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Something About a Witch by bri_5_stars
Chapter 2 : Chapter the Second: Three Years Later...Again
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CI by !nkblot.

Rose Weasley looked through the pantry for the box of her favorite cereal. It may have been the afternoon, but she had just rolled out of bed, and still intended on eating her meals in proper order. She didn’t have anywhere to be, it was the off-season. Being so she stayed at her parent’s place rather than dealing with the matter of renting a flat. Which she promised she would get to when she had the time, for the last two years. She fully intended on doing it this year. Honestly.

“Good afternoon Rosie, brunch again?” a very familiar voice asked, as it entered the kitchen.

She turned back around as she pulled the box of Quaffle-O’s from the pantry, seeing her Dad she nodded. She popped open the top of the box by knocking it against the counter as she summoned a salad bowl from the cabinet. Then turned the box over to empty the rest of the cereal into the bowl.

But there was no unmistakable clinking sound signaling a full bowl of tasty breakfast cereal, just emptiness. Holding the box open over her face she shook it once more, and again nothing. Rose gazed back at her Dad with a look of disappointment that he’d seen so often when she was little(er), and her brother would finish off her favorite cereal just to get the toy at the bottom before she could. Evidently he did it even now when he was eighteen and she twenty respectively.

“I guess not, it looks as though I’m having disappointment for brunch.” Rose moped tossing the box aside with a lack of enthusiasm.

Her father chuckled looking down at his young daughter and ruffled her hair affectionately. I was odd seeing her at twenty years old, a professional chaser, yet still home for breakfast and still getting depressed over not getting to finish off her favorite cereal.

“Please just try not to kill Hugo over it until your mother gets home. How about I make you something instead?” he suggested with a smile. He went to the refrigerator and pulled out the milk and eggs, as he summoned a pan to the stove.

“I promise that I will try not to… and thank you.” Rose grinned back. She watched while he began to make breakfast for her, the smile faded when she looked back at the empty bowl.

“You aren’t cross with me are you?” she asked, mood quickly becoming downcast.

“Why would you ask that Rosie?” he posed with concern.

“I thought that you might be angry about me getting booted.”

“Admittedly I was a little angry but not at you, at your daft captain. But you got picked up by Puddlemere which would be much better for you, they’ll pay you, and actually let you play.” Her father said.

“But your favorite team is Cannons…” Rose started.

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play for Puddlemere. I think I can handle cheering for two teams, especially if you’ll play like your last game.”


Three Months Earlier- May

The match against the Falmouth Falcons was going rather bad, terrible in fact. They were down by 110, the Cannons Seeker seemed to think that the Snitch was hiding at the bottom of a flask he’d not so secretly smuggled on to the pitch, and it had begun to rain. Fantastic. The only thing making it worse was Rose was stuck on the bench becoming increasingly uncomfortable in her wet uniform.

She had watched helplessly from the sidelines since early that afternoon, as the Falcons most brutal Beaters since the Broadmoor brothers pummeled the Cannons Chasers and Keeper with relentless bludgers. Lightning streaked through the sky, flashing like daylight for a moment. Only seconds later thunder rumbled shaking everyone on the ground and in the air. In its place was the smell of ozone, and the sight of a Cannons Chaser tumbling down through the clouds, his broom only meters behind him. He was very visibly scorched in the stadium lighting; with no one coming to slow him down he collided with the wet ground in a dull thud.

A group of healers finally ran towards Radford carrying a makeshift stretcher. They lifted him on to it unceremoniously, and brought him over to where Rose sat on the bench with the team manager and owner, Dorkins. He looked over Radford’s crispy unconscious form (who was paralyzed in a very compromising position) with a disappointed scowl.

“Well take him to get fixed already! He is no good to us as a lump.” Dorkins spoke over the storm, waving his hands in a wild fashion.

They scurried away, not caring to be delicate as they jostled away with the stretcher bouncing around between them. The crowd of reporters as officials parted to let them in to the covered sanctuary of the stands.

Rose stood picking up her broom, an old Nimbus 3001 from her Hogwarts days, to be ready. Up in the air the game did not pause for the loss of a player, hell it likely would not until there was only one player left. The only thing to do was soldier on until someone caught the Snitch.

“Dorkins! I’m going in!” Rose shouted, turning him by the shoulder to face her.

“That’s up to the captain, and he is already in play.” Dorkins shrugged.

“You’ve got to be kidding me we’ve lost our best Chaser!”

