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For The First Time by weasleytwins123
Chapter 5 : Robert Darcy
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He was gorgeous. In fact, he wasn't just gorgeous, he was full on heart-meltingly, drool-worthy delicious. I just wanted to jump his bones right now, and I was only staring at the back of his head.

His hair was an interesting colour, border-lining brunette or a dark auburn. It was thick and tousled, as if it was made for me to run my hands through it. His shoulders (oh my, his shoulders!) were defined due to his postion on the Ravenclaw Quiddtich team, the muscles prominent as he leant forward to chat to his friend in front of him.

He laughed a deep, throaty chuckle that sent shivers down my spine and every girl in the room's head turned towards him, if they weren't already observing him already like I was, that is. He ran a hand through his hair and his biceps flexed subconsciously.

Oh my god, I may die from his good looks.

"Put your tongue back in your mouth Lise," Nick nudged me.

"Shut up!" I hissed, feeling my cheeks heat up instantly. I hated it when my friends caught me staring. "I was just appreciating a good looking boy, Nick."

"Why don't you appreciate someone closer then? I'm a good looking boy too."

"Of course Nick..." I rolled my eyes. "But seeing as your one of my best friends that would be a bit weird for the both of us."

He shrugged. "Fine then. You can go back to staring... just don't drool this time."

"I do not drool!" I shrieked at Nick and instantly lowered my voice as a few people surrounding us turned to look at me.

Nick chuckled and continued to observe the section of Devils Snare in front of us as I shuffled in my seat to observe good looks once again. Except this time, Mr Sexy was looking right back at me. And then he smiled, his prominent jaw moving in an attractive way (urgh, everything he did was hot). I smiled back, attempting to hide my shock, and my eyes widened as I watched him push his stool back and walk towards me.

"Hi, I'm Robert Darcy" he held out a hand as he smiled down at me.

I already knew his name, every girl in school did, he was the sexiest guy in seventh year. Well, some girls would disagree as they have a particular infatuation with certain seventh year Gryffindor Quidditch players. But seeing as James, Freddy, Nick and Drew were all my best mates, I wasn't gonna label any of them the sexiest guys in seventh year. Much to their dismay.

"Anneliese Lynch" I swallowed. "But everyone calls me Lise."

"I know" he laughed as he shook my hand. Electricity shot through me as our hands clasped each others. Honestly, it was so cliche and I was being pathetic, but I generally wasn't used to being talked to by boys I considered sex gods.

"I was just wondering if I could borrow a pair of gloves, my partner sort of lost ours somehow..."

"Then why are they right beside your partner?" Nick replied in a jokey voice. He wasn't incredibley rude to Robert like the other guys would have been but he was shooting him a bit of a funny look. I glared at Nick, he was ruining this dream-like moment for me.

"Well, yeah I just..." he didn't seem to notice Nick's funny look and grinned at Nick. "I actually just wanted a chance to talk to you actually Lise."

I think I stopped breathing for a moment. Robert Darcy had just made up a ridiculous lie just to talk to me.OH MY GOD. If it wasn't for the fact that I'd miss an amazing moment, I would have fainted by now, but instead I simply smiled and felt a small blush creep up to my cheeks.

"So you were going to steal my gloves when you didn't even need them?" I asked teasingly and he smirked.

"The guilt would be overridden by the fact that I'd managed to introduce myself to you."

"Managed?" a playful smile was hinting at my lips and I knew Nick was pulling a face at my flirtation behind me.

"Well it's hard for a Ravenclaw like me to just march up and have a chat with a Gryffindor like you."

I heard Nick's snort behind me and it quickly turned into a sharp intake of breath when I pinched his arm violently.

"You didn't make it seem hard just now?"

"Because of the gloves excuse" Robert explained, sending a heart fluttering smile my way.

"Well now you're introduced she'll see you around" Nick smiled patronisingly at Robert, hinting that he should piss off. I was annoyed, Nick wasn't usually this protective, he usually left that to James and Freddy. The arm pinching must have got to him.

"Uh, yeah. Well, I'll see you later Lise" Robert nodded at me before he turned and made his way back to his stool. I stood and watched him for a moment, twirling a strand of my hair around my finger absent-mindedly. It was only when I noticed Professor Longbottom (who was usually forgiving but disliked people not taking an interest in plants) that I hastily turned back to Nick and the Devils Snare.

