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The Time For Changing by Thepheonixpen
Chapter 2 : The sadness within.
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                    ^Beautiful CI made by aconite @TDA :)




  Hermione soon found Harry and Ginny in a compartment near the end of the train, before she even had a chance to talk they leapt from their seats simultaneously.


 “Hermione,” Harry gripped at her shoulders in an odd sort of hug “Where have you been? We’ve been so worried!”


Hermione released his grip awkwardly and slumped into the opposite seat bench.


She had no idea how she was going to explain what had just happened to her best friends. Embarrassment flooded Hermione’s mind, but that wasn’t the reason she was so hesitant. She knew if harry found out what Draco had said to her, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from seeking out the arrogant prat and turning him into a Ferret. As much as the idea appealed to Hermoine, it just didn’t seem to be the best way to start their seventh year of Hogwarts.


“Hermione, are you okay?” Ginny questioned, concern flooding her voice as she went to sit beside her.


Until then Hermione hadn’t realised that she must look deeply troubled in the eyes of her friends.


She rearranged her features into a frazzled smile. “I’m so sorry you guy’s, I slept in this morning, and then I kept remembering all the things I’d forgotten to pack, and then by the time I got to the station I had almost missed the train! I had to jump into it as it took off from the platform, I nearly slid off, luckily someone grabbed me. I guess that’s why I look a little tense.”


Technically she hadn’t lied. Leaving out the fact that it was Draco that had saved her, and avoiding the entire mess of their verbal fight, seemed to be her best option for protecting Harry, who had lost a lot of the control he usually held over his temper since the end of the war.


Harry’s concerned expression seemed to ease a little, but Hermione wasn’t convinced that he believed her completely.


The problem with being so close to someone was that they generally knew if you were lying.


Thinking that a change in subject was in order, Hermione looked around the compartment. A new shock washed over her as she realised the absence of Ron.


She looked over at her friends who had sat back down; Harry was absent-mindedly stroking Ginny’s hair, something he seemed to do when he was lost in thought.


“Ginny, um, where’s Ron?” she questioned.


 The youngest Weasley heaved a sigh and looked at Hermione with sympathy.


“I can’t believe he didn’t tell you! Only he he would pull something like this, little prat,” she mumbled to herself before looking up at Hermione and continuing.  “Two nights ago, he decided he didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts, he said there were too many bad memories.”




Disbelief filled Hermione, she looked over at Harry as though hoping he would disregard Ginny’s comment and let Hermione know that Ron was just in another compartment.


Instead of showing the sympathy towards Hermione like Ginny had, Harry suddenly looked livid, not at Hermione but at thoughts of Ron.


“I know it’s going to be hard Hermione, but you just have to forget about it. We all have bad memories of Hogwarts, but Ron’s the only one using it as an excuse not to have to go back.” Harry clenched his teeth as he spoke.   Ginny brushed away at Harry’s fringe trying to calm him down.


Hermione was outraged; she looked at Harry with disbelief, disbelief that he wanted her to ‘forget about it.’ She felt her cheeks burning with anger, her heart knowing it would not be able to come to terms with the fact that Ron hadn’t even bothered to let her know he wasn’t coming. He was supposed to be her boyfriend, and he had just left her out to dry.


Hermione stood up in irritation and began pacing the small compartment.


“Tell me you joking, Harry! How could he not let me know? Why did you just let him get away with this? What did Mrs Weasley have to say?” Hermione’s questions came out blurred, but the couple was used to this and Ginny answered quickly hoping to alleviate Hermione’s tension.


 “We thought he told you! It was one of the first thing Harry and I asked him to do, and it’s not like we just gave in to him Hermione! We spent hours trying to convince him what a mistake he was making, but you know how stubborn he is! And as for Mum, she was completely distraught about his decision, but I think the idea of isolating another son was too much, first with Percy when he became a complete git and then with, well you know.”


Hermione immediately felt awful for bringing Mrs Weasley into her frustrated rant, she was so upset with Ron that she hadn’t even stopped to think.


Mrs. Weasley wasn’t doing to well since the death of Fred. She had become a different person and with George in a close to catatonic state, Mrs Weasley was fragile, something Hermione very well knew.


Hermione calmed herself and sat back down, trying to come up with an idea to try and lure Ron back to Hogwarts, but nothing came to her. If Harry hadn’t been able to convince him, she doubted that she could.


 Still, despair washed over her as the Hogwarts express got closer and closer to Hogsmeade station. She felt like she was given an information overload, and horrible information at that!

She couldn’t say that this was the worst day of her life, most people all shared the worst day, but still, this was a very bad day indeed.



It seemed as though some unknowable force out there was trying really hard to make everything about why Hermione had been excited about going back to Hogwarts terrible.


First, she wouldn’t be able to share her last year of schooling with her boyfriend, and the one silver lining had been that she was finally going to achieve one of her academic dreams, which was to be head girl. And now that Draco was to be head boy, Hermione couldn’t see how things could get any worse.


As the train slowed into Hogmeade, Hermione looked over at Harry and Ginny. They seemed so close, closer then they had ever been before, and much closer then she and Ron had ever been. Ron’s cold dismissal let this be obvious to Hermione, because she knew looking over and Harry and Ginny that neither of them would ever do that to one another.



Feeling miserable, she hopped off the train with the couple and inattentively walked towards the carriages that would take them up to the castle.


Hermione came to an immediate stop. She had always wondered what harry saw when he watched the invisible creatures that carted the carriages, but now she wished more then anything that she was still blind to the Threstals. Anyone who had been at the castle the night of the war would see the dead-like creatures but it still deepened Hermione’s sadness to know what they meant to be seen.



She felt Harry’s presence behind her as he grabbed her slowly by the hand and led her to a carriage.



“I know, it’s hard the first time you see them, but things are going to get better for us. We all have a fresh start!”



Hermione peered over her shoulder to glance at Harry, he truly believed his words, and that made Hermione feel stronger. She gave him a small smile and gripped his hand tightly.



“I believe you Harry, just like I always have.”


As the carriage took them to the castle, Hermione promised herself she was going to make the best of this year, even without Ron, she was going to be happy. 


A/N - Hey guy's! This is my first attempt at writing one of these so please feel free too leave a review with any critisism at all. X 

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