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The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads by Everlasting Faerie Light
Chapter 11 : Chapter Ten: The Quidditch Tryouts and the Falling Outs
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Go the fuck away!!


“Elaquay, get your ruddy arse out of bed!” Rose’s shrill annoying nagging rang in my ears. I felt frustration build up within me as I tore the covers off and angrily stood up, looking at my friend straight in the face.


“Fine. I’m up. What the hell do you want?” I snapped at a very stern looking Rose, whose red curls were neatly pinned back and her school robes perfectly smooth and sleek. I don’t even want to think about what I look like right now.


“We have to go to breakfast and get our schedules from McGonogall!” She answered, crossing her arms…looking exactly like a redheaded replica of her mother at the moment. I still can’t believe that this girl in front of me…the ever educationally paranoid Rose….decided to go on a little horse riding fest with Malfoy. Cue shuddering.


I scowled at her and angrily and went back to my bed to pick up a pair of very wrinkled robes that I had tossed there last night. I gave them a sniff. Yup…still clean.


Rose sighed wearily at my very male like behavior and sat at the foot of her own bed, which was right across from mine.


Ellie Goldmeyer, our other roommate was applying some sleakeazy’s potion to her uncontrollably frizzy blonde hair. She was very beautiful, but her hair was worse than Rose’s. She shot me a look and said in a smug tone, “So I hear that you are going out with the infamous Derrick Finnigan.”


Do I seriously have to wake up to this? Of course I do. We’re sixteen year old girls. What did I expect?


I rolled my eyes and didn’t even bother to answer. I proceeded to change into my uniform, finding that I had slipped on my shirt backwards.


“Oh merlin…he’s so dashing. I would eat him like a treacle tart at any hour if I could.” Our other roommate Hannah Elliot droned with a very steamy look in her green eyes. It was kind of disturbing.


Eat him like a treacle tart? That’s a new one. Har har.


Rose and I exchanged glances and she had the expression of trying unsuccessfully to hold back a peal of laughter. This was hopeless.


And dammit!!! Why do I keep putting everything on backwards!!!! Stupid damn skirt.


I groaned as I struggled to zip it up. Not that I gained weight or anything, but I always had a problem with zippers. They were like my worst enemy to be honest. Besides angry demon owls, flying toilets, and Elisha Garrett.


“So…is it true then?” Ellie persisted, her eyes alight with fascination as she stared at me, her face eager and her hair half sleek and straight and half afro. The sight of her made me want to laugh like a banshee and spit fire at the same time. This is just not the time.


So when I spoke, it came out as an irritated strangled hissing.

“No of course not! I’m going out with Nicholas Flamel. Philosophers turn me on.” I spat at her, my voice dripping with sarcasm. If only I could zip up my damn skirt….


“So it’s true! I knew it! Tara and I totally saw you two snogging on the train…” Hannah continued, a smirk on her face. I watched as she smoothed her skirt out and then ran a hand through her silky brown hair. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.


I give up. I’m not even going to bother talking.


“To be honest…I thought that you’d end up with James Potter.” Ellie said, now working on the other part of her hair, dousing it with sleakeazy’s.


No…not this again. My stomach clenched and my heart felt like it was climbing to my throat.


“Oh merlin…” Hannah almost moaned with pleasure. I fought the urge to vomit. “I hope you don’t mind me saying this about your cousin Rose, but he is so sexy. That dark messy hair and his smile…”


“Okay…I think we’ve all been enlightened that my cousin is indeed rather easy on the eyes.” Rose snapped, looking a bit sick to her stomach. I don’t blame her. I find myself physically ill when I listen to Hannah Elliot drone on about her little fantasies and infatuations with the hottest guys in Hogwarts. It just makes it worse when she says them in her Scottish accent, because Scottish accents are sexy.


“To bad he’s with Elisha Garrett. Otherwise I would try and take a shot at it.” She continued, blatantly disregarding the look of horror on both Rose’s and my faces. I actually felt my eye twitch from the mixture of what Hannah had just said and the swirling images of Elisha and James together hand in hand and kissing like a pair of horny cows. I don’t think I’m really in the mood for breakfast….


