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In Too Deep by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 1 : Interrupted
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"Scorpius!" Dominique's voice whispered, piercing the silence of the Slytherin Dungeon common room with the word.

Scorpius grinned to himself as he quietly slipped open the heavy, oak door to reveal Dom standing in the doorway, in her pajamas, her silvery-blond hair in loose curls around her face which made her vibrant, strikingly blue eyes sparkle and gleam with the moonlight from the single window shining directly on her.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her in the room, shutting the door behind her and pressing her back against the wall as she struggled to stifle her giggles as his lips traveled from hers down to her neck.

"I missed you," he breathed in to her neck as she ran her fingers through his tousled platinum blonde hair.

"I missed you too," she breathed back, grabbing his face and pulling it towards her, forcing him to look at her with his penetrating gray eyes, right before she crushed her lips to his.

He smiled in to their kiss, "I can tell."

She giggled, not annoyed in the slightest by the smug comment that, had any one else said it, would have annoyed her beyond end, but with him, she didn't care. He lifted her off the ground gracefully as she wrapped her legs around his waist, giggling all the while, unable to contain her entertainment any longer.

He stumbled to his green and silver decorated four poster bed and fell on to it, never once letting his lips leave hers.

She giggled as her fingers fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, undoing them as fast as she could, smiling to herself when two of them flew off as she yanked and tore at the buttons, causing them to soar across the room and hit the side of the wall, bouncing off and hitting the wooden floor, making little tapping noises with each little move.

She tore the shirt off and on to the floor as his hands found her waist and his lips her throat.

She hurriedly undid the black belt that held up his sleek, black pants and threw it to the ground with a clang neither of them noticed. She slid them off and tossed them on to the ground, which landed in a messy heap on someone else's trunk of clothes.

She giggled as she slipped out of the black cami top that she wore, running her fingers through his messy hair as he kissed the spot where her throat met her shoulder blades.

He slid off her blue, barely-long-enough-to-be-called-shorts shorts and threw them to the ground.

She pulled him closer to her pulling his face away from her shoulder blade and back to hers, smiling to herself as she stifled yet another giggle.

As their kisses got rougher and their breath heavier, they found it hard to keep thinking straight. The room spun. This was the only real thing in the world, her, Dominique Weasley and him, Scorpius Malfoy.

Everyone assumed that Scorpius and Rose would fall in love, just like the tragic tale of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Forbidden to be together, but overcoming the odds and finding a way, which ultimately lead to their untimely deaths, leaving two grieving families to mourn their deaths, although not together. And yet, it was her, Dominique Weasley who had captured his heart. Too bad everything can be taken away in seconds.

She pulled away from their kiss, each of them struggling to let air come in to their lungs again, as their eyes looked at each other, Scorpius not entirely sure of why she'd broken their kiss.

"Scorp..." she breathed, her chest moving up and down, struggling to let her find a proper amount of air.

He met her eyes, silently telling her to keep going, obviously ready to resume their steamy make-out.

"I....can't..." she gasped, her eyes searching his in a silent prayer that he wasn't mad.

He smiled faintly as his eyes took on a look of understanding, "That's fine," he said, although a part of him wanted to say that it wasn't.

She smiled faintly, now breathing at a steady rate again, "Sorry."

"For what?" he laughed quietly, pulling her in to his arms, hugging her to his body, "We don't have to do anything you don't want to."

She let her mouth form in to a large grin as she kissed his lips gently, "I love you,"

He grinned, "I love you too, Dom."

She remained quiet for a moment, not sure how he would react to what she wanted to say to him but knowing it was something she desperately needed to say.

"Scorp..." she began slowly, hoping that her question wouldn't make him hate her.

"Mmm?" he mumbled, pulling a piece of hair out from her face.

"When do you think we should tell people? About us, I mean?" she asked, quietly, after getting out the last word, searching his eyes for clues as to what he was going to say.