It was a lousy system, of the few rules they were quite annoying. Being the lowest ranking team in the league did nothing to improve it on their part, being the least sponsored for lack of interest. That meant several members of the team were doing double duty. The dunce Seeker Galvin Gudgeon was the captain and coach of the team as well; so they did not have a pygmy puff’s chance in hell of seeing a good play unless he was unable to grip a bottle. They would have a better chance of winning if said pygmy puff was the Seeker.

“Alright then.” Rose said, she mounted her broom and shot into the clouds where some how the Cannons were in possession of the quaffle.

“We’ve got ourselves another fish to fry!” yelled one of the Falcon’s beaters who swooped past her to knock a bludger at Jackson (one of the Cannon’s other Chasers) and knocking the quaffle from his hands.

She growled at him, but kept climbing until she reached where the action was. The crowd roared over the winds when one of the Falcon’s scored throwing them further in the lead.

“And Falmouth scores again! 230- 110, Keeper Morris might need to work on flying a bit more in bad weather conditions.” The commentator said over the loudspeaker, in response the Cannons Keeper flipped him the bird.

“Same to you buddy. Keep your eyes on the skies folks. What is this? It looks like the Cannon’s reserve chaser… er Weasley has put herself in the match, hopefully she can try and gain some points for her team.” The voice boomed.

That is exactly what she intended on doing as she sped toward the quaffle which was currently in the Falcons possession. Something that she wasn’t going to let happen much longer.

“Oi, Weasley what are you doing up here?” Jackson called, watching as Rose deflected a bludger aimed at him by taking it to the ribs.

“Probably trying to get myself killed no thanks to you!” she jested.

Jackson chuckled and signaled for her to get in formation, on the other side of the Falcon Chaser who held the quaffle. She nodded and the sped off in the direction of their victim, boxing him in between him. The Chaser struggled to break free but Jackson was practically hugging him. He fumbled, and Rose tore the quaffle from him then pealed off in the direction of the Falcons highest goal where their Keeper was waiting.

Rose drew near, still hurtling toward the high goal like Hagrid to a baby dangerous creature. The Keeper saw her and immediately got in position to defend the goal, trying to anticipate where she would throw it. But Rose wasn’t slowing down to toss, and he noticed this going in to a slight panic, calling for his Beaters for back up. It was to late, Rose smashed into him with full force, propelling both of through the goal, tossing the Quaffle through just before. It was Rose’s first official score in professional quidditch.

“Are you insane?” the Keeper called, as she tossed him the quaffle to put back into play.

“10 points to the Chudley Cannons, brave move from Weasley there!” The commentator said.

“Obviously not.” Rose smirked, and then pulled back the wet hair covering her face into a ponytail.

She observed the pitch, adrenaline coursing through her veins from her score, it was exhilarating. The stands were clearly dividing in orange and yellow, those in orange where currently cheering their heads off. Meters away, a whistle blew and the other Chasers scrambled after the quaffle.

“Weasley, get off the pitch you are a reserve!” yelled Gudgeon. He floated over near her slowly after trying to keep his balance from the yelling.

“Why should I do that?” Rose asked, following the quaffle with her eyes.

“We’ve got it fine with out you.” He said, hovering on the opposite side of the goal from her.

“You know Radford is out right? Looks like he got on the wrong side of a dragon.”

“Might have seen that.” Gudgeon knocked back some of his whiskey.

Rose rolled her eyes, why would they have a reserve if they weren’t going to use her? Honest ludicris in her opinion. She flew closer to where the Chasers were duking it out, and whistled to Jackson so that he knew she was open. Then she flew back to guard the Falcons Keeper, when she noticed a dark gray and bright white blob zooming through the rain in their direction.

As the blob neared, Rose realized that is was the Falcon’s Seeker, Gus Something or other, and he was speeding after the tiny golden ball floating a little ways to the left of her; shining brightly in the stadiums lights despite the rain.

Gudgeon bless him, seemed to have noticed it as well and he was the closer; then again he could be chasing an imaginary leaf. So Rose whipped around, tailing Jackson who had wrestled the quaffle from one of the Falcons. He feinted away, just as one of the Falcons lunged after him, then tossed it backwards over his shoulder yelling,


Rose spiraled after it, just barely catching it on the tips of her fingers; nearly dropping it when a bludger flew into the tail of her broom causing it to splinter, and her to cartwheel backwards as she tried to fly back up to the goals.

“Falcons Hamburg loses possession to Jackson, who feints and passes to Weasley again. Oh! She’s been thrown into a tailspin by a nasty bludger from Garring.” The commentator shouted.