“Well…that’s er…nice. Okay, so Els and I are going to go to breakfast. See you two down there.” Rose said in a rush, not waiting for a response as she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the dormitory.


I was glad to be out of there, but I still wasn’t ready. My robes were all wrinkled, my tie wasn’t tied correctly, my skirt wasn’t zipped up all the way, I probably had morning crust all over my eyes…which were probably red, I haven’t brushed my teeth, and my hair was a tangled vulture’s nest.


“Rose…I can’t go down there looking like this.” I stated irritably, getting more and more angry with the bright morning sun coming in through the windows and searing my eyes out.


She gave a frustrated sigh and whipped out her wand. “I’m not doing this for you on a daily basis.” She stated flatly.


I watched as she made strange swishing movements with her wand and I immediately felt cleaner…more awake. Even my mouth felt fresh and minty…like I had just brushed my teeth. I ran my hand through my hair and felt that it was tamer than usual…though it was still a sex head mess as usual…and my uniform was straight. My skirt was zipped, my robes were smooth, my tie was tied…


Thank god for Rose and her overloaded brains. I gave a huge sigh of relief.


“You are a freaking life saver Rose Weasley.” I stated defiantly.


She looked a bit pleased with herself, but she kept her flat voice. “You can thank me later. We have to go down to the great hall now!”


She grabbed my arm and steered me out of the common room, and down the marble stairs toward the great hall. The scent of bacon and eggs immediately filled my nostrils and I forgot all about my previous lack of appetite due to Hannah’s rants about James and Elisha.


I wanted nothing more than to get in there and stuff myself like a turkey. I heard my stomach growl viciously. Wow…I think there really is a monster in there.


The Great Hall looked as beautiful as always, the ceiling showing a light blue sky…the glittering windows shining brightly, and the students all sitting and eating their breakfast while they talked and laughed. Just things like this make me realize how much I love Hogwarts.


I made a run for the Gryffindor table, but I felt my body smack hard against something. I saw stars for a second as I realize that my head basically bombarded with a really hard and attractive chest. The chest of…


Of course. James Potter.


“Whoah, Els. Excited aren’t we?” He asked with amusement in his voice. He put both of his hands on my shoulders to straighten my wavering. His hands were like hot electricity…that even penetrated deep through my robes. I immediately felt dizzy again.


I looked up into the face of my best friend and gulped. His hair was tousled and messy as usual, his brown eyes were glittering, and he had a cute smirk playing on his lips. I almost swooned on the spot…but instead…I found my face growing hot and bothered.


“Well….” I said, fearing that my voice was cracking. “A girl’s gotta eat.”


I gave him a weak smile, feeling my knees buckle. His hands still haven’ t left my shoulders and my heart was pounding against my chest and echoing in my ears. This isn’t even funny.


“Especially you. Albus and I have concluded that you have some sort of ruddy Hungarian horntail in there…” James said with a smile, as he patted my stomach lightly. I immediately lost all control of my senses. No Elaquay!!! No, no no no no. !!! NO!!!! Think Derrick Finnigan! Think Derrick Finnigan and his awesome hair….hair the same color of James’s….NO!!!!!!!!!!


“S-So…are you going to have breakfast with Rose and I?” I asked. I looked behind my shoulder to see that Rose had vanished. I scowled as I saw her talking to Professor McGonogall, a scroll of parchment in her hands and with a face expression of someone whose life depended on listening to every single word that McGonogall was saying.


He shook his head and said, “Already ate. I have to go to the pitch to set up Quidditch tryouts…which are actually in about an hour. I thought it would be good since classes don’t start for another hour…and by the way…I expect you to be there. We need a beater.”


“Good. If you ever replaced me, Potter…I’d freaking hex your ass.” I teased him, my heart still pounding, but finding it a bit easier to talk to him. He is my best friend after all.


“Well…that’s not going to happen. Also…Please try to convince Rose to try out for the team. She’s a damn good flyer and Robinson graduated last year…so a spot’s open.” He muttered. I looked over at Rose, who was still having an in depth conversation with McGonagall. The thought of her on the Quidditch pitch with the rest of the team was so freaking awesome…and she was really good. Problem: Cooperation with Lily.


