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Oblivious by house elf
Chapter 5 : Pumpkin Pasties
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“Scorpius is so talented, I mean did you see him get the snitch on Saturday? So effortlessly… I don’t know how he does it.”

“I know. He’s definitely one of the best players in the school.”

Rose rolled her eyes as Caitlyn and Leila prattled on about Scorpius. If they cared about him so much, why hadn’t they visited him in the hospital wing? Rose had sat next to the unconscious Scorpius for hours until Madam Pomfrey kicked her out, and she kept going back every day to see if he stirred. She stayed even longer than the Slytherin Quidditch team. Al had only stayed for a short while; the sight of Scarlett cooing over Scorpius was too much for him to handle.

The dorm went quiet. Rose peeked through the hangings around her bed and saw everyone was asleep. She waited until she heard Leila’s snoring to be sure and then tiptoed out the dormitory.

“Lumos,” she whispered as she climbed out the portrait hole.

The hallways were eerily silent as they always were in the middle of the night. She had been on some night time kitchen raids before, however the castle at nightfall never ceased to scare her. There was something about the echo of her footsteps and the soft snores of the portraits that she found unsettling.

The floor of the entrance hall was freezing under her feet and she scolded herself for forgetting to put shoes on. She crept passed the Hufflepuff common room, towards the painting of a bowl of fruit, tickled the pear and turned the door knob.

Hundreds of house-elves were spread out across the kitchen floor wrapped in tiny sleeping bags around the four tables.

“Aww,” said Rose, taking in the scene around her. House-elves were so cute when they slept!

This seemed to wake up the house-elf nearest her.

“Rose Weasley!” she said in a high-pitched voice, standing up and smoothing out her dress. “Such an honour to have you visit again!”

Rose smiled down at the house-elf. She recognised her as Mitzi who often served her when she came down for food. She had huge crystal blue eyes and a tiny pink nose.

“What can Mitzi get you?” she asked, gesturing for Rose to sit down on a stool.

“Hmm, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, an apple pie, a treacle tart, some pumpkin pasties and a bunch of grapes please, Mitzi. Oh, and a glass of milk wouldn’t hurt either.”

“Coming right up, Miss!” squeaked Mitzi, setting off to work.

Rose sighed contentedly. She wished she could get this midnight snack service back home, but her mother would go berserk if she found out her daughter made house-elves work in the middle of the night. Part of her career was improving the quality of life for house-elves and nowadays you could get sent to Azkaban for seriously mistreating them, but they obviously enjoyed working, so really she was making their lives happier.

But as Rose watched Mitzi sprinkle chocolate chips over the cookie mix, she wondered whether Mitzi actually knew the feeling to be free, to do what you want and not what your master says. Did she really want to do the human’s dirty work, or was she simply brainwashed into thinking she did?

“Here you go, Miss,” said Mitzi, handing Rose her food. Rose came out of her reverie and thanked the house-elf for all her effort and offered to give her a few galleons. Mitzi looked shocked and said she didn’t want money, and that she was happy to help for free. Maybe house-elves were desirous to serve by nature after all. Rose downed her milk in one gulp and left the kitchens with her arms full of fatty snacks.

Once she reached the hospital wing, she paused outside the door to get a better hold on all the food she was carrying when she heard whispers coming from within the room. She pushed the door open another inch and listened.

“Scorpy… wake up. You have to wake up. Please, for me? I need you; you make me feel like a better person. It’s so hard to go on without you… I swear I’m going to kill that horrible Ravenclaw for hurting you.”

Rose snorted. Who on earth was that speaking? She doubted it was Madam Pomfrey, but who else would be down here at three in the morning? Who would talk to him like that?

There were footsteps. Rose quickly hid behind the nearest suit of armour and watched the door with a beady eye. Damn, she had dropped a pumpkin pasty. Oh well, she still had a dozen left.

Poppy Parkinson came out of the hospital wing and quietly closed the door behind her. She spotted the pasty, picked it up, sniffed it, and dropped it back on the floor in disgust. Apparently pumpkin pasties weren’t for everyone.

Once she had turned left at the end of the corridor, Rose came out of her hiding place and stared at the spot where Poppy had disappeared. That girl was even more demented than Rose originally thought.

