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Fresh Pair Of Eyes by Paltischa
Chapter 2 : Brilliant.
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That git.

Who did he think he was anyway? Just because he is Harry Potter's son, he thinks he can just SMIRK at me like that? No way, Jose. Because If he is James Potter, I am Elizabeth Bong. Sure, I canít walk straight or see the front of the classroom without the aid of telescopes. But that doesnít mean I have no self respect. I love my family. Sure, they are odd. But whose family isnít? I mean I bet there are a billion dads who have abandonment issues worse than crying. And my mum is perfectly fine! Maybe she is a tad bit shrill and loves to drag me about like a rag doll but then itís not like Iím a stranger. Mothers should be perfectly allowed to drag their daughters about in any way they like.

Fuming, I climb onto the train and grab my trunk from where Iíd left it. I begin lugging my trunk along the corridor, hoping to find my friends. Iím not expecting to find them. Not at all. Now, donít get me wrong. I love them. Iím sure they are sitting in some compartment half expecting me to show up. I feel bad for them. Itís not their fault that I canít find anything in my life (I really canít. Even if itís right there in front of me, I donít see it. My foreheads practically bruised as Iíve slapped it so often, after finding what id been looking for RIGHT INFRONT OF ME). But Iím careful today. I scan each and every compartment carefully, taking my time. God, these people are rude. Of course Iím not retarded , you sod. Fine! Iíll get on. Geez. Kids these days were touchy.
I moved along, inspecting the compartments as I went. A hand landed on my shoulder and I twirled around to take the offender down.
Before I could do much, I was engulfed in a bear hug.


"Ugrhh...let me go now, Sam" I mumbled against her hair. And she had a lot of hair.

Cue: Introduction

1)Samantha Jones: My best friend. Loud mouthed, Drama loving, Boy shagging, Make up wearing, gorgeous female human being. She doesnít really care for your personal space and do not expect her to. She loves chocolate and would even eat it off of the floor. She would even eat it off of you (especially if you were a boy). She has never been single. Ever. maybe initially in first year but even then she'd got Jim Stone to carry around her bag. And bring her her things. She loves being treated as a goddess. We became friends immediately on our first night in Hogwarts. I sometimes wonder how we'd managed to stuck on (alive) seeing as the only things we have in common are our lack of responsibility (Her's because she is a wild child, mine because I canít remember anything).

"No way! Iíve missed you way too much! I almost died after you didnít reply to my last owl! Poor Paolo tried to cheer me up..if you know what I mean" She winked at me.

Did I ever?

"Well at first I was too upset to be.. cheered. But then you know how convincing Paolo is." Sam continued.

Paolo was her gardener. He was also 6"4 , extremely buff and Spanish. Sam told me he thinks they were going to be married one day. Boy, was he in for a surprise.

"Itís not fair, what you do to him, Sam" I tell her sotte voce.
Sam rolled her eyes, "Oh please. He is a big boy. And in England for god's sake. He can deal with it."

"If you say so." I sighed. Arguing with Samantha Jones was like arguing with a brick wall. Except a brick wall is probably more reasonable. And not quite that whiny.

By now, Sam had begun to drag me along the hallway. She pushed me into a compartment and shut the door behind her. As if on cue, my glasses fell off and I had to get onto my knees to search for them. Why does this always happen to me?

Note to self: Learn the permanent sticking charm. Properly. Or get contacts. Whatever.

I couldnít see a bloody thing. I could, however, make out other people in the compartment. Apart from Sam and myself, there seemed to be four other individuals present.

"Um...Can anyone see my glasses? I canít. See them, I mean. Or see without them. Whatever." I said, quite lamely if I say so myself.
"Umm, here you go." I felt someone putting my glasses on the bridge of my nose.

Ah, vision. I had missed thou.

I looked around to see the co-habitants of the compartment. That was before I was engulfed in a bear hug for the umpteenth time that day.
Why canít people understand I have personal space issues?? I donít like being hugged, okay? Go press your boobs up against other people!

"Oh, I missed you too, Pam."

Cue: Introduction

2)Pamela Spence: My other best friend. She is the rational one. The normal one. Not only was she a prefect, but ALL the teachers loved her. Infact, everybody loved her. And she loved everyone too. She radiated this aura of niceness which if you donít get used to, you'll definitely be nauseated. That girl has no enemies, does not hate a single soul and hasnít said any thing foul for anyone in her life. Example; Instead of thinking Peeves of as a nuisance, she considered him merely 'misunderstood'. I love this girl.

