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Black Sheep by leannemariesnape
Chapter 7 : Grief.
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A few days after I ran from the Leaky Cauldron, Uncle Percy actually came to Malfoy Manor. He was turned away from Draco, but Percy did not listen to him. He insisted he would not leave until he saw me. Since I was already feeling that I could sink no lower I refused, looking away from him through the gates of the Manor.

Eventually I did let him into the house. I reasoned that it would be the easiest way to make him leave. We sat awkwardly in the sitting room. I was determined to look everywhere except at him. He kept calling me “Rosie” and it made me flinch. It was too personal. I didn’t want to be close to the Weasleys. I didn’t even know why I had let him in.

“Rosie, come home. Are you being forced to stay here?” Percy asked concerned. I shook my head, refusing to speak. He noticed the book on the coffee table. “That book- isn’t it about pureblood superiority?” he asked, quietly. I nodded, remaining aloof. “See, that’s the kind of people you’re living with-“

“It’s mine. I bought it from Flourish and Blotts a few weeks ago” I told him, cutting in to what he was going to say. “The Malfoy’s don’t agree with this stuff, and I’m...” I paused for a second, wondering how to describe myself, “curious” I finished.

Percy looked surprised. He was unsure how to reply to me. I wondered whether he would leave. “Oh, Rosie” I flinched once more, “you dont need to get caught up in this stuff.” He stated. I looked away. Who was he to decide what was and wasn’t good for me? I thought to myself.

“Leave” I stated.

“I will if you come with me.” He responded. I shook my head, forcing the anger bubbling inside of me down.

“Please, just leave. I wont ask you again.” I said, my voice was stronger than I thought it would be.

Percy stood up. He looked at me in the eyes. “Just five minutes, that’s all that is nessecary.” He said. I couldn’t take it much longer. Why couldn’t he just understand what I was saying?

“NO! Leave! Now!” I said. My voice was much louder than I thought it would be, and Draco ran into the room after hearing my voice. He was holding his wand out, and behind him, a tall black man was also holding out his wand.

“Is he giving you problems?” Draco asked, motioning towards Percy. I nodded.

“I want him gotten rid of, please” I said, imitating the forceful voice that Astoria sometimes used. Draco lowered his wand, and the tall black man stepped forwards, grabbing Percy by the arm. I watched with a savage sense of satisfaction as he was pulled out of the room.

Draco sat down, and asked me if I was ok. Around ten minutes later, the man returned. “Blaise Zabini” he said, holding his hand out for me to shake. “I hear you’re going to be an international Quidditch star, aren’t you?” he asked. There was something odd about the man. There was something about him that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I smiled at him politely, and went to find Scorpius.

I felt proud of myself for refusing to go home. I had stopped missing everyone, and I wondered whether they missed me. Later that day, Scorpius and I went for a walk around the grounds. We ended up under a large tree, observing the peacocks roaming the area. I felt Scorpius’ hand on mine, and I looked over at him. “Rose, I was-“ he stopped mid sentence. I looked at him, wondering what he was going to say. I turned back and watched the peacocks once more. “I would ask your Dad, but I know I’d be told no.” He continued, before sighing. “Don’t worry.” He said quietly.

Later that evening, we were sat at the dining table, when Draco looked up from his meal, “I take it you haven’t asked her yet?” he asked, smirking. I looked over to Scorpius, and I saw his cheeks flush pink.

“No” he said, pushing a piece of food around his place.

“Asked who what?” I said, intrigued. I looked around the table hoping to get a hint. Astoria was smiling to herself, and had put her knife and fork down. She was now looking at Scorpius expectantly.

Scorpius was now refusing to look up, and I looked over at Draco for clues, feeling extremely left out of the loop. “Go on!” Draco demanded. Scorpius looked up, his face now red. He stood up awkwardly.

“R-Rose, I love you.” He paused, fumbling in his pocket. I had a feeling about what was about to happen, but I pushed it out of my mind. “Do-“ he paused once more and knelt down next to my chair. I felt my neck turn warm, and I knew that my face was surely red. “Will you marry me?”he presented a simple silver ring to me.

I gasped. I couldn’t say it was shocking, but in a way, it was still a surprise. I didn’t even need to think about it, but my voice wouldn’t work. I resorted to a mute nod. A contagious smile spread across his face. He stood up and kissed me. I couldn’t believe that I was engaged! My initial reaction was that I couldn’t wait to tell my parents, but I realised what I was thinking and quickly pushed it away.

Astoria hugged me in congratulations, and I noticed that her eyes were close to tears.

The next few days were a happy blur. As we were now engaged, Draco and Astoria let us share a room, and naturally, we spent a lot of the time in there.

Astoria then invited me to go window shopping in Diagon Alley, telling me that there was a “lovely bridal-gown shop” there, and that I should try on a few dresses to get an idea of what I liked. I agreed, and on that morning, I woke up much more excited than I intended to be.

The shop that Astoria took me was called “Madame Descartes” and it was run by a pump French woman. The shop was very expensive looking, and I was hesitant to try on many of the dresses; they cost more money than I’d ever imagined, but Astoria insisted I tried some on.