Gudgeon was still blubbering about when she approached; unknowing that the Snitch was now flitting about not far from the Falcons Keeper. The Keeper grew anxious as she came closer. Probably hoping that his Seeker would hurry up and end the game before Rose could purposely body slam him again.

Unfortunately for him, Rose was closer and much faster. On approach she noticed that Gudgeon still had no idea of the Snitches whereabouts and probably would not unless it smacked him in the face. Perhaps the rain shorted his circuits. In any case she would not have it.

“Gudgeon!” she shouted, whacking the Snitch at him by hitting it with the splintered tail of her broom.

She did not wait to see whether the idiot would muck it up. No she plowed ahead, not letting the wind slow her down; stopping just short of ramming into the Falcon Keeper again. He flinched in preparation of impact only to see that Rose had come to a halt a foot away, then loftily toss the quaffle into a lower goal with a smirk.

“I think that is a goal for the Cannons putting them 120-230, though it might be a penalty on Weasley’s part. Someone check that out. Dear Merlin, has Gudgeon spotted the Snitch?! Hopefully he can get his hands on it before Horton does!”

Sort of. Just as the commentator said his name, Galvin Gudgeon turned to look over his shoulder just in time to watch the Snitch whack him straight between his eyes. He swore loudly, and swiped the gold ball away into his hand. His angry mood changed quickly when he grasped that he had finally won another game after many long years, even if it was by chance.

“Chudley Cannons win! It’s a miracle! Gudgeon caught the Snitch for the first time in 12 years ending the game at 270-230. Weasley’s last goal has been disqualified after having touched the Snitch, apparently a foul. Any way, great job Cannons!”

Now it was Rose’s turn to swear, and had anyone been close enough they would have thought that she sounded like a muggle sailor from the vulgarity. How could she have known that was an illegal move? It hadn’t been done enough, if ever to know that it was wrong. Noticing the pain from where the bludger hit was not doing well to improve her temper either. She was seething, as she slowly spiraled down to the ground, trying to control her temper. That bloody useless Seeker had better be grateful for it, she thought.

A sea of orange dressed fans swamped the pitch holding up the victorious members of the team who had already landed, above their heads chanting as recently transfigured cannons shot out orange streamers and confetti. The party had begun, and would most likely carry on in the wizarding pubs later that night. As she landed Rose knew that at least one member of her family would be making their way through the crowd to find her, but they would not get to her first.

Rose found her way to where the team had gathered by the bench, and out of the way of crazed fans. A charm had been set that only allowed Cannons members by the bench. Gudgeon had his hand gripping Dorkins’ shoulder, and was speaking rather forcefully to him while the rest of the team looked on, or waved at fans. Dorkins irritation showed clearly on his face; he called Rose over despite her obvious apprehension.

“Oi Weasley, bring it in!” he called out, waving her over.

Rose reluctantly obliged, fully expecting an earful. She leaned the shoddy broom on the bench after she strolled over, and then proudly put her hands on her hips.

“Are you going to thank me now Gudgeon?” she asked.

He looked at her with a bewildered expression, “I’d as soon hex you!” he tried to go for his wand that was not there.

“What’s that fit all about? I helped you, you know!” she replied haughtily.

“Look here Weasley,” Dorkins interrupted separating the two, “Gudgeon is the captain, thus in charge. And he says that you went on to play after he told you no. Then you went and got yourself disqualified after hitting the Snitch and still went on to score another goal, only making another penalty. The first alone is enough to get you suspended.”

“Suspend me? How was I supposed to know that was a foul? You need me!” Rose growled growing angry.

“I- er, We don’t need a RESERVE Chaser, mind you, who is not going to follow orders. That is why-“ Gudgeon raged before Dorkins interrupted him.

“And that is why we have made the decision to dismiss you permanently from the team.” Dorkins said, slumping his shoulders.

Gudgeon looked positively ecstatic at hearing that Rose was ousted, something that positively made her want to punch him right in the mouth. Were she Dominique, or Lily, or any of her other female cousins she might have been on the verge of tears. But she fancied herself to be stronger, tougher than that. By Merlin, she was a Chaser, and didn’t weep for nothing.

“If you could have all of your Cannons robes in the office by Monday, I can sort out your last paycheck.” Dorkins continued, when she did not answer.

“This is rubbish.” She muttered under her breath.

Rose picked up her broom, and turned her back on them stalking off in the direction of the locker rooms before a familiar voice attracted her attention.

“Rosie, Rosie! Over here!”