"How is it that you manage to have every boy at Hogwarts wrapped around your little finger Lise?" Nick gave me a reprimanding look.

I snorted. "Don't be stupid. Of course I don't. Look at you and the boys for example."

"Yeah, and as ashamed as we all are to admit it Lise, you've got us whipped. We'd all do anything for you. And even Robert bloody Darcy has taken a fancy to you now."

"What's wrong with blokes fancying me?"

"Nothing. But James won't like it" he smirked at me.

"Well you seemed to have a problem when you were so rude to him just now! And anyway, James can shut up for once. If there's a chance that Robert Darcy, ultimate sex god of Hogwarts, is even faintly interested in me, nothing, especially not James Sirius Potter, will ruin that."

"Well, you can tell him that when the time comes," Nick smirked at me as I tossed my hair behind my shoulder, lifting my chin and crossing my arms to attempt nochalance. "And also... Ultimate sex god? Is that some weird girl thing?"

"If James Potter kicks up one tiny moment of fuss I will beat him black and blue!" I told Nick defiantly (ignoring the cringey ultimate sex god comment), although unsurprisingly Nick didn't believe in my confidence.

We both knew that it would be hard to prevent James from becoming his protective self if Robert showed an interest in me.


As it turned out, James found out relatively quickly. We were sat at the Gryffindor table finishing off our lunch when Robert Darcy decided to come and say hello.

At first, James hadn't noticed him, he was far to busy talking about some girl Freddy was 'seeing' to pay any attention. Drew and Alice had gone to the library to finish some homework and I was gossiping with Bea about Caroline Fisher (she'd lost her virginity to an International Quidditch player this summer) whilst Nick listened in and pretended not to be interested.

I was pleasantly surprised when Robert appeared by my side with his handsome smile and asked me how I was. My eyebrows had lifted in interest as he grinned down at me before Bea cleared her throat to remind me that I had to respond.

"I'm fab thanks!" (oh shit, did I really just say fab?! CRINGE.) "Erm... you?"

"Yeah I'm brilliant thanks. Just thought I'd come say hi," he smiled nervously. I don't think I'd ever seen Robert Darcy smile nervously. He was just as good with the ladies as my boy best friends were.

"Oh, well, um... sit down" I stammered and flushed a bit as Bea started sniggering at me.

"Thanks." Robert slipped down onto the bench beside me. It was sort of awkward, we didn't have much to talk about, but luckily Nick took pity and struck up conversation.

"So, Robert, you're Head Boy."

"Uh, yeah..."

"And a Ravenclaw."

"Yep" Robert seemed slightly uncomfortable underneath Nick's interrogation.

Did I say that he saved the day by starting a conversation? Because I take that back. This was awkwardness at it's finest.

"So I guess you're clever then?" Nick raised his eyebrows at him.

"Well, according to my Professors I do alright..." he bit his lip. Nick opened his mouth to say more and Bea suppressed a giggle.

The boys never messed with any guys she had her flings with so she found it funny when they did it to Alice and I.

"Nick stop interrogating him!" I snapped, turning and shooting Robert a reassuring smile. "Sorry, my friends can be a bit full on sometimes."

"It's fine, honestly. I'm exactly the same with my little sister," Robert patted my hand and I shivered with delight. He was so dreamy with those gorgeous eyes and sexy hands... (hands can be sexy, ok?!)

Nick at least now seemed to have some level of respect for Robert, most boys weren't understanding of the boys' protectiveness and they hated it when guys were like that. That was the reason why Alice, Bea and I had never had many boyfriends, with Bea instead opting for secret broom closet flings that the boys didn't know that much about.

I joyfully noticed that Robert still had his hand rested on top of mine and I grinned at Bea's raised eyebrows. Can you imagine... Mrs Anneliese Darcy... ? (Wow... obsessive much?) But seriously, Robert is absolutely perfect and he's interested in me. Can't a girl be a bit excitable?

"Who's your friend Lise?" James asked coldly from across the table, his eyes fixed on my hand that Robert was currently holding.