His eyes widening in surprise before his eyebrows knitted together in confusion, "I thought you didn't want anyone to know?"

"I didn't," she said, too-quickly, "but, I hate keeping it from everyone, especially Rose. We've been like sisters ever since were little, and I hate keeping it from her. I just think that maybe we should tell everyone..." she sighed, hoping she explained herself well enough.

He hesitated before answering, unsure of what to say.

"Dom," he began, but she cut him off.

"I know you want to keep it a secret, but I hate hiding it from everyone. I mean, I used to worry about what my family would think, but...I love you, Scorp. As long as we're happy it shouldn't matter what our parents think," she sighed, hoping she'd convinced him and not just made him angry.

He sighed, looking aware from her, unable to meet her eyes, what his parents thought was not the why he chose to keep the relationship a secret at this point, it was something else.

He'd made a mistake, a big one, and he knew that if Dom told everyone, then she'd tell everyone how long they'd been going out and his secret would surely come to the surface.

Rose would blab to Dom about it.

Dom gulped, a terrible thought creeping in to her brain, "You...aren't ashamed of me, are you?"

His eyes widened in shock and surprise, "of course not!"

The idea was beyond ridiculous, she was by far one of the most beautiful and smart girls at the school and to top it all off, she was quite the Quidditch player, even though she refused to believe she was anything more than 'mediocre.'

"Then why can't I tell them? Please, at least Rose and Victoire. I have to tell them, I tell them everything..." she begged, quietly.

He let out a long sigh, "Dom,"

She cut him off again.

"Scorp, please! I can't take lying anymore. Sure, sneaking around is fun, but just let me tell them. Victoire wouldn't tell anyone and neither would Rose, I swear!" she whispered, her voice breaking slightly.

He was probably spot-on about Victoire, but she was completely wrong about Rose.

Well, not entirely, she wouldn't tell people at school, but she would tell about what happened between them.

"Alright," he said finally, knowing this had to be a battle he'd lose, he knew he'd wind up succumbing to her pleading, "you can tell them, it's fine."

Her eyes brightened and her mouth curled up in to a grin that could light up the sky.

"Thank you," she smiled, as she kissed his lips again.

He smiled, pulling her in to his arms, once more, as she sighed in to his chest.

She was going to tell Rose Weasley tomorrow morning, which surely meant that by noon their relationship would be over.

He smiled in to her hair, taking in the sweet smell of lilac, which was that of her shampoo.

"Scorp? Scorp, you in there?" a low voice hissed from outside the door.

Scorpius and Dom's eyes widened in shock and fear.


Dom jumped to her feet and was throwing on her clothes in record time, while Scorpius scrambled to get under the blankets.

She heard the doorknob slowly start to turn and her heart raced, as she looked frantically around for a hiding place. Her eyes found a long, silver and green curtain and skidded across the floor and hid herself behind it in mere seconds, just as the door swung open revealing her cousin, who was surprisingly sorted in to Slytherin, Albus Potter standing in the door way.

"Scorp? You awake?" he hissed, trying to determine for himself the answer to the question.

Scorpius sat up slowly, rubbing his squinted eyes trying to act like he'd just been woken up although after that quick, little adrenaline rush, he could not have been more awake.

"What do you want, Al?" he growled, remembering the fact that Al would (or at least should) expect him to be grumpy, like he normally was upon being awoken from his sleep.

"Hey, what's the password to the Gryffindor Girl's Dorm?" he asked hurriedly, checking around to make sure no one else was in the room, deciding that he and Scorp, mistakenly, were the only ones in the room.

Dominique's eyes widened and she put her hand over her mouth to keep her gasp from escaping.

Who was Al dating in Gryffindor? Who was he even dating at all?

"Why do you need that?" he asked, groggily, although really wanting to know the answer.

Al's face turned red, which Scorpius ignored.

"I just do," he mumbled, clearly embarrassed.

"Why?" Scorpius pushed, amused.

