"Don't care," Draco replied.

"Pansy likes someone," he tried again, "Someone who isn't you." Draco's head shot up, well, that sure had gotten his attention. He turned his head to look at Pansy who was sitting across from them, glaring at Blaise.

"You gotta do, what you gotta do," Blaise replied, not at all affected by the glare that could melt ice.

"Pansy, I thought you liked me?" Draco asked.

Pansy snorted in a very unladylike fashion. "Oh Draco, that was ages ago, why like someone that isn't ever going to like you back?"

Draco was shocked, "B-But," he spluttered, "Who do you like then?"

"That's none of your business," she replied taking a sip of her tea as she turned the pages of Witch Weekly.

"I think it is my business since you're one of my best friends Pans," he stared at her.

"You wouldn't approve, so therefore I am not telling you," she glued her eyes to a page in the magazine that featured dresses. She still needed one for the ball.

Draco narrowed his eyes at her, "Pansy, tell me who it is."

"What do you think? The spring green silk dress, or this amethyst mermaid dress?" She asked the two blokes. They just stared at her before Blaise answered,

"Well, the green one would bring out the shine in your hair, the purple one would just make you seem a little dull,"

Draco stared at his male best friend as if he'd gone a little crazy.

"Since when do you know anything about fashion mate?"

Blaise shrugged his shoulders. "Just because you don't go shopping with your mother, doesn't mean I don't. Mine drags me with her wherever she goes and forces me to help her pick out 'proper dresses'. After a while, you just develop this kind of eye for fashion I guess,"

Pansy beamed at Blaise, "I absolutely agree! Besides, this dress will bring out the 'Slytherin' in me!" She wrote a letter to the dress shop ordering that dress in her size before sending it off with her owl. "There, now that that's done, it's time for class," and she jumped out of her seat and left before Draco could remember to ask her who she liked.

Blaise and Draco walked to Defense against the Dark Arts where their teacher awaited. The position was no longer cursed and they'd had the same teacher for the past two years now. Professor Lupin was back. He'd had a son, named Teddy with his wife Nymphadora. The two of them had shared the position the year before, but then Nymphadora got pregnant and she had to quit to look after their son. Draco always felt uncomfortable that year because she was his cousin, a cousin that he had never spoken too. He felt bad about it because he wanted to know his family, half-blood or not.

They took their seats at the table behind Pansy and waited for the class to begin. Professor Lupin looked up from his papers and clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.

"Today, we will be partnering up and dueling," he announced. The class all looked really excited, this was the first time they would be getting the chance this year.

"I have already made the pairs, based on how well you have been doing in this class, and what your current level of skill is, this way you are not severely outmatched,"

"Please listen carefully for your names: Zabini, Potter. Nott, Greengrass. Crabbe, Goyle. Dunbar, Finnegan. Brown, Thomas. Longbottom, Patil. Bulstrode, Davis. Parkinson, Weasley…" Draco saw Pansy blush at this and he narrowed his eyes before hearing, "Granger, Malfoy." He positively beamed at being paired with Hermione and he saw her with a look of horror on her face as her friends stared sympathetically at her. He grunted, if they should feel sorry for anyone it was him; Hermione Granger with a wand against him was not a good thing. Everyone got up to sit beside their partner and Draco moved over to Hermione because he knew there was no way in hell she would get up to join him.

"Alright, now that you know your partners, the way this will work is that we will be doing these duels one at a time. I knew many of you are partnered with someone you may dislike," he stared at Hermione, "and by doing these one by one, I can make sure that no harm will come to you. It will be easier than me darting about the class trying to keep an eye on all eighteen of you. It was also help me to assess your dueling levels."

"First duel: Zabini Potter!" The two got up and prepared to face off. Neither hated the other, but each wanted to win. Zabini started the duel with a quick Furnuculus that was on target as it hit Potter. Draco smirked as Potter was covered in painful boils. "Finite Incantantem," he muttered as he attempted to blast Blaise with an Expelliarmus which Blaise quickly sidestepped. The duel continue like this for at least ten minutes before Potter got in a lucky Expelliarmus that Blaise never saw coming. He saw Blaise grunt before him and Potter shake hands and resume their seats.

"Tough luck mate," Draco whispered.

The duels continued for the next hour with Greengrass, Dunbar, Thomas, Longbottom (surprisingly), and Davis emerging victorious. There was no winner in the Crabbe vs. Goyle match as each of them managed to knock themselves out somehow and were sent to the hospital wing. It was now the second last match, Weasley vs. Parkinson. Draco hoped that Pansy would wipe the floor with that weasel, but he wasn't sure, he had a sneaking and horrible suspicion that the guy Pansy liked, was none other than the weasel himself.