After almost two hours of trying on different dresses, I found the perfect one. It was simple and strapless, and when the light caught it, it had a silvery hue. As I showed Astoria, she squealed slightly, and hugged me, insisting that she would buy it on the spot.

I blushed as I realised just how expensive it was. Even after two years of working, I was sure I wouldn't be able to pay Astoria back. But, I must admit, as I left the shop, with the dress in an elegant bag, I couldn’t help but smile. Astoria insisted that we should go for lunch, and so I followed her. As we walked across the street, I saw a flash of red hair, and I was pushed to the floor.

I looked up, and realised who it was. Lucy- Percy’s oldest child. But she was not how I remembered her. Her eyes were puffy and red, and I could see an expression of pain and fury on her face. She kicked my side, winding me as I was already on the floor. A friend suddenly pulled her back, and Astoria ran to my side, to help me up.

I was confused, and I looked at her. She was no longer struggling against her friend, but she was crying as though her heart was broken. “Lucy?” I asked, leaning slightly against Astoria.

“Don’t speak to me!” She spat, “You killed him! I hope you die a horrible, painful death, you foul-“ I looked at her, feeling tears welling up in me. I didn’t know how she could hate me so much. I had not seen her for months.

“Killed who?” I asked, blinking back tears in a midst of hurt and confusion. Lucy laughed manically.

“Like you don’t know! My Dad. They found him in an alleyway after seeing you! I told him you were dangerous. I said you were poison!” She spat. I felt my legs give way, and I listened as Lucy was pulled away by her friend, shouting at me as she was pulled down the alley.

Uncle Percy. He was killed. I was the last one to see him. I didn’t tell him what I thought of him. He never knew how much I respected him. Someone had killed him. I felt a sob hit me, and I looked up at Astoria. She looked confused, and she picked me up and apparated me home.

Scorpius was in the room, reading a book, and as soon as he saw me, he stood up and rushed over to me. I fell into his arms, sobbing. He kept asking what was wrong, but I couldn’t even speak any more. Astoria explained everything to him, and he tried to comfort me, but I was inconsolable. I just needed my Dad.

I stayed in the same place for days, and I didn’t speak once. I was grieving, at least that was what Astoria regularly told Scorpius. Then, Draco’s friend came to visit once more. The man watched me as he walked past as though I was a curious museum exhibit.

He spoke to Draco in the next room, and I strained my ears to listen. I remembered how he had showed my Uncle out of the Manor. Maybe, he knew something about what had happened to him.

“I just did what she wanted” the lower voice said.

“Yes, but I don't think she knew what she was doing” Draco said, coldly.

“The aurors are all over this already, since he was a Weasley... I’m going to need more than the regular fee I charge-“ Zabini trailed off. His voice was slow and cold.

“Look, I’ll pay for it, but.” Draco sighed, “you shouldn’t have taken what she said seriously. Everyone argues with their family...” Draco said. There was a clinking of metal, which I was sure was money.

“Thank you” the man said, leaving the room. My heart was pumping, and my mind was whirring, trying to process what had just been said. The man walked out of the room, and I stood up, surprised at my own action.

“You killed him” I said, my body shaking. He looked at me, an eyebrow arched.

“On your command, I believe, Miss Weasley” he said, leaving the room. I suddenly felt sick. I ran to the bathroom, making it just in time.

Now I wanted to go home. I didn’t care that my mother was a Mudblood and that my entire family were blood traitors, because a family was a family. Sure, I had experienced a family with the Malfoys, but I just wanted to tell my family how much I loved them. I wanted to tell them it was Zabini who killed Uncle Percy, but that would mean that they would also blame me.

Without thinking, I apparated home. I splinched myself and lost my nails. They were tingling uncomfortably. The house looked exactly the same, and I could see Hugo through the living room window, reading a book. I wondered whether I should push the door open, or ring the bell.

Realising that this was no longer home for me, I rang the bell, using the wall to hold me up. My mother answered the door, I could smell her perfume already, and she looked exactly the same. Her eyes widened when she saw me. “Mum” I said quietly, tears falling down my face already. I could see her eyes tearing up too.

“Rose” she said it sadly. “What have you done?” She said. I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

“It wasn’t me, Mum” I said, desperate for her to hold me “I didn’t do anything, Mum” I said.

My Mother shook her head “I wish I believed you” she said. I could hear that she was crying, and I wiped my eyes.

“It was Zabini. I accidentally told him to...” I couldn’t finish the sentence. I wished my mother would look at me. She shook her head, and looked at the floor. “I just want my Mum.” I said. I was pathetic, I knew that much.

“P-p-please. L-leave.” My mother said. Her voice was quiet, and I watched a tear drip off of the end of her nose.

I stepped back, “I love you all” I whispered. The door was already closed, but I could see my mothers Silhouette against the door, in a heap. I could see Hugo running towards her. Slowly, I turned and apparated. This was my home now. The closest thing to parents I had were Draco and Astoria.

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