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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 9 : Let's Just Be Friends
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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter


                Hermione didn’t have time to think. She didn’t want to think. If she started thinking right now then it would ruin everything. Right now she just wanted to close her eyes tight and focus on the feel of Draco’s warm soft lips against hers. The feel of his hands splayed across the small of her back pulling her closer to him. She helped out by wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, closing the tiny distance that was left between their bodies.

               One of his hands came up to cup the back of her head, she felt her hair loosen and she realized he took the clip out that was holding her hair in place. She felt her soft curls fall down brushing across her shoulders and back as his fingers buried deeper into her hair softly massaging her scalp.


                The tip of his tongue traced the crease between her lips, wordlessly asking her to open her mouth and let him in. She did so without second guessing herself. His tongue swept in slowly exploring the inside of her mouth with sure, confident strokes. He tasted like peppermint and smelled like outdoors on a spring day.


                She met his tongue with hers, timidly and awkward at first, but by the way he moaned softly low in his throat when she did so she figured she was doing okay. She wasn’t an experienced snogger, but she was a quick learner.


                He nibbled on her bottom lip making her want to bite back a moan herself. He moved from her lips kissing along her jaw and down the column of her neck. She had to bite down on her lip to prevent herself from doing something that would truly embarrass herself. Who knew your neck could be so sensitive?  She flexed her fingers after realizing that she was digging them into his shoulders, not that he was complaining about it.


                Draco moved back up kissing the extremely sensitive spot below her ear. Sucking in a shuttering breath she made the mistake of opening her eyes. Suddenly everything came back to her. They couldn’t do this, they shouldn’t be doing this.


                Damn it, why did she have to open her eyes and start thinking again, bringing herself back to reality? Draco must have felt her suddenly tense up because he pulled away slightly, but didn’t let go of her.


“Everything okay?” he murmured.


“We probably shouldn’t be doing this.”


Frowning he pulled away from her. “Are you about to give me another lecture as to why we can’t do this again?”


Ignoring his snide comment she went on. “You know we can’t.”


He scrubbed a hand over his face; his lips were swollen and pink from their kissing. “I’m finding it harder and harder to remember why that is exactly.”


“You know why.”


“Do you know why?” he countered.


Hermione crossed her arms over her chest getting annoyed. “Of course I know why.” She said


He said nothing just arched his eyebrow at her.


She looked away from him. “I’m not right for you.” She said quietly suddenly shy and unsure.


She felt his hand touch her cheek making her turn her head so she was looking back at him.


His eyes soften as he looked at her. “I don’t care.” He said sounding sincere.


She moved away from his touch. “That’s not what you would have said six days ago before we got into this situation.”


“You don’t know that.” He said quietly.


She looked him in the eye. “Really? So your saying that before we got partnered up in class together, or before we accidentally got stuck here together that you would have been open to the idea of hanging out with me for none school related activities, or talk to me and kiss me in front of your friends?”


Uncertainty flickered in his eyes. “I might have wanted to, but whether or not I acted on it would have been a different story.”


“Well what’s going to happen once we go back to Hogwarts? Would you come up to me in a busy corridor full of students and say hi or hold my hand and walk me to class? Be openly affectionate to me in front of your friends and all of the Slytherins? Or will you go back to being your old self and ignore me and pretend nothing happened between us and go back to playing humiliating jokes on me or insulting me like you used to do?”


Draco looked away from her. “I don’t know Hermione.” He looked back at her then. “I can promise you that I will never hurt you again, but I have no idea what’s going to happen once we get back any more than you do. I don’t know what’s going to happen between us 10 years from now let alone a week from now. Hell I don’t know what’s going to happen two days from now.” He tried to reach out for her hand but she pulled it away just out of reach.


“I just don’t know if I can do this. And believe me, right now I just want to throw everything away and forget the past and just live in the moment, not caring about the consequences. But I can’t. I can’t just shut off my brain and let go without feelings getting in the way. For me it has to be all or nothing.” Shaking her head she ran a hand through her mused hair. “Merlin, listen to me I sound like some crazy, neurotic, clingy girlfriend and we’re not even together.”