Nevertheless, I will keep badgering Rose all breakfast for her to try out. She seemed pretty keen on the idea, but that was before her massacre show down with her younger cousin…who also happens to be one of the best chasers.


I looked back at James to see that his eyes were trained on something behind me. I spun around to see Elisha Garrett come into the Great Hall with a group of Ravenclaw girls. Her long luscious red hair was braided elegantly, and even the drab school robes complimented her damn willowy figure. Her blue eyes found James and she gave him a huge smile. Her friends started giggling.


I felt like I was literally going to be sick. Breakfast sounded nauseating to me once again. I gulped as I saw James wave over to her. “ ‘Scuse me Els. Gotta run.” He said hurriedly without giving me a second glance.


I watched as he walked toward her…and then watched as she threw her long arms around him and planted her lips on his.

I felt my face growing extremely hot with rage and my chest was burning once again. I also noticed that a lot of the student population was muttering and staring at the new hottest Hogwarts couple. I turned away as I saw them break apart, then walk together toward the Ravenclaw table, their fingers intertwined…the group of Ravenclaws giggling at the couple and admiring James from the back.


Stupid ass prick. Didn’t he say that he had to go to the Quidditch pitch a second ago.


I scoffed angrily, cursing under my breath while trying to calm the pain and rage that were swirling inside me. I hoped that no one noticed how red my face probably was. I could feel it over heating as I battled with myself, slouching toward the Gryffindor table.


He has every right to do that…he has a girlfriend, Els. And it isn’t you. You also have a boyfriend…whom you should be sitting with or kissing at this moment.


I found myself sitting next to Rose, whose head was bent over her schedule. I rolled my eyes and starting stuffing my mouth with scrambled eggs despite my lack of appetite. I would never be able to make it through the day without a copious amount of food. That’s a fact.


“Honestly…I was hoping to switch Arithmancy with Ancient Runes…I can’t fully concentrate on equations when it’s that late in the aftertoon…” Rose started to ramble. I was getting more and more irritated by the second.


So I cut her off, “Rose….James wants you to join the Quidditch team.”


She froze and looked at me…a concerned expression on her face. “I don’t know….it would be fun…but I have so much work to do…and…and…Lily…” She gulped as she turned toward the opposite end of the table, where Lily was chatting animatedly with Dom, her long red hair gleaming beautifully.


I wasn’t blind to notice that a lot of seventh year Slytherins were also checking her out. Pervs.


I sighed, knowing that this would be coming. “Please, Rose. Lily is your cousin and who gives a fuck? If you want to try out for the Quidditch team, then do it…regardless of what Lily says.”


She still looked hesitant, and her face had become extremely pale. “W-what if I’m lousy at games? What if I get to nervous…or…what if I have to miss class…”


There she goes again.


“Rose…shut up.” I stated, rubbing my fingers against my temples.


“You need a break from all this crap…” I motioned to her schedule. “And have a bit of fun. Plus…it’s good for you.”


Rose finally took a deep breath and I could tell by the expression on her face that she was capitulating to my will…which was surprising since she was usually stubborn. “Fine. When are tryouts?”


“Um…probably in about forty five minutes.” I answered, looking at the Ravenclaw table to see that James and Elisha had left. Hopefully to get the fucking quidditch field ready. If I find them in a broom cupboard or something…I swear to freaking Rowena’s bum….


“Forty minutes!!!??” Rose screeched, her eyes growing wide with terror.


“I-I’m not ready….I don’t know what to do….I’ll be so lousy and everybody will laugh at me…” Why the hell do I have to be friends with a freaking machine with no off-button?


“Rose….you’ll be fine.” I tried to sound reassuring, but I probably sounded downright pessimistic. “Your cousin is the captain. He’s not going to shit doxy eggs if you screw up. He already knows you’re good anyways.”

She still didn’t look convinced, but she agreed.


After a little while of eating a bit more of my breakfast, I grabbed my schedule from McGonagall and then headed out toward the Quidditch pitch with a panicking Rose.


