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Anthem of the Angels by Mrsmalfoyluvble
Chapter 1 : Anthem of the Angels
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White walls surround us

No light will touch your face again

Rain taps the window

As we sleep among the dead

I just sat there looking at the picture I had just knocked off my bedside table. We looked so happy then. Her flaming red hair blowing in the wind and my blonde hair hanging loosely around my face. It was taken 4 years ago on the night I asked her to marry me. The happiest day of my life. I compare then and now thinking to myself how things can go from perfect to total shit in a matter of days. And I will always remember those days with painful clarity.

It had been two years since we started dating. We didn't know why we suddenly fell for each other, but after the war I finally realize how beautiful she really was. When I finally felt confident enough to ask her to marry me the look on her face was priceless. She couldn't speak and after trying time and time again and realizing that she would fail every time she just clumsily nodded yes. I kissed her passionately for what seemed to be forever.

Days go on forever

But I have not left your side

We can chase the dark together

If you go then so will I

I sat staring that the wall wondering why I was letting all those memories flood back. They were just to painful but I couldn't stop them. The day after the happiest day of my life was when it all started to get fucked up.

"Do you think we should have the wedding at my parents house or should we have it in a sunny park somewhere by a lake?" she asked me when she brought me breakfast in bed.
"Both sound absolutely wonderful darling." I replied as I tried to fake my enthusiasm. The truth was that neither of them sounded very Draco-ish.

She saw right through my lie and gave a frightening yet adorable glare in my direction. "Well if you're such an expert on weddings where do you think we should have it then?"
Of course, having no better solutions, I simply replied "Let's not talk about this right now and have the day all to ourselves no thinking required."

I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her while letting my hands find their way to her upper back where I swiftly unbuckled her bra. She let out.a soft moan and whispered that it was her turn to please me and pushed Dow onto the bed taking off her cloths and mine when suddenly we heard an owl pecking our window.

I stood up and walked over to let him in and he quickly dropped the letter and left without waiting for a reply. I picked up the letter and realized that it was addressed to Ginny so I sat next to her while she opened it.

Dear Ginny,
Harry's back! He arrived at the burrow last night and is really excited to see you. He says he is very sorry for leaving you after the war. He just felt like he needed to travel the world before he settled down with anyone. We wouldall like you to come by the burrow tomorrow for lunch and you two can start again where you left off. See you soon little Sis.

We both stared blankly at the letter and then at each other. We both new that potter would not be happy with the fact that she is engaged to me. I tried to talk her into not going but she insisted that she needed to set thing right and tell him that he was too late and that she didn't love him anymore. Like always, she won.

Cold light above us

Hope fills the heart

And fades away

Skin white as winter

As the sky returns to grey

I can see the ring that she once wore around her finger. I remember how she kissed me when woke up that morning knowing that, since I was talked into going with her to have lunch with her family and Harry-I don't know how the fuck that happened-I would need to start they day off the best I could to avoid exploding. Even the weather didn't look very happy. Nothing but grey skies and rain. Already feeling what a disaster this lunch was going to be I decided to start early and poured myself a small glass of fire whisky.

That morning went my slowly but when the time came for us to leave it seemed too soon. We arrived by floo powder and just seconds after stepping out of the fire place we were greeted by the shocked faces of Ginny's family and of coursed the angry face of non other that Harry Potter himself.

"Oh...uh.. I guess I forgot to tell everybody," she said while awkwardly laughing to break the tension "I'm engaged!"
"To HIM?!?" yelled Ron and Harrysimultaneously
"you shut your mouth Ron you have no right to tell me who I can and can't marry!" she replied swiftly.