Draco nodded. “Neurotic and clingy maybe, but definitely not crazy.” He teased obviously trying to lighten up the mood.


Hermione snorted trying not to smile.


“If you don’t want to do anything then we don’t have to. I’m not going to pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. I’m not that kind of guy.”


Taking a deep breath she nodded. “I know.” She said quietly.


Draco slanted his head studying her, one side of his mouth tilted up at the end. “You don’t believe me do you?”


She laughed softly and shook her head. “No not really.” She smiled shyly. “But right now I’ll take your word for it.”


He chuckled at that and nodded. “Okay so maybe we should just start over as friends and go from there?” He said.


Hermione thought that over. “Okay.”


He nodded. “Good. So friends?” He held out his hand towards her wanting her to shake it.


Hermione eyed his outstretched hand and then back up to his face. Slowly she reached out her hand and grabbed his gently.




                Once her hand made contact with his much larger hand she felt an electric tingle shoot up her arms and down to her toes. His long warm fingers gently wrapped around her hand and squeezed lightly to confirm the hand shake.


“Friends.” He repeated softly staring into her eyes intently.     


                He didn’t let go of her hand and she made no move to loosen her fingers around his. They sat like that for what seemed like minutes, when a tapping at the kitchen window broke their attention. Regrettably Hermione loosened her fingers pulling her hand away as Draco stood up and walked into the kitchen to retrieve the letter an owl hand sent.


                Hermione sat back and leaned against the side of the chair watching Crissy play with her toys. What the hell was wrong with her? She was the biggest hypocrite ever. She wanted so badly to be with him, yet she told him she couldn’t. And she wanted just for once to let everything go and do everything with him and when she backed away he accepted that and didn’t push and now she was disappointed. He did what she told him to do and she was sad. She wanted him to fight and push her, but he didn’t, he respected her wishes. And she definitely did not want to be friends with him, she wanted…more. And that thought terrified her.


                He didn’t exactly deny what was going to happen once they got back…if they ever get back. He would probably go back to being the ass he used to be and pretend nothing ever happened. She was afraid to let go, because she knew it would completely break her heart as soon as he turned his back on her once they go back to Hogwarts. She wouldn’t be able to stand it. Even now she was pretty much doomed, because she was already well on her way of falling for him.


Crissy finished playing with her toys and crawled over to Hermione.  “Mama.” She said climbing into her lap and laying her head on her chest.


                Holding Crissy to her she got up off the floor. Draco walked back into the living room reading the letter.


“Who is it from?” Hermione asked holding Crissy on her hip.


“My manager.” He replied still reading.


“You have a manager?”


He looked up from the letter. “Don’t sound so surprised.” He smirked.


She shook her head. “So what did he have to say?”


“He said he needs to discuss something important with me tomorrow after practice.”


“Hmmm, so is that a good thing or a bad thing?” she asked.


Draco shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.”


Hermione nodded. “Right well I’m going to give Crissy a bath and get her ready for bed.”


“Are you sure about that?” Draco nodded his head towards Crissy who was fast asleep, laying her head against Hermione’s shoulder.


Hermione looked down at her sleeping daughter. “Hmmm, well I guess a bath can wait until tomorrow.”


She said quietly stroking back Crissy’s soft baby hair off her forehead.


                They both helped put Crissy down to bed. It took a team effort to change clothes on a sleeping baby, although once Hermione started to change her diaper, Crissy woke up and got really fussy. But once that was said and done she quickly fell back to sleep once her head hit the soft billowy mattress of her crib.


                Hermione followed Draco out of the nursery quietly shutting the door behind them. An awkward silence now hung between them, now that their little buffer aka Crissy was asleep and it was just the two of them. Especially after the weird ‘I won’t to be with you, but I can’t so let’s just be friends’ talk that took place between them moments ago.


