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Mistakes Happen by Dark Crys
Chapter 28 : ~* Happy New Year *~
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Hi Everyone,

Here's a new chapter. Thanks again to yorkgal for your help!

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Chapter 27

~* Happy New Year *~

As the evening wore on Dylan was taken back up to bed and everyone was starting to get tipsy which made for quite a bit of amusement for Hermione as she wasn’t drinking just in case Dylan needed her.

Everyone had received time to hold of Dylan; George seemed to have a hard time getting him off of Remus for a moment there but he managed and handed Dylan over to Hermione so that he could be taken up to have a sleep. When George told Hermione this she just smiled and told him what Remus had said at Christmas time about the innocence of children.

Just before midnight George, Harry and Ron were drunkenly singing on the coffee table along with the radio that was sat on the sideboard, while Hermione was thanking her lucky stars for the creation of silencing charms, which she placed around the room Dylan’s was sleeping in.

Hermione was sitting next to Fred with a cup of coffee in her hand. “They never seem to get any better.” Hermione said shaking her head.

“Don’t I know it.” Fred said laughing.

“I don’t know how they are able drink so much.” Hermione said turning to Fred.

“They just don’t stop.” Fred said.

“Why aren’t you up there with them? Usually it’s you and George up there dragging Harry and Ron with you.”

“I tend to have an honesty issue when I drink. Say things I wouldn’t normally say.” Fred said quietly.

“What you scared you might tell a certain witch that you like her?” Hermione teased.

Fred nodded as he watched his brother’s make fools of themselves, wondering if he looked that ridiculous when he joined in the fun all those other times.

“Yes, you do look that ridiculous.” Hermione said quietly.


“You and your brother are very alike.” Hermione said grinning.

“Speaking of which, good luck tonight with George.”

“Thanks I’m going to need it; he snores so badly once his had a few drinks. I have to put a silencing charm on him!”

Fred chuckled, “Imagine how I felt growing up? I couldn’t use magic until I was seventeen just like everyone else. If he got stressed or overtired I had to deal with his snoring.”

Now it was Hermione’s turn to laugh. “Okay maybe I don’t have it that bad then.”

“What are you two laughing about?” Tonks asked coming over to them and taking a seat on Fred’s other side.

“Oh, just how Fred had such a hard childhood dealing with George’s snoring growing up, even though I have it from George that Fred snores all on his own.” Hermione said looking at Fred pointedly.

“I don’t snore!” Fred said defensively crossing his arms across his chest.

“Ahuh, like you’d know.” Tonks said shaking her head.

“I do too know thank you very much!” Fred said sounding very much like a two year old.

“How are you supposed to find a girl when you keep acting like two year old?” Hermione asked looking at Fred expectantly.

“I have a charm.” Fred said not meeting either girl’s eye.

“Ahuh, and do tell, Mr Weasley, what charm that would be?” Hermione asked still not convinced.

“A charm, which you know incredibly very little of,” Fred said, his chin going up.

“I happen to have had a child with your twin, you are both very alike I do not see that your ‘charm’ could alter all that much.” Hermione said now smiling again.

“Just because we’re twins don’t make us the same.” Fred said.

“Yes that may be the case Fred; I don’t see you as George.” Hermione said understanding where he was coming from. “George is the man I love okay; I have gotten to know him extremely well over past year. You are both your own man, you just happen to be very much alike.”

“Oh if we’re so alike what sort of charm does George have?” Fred asked.

“Who says he has any charm?” Hermione asked with a cheeky grin.

“Oh go away. You and George are perfect for each other. You both drive me insane!” Fred said scrolling at Hermione which just made her laugh, kiss him on the cheek and head over to George.

“Hi Darlin’!” George yelled as he jumped down from the coffee table.

“Hello,” Hermione said laughing.

“What are you and my darlin’ brother been talking about?” George slurred into her ear.

Hermione shook her head. “His lack of charm and the fact he snores.” Hermione said laughing.

“Hmm... Should I be worried at how you know he snores?” George asked raising an eyebrow.

“You told me.” Hermione said.

“Really?” George asked looking confused.


“Oh...” George said lifting up his drink to his lips.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough to drink?” Hermione asked looking at him unsure.

“What, you my mother now?”George asked Hermione frowning.

“No, and I would never dream of trying to mother you. I’m your girlfriend not your mum!” Hermione stated.

George smiled softly, “I know.”

“I wouldn’t dream of treating you that way because then our relationship wouldn’t be what I want it to be.” Hermione said softly.

George nodded and smiled, “You know what, you’re right I’ve had more than enough to drink for tonight.” George placed the drink down and turned back to Hermione.

“Okay everyone, 1 minute till New Years!” Mr Weasley called over the crowd.

Hermione looked around the room. She saw that Harry and Ginny were now hugging talking to each other quietly. Mr and Mrs Weasley were now next to each other Mr Weasleys arm wrapped around his wife’s waist. There were other people around the room that were now standing in their pairs, getting ready to start the New Year together. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Tonks and Fred still sitting together talking.

“Okay everyone... 10... 9... 8...”



“I love...




“I love...





“2... 1...”


Hermione and George kissed then, along with many other couples around them. When Hermione pulled away she looked around her and saw something that didn’t exactly shock her but she was slightly surprised.

Hermione turned to George and grinned. “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

George looked at Hermione in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Hermione laughed and pointed over into the corner where for everyone to see was Nymphadora Tonks sitting on Fred Weasley lap giving him a kiss of a lifetime.

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