Needless to say that was a very awkward lunch. Everybody silent and Harry throwing me death glares every so often before finally breaking the silence.
"So when did you to start dating?" he asked coldly.
"just a month after you ripped my heart out by leaving me with no explanation." she spat back equally cold.
"I had to go I needed to experience new things before deciding what I really wanted."
"The translation of the being-you needed to fuck other girls around the world before deciding that I was really worth being with!"
"Ginny!" cried her mother in shock
"Am I the only one who sees the truth here!? That's just what he fucking did! He wanted to make sure he wasn't missing out on better sex by staying with me. Then he comes back after two god damn years and he is just welcomed back into the family like he was never gone?!" she was standing now shaking with all the anger that was flowing through her at that moment.
I took her hand and began playing with her fingers slightly which always calmed het down when she was mad.
"Don't you dare touch her you ferret!" Harry screamed when he saw what I was doing.
She glared at him and said "Don't you dare think that you can choose who I love and who loves me! You were gone and Draco was there to pick up the pieces of the heart you shattered. I've moved on and so should you because I love Draco and nothing will ever change that!"
"congratulations Gin," George said calmly while hugging his only sister "and Harry, I'm sorry to admit it mate but shes right. When you left she was a reck. The suddenly she started looking happier when she came to visit but would never tell is why. Now I see that it was Draco who helped Ginny get through it all. She deserves better than you."
Ginny turned to her older brother with tears in her eyes hugging him and thanking him over and over again. After that her mother and father started hugging and congratulating us the soon came Ron and Hermione. After the big family happy-fest we look at Harry who look absolutely furious at this point. After one last glare at the room of people he left.

I keep holding onto you

But i can't bring you back to life

Sing the anthem of the angels

Then say the last goodbye

While not even bothering to stop the memories from flooding in, I walked out into the rain know exactly where I was going but still not wanting to think about it.
That day seemed to be the end of all troubled days for Ginny and I. Her family started liking me mor with every hour we spent together. Mrs. Weasly Already planing the wedding and her brothers already asking me to get together and play a game of quidditch Some time. Of course Harry wasn't going to let us off that easily.
The next morning I woke up in bed alone. Wondering where Ginny was I got up and wandered into the parlor and saw her...and him...she was bloody all over her body, he was holding a knife.
"What the FUCK do you think your doing?!" I screamed as I made a move towards them.
"Come any closer Malfoy and she will die!" he said back.
"You wouldn't kill her, you love her too much."I said cautiously knowing that my excuse was feeble.
"What good is my love for her if she doesn't fucking love me back!"
He had lost his mind by that point, I was convinced. I could see the crazed look in his eyes and the twisted smile on his face when he looked at what he had done to her. He ENJOYED IT?!? how could anyone possibly become that sick and cruel over one night?
"I just wanted her,"he began "and if I can't have her then why should you?" grabbing her unconscious body by the hair he raise the knife-
"WAIT! No please don't hurt her anymore, don't kill her! Please!" I pleaded, sobbing
"Either she dies or you do Malfoy."
"Than kill me just please leave her alone."
"But if I do that than I will never have any chance of her loving me again so why don't I just kill her and let you live with guilt?"

To this I had no reply. I was sobbing and pleading just hoping that no more harm would befall her. Than realizing that he had made up his mind about killing her an not me I tried to think of some way to save her life. I saw my wand on a table just a foot from me. Realizing what I was doing he raised the knife once again while Isimultaneously grabbed my wand a yelled "AVADA KEDAVRA!!"

I watched him fall to the floor dead and looked over to the other body laying next to him...also dead I was too late he thrust the knife into her heart in his last second of life. I lost her...I lost her. I loved her and I lost her.....

There is nothing left of you

I can see it in your eyes

Sing the anthem of the angels

And say the last goodbye

Finally reaching my destination I stood there in the cold rain over Ginevra Weasly's grave. Letting the tears flow freely from my eyes I placed the ring and the picture on her head-stone and just sobbed. Four years ago ,today I asked this woman to marry me, three days later I watched her die......

A/N- Hey! I just wanted to apoligize for the depressing story. I know it was sad and i even cried while writing it but i liked the song and the story goes along with it so...yeah. I also wanted to let you know that I am open to suggestions. If you have a song and/or pair you would like me to right about just leave it in a comment below and I will right a story just for you and give you a little shout out! ^.^ By the way, does anyone know how to get a banner for a story???

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