Pansy calmly stood across from Weasley. "Ladies First," Weasley said, trying to be a gentleman. Pansy smirked before shooting him with an Expelliarmus, Ron shouted Protego quickly before shooting aPetrificus Totalus at Pansy. For some strange reason, Pansy wasn't able to dodge it and she dropped to the ground with a loud thud. Ron turned pale before running to her side.

"Oh, Merlin! Pansy, I'm sorry!" Pansy shot up like a mole in the whack-a-mole game before hitting Ron with a Stupefy. She kicked his wand away from him and was declared the winner. The Slytherins cheered for her and she Rennervated him before helping him up.

"But I thought you were down!" he blurted.

"Slytherin," was all she replied, smirking. The two of them stared at each other before Ron decided to take a big chance,

"Would you like to go to the ball with me Pansy?" he asked, staring into her sapphire blue eyes.

Pansy blushed before she smiled and said, "Thought you'd never ask," Ron grinned before they both heard an ahem. "Now that you two have gotten that out of your systems, please take your seats so that we may begin the last duel," Professor Lupin cut in. The two of them blushed before returning to their seats.

"Malfoy, Granger!" Lupin called. Hermione got up but Draco stayed rooted to his seat, staring at his best friend in horror, she avoided his eyes and he only got up when Blaise pushed him.

He was still shocked as he stood across from Hermione in the middle of the classroom with all the students surrounding him. He pushed Pansy from his mind as he faced Granger. He would need all his concentration for this and it would not do to dwell on Pansy just now.

The two stood staring at each other, both of them in battle stance, waiting for the other to make their move. Draco wasn't going to attack first, that was not the way to get Hermione to forgive him. Hermione realized this and she attacked.

"BOMBARDA!" She shouted at him, Draco used his skills as a seeker to dart out of the way quickly. So, she's trying to hurt me huh, he thought. He struck her with an Alarte Ascendare that she blocked with aProtego. She followed up with an Expelliarmus which Draco ducked and he shot back with Aqua Eructo. He controlled the stream of water and it landed on Hermiones hair. She spluttered as she wiped the water from her eyes, she quickly dried herself off as she glared at him, Uh Oh, shouldn't have gone for the hair, he gulped.

"AVIS OPPUNGO!" Hermione shrieked and she sent yellow canaries at Draco. They pecked and clawed at his skin and clothes and he only managed to vanish them before being struck with a Furnuculus from Hermione. He got rid of the boils quickly before transfiguring a quill into a large solid rock to put in between them so that he could think of what to do. He heard Professor Lupin mutter "Impressive transfiguration," and the class whooped and clapped at this spectacular duel. He heard Hermione snarl as she cast Protego around the students before blasting the rock with a Bombarda. Draco protected himself as the path cleared and he saw an angry Hermione. Draco cast a quick charm that changed her robes into Slytherin ones and he heard the Slytherins in the room laugh. Hermione changed her outfit before hitting Draco with the same spell and changed his clothes into a dress and heels. The Gryffindors burst into laughter as Draco wobbled on the 5-inch heels. He fell as he thought, how the hell do women wear these! He changed his outfit back before rolling out of the way of Hermione's bat-bogey hex. He jumped up and whirled Diffindo at Hermione, effectively tearing her blouse. She turned red as all the males in the room catcalled, Harry and Ron told them all to shut it. Draco smirked before he widened his eyes as Hermione cast Diffindo at his pants. Hermione returned the smirk and repaired her shirt. Draco stared at his pants in horror. Everyone in the room laughed, even Hermione paused to laugh. He was wearing his choo-choo train boxers that his mother got for him. He was embarrassed that his mother picked them out, but they were comfy! Of course he'd wear them, but now he wished he hadn't as all his classmates laughed at him, even the Professor was laughing at him!

Draco turned bright red as he fixed his pants and glared at Hermione who had tears in her eyes from the sight of him. While she laughed Draco hit her with Impedimenta which she wasn't able to block. The duel had now been going for half an hour and Hermione decided to end it. She cast the disillusionment charm on herself and she turned invisible. The class ooh'd as Draco panicked. He couldn't see her and therefore had no idea what she would do. He noticed it too late but he was hit from the left with a Flipendo that threw him into the wall, hard. Well isn't this familiar, he thought as he remembered that day in the common room. He sat up slowly and saw Hermione looking at him triumphantly. He took this as his chance to speak,

"Hermione! I'm sorry for everything! Please forgive me!" Everybody in the class except for her and Blaise stared at him in confusion.