She tiptoed into the hospital wing. She let out a sigh of relief once she spotted Scorpius on his bed, knowing he hadn’t died or anything. She pulled up a chair beside him and placed all the food on his bedside table, being careful not to make too much noise. A crabby Madam Pomfrey was not something she wanted to deal with right now. They had already had an argument a few hours earlier when she caught Rose in the hospital wing after curfew.

There were several Get Well cards on the table. Rose, naturally, took a peek at them. She picked up the nearest one with a drawing of a Pygmy Puff blowing its nose on the front.

To my darling Scorpius,
Your hair is yellow like a rubber duck,
your eyes shine as bright as the moon.
If you don’t recover my life will suck,
So I hope you get well soon.
-Signed, the love of your life xxx

Rose sniggered. Whoever wrote that was obviously a literary genius. Signed by someone who considers themself the love of his life? That narrows it down to Poppy, Leila and Caitlyn. Maybe Scarlett, too; she seemed to have enrolled in his ever growing fan base recently.

Another one had a hand-drawn snitch on the front surrounding by hearts and stars. It read:

Are you using a Confundus charm or are you naturally this mind blowing?
Go out with me?

That one was definitely from Caitlyn. She had used it on Al back in third year. And Al had actually gone out with her for a while.

Rose shuddered at the memory.

She sighed as she looked at Scorpius’s face. He seemed so peaceful, breathing steadily and looking so serene. Why couldn’t he look more like that when he was awake? Actually, Rose decided, it’s a good thing he doesn’t usually look like that. She would be forever gazing at him.

“Rose! Snap out of it!” she hissed at herself in her head. “You’re going on a date with Fabian soon. Cut it out with all the more-than-friendly thoughts about Scorpius.”

“Sorry, Rosie,” she replied to herself sheepishly. “I can’t help it.”

Uh oh… she was speaking to herself. Deciding it was sleep-deprivation that was causing her lunacy, she rested her head on Scorpius’ bed and closed her eyes. Even though it wasn’t too comfortable, she soon sank into a peaceful slumber.

“Rose?” Scorpius muttered groggily many hours later, sitting up in his bed. He looked around at his surroundings and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Why are we in the hospital wing?”

Rose stretched her arms above her head and rubbed her eyes. Then she realised Scorpius was awake.

“You’re awake!” she squealed. “How are you feeling?”

He stretched his muscles for a few seconds before replying, “Not bad. Why are we in here?”

She passed him a slice of apple pie. “You’re in here because you got knocked out by a Bludger, remember? Here, eat. You must be starving.”

“Yeah, I am actually…” he said, taking a bite of the pie, then spitting it back out. “Eugh, it’s cold!”

“Damn, I forgot food gets cold,” muttered Rose. She pointed her wand at the pie and said a warming spell.

“Thanks,” he said, digging into his warm pie. “You didn’t have to bring all this, you know.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” she waved it off.

“How long have I been in here?”

“Two nights. You were unconscious all of Sunday. Your parents came to visit. Pomfrey’s been pouring all sorts of potions in your mouth, dear Merlin, I was starting to think she was poisoning you-”

“My parents visited?”

“Yep,” replied Rose, getting a handful of grapes. “They’re very lovely. Well, your dad didn’t say much to be honest, but your mum was fussing all over you, kissing your forehead and whatnot.”

Scorpius blushed. Rose giggled. “Aw, you shouldn’t get embarrassed about your loving mummy, Scorpy poo-”

She stopped when she heard Madam Pomfrey’s office door open, and stared wide eyed at Scorpius.

“Hide!” he whispered.

Rose ducked under the bed just in time.

“Mr Malfoy, you’re awake at last! How do you feel?” she asked, rushing over to his side and checking his temperature.

“Fine, just a bit drowsy, but there’s no pain at all.”

“Yes, well you’ve slept for 45 hours, you’ll be up in no time… where did all this food come from?” she asked, staring at the huge pile on the table in disbelief.

“Oh, er… I don’t know, I’ve only just woken up,” he replied nervously. “Maybe it was the, er, house-elves?”

“Maybe,” Madam Pomfrey replied, but she looked doubtful. “Well, you seem well enough. You can leave now and head to class, Mr Malfoy, but please be more vigilant on the Quidditch pitch!”

Rose spotted a spider an inch from her face on the floor and let out a squeal of fright. Looking at its hairy legs was making her skin crawl. She had hated spiders ever since her cousin Fred transformed her doll into a giant spider when she was three.