"This is Robert Darcy, he's-"

"Head Boy?" James shot Robert a look of disgust. Let's just say, as resident mischief maker, James disliked boys who had authority over him, such as Prefects (like his little brother Albus) or Head Boys such as Robert.

"Aren't you in Ravenclaw?" Fred raised his eyebrows at Robert. Oh god, here comes the overly-protective duo. However, Robert didn't seem to be uncomfortable yet.


"So what are you doing here?" James practically snarled. I groaned and everyone snapped their heads towards me.

"Honestly James, I invited him to sit down. Don't be an idiot."

James glared at me, and then at Robert, who was now looking a bit uncomfortable. 

"I'm not being an idiot! I'd just like to know what Darcy's intentions were with you!"

Oh merlin, mentioning his intentions?! James did a better job of being my father than my actual father did! And he'd started calling Robert by his second name; this meant he was entering full protective mode.

So in the graceful way that I seem to always execute myself, I flew up from up the bench and grabbed Roberts hand, signalling for him to stand up with me.

"If you don't mind, Robert and I are going to go somewhere else to escape your ridiculous... ridiculousness!"

Bea snorted at me as I managed to embarrass myself whilst shouting. Fred had an annoying classic Weasley smirk on and James just looked annoyed at me. Glancing at Robert, I stalked off dragging him along after me. As we entered the Entrance Hall I slowed down and turned to face Robert.

"Sorry for just dragging you out like that..." I smiled apologetically at Robert and he just shook his head and chuckled.

"Don't worry about it. You were kind of like my little heroine there."

"I'm so sorry about them" I released Roberts hand and fiddled with my fingers. "I'd understand if you don't want to talk to me again."

Robert snorted (but in a sexy way) and his eyes twinkled as he observed me. "I think it would take a lot more than Potter to scare me off."

I raised an eyebrow at the use of the surname, it gave me the impression that Robert and James weren't going to get along. "What if Fred joined in too?"

"I don't care if the whole of the Gryffindor Quidditch team joined in. Anyway, I have my team to back me up" he grinned.

I think the main reason that James disliked Robert (apart from the fact that Robert had taken an interest in me) was that Robert was an enemy anyway, seeing as Robert was Quidditch Captain of the Ravenclaw team, therefore making Robert competition. As much as I loved James, and despite the fact he was my best friend, he was also the bane of my existence.

"You know, most boys would have ran off with their tails between their legs by now."

"I'm an extremely tough, masculine man. Can't you tell? I'm never scared" Robert grinned, a twinkle in his eye. I giggled. He reminded me of James when he mentioned his masculinity.

"So anyway, Lise..." Robert's tone turned nervous and serious all at once and I snapped my head up to meet his gaze out of curiosity. "I was just wondering if you'd like to go to Hogsmede with me on Halloween?"

"I think I can just about squeeze you in" I smiled at him, tucking a stray hair behind my ear. "How about... for all day?"

He laughed and then smiled at me again. "I'm glad you said yes."

"I'm glad you asked me. Even though I have crazy, overprotective fools of best friends."

"Is not your fault. You can't choose your best friends!"

"Hmmm, I wish I could," I giggled. "I think I'd cause a lot less trouble."

"Well, I actually quite like a bad-girl myself. There's some very attractive about it. Especially the way you shouted in Potions in the other day" Robert lowered his voice as he moved his lips to kiss my cheek.

"Well, just so you know" I brushed my lips over his cheek in return. "I find boys in a position of authority very sexy. And Head Boy definitely counts as that."

Robert smiled in a flirtatious manner and hugged me quickly. "I've got to go. Head Boy duties and all of that, but I'll see you later?"

I nodded, still a bit shell shocked from having such a hot guy kiss my cheek and hug me all in under a minute. And heavily flirt with me. And flirt back with him in a good way that didn't embarrass myself. It was actually quite a miracle.

Robert waved as he walked off in the direction of the Ravenclaw common room and I giggled to myself, grinning like a fool as I practically skipped my way up to the Gryffindor tower.

Miss Anneliese Lynch... I could be Mrs Anneliese Darcy. I sighed happily, I liked imagining Robert and I conceiving our children. There was no doubt he'd look heavenly naked...

updated 27/10/12

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