Once we were in the changing room, Rose and I grabbed a couple of spare clean sweeps and some Gryffindor quidditch uniforms…then headed out to the field. I saw James there, looking absolutely godly in his Captain uniform. He was facing a line of students, who were all looking rather awkward in their quidditch uniforms, their faces holding absolute apprehension.


I saw Lily standing by James, her long red hair glowing gloriously in the sun…one of the only confident looking people in her uniform…which made her look exactly like her mother when she played for the Holyhead Harpies. I saw Rose’s face whiten even more as she saw her beautiful younger cousin.


I couldn’t blame her…I mean, Rose looked so awkward and uncomfortable in a quidditch uniform. Lily is just one of those people that you look at and you can just tell that they are good at what they do. In Lily’s case, it’s Quidditch.


I looked around at the stands to see that there were various people watching, all of them giggling Gryffindor girls…coming to admire James and Derrick, who was now talking tactics with James. I felt myself smile at him. He was so wonderful….the way his dark hair glowed in the sun and his face was all cutely serious as he discussed Quidditch….


But then…I saw her. Elisha Garrett…sitting in the stands, staring dreamily at her boyfriend. A surge of anger flared up within me. It muddled with my brain and pounded at my veins. Before I knew what was doing, I found myself marching up to the stairs that lead to the stands and walking up to reach the little stupid ho bag.


Rose looked at me questioningly as I went off, but I didn’t bother to look back. All I wanted was for Elisha to beat it. To kiss my pretty ass and just leave.


Once I reached her, she looked up at me…a tone of delicate surprise on her face.


“Elaquay!” She exclaimed with that stupid pretty soft voice of hers. Seriously, it’s so sickeningly sweet that I just want to vomit.


I just glared at her with all of the menace that I could muster as I spat out at her, “Ravenclaws aren’t supposed to watch our Quidditch tryouts…especially if you’re a seeker on your team. So I suggest that you leave.”


She looked slightly taken aback, but then she recovered…a small smile delicately placed on her lips…her big blue eyes shining innocently at me. “But I’m just here to watch my boyfriend.”


Those words stung me and just pissed me off more. No…I wanted her to fucking leave.


“I don’t give a flying fuck if James plans to freaking screw you right after he’s done. I don’t care that he’s your boyfriend period. Different houses can’t be trusted when it comes to Quidditch. For all I know, you could be a spy for the Ravenclaw team. So…” I thrusted my finger toward the exit angrily.


“Get the fuck OUT.” I emphasized the last word with as much force as I could muster, literally feeling the fire spiraling out of my ears as I looked at the beautiful serene exterior of Elisha Garrett.


She just stared at me for a moment before giving me a small little chuckle.


She’s laughing at me? HOW DARE SHE LAUGH AT ME! STUPID BITCH!!


“You’re so cute, Elaquay.” She cooed at me. I literally felt like I was going to throw up right there…all over Elisha. Pshhh…it would improve her stupid face.


She then stood up, and I held my ground as I looked up at her…considering that she was way taller than me. She was only about four inches shorter than James.


“…and if you’re so adamant on my departure, than I will leave. However….” She wore a look of slight disappointment on her face.


“You need a real reality check, sweetheart. Last time I checked, I was James’s girlfriend. Not you.”


With one last sweet smile, she turned on heel, her long red hair billowing behind her as she exited the stands.


The fiery hatred burned within me as I felt like someone slapped me across the face. Did she really just say that me? Seriously? That stupid ass whore just insulted me….she seriously has a lot of bludgers coming for her this year. And I’ll be laughing and drinking loads of hot chocolate infused coffee as I see her get carried out on a stretched to St. Mungo’s. Maybe she’ll permanently lose her teeth. Hahah….Elisha Garrett with no teeth. That’s a sight.


I fought the urge to run after her and avada kedavra her ass by storming back down to the pitch.


The tryouts had already started. James was running through a lot of second year chasers…who…to be completely honest…sucked ass. They couldn’t keep their broom from shaking and many of them couldn’t even control their direction in general. The line of chasers grew more and more thin until Lily was up.