“Miss Weasley? What are you doing here? You should be in class! It’s well past nine o’clock!” said the shrill voice of Madam Pomfrey, pulling her out from under the bed.

“Oh, er, sorry, I’ll be off then,” she said, scurrying out the hospital wing. She heard Madam Pomfrey mutter, “Dear me, kids these days are so puckish.”

Puckish? Huh. She had never been called puckish before. She didn’t know what it meant, so she took it as a compliment.

She sprinted to the common room and hastily changed into her school uniform before dashing down to the dungeons. She raised her hand to knock on the door when she realised she had left her bag back in the dormitory and went back up to get it.

By the time she reached the potions classroom, complete with her bag, she was huffing and puffing like Granddad Weasley after a family game of Quidditch at Christmas and made a mental note to do more exercise. After all, in less than a week she would be walking round Hogsmeade with Fabian and did not want him to see her sweating like a troll. She shuddered at the thought.

“Rose!” called Scorpius, walking towards her. “You have potions too?”

“Yup,” she replied sadly. Professor Totternhoe, the potions master, was not friendly to those who were late. In fact, she wasn’t particularly friendly to any one at all, even Eugene Clarke who got to all lessons half an hour early. The students liked to call her Totty behind her back. “We’ve had the same class all year, one would think you’d have noticed by now.”

“Well… are you going to go in?”

Rose raised her eyebrows at him. “Me? Er, no thanks. You’re the reason I’m late, you should go in first and take the wrath of Professor Totty.”

“Hey, it’s not like I forced you to visit me!” Scorpius gave Rose a weird look. “Why were you visiting me during the night, anyway?”

Rose blushed. “I wanted to see if you were alright, obviously.”

“But why?”

“Causeicarebouchoo,” she muttered.

“Say again? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“Because I care about you, you idiot!” Rose rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest. A smirk crept up his face. Rose decided she definitely preferred Scorpius when he was unconscious.

Suddenly his smirk turned into a grin and he squeezed her in a bone-crushing hug. She couldn’t even breathe.

“Oi, out my personal space, Malfoy! Geroff me! I still haven’t forgiven you, you know!”

He let go and looked at her in confusion as the door to the potions room flung open to reveal a furious Professor Totternhoe. She had jaw length black hair and a blunt fringe that hit well above her high arched eyebrows and her lips were always painted dark red. Rose was reminded an awful lot of a vampire she'd seen in her Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook.

“Were you two miscreants planning on joining my class any time today?” she asked, arms folded. When neither of them replied she dragged them by their ears into the classroom. “Why are you late?”

“I- er- well I was-”

“She was visiting me in the hospital wing, professor. I’ve only just come out of it-”

“Silence! I don’t want to hear your silly alibis. Detention at six o’clock prompt on Saturday, my office, both of you,” she snarled.

Detention!!? Rose had never had detention in all her seven years at Hogwarts! What would her mother say? What would her grandma say? What would -

“Stop standing there like a fool, Weasley, sit down!” barked Professor Totternhoe. “And I’ll be telling your Head of House about this so they can give their own punishment as well.”

Rose wasn’t too worried about Totternhoe telling Professor Longbottom about her being late. He was a family friend and had a soft spot for the Weasleys and Potters.

She muttered an apology and took her seat next to her potions partner, Anjali. She gave her a quizzical look but Rose just groaned into her hands.

“Before I was rudely interrupted,” said the Professor, glaring at Rose and Scorpius, “I was telling you all to carry on with the Amortentia potions you started last lesson. However, I suddenly feel like setting a spontaneous pop quiz. Get out a fresh piece of parchment and quill and we’ll get started.”

Rose swore she saw Professor Totternhoe smirk smugly as the students grumbled in protest.

As Professor Totternhoe read out the first question, the door flew open and Professor Flitwick appeared looking very anxious.

“Can I help you?” she sneered. Ah, so it wasn’t just the students she treated like dirt. She was even rude to the Deputy Headmaster.

Professor Flitwick stood on his tiptoes and scanned the classroom until he found Scorpius and looked straight into his eyes.

“Mr Malfoy, you are needed in the Headmistress’s office immediately.”

AN: This story reached over 1100 views on the last chapter!! I didn't expect that at all. Keep on reading :) 

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