                Hermione decided she needed to be alone for a bit and since it was too early to go to bed she decided to do the next best thing.


“Right well since Crissy’s asleep. I’m just going to go take a bath now.”


Draco nodded. “Yeah okay.”


As Hermione walked down the short hallway to the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

                Draco watched as Hermione walked towards their bedroom. Once she closed the door he walked back into the living room and flopped down on the lumpy sofa turning the telly on. He didn’t know what he was watching and he didn’t really care since really he wasn’t seeing anything anyway, just staring at it.


                Scrubbing a hand down his face and sighing out loud. He could hear the water running down the hall, probably Hermione running her bath water, getting it to the right temperature before sliding her body into it, her naked body. Merlin that was something he shouldn’t think about.


                What kind of idiotic move did he just do when he decided they could just be friends? No way would he be able to keep a promise like that whenever he was near her. And that was just it, whenever he got near her, he couldn’t seem to think straight, thus making crazy promises he most likely couldn’t keep. Normally when a girl turned him down he would brush it off and move on to another girl who was willing. But this wasn’t the case, he had no desire to get some sort of release elsewhere and it wasn’t because they had to live in the same house and pretend to be married to one another.


                 He truly meant it when he said he would wait for her and take it slow…well he didn’t exactly say all that to her in so many words. Instead he told her they could just be friends and take it from there. Although there was no way he could just be or stay friends with her. Not after he had a taste of her more than once. All they’ve done is kiss and yet each time her lips met his it was like an electric shock that ran through his entire body and he became completely tuned in to every move she made, every sound, touch. Only she existed and nothing else mattered. That has never happened to him before and he didn’t know what it was about her that attracted him so much and it scared the shit out of him.


                Especially since he actually did want to take it slow with her, only so he wouldn’t scare her off. He was afraid once that happened then he would probably never get her to come around towards him.


Maybe if he kept his distance for a while…a friendly distance, then she would come around. 


                He didn’t want to freak her out by coming on to strongly, it was quite obvious how inexperienced she was, so he had to be careful about this, and eventually let her know that this wasn’t some sort of game he was playing at here, he truly wanted to be with her. He’s never had to work this hard to get a girl before and it was confusing the hell out of him.


                But he didn’t know what was going to happen once they got back to Hogwarts and that’s what she seemed to be so hung up on, on how everyone else around them would react and honestly that made him nervous to even think about. He had never been known for treating Hermione or her friends kindly and it would seem odd if he made a 180 and not only become friends with her but actually started dating her.


                About 45 minutes later Hermione came back out into the living room, her hair fell in wet ringlets down past her shoulders and she wore those shapeless, baggy garments she called pajamas. The scent of jasmine hit his nose and shot straight to his groin when she walked by him on her way to the kitchen. He had to shift around in his seat so she wouldn’t notice just how much she managed to affect him.


“Do you want any ice cream?” Hermione asked from the kitchen.


“Uh yeah sure. Do you need any help?”


“No that’s okay I got it.” She said back.


                A minute or two later she came back in holding two bowls of ice cream. She handed him his and he couldn’t help but notice she added something different to her.


“Why is yours different?” he asked.


Hermione looked down at her own bowl and shrugged as she walked over and sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the room. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said coyly.


He tried to get a closer look, but he couldn’t see that well from where he was sitting, but he did notice little green pieces throughout her vanilla ice cream. “What did you put in there?” he asked her suspiciously.


“It doesn’t matter what I put in there. Why are you watching the Home Shopping Network?”

“Don’t try to change the subject. Please tell you didn’t put what I think you put in there?”


She glared at him teasingly. “Stop fusing about mine and eat your own damn ice cream.”


“Bloody hell Hermione. Why would you put pickles in there? Do you have any idea how disgusting that is?” Shaking his head. “Pickles and ice cream, that’s just…unnatural.”


Ignoring him she took a bite of her pickled ice cream. Draco made a face and visibly shuttered.


She took another bite. “Just be thankful I didn’t add any to your bowl.”