I watched appreciatively as she managed to score four out of five hoops. She barely missed the last one. We also had a very good keeper at the goalposts…so that just proves that she is indeed a damn good chaser. To my concern, I saw that Rose was growing more and more fidgety as she watched her younger cousin prosper on the field.


After she landed, I noticed that there were catcalls from the stands. I looked over to see that a group of seventh year Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were drooling over Lily as she flipped her hair, gave them a seductive wink and swayed her hips as she walked off the pitch. Seriously…the nerve of that girl….how old is she again? Oh right…fourteen. Soon to be fifteen in the spring.


I saw James shoot a death glare at the group of guys and I noticed that Rose looked a bit disgusted at this as well. Then….it was Rose’s turn.


I saw James give her a small reassurance gesture as she shakily walked onto the pitch and mounted her broom. I realized that everyone seemed to be taken by surprise that bookworm Weasley….that annoying curly haired “not as attractive cousin” of the beautiful Lily Potter was trying out for a position as chaser.


The group of guys that were cheering on Lily were now sporting smirks on their faces, and laughing at the poor girl. I wanted to punch them.


Lily was staring flatly at her cousin from the sidelines, not moving a muscle…and I was holding my breath. I watched, my heart pounding as she rose up to the air, facing the three infamous goal posts…with the best keeper ever, John Aleckson, facing her determinedly.


Come on Rose…you can do it. I know you can.


James himself looked a bit uneasy as he threw the ball up in the air.


At that second…I saw Rose’s face expression change dramatically. In one second…it transformed from scared and frightened to aggressive and determined. I watched with a sudden burst of joy as she shot forward and seized the falling quaffle at a rather impressive dive.


She was so freaking fast. And she was on a freaking clean sweep. She made it look like Harry’s firebolt for God’s sake!

John Aleckson wasn’t prepared for it. In fact…he looked downright frightened as she hurled the quaffle straight at the tallest hoop….her aim absolutely spot on.


I found myself jumping up and down and cheering along with Albus and a few other Gryffies.


Lily looked like she was gritting her teeth as she forced herself to look at her cousin out fly her….the same cousin who screwed her crush. I guess it must be really annoying if you think about it. I’d be pissed as hell as well….


I looked up at the group of seventh year Lily supporters. All of their jaws were dropped as they stared at Rose in utter disbelief.


She was doing so well. I watched as the made a second goal, a third, a fourth….and then…with an amazing spiraling dive and a shot…the fifth. John Aleckson’s face was red with flat frustration, exhaustion, and disbelief as he lagged on his broom.


I ran at Rose and embraced her as she landed on the ground, a look of pride plastered on her face. James himself looked giddy with excitement. I watched with a falling heart as Lily jumped up from the bench with a badly concealed scowl on her face and trudged toward the girls’ changing rooms. But it didn’t matter right now.


I realized that the Lily supporting guys were now looking at Rose with more interest. Stupid ass wipes.


The tryouts continued, with Derrick concealing the part as the third chaser. When it was my turn to try out for beater…I hit the bludgers with so much force that they flew off the pitch and then pelted angrily back at me…where I proceeded to hit them again with speed and ferocity. When the target practice came…I hit every single moving target with the bludger spot on, and with so much force that they completely demolished them. The results of people watching my performance as beater was the same ever since second year…absolute fear.


Plus, I felt more invigorated during my try out since I was thinking of nothing but Elisha’s face as I hit the targets. Seriously…the nerve of that damn girl to say that to me….stupid bitch.


Albus also secured the second beater position, and the rest of the tryouts dawdled on at a rather fast pace. Once they were over, Rose and I walked arm in arm toward the girl’s shower rooms, smiles plastered on our faces as we talked in good spirits about quidditch and the look on people’s faces when they saw how good Rose was at being chaser.


We showered and then changed into our school uniforms once again. We then proceeded to the castle to grab our school materials before classes started.


But we were delayed at the entrance, for a very attractive boy with an amazing stature, blonde ruffled hair, and piercing gray eyes stood there, his eyes fixed on none other than Rose.