She turned in the direction of the voice, and saw her father and younger brother standing a little ways off from the entry to the locker rooms. Since theirs was such a big family that had two professional quidditch players, depending on their own careers they tended to switch off.  Rose went over to them a little reluctantly, really just wanting to shower and tend to the bruise that was sure to be forming on her ribs.

“Hi Dad, Hugo.” She greeted, hugging both of them carefully.

“Good work Rosie Posie, why the mood?” Hugo asked.

Apparently her brother was a barometer for her feelings. Feelings, she reminded herself, that she did not have.

“It is probably just that pretty big hit she took.” Her Dad reasoned.

“Actually, I’ve been booted from the team for that last move. It doesn’t matter.” She simply shrugged.

“You can’t be serious? You have patiently been their reserve Chaser for three years, and that was a game saving move. It would be mad to fire you. Hermione isn't going to like this.” Ron said angrily; looking as though he might go show Dorkins what’s what for firing his daughter.

“Calm down Pop. Nothin’ to do about it right Rosie?” Hugo said clapping a hand on Rose’s shoulder.

“Yup.” She sidled. They both looked up at their dad, who was shaking off his rage.

“Alright. It is alright. Something better will come along. Now go ahead and get changed.” Ron prompted.

“Thank you.”

Rose turned, and started back to the lockers. Where now surely the rest of the team had already entered. And again she was stopped by a voice, just as she was about to make her way inside.

“Miss Rose Weasley? Could I have a minute?” A small man said.

Well he was small compared to all of the men in her family. They all seemed to tower over her average 5’6” frame. This man she looked down on.

She shrugged, what was one more interruption? “Sure.”

Seeing the man approach her, both Hugo and her Dad made their way over.

“Yes where was I?” the man asked, intimidated by the two imposing giant redheads who protectively stood behind the smaller one.

“You asked for a minute.”

“Indeed. Oh yes, I wanted to commend you on your very brave game today. Plays like that only come along rarely in the lesser teams these days.” The small man began.

“Well if you aren’t aware it got me disqualified. And dismissed.” Rose muttered, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Oh, that is great then!” he exclaimed happily.

“If you have a point, you should make it now. Who are you?” Ron imposed.

“Silly me, where are my manners? My name is Kentworthy Meyers, and I am a recruitment scout for Puddlemere United. You Miss, have the exact attitude, and talent we pride ourselves on.”

“Okay…” she replied.

“Well I wanted to offer you the spot of third Chaser, if you can pass the trials that is. Our last got quite permanently mangled from some dealings with a troll that owed him money. Kind of a nutter to get into that sort of thing if you ask me. Not to mention your cousin says you come highly recommended. So what do you say?” Meyers asked almost all at once.

“Could you say that again please? All I heard was something about a troll.” Rose asked putting a hand to her bruise.

“Would you like the honor of playing Chaser for Puddlemere United? If you can pass the trials of course.” He repeated more slowly.

“Yes.” Rose agreed simply.

“Good then! I will be in touch within the week about all the details. Thank you Miss Weasley, Gentlemen.” Meyers shook Rose’s hand then nodded to the men standing behind her, before disappearing with a crack.

“Well that was quick.” Hugo remarked, taking his sister’s broom.

“That was unexpected.” Rose smiled in agreement.

“Congratulations Rosie! Now go get changed, we’ve got to be at the Burrow soon for dinner. Everyone will be waiting to hear about the game.” Ron said hugging her before pushing her into the locker rooms.


Rose sighed. Her dad was right, he wouldn’t hate her just because she had been kicked off his favorite team. So what if she wasn’t the favorite child for awhile. She had, had a burst of luck by being signed to a much better team only minutes after being fired.

She had definitely earned her place after the trials as well, and even gotten a new broom in the process. Now she would get to play for her Cousin James’ revered team.

“How about you forget about that already? You did well. Do you want to come with me to the joke shop today? I’ll give you a galleon for sweets as well.” Ron offered, knowing it would perk her up.



*Re-editted for stuff. 12-12-11*

A/N: Hi! I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I'm sleepy. If you haven't already guessed, this story is kinda going to be centered a bit around Quidditch. I've never really written sports so I actually feel proud of myself for this chapter. Yes, I know, Hermione isn't in here much, but I editted a bit for that, (any who if you must know the reason Hermione doesn't make an appearance is because she was at work.) Don't worry Scorpius is coming soon to a chapter near you. Thank you so much for reading, and please, please review. Say whatever is on your mind. Siriusly though, please review! Thank you and good night! :) 


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