“Yeah, thank Merlin.” He muttered.


                They sat in silence as they watched two elderly women selling creepy looking baby dolls on what Hermione called the Home Shopping Network. He kept glancing at Hermione, wincing every time she took a bite, clearly ignoring him.


“Will you stop watching me. I’m trying to eat and you making me self-conscious.”


He chuckled.


                Once Hermione finished eating, she got up and collected the empty bowls and loaded them into the muggle machine that washed dishes. Coming back into the living room she yawned and told him she was going to bed. Before she walked down the hallway towards the bedroom she turned around.


“Are you sleeping out here tonight or in the bed?” she asked shyly.


Draco looked her in the eye without getting off of the sofa. “If I sleep in that bed with you. I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.” He told her honestly.


Hermione’s chocolate brown eyes grew wide and a pink blush bloomed across her cheeks. “Oh.” She said sounding speechless. “Um.” She bit her bottom lip nervously.


“Which is why I’ll sleep out here tonight.” He told her letting her off the hook.


She let out a nervous breath, or maybe it was one of relief. “Okay goodnight.” She said quickly then turned and practically ran down the hallway away from him.


Draco sighed so much for keeping it friendly between them. “Night.” He muttered to the now empty room.

                Draco woke up, his back aching from the horribly lumpy sofa that was too short for him to fully stretch out on. He got up and stretched out his aching muscles and crackling joints. He was about to go to the kitchen and get the coffee started when he heard giggling coming from the hallway.


                He walked towards the noise and realized it was coming from the nursery. He slowly opened the door and peaked inside. Crissy was awake playing with her dragon. She saw him and squealed.




He walked over to her crib. “Good morning Princess.”


                She stood up, holding on to the bars for support and stretched out her arms ready to be picked up. He picked her up and took her over to the changing table and put her in a fresh diaper. Then went to the closet and picked out an outfit for her to wear and dressed her in it.


                He was about to leave the room when his eyes fell on the little white muggle intercom device Hermione called a baby monitor. The temptation was too hard to resist, carrying Crissy on his hip he walked over to it and started speaking directly into it.


“Hermione?” A voice called to her, waking her up from her sleepy state.


“Hmmm?” she murmured too tired to form any actual words or to open her eyes.


“Hermione? Wake up.” The voice called out again, slowly coaxing her out of sleep.


“Mmmm.” She moaned and rolled over and clutched a pillow at her side using it as a body pillow.


“Wake up. I know your still in bed.” The sing-song like voice called out.


“Ugh, go away.” She murmured into her pillow.


“Wakey, wakey sleepy head.”


Hermione moaned again the voice sounded far away as if she were dreaming or something.


“Hermione?” the voice was louder this time.


Hermione’s eyes popped open. “Huh? Draco?” she sat up and looked around the darken room.


                The sun wasn’t even up. She didn’t see him anywhere, but she could have sworn she heard his voice. Maybe she was dreaming.


“Hermione wake up. Crissy tell mummy to wake up.” Hermione heard Draco say and realized his voice was coming from the baby monitor.


“Wake. Wake.” She heard Crissy squeal then giggled.


                Hermione fell back against her pillow and let out a sigh, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She rolled her head to the side to look at the clock on her bedside table than groaned. Pushing the covers off her she sat up and got out of bed and walked over to the door. Opening it she almost ran smack into Draco’s chest.


“Oh good your awake.” He said smirking down at her.


“Do you have any idea what bloody time it is?” she glared at him.


“Uh no.”


“Its five o’clock in the morning.”


“Oh whoops.” He said looking not in the least bit apologetic. “Nice hair.” He reached up as if to push away a stray curl, but she swatted his hand away. “Someone’s cranky this morning.” He chuckled.


“Humph.” She muttered as she pushed past him. “I am when it’s only five o’clock in the morning and I could still be sleeping.” She grumbled walking into the kitchen; she stopped short when she saw Crissy.


“What did you put her in?” she asked Draco as he started making coffee for himself.


