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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Lily was taken home for a few weeks after that.  She was receiving her lessons by owl, and she was allowed to write to her friends, but she would not be returning to Hogwarts until after the holidays.   Adi missed her friend dearly, but knew that it was for the best if she stayed at home for a while.  Harry had cooled off after a few hours and by the next afternoon, he was actually feeling quite sympathetic towards his daughter.  He had decided to take her home so she wouldn’t have to look at Scorpius every day and be reminded of how she almost bore his child.    Of course no one had told the adults about Rose and Scorpius’s shenanigans.  If Ron ever found out, he would kill the poor boy!

                As Christmas grew nearer, Adi spent more and more time with Al, not just drinking on the astronomy tower, but flying around during free periods, sitting by the black lake, talking into the wee hours of the morning together.  He hadn’t been seeing Jasmine anymore, and Adi was starting to think that maybe he was going to ask her out.  She wondered how Lily would react to that, so she made a bold leap and told her in a letter.

Dear Adi,

Al is going to ask you out?  Are you sure?  If he did that would be brilliant.  Then we’d be practically sisters!  Oh I do hope he asks you to the Yule Ball!  I’m so sorry that I can’t go this year, but Father says it’s for the best, and right now I’m not sure opposing him is the best idea.

Speaking of my parents, they said you can come spend Christmas with us!  Your parents won’t mind, will they?  It’s so much fun every year, and you’ve also been invited to come to my cousins wedding on New Years Eve!  I did tell you that my cousin Victoire Weasley is getting married to Teddy Lupin, didn’t I?  Of course you know about Teddy being as close as a brother to me, and now he can really be part of the family!  He only proposed to her on Halloween, but they already have everything in order!  I’m so excited and I hope you can come!

Tell everyone I say hello, tell Collin I miss him, and that he is, as always, invited for Christmas and also to the wedding!  I miss you all so much, and I can’t wait to see you again!

                                                                Your friend,


“Hey Adi” said Al coming over to her chair in the common room, tearing her attention from the letter.  “I was wondering if I could ask you something.” 

“Anything” she said, waiting patiently.  “I was wondering if you would – “

“Adi will you go to the Yule Ball with me?” came a voice from behind her.  Adi turned to find none other than Hugo Weasley standing there with a hopeful expression on his face. 

“Oh” said Adi.  What was she going to say?  No, I’m waiting for your cousin to ask me?  She couldn’t do that.  “Um, ovilumi*.  Why not?”  She said, and Hugo walked away looking very pleased with himself.  “So, what did you wanna ask me?” said Adi. 

“Nothing” said Al, looking very displeased with his cousin.  He followed Hugo up into his dormitory and Adi was left with a sick feeling in her stomach.

“You Git!  You fucking little prat!  How could you do this to me?  You knew I liked her and you asked her anyway!”  Al was furious with Hugo, who was trying desperately to defend himself without the use of his wand, but if worse came to worse, he always had protego. 

“Al, I told you that if you didn’t ask her I would”


“Al, I didn’t know”

“WELL YOU KNOW NOW DON’T YOU?  THE ONLY PROBLEM IS IT’S TOO LATE TO GO BACK!  IT’S NOT LIKE YOU CAN JUST UN-ASK HER CAN YOU?  PRAT!”  and with that, Al stormed out of the room.  He would’ve gotten drunk on the astronomy tower, but he did that with Adi too often.  He would’ve gone to the room of requirement, but that was where he had fallen in love with her.  So instead, he went to the one place she couldn’t follow him to.  He went to the kitchens.  Al always found comfort in the kitchens.  Sitting amongst the house elves, watching them work, even helping them at times.  He was glad to learn that mashed potatoes were on the menu for that night.  Now he had something to smash…


Dear Lily,

So Al didn’t ask me to the Yule Ball after all.  I guess he still has a soft spot for Jasmine…or something…but Hugo asked me.  So I’m still going with a member of your family.

                As for Christmas and the wedding, I would love to come!  My parents don’t care what I do over the holidays, people in my mom’s tribe don’t tend to get close to their children because you leave when you turn seventeen.  I can’t wait for Christmas to roll around so I can see you again!  Rosie says that your uncle Bill and aunt Fleur are hosting Christmas so everyone will already be there for the wedding. 

                We all miss you as well!  We can’t wait to see you again over the holidays!





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The Flower: Chapter 7


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