I detach myself from Pamela and look around. I saw Fred Weasley sitting by the window. I nodded a hello. He nodded back. Fred was Pam's boyfriend. And her opposite. The guy had mischief spelt all over him and was more often found in detention than in the common room.
My eyes wandered off to another bloke sitting next to Fred. Luke Wilson. Sam's latest boy toy. The third of the infamous trio.

Cue: Introduction.

3)The Trio: The most annoying people in the entire school. They were mischief personified. If anything went wrong or deterred the normal functioning of regular school business, it was naturally assumed that the trio was behind it. They called themselves the 'Marauders' (Lame) but were normally referred to as the Trio. It was rumored that the trio were in possession of certain illegal artifacts. But it hasnít been proven yet. Nevertheless, The Trio the best pranksters Hogwarts had seen since Fred (I) and George Weasley.

Wait a second. I turned around and saw who was sitting right next to the door of the compartment.

And wish I hadnít. Because i soon found myself staring into a set of bottomless brown eyes. And they were staring right back.
"Oh Lizzie, I hope you donít mind. We are sharing the compartment with James and his lot." Sam whispered into my ear.

I managed to tear my eyes away from James' and smiled at Sam, "Of course not."

Oh my-WAIT a second.

What is WRONG with me? James Potter? I was looking into the eyes of JAMES POTTER? Do I 'like' James Potter? OF COURSE NOT.

I sit on the opposite bench from Potter and stare out of the window, the night before the transfiguration final playing in my head. I shuffle uncomfortably in my seat.

No, I couldnít like him. He will NEVER like me. He was James Potter. Iím nowhere NEAR his league.

I looked over at Pam. She had her head on Fred's shoulder, and he was whispering something to her. She giggled. God, they were cute. I looked away, giving them privacy.

But there were hardly places to look at in the compartment. Sam was busy sucking Luke's face right off next to me. I was glad to see that Luke was hanging in there. Not many blokes can handle the aggressive force of Samantha Jones.

I glanced at Potter. His eyes caught mine and he gave me a tiny smile, before looking away.

Great. Now he probably thinks Iím a stalker. Or that I have this huge crush on him. Brilliant. Thatís just... brilliant. I look at him again and see that he is busy staring at something out of the window. I follow his gaze and see nothing but moving landscapes. Wow. He'd rather stare at that than have a conversation with me.


I get up and excuse myself. Not that anyone hears me. Pam and Fred are busy whispering sweet nothings to each other (I swear to god Iím going to throw up. Itís too bloody SWEET). Sam and Luke seem like two lost souls in the desert that seem to have decided on relying on each other's saliva for survival. still looking out of the window. Well, best of luck finding what you are looking for out there, mate.
I leave the compartment, closing the door tightly behind me. I heave a sigh of relief. Never thought the train journey could be this uncomfortable. They usually are. Uncomfortable, that is. But never quite like this. I mean, Iím always the odd one out. The girl without the boyfriend in a compartment full of couples. Even Darrian has a boyfriend.

Darrian is one of my brothers. He is gay. I love him to bits but I still cant help being jealous of him.

Dear Merlin,
Am I destined to remain single forever?
Yours truly,
Lizzie Bong.

I halfheartedly make my way towards the ladies' room. I enter the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I look into the mirror.
Now, Iím not ugly or anything. I look..normal. Except for the inch think glasses on my head. I have decent enough hair. And my skin is spotless. I donít have that acne thing those muggle magazines keep going on about. Iím not exactly thin, but Iím not fat either. So why canít I get a date?

I take my hair out of my bun and let it hang loosely around my shoulders. I put on the lip gloss my mother had got me and insisted I carry with me. Carry it with me, I do. Use it, I donít.

I straighten my clothes and walk out of the bathroom. Smack into a couple, busy snogging the life out of each other. Really, people. Control your damn HORMONES. At least in public. They detach and I see who it is. I feel my heart sinking to the pits of my stomach.

"Bong, Are you okay?" James asks me.

"Umm, Yeah," I reply ."Sorry to interrupt."

Without another word, I hurry the hell away from there.

She was blonde. A blonde. A tall, thin, gorgeous BLONDE. How the hell am I supposed to compete with that?

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Fresh Pair Of Eyes: Brilliant.


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