“What are you talking about?” he asked back.


“What is she wearing?” Hermione asked looking at Crissy.


Draco turned his head and looked at their daughter, then back at Hermione. “Uh…clothes.”

Hermione rolled her eyes at him. “She’s wearing a party dress.”


“Um…so? She looks cute in it.” He said clearly not seeing the point.


“Yeah but she can’t play or crawl around in it. It isn’t practical.”


“It’s just a dress Hermione it’s not a big deal.”


“Yeah well it’s not something you can just throw in the wash and expect it to get clean.”


“Then put her in something different I don’t care.”


Hermione huffed out a sigh. “I’ll do it later. I’m too exhausted to do anything right now.” She walked over to the dining table and sat down handing Crissy a fresh bottle of milk.


                She could feel a headache coming on. Draco walked over to the table and sat a bowl of cereal down in front of her.


“Eat something you’re looking a bit pale.” He told her and then sat down on the other side of Crissy, feeding her bites of applesauce in between his own bites of his breakfast.


                She picked up her spoon and took a hesitant bite. Her stomach wasn’t feeling too great. She was getting so sick of this morning sickness thing. She thought that maybe it was finally passing since she hadn’t gotten sick at all yesterday, which was a first. But now not so much.


“Do you have any plans for today?” Draco asked her in between bites.


“No not really. I think it’s supposed to rain today so I don’t know.” She told him.


Finishing his breakfast he got up and put his dirty dishes in the sink. “I’m going to go take a shower.” He told her and left the kitchen.


                Hermione cleaned Crissy then took her to the nursery and changed her out of her party dress. What was Draco thinking? She thought. Sometimes boys’ don’t know anything. Once she changed her into something more appropriate, she took Crissy back into the living room and sat her on the floor in front of her pile of toys. Hermione flipped the telly on and turned to a supposedly educational children’s cartoon that Crissy absolutely adored.


                Hermione sat down on the sofa. Draco’s pillow was still placed along the armrest while a pile of bunched up blankets were kicked to the opposite end. She could still hear the water running from the bedroom so she felt it was okay to lean over and take a small whiff. The pillow smelled like him and his spicy smelling soap he used. Ugh she was being ridiculous, who goes around sniffing pillows? Apparently she does.


                She straightens back up and yawned. She was still extremely tired, she felt like she could use at least two more hours of sleep. She tried to concentrate on the telly but her eyelids kept drifting shut like they were made of cement. It wouldn’t hurt to take a tiny nap, just until Draco left for practice. She lay down on the sofa; laying her head on his pillow and she quickly fell asleep.


                Draco walked into the living room and saw Hermione curled up on the sofa sound asleep. Her face was buried in the pillow he used last night and her hair was spilled all around it. She looked like a small child with her legs curled up to her stomach. He picked up the blanket at the end of the sofa and draped it over her body.


                He then sat down on the chair, he had about an hour or so before he needed to be at practice. He tried paying attention to the children’s program Crissy was watching with enthusiasm it feature fully grown men dancing around in brightly colored costumes made of foam or some such material. But his eyes kept straying back to Hermione, just watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful and content even if she was sleeping on the lumpy sofa. And he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her.


                Once it was time for him to leave she still hadn’t woken up, so he went into the bedroom so he wouldn’t disturb her and called upon Ziggy.


She arrived with a pop. “Mr. Malfoy you called Ziggy?” the little house elf said.


“Yes Ziggy I need to go to practice and Hermione is resting right now. Could you please watch over Crissy until Hermione wakes up? Just make sure she doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t and keep her entertained and whatnot.”


“Of course Mr. Malfoy, Ziggy loves Crissy very much, no harm will come to Crissy when Crissy is in Ziggy’s care.”


“Thank you Ziggy you are the best.”

                Draco walked back into the living room and kissed Crissy goodbye and told her to be good for Ziggy. And snuck one more glance at Hermione who was still asleep before he left for the day.