Why the fuck is Scorpius Malfoy stalking both Rose and Lily? It was starting to creep me out and I am staying true to my promise. If he doesn’t make himself clear to them, then I will shove my wand up his ass…and it will be freaking painful. He won’t be able to sit for a week.


Rose paused and stared back. I saw her eyes widen and her face whiten. Oh god….


“That was impressive. I never knew that you played quidditch.” He remarked, a sly and sexy smirk on his lips…yet his grey eyes were anything but playful. They were stormy and intense. It was a totally different atmosphere than when Lily and Scorpius interacted.


Now this was sexual tension.


And a LOT of it.


I glared harshly at Malfoy, but he didn’t once look at me. He was still staring at Rose…who looked at loss of words. I knew something was passing between them….


To be honest…they would look good together. As I saw them a mere feet away, I realized that if they started kissing right now that it wouldn’t be disturbing…it would be sexy. They would probably beat James and Elisha as the Hogwarts hottest couple.


Rose spoke, her voice a bit cold, “That’s another thing you don’t know about me then, isn’t it?”


Malfoy sighed, his face looking a bit tormented. “Rose…”


Rose shook her head. “No. I don’t want to hear it.”


“Rose…seriously. We need to talk…” He said, his voice straining with so much raw emotion that I felt taken aback….I felt like such a freaking intruder to be honest.


“You’re not worth it. You’re the reason why my cousin and I won’t talk anymore…you’re the reason why I seriously injured her….and it’s not worth any of it.” She said, her voice shaking but defiant.


He took a step forward, but she took a step back.


“When another member of my family is involved…especially my baby cousin….then I won’t have anything to do with it.” Rose closed her eyes and shook her head, her long curly hair bouncing slightly.


I definitely shouldn’t be here….but I feel it would be awkward if I just started to continue walking into the castle. So I just stood rooted to the spot.


“Didn’t it mean anything Rose? Did it?” An angry Malfoy fumed, pain showing on his face as his stormy eyes penetrated her. “I-I told you everything.”


Rose looked like she had been stabbed with a knife as she opened her eyes to look at the blonde boy. Her eyes were glowing bright blue…shimmering.


“When you’ve made yourself clear, then you can come and talk to me. When Lily and I are able to reconcile, then maybe I’ll give you chance. S-She’s my cousin. Family. She means everything to me.” She ranted, her voice cracking. She then walked straight up to Malfoy, and jabbed her finger into his chest. Their faces were a few inches away and I swear to Merlin that they would’ve started making out if Rose didn’t have something to say.


Their eyes were locked as Rose hissed, “Don’t… hurt…her.”


With that, Rose backed up and without a second glance at Malfoy…grabbed my arm and dragged me into the castle.


I was freaking shocked. I don’t know what I was expecting…but I wasn’t expecting that. Rose was on fire man! First she pwned the Quidditch tryouts, then she gave Malfoy a mental ass slapping. An intense one at that!


I didn’t dare say a word as we made our way to the Gryffindor common room to grab our materials. Rose didn’t look like she was necessarily in the mood to have a little friendly chat.


Classes passed in a haze. I had charms, DADA, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, herbology, and transfiguration with Rose at N.E.W.T level. But I only had one class with her that day, which was charms. She was her usual self by the time we got to class. She was always jumping up in her seat…her hand waving irritatingly in the air whenever a question was asked…but instead of people rolling their eyes at her…most of them…particularly the male population…were taking more of an interest in her. I guess word of her awesome Quidditch skills got out.


Even in the corridors during break, guys were checking her out and shooting her seductive smirks and smiles. This was completely new and I wasn’t sure how to feel about this new reaction toward the book worm Weasley, “less attractive cousin” of Lily Potter…and badass Quidditch player. She’s now officially a walking contradiction.


I was also getting my share of stares as well…but most of them from girls…especially when I met up and and gave Derrick kisses in between classes in the corridors. He is so sweet and adorable. I also ran into his friends Melody and Jeremy…whom I exchanged some wizard cards with during my free period.