"I just do!" Al growled, pausing, "I know you have it,"

Scorpius raised an eyebrow, "And just why would I have the password, Potter?"

Al laughed, "You honestly think I'm that ignorant? Rose told me everything,"

Scorpius felt his heart drop as he though of Dom, who was currently cocking an eyebrow, scared as to what this meant.

He gulped, "she did?"

"Yeah, she did. I thought she had better taste, but I guess I was wrong....don't let it happen again though, I don't like seeing her so upset." Al growled.

"I..." Scorpius began to attempt an explanation, but Al cut him off before he could continue.

"Why would you do that to her, though? She honestly thought you liked her, you can't just go around hooking up with girls and then never speak to them again. Stay away from Rose, I don't want to see her hurt again." He spat, coldly. His normally lighthearted voice, seething with anger. He hated seeing girls cry, but he couldn't handle seeing Rose, his cousin, or Lily, his sister cry.

Dom felt her eyes fill up with tears of betrayal and anger.

He'd cheated on her, with Rose.

"The password's tuffleskins now get out of my room!" he growled.

"That's al I wanted to know," Al grinned, his eyes still showing hints of anger, before slipping out of the room.

Dom slipped out from behind the curtain, her heart broken, staring wide eyed at her boyfriend.

"Dom...." he began, but she cut him off.

"You got with Rose?" she cried, tears escaping her face, "while we were together?"

The amount of hurt and betrayal in her voice was echoing.

"I'm sorry,"

"How could you?!" tears stung her eyes.

"Dom, I'm sorry! I didn't mean-" he tried, but she refused to hear anymore.

"Save it. I don't want to hear how sorry you are or that you couldn't help it! You can always help it!" she sobbed, tears falling from her face,"I hate you!" she cried, running from the room, leaving him heartbroken inside.

What had he done?

She ran out the door and in to the common room. He ran to the door, desperate to catch her and save their relationship but she'd silently jinxed the doorknob to feel fire-hot upon his touching it.

He fell back in to the bed, his life had been ruined in seconds.

His eyes welled up with tears, if only she'd let him explain. It was nothng like Al, or apparently Rose, had made it seem like. They lied.

Suddenly, blood curling screams echoed throughout the walls of the room.

His eyes sprang open and he felt his heart stop: Dom.

He raced from his bed and to the door, yanking open the door despite the searing hot pains that were injected in to his hand. He hardly noticed, all he cared about was making sure she was alive and well. The scream was not a scream one made when the were mad or upset, this was a scream that sent goosebumps up your spine and made your heart stop. She was in danger, he knew it. He raced in to the common room, which was already beginning to fill with people, scanning the room for the girl he loved but not seeing her anywhere he looked.

Everyone whispered hurriedly, pointing in all directions, and there were several students in tears.

Looking around he saw Diana Reed, captain of the Slytherin Quidditch teams, clinging to her boyfriend, Mason York, sobbing in to his chest, shaking uncontrollably. He even had tears in his eyes. The sight made his stomach lurch, they were two of the strongest, bravest students at Hogwarts, it took a lot to make them cry. He'd never seen Di cry like that. She had lived next to him since they were eight and had spent several afternoons at his home, and not once had he ever seen her cry like that. He thought about the time she'd broken her collar bone riding their muggle bicycles and she'd hit a rut in the road, and even then she wasn't crying like she was now.

"How...could...this...happen?" she sobbed, shaking uncontrollably.

He looked over to see a small group of first years huddled in a corner, sobbing, hugging each other, fear in their eyes.

He followed several students fingers that pointed around the room and their eyes and he felt his heart stop and his stomach lurch at the site.

On the wall, some one had written a message with what looked like a sharp knife.

I know what you did. You have one week to fix it, or the girl pays the price. -X

Everything started spinning as the room grew blurry.

His heart stopped.

The last thing he saw was everything going black as he felt himself hit the ground.

This was his fault.


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