               Hermione blinked her eyes open then rolled onto her back and stretched out her legs. Opening her eyes to the living room she had a brief moment of panic, where was she? Why was she on the sofa? Then she remembered she shut her eyes for a bit until Draco finished his shower. Except she could tell that his presence was missing in the house.


               She sat up and looked at the clock on the wall. Dear Merlin, she’s been asleep for four hours. It only felt as if it had been a few minutes. She looked around the room for Crissy. Oh no, where was she?


“Crissy?” she called out.


                What kind of mother was she? Who falls asleep when they’re supposed to be watching over a child? Anything could have happened.




                She heard giggling coming from the nursery. She went over and opened the door and practically sagged with relief.


“Oh thank god. Ziggy you’re here.”


“Morning Mrs. Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy sent for Ziggy so you could sleep in peace.”


“Did he now? Well that was very considerate of him. Thank you very much for watching Crissy. Could you stay a bit longer so I can take a shower and get ready for the day?”


“Of course Mrs. Malfoy anything for baby Crissy.”


                Hermione decided to make another run to the grocery store that day unfortunately it was pouring down rain so she wanted to make this trip as quickly as possible.


                It was pouring down rain and he was soaked to the bone. Draco’s dripping wet quidditch practice robes kept weighing him down, making it impossible for him to go his top speed on his broom. Thunder and lightning lit up the sky. All of his teammates looked tired and wet. The rain had slowed practice down tremendously making them run two hours overtime.


He still had that meeting with his manager, which was supposed to take place more than an hour ago. He looked down at the side lines on the quidditch pitch and he couldn’t see his manager Robbie anywhere. The note said he would meet him on the pitch around four o’clock. And it was now about 5:30pm. And still no sign of him.


Their coach blew his whistle and everyone slowly started descending to the ground. Hopefully he is calling practice to a close. Once Draco’s feet touched the ground he dismounted his broom and awaited further instruction.


“Whoa. Now’s she’s a beauty.” His teammate Roger said next to him. “You’re a lucky man to have her as your new manager. Man if only I wasn’t married.” Roger said slapping Draco on the back.


                Draco turned his head and saw who he was talking about. A beautiful tall well fit woman stood at the sidelines standing under an umbrella to keep her from getting wet. She had long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She wore a silky blouse and a skin tight skirt that hugged her hips all the way down to her knees. Paired with impossibly tall black pencil thin heels. Who wore heels to a quidditch pitch? Roger was right she was a beauty, someone he would be very attracted too if he didn’t have two girls waiting for him at home.


“What are you talking about? My new manager?” Draco asked Roger who was still staring at the girl.


“Didn’t Robbie tell you? He’s retiring soon and that there is his daughter Gwen. She’s going to be taking his place. She’s only 22 years old and has already coached the girl’s quidditch team over at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for the past four years.” Roger told him. “She may look like a delicate flower but she knows her stuff when it comes to quidditch.”


“Impressive.” Draco said.


Just then Gwen caught his eye and started waving madly towards him. “Mr. Malfoy.” She called out to him.


“That’s your cue. See you later mate.” Roger said slapping him on the back again.


                Gwen slowly made her way over to him in her spiky heels through the muddy grass. He decided to take pity on her and meet her half way.


Once she reached him she stretched out her hand. “Mr. Malfoy. It’s so nice to finally meet you. I’m Gwendolyn Masters, but you can call me Gwen. I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m Robbie’s daughter and I’ll be taking his place once he retires next month.”


Draco shook her hand. “Uh yeah nice to meet you too.”


“Did you receive our note we sent last night? I know it was last minute but the information we have is quite exciting and important.”


“Yeah I received your letter; sorry our practice ran a bit over. And we’ll I was expecting Robbie to be here so I’ve been looking for him, not you. If I’d had known I would have been down sooner.”


“Oh no it’s quite alright. My father’s was held up as well and couldn’t make it to the agreed upon time. This is why I’m here instead to ask if you will accompany me to dinner.”


“Uh dinner?”