"No," she replied as she got ready to hit him with another spell.

"Please! I didn't mean it! It was a mistake!" For some reason, this angered Hermione and she cast a spell. Next thing he knew, everybody was falling to the floor laughing, and he was staring up at a huge Hermione and classroom from the floor, she turned him into a bloody ferret!

Professor Lupin chuckled, as he declared Hermione the winner. Class was dismissed and Draco realized no one was bothering to change him back. Hermione looked over her shoulder and waved at him as she left the class with Potter and Weasley who were congratulating her and praising her brilliance, he then saw his two best mates come over to him. Blaise picked him up while Pansy stared at him in delight,

"Awe! Isn't ickle Drakie cute!" she cooed. Blaise laughed as he changed his best friend back into a human. Draco felt dizzy and he was beyond mortified. That was the second time he'd been turned into a ferret! The trio left the class as Pansy and Blaise laughed at him. Hermione had to speak to him, he had to stop this anger of hers.


News had spread about how Hermione Granger had turned Draco Malfoy into a ferret. Everywhere they went people praised Hermione and laughed at Draco. He hated it. Surprisingly, he wasn't mad at Hermione though, he deserved it in a way; he shouldn't have tried to apologize in the middle of a battle.

His mother still hadn't replied to him and he was really upset. He honestly thought that she would help him, guess not. Classes had just ended for the day and Draco was heading back to his room. He skulked all the way there because he still hadn't managed to speak to Hermione. After yesterday he was determined to make things better between them, he didn't want to go the rest of the year worrying that he was going to be turned into a ferret as soon as he turned around. That was an unhealthy way to live life. Besides, they had to work on their head duties and it was difficult with her avoiding him. He turned a corner and he bumped into the object of his thoughts. She hadn't noticed it was him because she was sprawled on the floor.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she cried, picking up her books, "I didn't see yo-" she stopped her apology as she noticed a pale hand streak into her view to help her pick up her books. She looked up and met the eyes of Draco. She glared.

"Nevermind, I'm not sorry," she huffed as she grabbed her books. Draco sighed as he stood up. Hermione also stood and held out her hand. Draco gave her the books he picked up and grabbed her wrist, Hermione gasped.

"Let go of me! You-you fiend!"

Draco chuckled at her use of words, "Hermione, please let's talk."

"No," replied Hermione as she tried to twist her wrist away from the grasp of Draco. He held on.

"Please! Look, I'm really sorry about everything! I didn't mean to say that word. I feel awful, and I don't want you to be mad at me, Please forgive me!" He begged. Hermione seemed to consider it, and Draco's hopes raised like a tsunami.

"No," she answered. The tsunami crashed and Draco with it.

"Please!" he asked.

"Ahh, let me think abou- no," she said as she managed to get her wrist back and march off in the opposite direction. Draco groaned as he slid to the floor. A first year Slytherin came up to him and Draco glared.

"What?" he snarled

"S-sorry, s-sir, Pr-Professor Snape a-asks y-you to come t-to his o-office," the first year squeaked as he ran off.

Draco sighed before dragging himself to his feet and heading off in the direction of the dungeons, the idea of a nice quiet evening alone in his room by himself, disturbed. As he walked, he wondered what Snape could want of him, he hadn't asked him to come to his office all year, he knew he wasn't in trouble. He hadn't done anything wrong all year. Maybe he wanted to join the crowds and laugh at Malfoy 'the Bouncing ferret'. He knocked on the door to his office and heard his voice mutter, "Enter."

Draco opened the door and saw the Potions master sitting with a cup of black sugarless tea sitting in front of him, he also noticed someone sitting in the large armchair across from him. He didn't know who it was until they turned around.

"Mother!" Draco's eyes widened. Narcissa Malfoy smiled at her only son before walked to meet him with her arms held open. Draco walked into her embrace and hugged his mother tightly, he had missed her.

"Draco, Darling, you look thin! Biscuit?" she said as she eyes him and led him to the seats. Draco sat down beside her and rejected the sweet.

"Mother, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Well, replying to your letter of course!" she said as she took a sip of her tea.

"But, you could have just sent a letter, Mother!" Draco told her, "You didn't have to come all the way out here."

