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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 6 : The birthday dinner and the truth?!?
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The flames lit up green and in came Hermione wearing a nice red summer dress with small heals and a little purse. Her hair had been straightened and she had put on a little bit of makeup. Harry could hardly keep his eyes off her. As soon as Hermione was in the room and gave Harry a hug in walked the rest of the weasleys. Everyone was dressed up in their best clothes.

Once everyone was greeted we all sat down at the table. There was Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny to one side and Harry Hermione, Dillon, Cyra, and Mia on the other while snape was at the head of the table with Buffy on the other end. And while the food appeared on their plates Snape began his story about how Harry came to live with him and his family. Though he did keep some of the more personal thugs secret which Harry was grateful for. Everyone looked shocked with his story except of course Snapes family and the adult weasleys already knew Snape was good. And so dinner past by pleasantly everyone accepting everything with ease. Well from what it seemed they did.

After the story everyone had finished eating and out came a huge cake baked like a golden snitch. Everyone sang Harry happy birthday and he looked around smiling broadly. When everyone was done singing Harry said "thank you all so much this means so much to me" and he blew out the candles. Everyone clapped and smiled glad he was happy. The only presents he got were from the snape family since everyone else already gave him his gifts on his birthday. He got lots of new clothes and cologne from snape buffy and their children.

Once dinner was over Snape asked "Molly Arthur would you too like to join me and Buffy in the den while the children all catch up?". "Ofcourse" replied Molly.

Harry POV

Harry and the other children left the den and went out back to where the waterfall was. I was all lit up by the moon and stars.

"well Harry how are you liking it here truly?" asked ron. "I mean it's Snape for crying out loud! How could you really trust him?"

Harry sighed. "well Ron the thing is there is a lot more to Snape than either one of us thought. Also he really truly helped me when I needed it most and has told me more truth than even Dumbledore did."

Everyone nodded in understanding. "well Harry if you truly are ok and you are fine then that's what matters" said Hermione.

"well then" said Fred, "how about a more proper introduction." "I agree" replied George.

Everyone looked at them questioningly. Fred and George smiled toothily at Cyra and said simultaneously "we are both very handsome funny men who are single and looking for a beautiful woman to become more than friends with."

Harry Hermione and Ron were shocked while Ginny laughed at their forwardness and dillon Cyra and Mia just smiled. Cyra replies with all seriousness yet with a twinkle in her eyes" well then if you are both single then you wouldn't mind accompanying me to my room and making me into a woman?"

All the weasleys Hermione and Harry were shocked while dillon and Mia laughed. "you must understand something" replied Dillon, "we are part faery and being so if you know about our culture we are very open about sex and our bodies. Also by the age of 14 we are allowed a lover if we so choose. The reason being is we don't procreate like others. We have to love the person we wish to have children with and even then we decide when to get pregnant or get someone pregnant." "And so" said Cyra "that is why I responded the way I did. Don't get me wrong I wasn't truly going to do it but I thought it would be an amusing idea."

Everyone laughed at that and just enjoyed the rest of the time talking and catching up and couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts in a in a few weeks. Even the Snape children were excited and couldn't wait to see which houses they were sorted into.

After a couple hours everyone went on home and the snape family including Harry relaxed, changed and went to bed.

It was 9 am when Harry awoke. He got up dressed and went into the kitchen where surprisingly Buffy was at already drinking some tea. "good morning"said Buffy "how was your night?"

"Everything was fantastic Buffy. Thank you again for everything and the presents were great to." he replied.

"that's great to hear Harry. I'm glad your up early cause I wanted to have a chance to talk to you about everything. "

"oh ok Buffy" he replied. "well first have some breakfast since it will be a long story and meet me in the den." said Buffy. Harry nodded.

And so he ate his breakfast quickly anxious to hear her story and rushed to the den. Once I inside he sat down on the couch opposite her and waited. Harry just looked at Buffy waiting for her to speak. Today she was wearing black leggings with a tight white long sleeved shirt that was of the shoulders and looking beautiful. Yet even her beauty couldn't hide her sadness she was showing.

"it's ok Buffy if you don't want to tell me right now" said Harry feeling bad that it was so hard for her to speak. "no no it's ok Harry I will tell you. You deserve to know."

"well let me start by asking if Sev told you about my mother and father?"

Harry nodded and replied " he told me about them though not really much about them but that their were your parents and conceived you."

"ok then so let me start there since that's where it begins. And please Harry I know this story will make you angry but try to let me finish and if you still feel like storming off to collect your thoughts I will understand" said Buffy sadly. Harrys curiosity was peaked. What could be so terrible I would run off angry? He thought. "It's ok Buffy il hear you out." he said.

"ok here goes." and she took a deep breath and began her story.

"my father as you know was a muggle, what you don't know is he sired a child before me with a witch and abandoned them both when he discovered she was magical. The babys mother past giving birth to the child and he was put into an orphanage. That baby grew up with no father and the father wanted nothing to do with him. Not that he knew where he was or that the woman who gave birth to him was dead. The baby grew up in that orphanage and when he found out about magic went to Hogwarts and grew up. Only this child hated his father for everything and so he went to kill him. Only he didn't want to kill him right away he wanted him to suffer and so mixed a deadly poison of witches blood and wolfs blood to kill the man. Only thing is when the man ingested the poison unknowingly a beautiful woman appeared in his life. They fell in love instantly and she conceived. Yet because of the poison the man died before knowing he was going to have another child. A child born of a faery woman with witches and wolfs blood also due to the poison. Yet when the blood mixed with the faery blood instead of the child dying the unborn child became part wolf as you see before you Harry. The boy who was now a man killed his father yet gained a sister. And so even though that man was not born of faery blood he was bound to their most sacred law. He can not kill his family. Sadly he had already killed them all before I was born so it didn't matter to him. He went on to become a terrible person. Have you realized who the man is Harry? The most vile hated man in the wizardly world! Yes Harry my brother is Lord Voldemort."

Harry was stunned. How could this be?! It can't be true!!! So that is why he didn't kill her and why she didn't kill him. The faery law prevented it. He couldn't take it. The one woman who was being so nice to him his godmother his mothers best friend was Voldemorts own sister?!? Did his mother know? Did Dumbledore?

"Harry I know this must be very difficult for you. I mean I don't like it either that I'm related to that man but it can't be helped. But so you know I never once joined in his quest for dominance. I was always against him and even in the group against him called The Order of the Pheonix. That is something else I will talk to you about but on a later date when you have absorbed what I just dropped on you. I will understand if you don't trust me right now because of this and you may leave if you wish." Buffy said softly.

Harry shook his head and stood up " I'm sorry Buffy I need some time to think about everything" and he took off out of the room not being able to look at her another moment and went to speak with his parents.

"I understand" Buffy said sadly with tears in her eyes. "I understand"

Hello dear readers sorry for the delay I had some personal issues but I'm back and here is another chapter up. How many of you thought she was somehow related to Voldemort? Big chocolate frog to whoever did! And if you didn't well how did you take it? Do u hate me for it? Please review!!! And once this chapter is up and validated another will come!!!

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