I didn’t see James all day. Not once. I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or agitated at that. Nowadays, when I think of James…I think of Elisha…and I think of what she said at the Quidditch field….and then I get freaking pissed. I seriously want to shove a rogue bludger in her face. I know it’s a bit violent, but mental violent events are a form of therapy to me.


By the time dinner rolled around, I was in the common room sitting on Derrick’s lap on one of the squashy arm chair acting like a real sap. But for once I didn’t mind. It felt nice just to feel loved and admired. He is also a damn good kisser and a sweetheart. I didn’t care if people were glaring, staring, or rolling their eyes at us as we cuddled together. I know I’m being a hypocrite about PDA, but at this point I could care less.


That’s when James came in.


He looked furious as he looked at us and marched toward us. I felt my heart pump furiously at the sight of his face…which looked extremely sexy I must say…and his searing eyes.


“Elaquay, I have to talk to you.” He demanded, his voice dark and biting. He sounded like he would spit fire at any second. Something was definitely stuck up his ass and it wasn’t the Gryffindor sword.


I felt myself glaring back at him, not wanting to unlatch myself from my boyfriend, who was also glaring darkly back up at James.


“Now? Can’t it wait? I’m kind of occupie-“


“NOW.” He thundered, his eyes narrowing. God…why can’t I look past the fact that he’s so attractive when he’s angry?


I gave a frustrated sigh and stood up, giving an apologetic kiss to an angry Derrick before following after James, who marched out of the common room.


I followed him, cursing his very existence as he led me behind the tapestry before turning on me.


He spoke before I could ask him why he had his damn boxers in a twist.


“Is it true that you yelled at my girlfriend this morning?” He asked, glaring at me.


Oh shit. Of course Elisha would go running off to her Jamesy poo and tattle on the mean mean short troll named Elaquay. I should’ve known.


“Define yelling.” I replied in a smart asssed tone. I could tell that this wasn’t going to lead anywhere good.


“That you growled at her like a bloody troll, saying rubbish about how you didn’t care that if she was my girlfriend and that I’d fuck her…” He was getting more and more fired up by the second.


But I cut him off. It felt good too.


“Shut the fuck up James. I was just doing my job as a member of the Gryffindor quidditch team…” I started.

“She’s my girlfriend!” He yelled, rounding on me.


“And I really don’t give a flying fuck to be honest with you. She’s still the Ravenclaw seeker and she can easily take advantage of watching our practices and using our techniques against us in a match…” I spat, feeling every ounce of anger spill out of me like an unstoppable lava flow.


“Elaquay, listen to yourself. Elisha wouldn’t do that. She wants to be friends with you and even though I haven’t said anything…I can tell that you don’t want to be friends with her. You are my best friend…and it would make my life a lot easier if my girlfriend and my best friend would get alo-“ He rambled.


“I don’t see you making an effort to get along with Derrick.” I said darkly. There he goes again. With his idiot hypocrisy.


James groaned frustratingly, threw his hands up and yelled, “Finnigan is a git. I’m being honest with you Elaquay…I’ll put up with him since you’re so smitten with bloody bastard…but I’m not afraid to-“


“Well if Derrick is a bastard than Elisha is a stupid dirty slut!” I screamed at him, letting the word vomit come freely without restraint. I knew that I would regret all of this later, but right now…it felt damn good!


James froze for a second before giving a dark laugh.


“I get it. You’re jealous.” He spat.


My insides turned inside out. I felt like my heart jumped to my throat as I stared into his brown eyes. I had to do everything in my power to refuse him…to back down….


“Define jealous.” I spat at him. I knew he hated when I did this.

“You figure it out for yourself Elaquay because I haven’t been seeing my best friend lately. She’s been replaced by this jealous little troll.”


Did he just freaking call me a troll? Seriously? What the fuck is this world coming to?


“Once you’re Elaquay Smithson again, then you can come talk to me.” He said, avoiding my eyes…before turning around and slouching out of the tapestry corridor.


I felt empty. All the anger had left. Everything was replaced with lead in my body…filling everything up to even the tips of my fingertips.


This year was going to be one hell of a year.


Especially since James Sirius Potter, my best friend of six years, chose his girlfriend of three weeks over me.


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