"And miss the opportunity to see my little Dragon and catch up with an old friend? Never." Draco saw the corner of Severus Snape's mouth lift as his mother called him her Dragon. Draco glowered at his godfather.

"Now, Draco, are you going to tell me who this girl is?" she asked.

"That is irrelevant Mother, can you help me?" he replied. His mother ignored the part asking for her help and she shook her head.

"Well, I have a good idea on who it is," she said innocently. Draco stared at her in shock, oh no. "Someone who is beautiful, and intelligent, but not someone that I would approve of. So that means she isn't Slytherin. Then you mentioned that you insulted her heritage and family, which leads me to believe that she is muggle-born. And the only beautiful and intelligent muggle-born in this school is Hermione Granger," Narcissa concluded as she turned to face her son with her piercing, sky-blue eyes.

Draco remained silent. He knew he shouldn't have added so many details about her in his letter.

Narcissa's eyes softened as she stared at her son.

"Draco, you know that I don't care for blood purity. I just want you to be happy. I don't care if you marry a half-blood or even a muggle-born! As long as she makes you happy, I'm happy," she softly said, "As long as she isn't some rude, ignorant gold-digger bint that thinks that she's better than everyone. And Miss Granger certainly isn't," she added as an afterthought.

Draco stared at his mother. "So you're really okay with me liking her mother?" he asked.

"Of course sweetheart, and she's a wonderful, ambitious young lady, what's not to like about her?" Narcissa Malfoy didn't compliment just anyone, if she didn't like you, she let you know. Draco was so happy he felt like he could burst.

"Now, how did you insult her?" his mother asked.

"I called her a mudblood," he muttered. Smack. Narcissa smacked her son on the back of his head.

"Ow! Mother!" he cried.

"No wonder she's mad at you! How dare you use that word!" she admonished.

"It was an accident! I didn't mean it! I've tried to apologize to her, but she won't listen to me!" Draco defended himself. Narcissa frowned at her son some more.

"Alright, you need to show her that you really care," she stated.

"So… I should buy her jewelry or something?" he asked.

"No, no, jewelry is nice and all, for a witch like Pansy or myself. But when apologizing, a girl like Miss Granger prefers something more thoughtful. They don't care for expensive trinkets. Flowers are the way to go. Girls love flowers. You need to make a bold public declaration, or she will never believe you. Go big, be extreme!" she advised him. Draco took this all into consideration, a plan already forming in his mind.

"Thank you mother, you've really helped me out," he thanked.

"You're welcome dear. Now eat," she commanded. Draco took a bite of Turkish delight as he listened to his mother and Snape talk.

"Oh yes I'm doing alright, Severus, how are you?" asked Narcissa.

"I'm doing well, Cissa," he replied. Draco rolled his eyes at his Godfather, Cissa, he snorted. He received a sharp look from Severus.

"Did you know Cissa," he put emphasis on her nickname, "Draco hasn't been to class on time lately, it's quite frequent too," he tattled.

Smack. Draco received another smack on the head from his mother who was staring at him in disappointment.

"Draco! You know better than that! You must be on time; you're Head Boy and are setting a bad example for the younger students!" Narcissa scolded. Snape smirked.

"Yes, Mother, I'm sorry, I'll try to be on time to class," he apologized.

"Sev, you'll keep me updated won't you?" she returned her attention to the man sitting across from her.

"Of course, I'll let you know everything and anything that Draco here does," Severus Snape sneered.. Draco glared at his godfather before getting up to walk his mother to the gates of Hogwarts where she could apparate home. Narcissa kissed Severus on the cheek before waving goodbye. Draco followed his mother and slammed the door behind him. They walked to the entrance to the grounds of the school with Narcissa chattering away happily. They reached the apparation point.

"Draco, please take care, and don't hesitate to owl me if you need more assistance alright?" she asked.

"Of course mother, thank you for everything," he hugged his mother goodbye.

"Nonsense, don't thank me, as your mother, it is my job to help you make sure you don't do anything foolish. I love you," she gave him one last hug before stepping away.

"I love you too mother," he replied before Narcissa Malfoy apparated away,

Draco walked back to the school, thinking over his plan to get Hermione to forgive him, Operation Granger was underway.

WELL! That was a long chapter, longest yet! Thank you to all my reviewers and those that are reading this story!

BTW: Severus and Narcissa are just friends, and will remain just friends. :)

reviewreviewreviewreview Please! :P 

PS: If you guys do find mistakes in my story, please point them out to me! I don't want it to be obviously flawed!

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