“Yes so we can have that meeting, somewhere dry to get out of this rain. My father will be joining us shortly at the restaurant we already made a reservation so everything is already taken care of.”


“Um yeah okay. Except I’m afraid I’m not exactly prepared to go to dinner at the moment. I’ll have to go home and change and let my wife know what going’s on.”


“Oh no problem, we have time for you to change and then we can head to the restaurant to meet my father. I’m ready whenever you are.”


“Right. Okay, yeah let’s go.” She certainly was a persistent little thing, Draco thought.


                Hermione rinsed her mouth out after losing just about everything she ate for lunch. This morning sickness was going to be the death of her. She needed to get back out to the kitchen to make sure she didn’t burn dinner again. Draco was most likely due back any minute. And she sure hoped he was hungry, because she made enough food to feed a small army.


                She walked out of the bathroom holding a hand up to her mouth, then stopped abruptly. Someone was in the living room holding her daughter.


“Who are you?” Hermione said reaching for her wand.


The stranger turned around. “Oh hello you must be Hermione. I’m Gwen Master’s, Draco’s new manager.”


“You’re his manager?” Hermione asked looking her up and down.


                The woman was like a supermodel in heels. Tall and blonde, very blonde. Her appearance made Hermione seem extremely frumpy. Once her and Crissy returned from bed shopping they were drenched and Hermione changed into yoga pants and a white baggy t-shirt that she suspected was one of Draco’s because it hung to her knees and was extremely soft, which is why she choose to wear it.


“Yes I’m his new manager or I will be once my father retires.”


“I see. Well if you’re looking for Draco I’m afraid he’s not…”


“Oh no he’s here. I believe he’s taking a shower right now. We arrived together.” Gwen explained.


                But she didn’t explain why she was standing in her living room at the moment.


Gwen looked down at Hermione. “Are you feeling alright you look a bit pale and um you have a bit…um” she pointed to Hermione’s shirt.


Hermione looked down at herself and blushed; a brownish orange splotch stained her shirt. “Oh its mashed pumpkin squash. I swear it’s not what you think it is. Crissy’s not fond of squash.”


“Okay whatever you say.” Gwen said.


“Oh there you are. Have you met Gwen?” Draco said walking into the living room.


                He wore black trousers and a button down shirt with no tie, similar to what he wore that night they met Pansy and Blaise for dinner.


“Are you going somewhere?” Hermione asked him.


“Yeah we have a dinner meeting.” Draco told her.


“Oh I thought that the meeting was earli…”


“Practice ran late so the meeting got pushed back. We’re meeting Robbie for dinner in about 20 minutes.”


“Oh so you won’t be eating dinner here then?” she said trying to keep the disappointment out of her voice.


Draco’s face softened a bit. “No sorry. It was a bit last minute and Gwen said it’s rather important that we have this meeting as soon as possible.”


“It’s okay. It just means more food for me then.”


“Is it even edible?” he teased her.


Hermione rolled her eyes. “I burnt dinner that one time. It doesn’t mean everything I make will end up the same way.” She told him.


“Hmmm sure.” He smirked at her then looked down at her shirt. “You have a little bit of…”


“It’s mashed pumpkin squash okay. It’s not vomit like you think.” She snapped a bit more forcefully then she meant to and crossed her arms tightly around her chest coving up the stain.


Draco held up his hands and chuckled. “I wasn’t thinking that.”


Gwen cleared her throat behind them. “Sorry to interrupt but we really should get going.” She told Draco.


“Right.” He took Crissy out of Gwen’s arms, kissed her goodbye then handed her off to Hermione. “Don’t wait up.” He told her then walked over to Gwen’s side and offered his arm to her.


                Gwen wrapped her fingers around his arm. They made the picture perfect looking couple, tall, blonde and blue eyed perfection. It made Hermione’s insides twist. With a pop they were gone. Great now not only was she feeling and acting like a crazy, neurotic, clingy girlfriend she could now add jealous to the list as well.

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Playing House with Malfoy: Let's Just Be Friends


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