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Crystal Clear by goldenphoenixtears54
Chapter 4 : Midnight
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             “So, is it like a date?” Ginny whispered to Hermione.  They were in their dormitory talking quietly on Hermione's bed.

            “No! I--” Hermione said too loudly.


            “Oops, sorry Lavender,” Ginny said with a giggle.  Hermione smiled and continued.

            “I'm not sure, to be honest,” she said truthfully.

            “Would it be so bad if it was?”

            “I guess not.  Oh god, what do I wear?”

            “Don't worry, you can borrow something of mine.  I have a white dress I think would be pretty on you.  I'm going to bed.  Night!” Ginny said, hopping off of Hermione's bed.

            Hermione leaned back, collapsing onto her pillow, and began to think about Malfoy.  She didn't understand what exactly was going on between them.  Draco was an utter git, that was completely true, but he seemed softer some how than in previous years.  And he had called her Hermione!  The weirdest part was that although it was surprising to hear her name on his lips, it didn't feel strange.  It seemed almost, right.

            Hermione fidgeted, trying to go to sleep, for the next hour.  At around midnight she sat up.  Her mind told her to lay back down, but for some reason her body wasn't listening.  She tiptoed downstairs to the Common Room and creaked open the door leading outside.  She could still hear the Fat Lady snoring slightly as she walked away, letting her feet take them where they wanted to go.  As she wandered she found herself roaming into corridors she had never been in before.

            “Ah-CHOO!” someone sneezed.

            Hermione froze.  She could hear a clacking of high heels getting louder and louder, and could make out a dim light coming towards her.  She silently cursed herself for being so reckless and wandering around the castle after hours.  If she was caught, there would be all hell to pay.  Hermione took out her wand.

            “Alohomora,” she whispered, unlocking the door to the classroom next to her and rushing in.  She pressed up against the wall, closing her eyes and praying the teacher wouldn't come in.  After a few moments the clacking grew softer again until it completely left ear shot.  Hermione exhaled loudly; she hadn't realized she had been holding her breath.  She was about to leave the room and go back to her dormitory when she heard something softly creak.

            “Hello?” she asked, trying to disguise her fear.  No one answered.  She furrowed her brow in confusion.

            A voice came from out of the darkness.


            “Bloody hell!” Hermione exclaimed, recognizing the voice. “Malfoy, you scared me!”  She heard a small chuckle. “Lumos.

            “Argh, put that light out, Granger!  I'm trying to sleep,” he said, groggily.

            Hermione pointed her wand towards him.  He had made a make-shift bed with a few blankets and a pillow on a table.  Hermione turned red as she noticed he had no shirt on.

            “Oh, shoot. Erm, sorry, I didn't, er, know that you were, erm...” she frantically searched for the right word. “indecent!

            “'Indecent,' am I?  You're saying you don't enjoy looking at my extremely toned physique?” he asked, playfully.

            Hermione snorted.  She had to admit, though, he looked rather nice shirtless.

            “Nox,” Hermione said suddenly, leaving them in the dark.

            “Thanks,” Draco yawned.  “''Night, Granger.”

            “Wait!  Why are you sleeping in here?” Hermione asked.

            “None of your business,” he said with a huff.  “Are you staying here?”

            “No! Of course I'm not.  I could get in trouble!”

            “Oh, c'mon.  Have a little fun.  It's not like you're,”  he fake gasped.  “Plagiarizing!”

            “Hey!  Plagiarizing is not a task to take lightly!,” Hermione protested.  She bit her lip.  Curiosity was getting the best of her.  “If I stay, will you tell me why you're here in the morning?”

            Draco groaned.  “Fine.  Just stop talking.  I'm try'na sleep here.”

            Hermione quickly conjured up a blanket and some pillows, and threw them onto the table across from Malfoy's.  She climbed into her bed and fell asleep almost immediately.



            Hermione awoke to the feeling of being uncomfortably poked in the cheek.

            “Hey!  Quit it!”  she groaned, groggily.  The muscles in her back ached tremendously.

            “Wake up, Granger.  It's 5:30.  You have to go back to your room or else they'll know you didn't sleep there,” Draco said, urgently.

            Hermione sat up, immediately awake. She looked away from him uncomfortably. His shirt was still off, and the muscles she could barely make out the night before she could now see clearly. Draco laughed, sensing Hermione's discomfort. Draco got back into his bed.
            "Erm, hello? You just said we had to leave," Hermione said.
            Draco snickered. "No. I said you had to leave. My bunkmates already know where I am,"
            Hermione was confused, "They know you're not sleeping in your bed?" she asked.
            "Yep," he said, rolling over. "I'm going back to sleep."
            "Wait, but you promised you'd tell me why you're here!" she protested.  He had a guilty look on  his face.

            "You'll be angry..."  Hermione blinked, surprised.

            "No I won't. Just tell me," she said, letting her curiosity get the best of her."
            "I lost a bet," he said darkly.  She was silent, waiting for him to continue.
            "Well, as you well know, I am tremendously attractive.  Just, tremendously,” he began.  Hermione rolled her eyes.  “Well, because of my incredible, incredible looks --”

            “Out with it, Malfoy.  We don't have all day.  I get it, you're fantastic looking.  Move on,” Hermione ordered, snippily.  Draco laughed.

            “Basically, I was telling Blaise that I could get any girl I wanted because, as you put it, Granger, I am indeed so fantastic looking, and he didn't believe me, so we made a little bet.  I would have to get a certain girl to kiss me, or else I would have to sleep for the rest of the year outside the Slytherin tower.”  Hermione nodded in understanding.

            “And this girl is who exactly?” she asked.

            “Well... it's you,” he finished lamely, looking down.  Hermione burst into peels of laughter.

            “You're telling me that you have to sleep on a table in this classroom for the rest of the year just because you have such a high appreciation for your own appearance that you bet you could get me to kiss you?  Is this why you've been dozing off in classes?  Because your sleep has been so dreadful?  Oh god, Malfoy.  You're an idiot.  Why would I ever kiss you?” she exclaimed.  She finally understood that first day in Transfiguration when he hit on her.

            “Well, there's no need to rub it in...” Malfoy grumbled.  Hermione tried her best to stop laughing.

            “You have to admit it's a bit funny.”

            “Can we change the subject, please?” Malfoy said, uncomfortably.

            “So if I kiss you now, you would go back to sleeping in Slytherin?”

            “Yes,” he said shortly.  “Again, there's no need to rub it in.”

            “I'm going to do you a huge favor right now, Malfoy,” she said, still laughing.  He raised his eyebrow.

            “And what is that?”

            “This,” she said, lightly brushing her lips against his.  His eyes widened in surprise.

            Hermione smiled, her mouth still barely an inch away from his.  She looked into his eyes, which seemed to be gleaming with life.  She licked her lips absentmindedly, and Draco leaned in slowly.  The air between them seemed to shimmer with anticipation, and Hermione could feel her cheeks grow hot.  As their lips met, time seemed to stop completely.  Draco slid his arms around Hermione's waist, bringing her closer to him, as she carefully ran one hand down the side of his face.  Draco pulled back, ending the kiss and staring into her eyes, a slight smile on his face.  She grinned, feeling like she was floating.  All of a sudden the spell was broken, and horror was present in Hermione's eyes.  She jumped backwards, nearly falling into the table she slept on.

            “Anyways, yes.  That was to help.  You.  So now you won't have to sleep here anymore.  Ever.  So.  Yes.  Ihavetogo,” she mumbled, mortified.  Draco was just as uncomfortable.

            “Yes.  Thanks, Granger.  I, erm, owe you one,” he said, wringing his hands.  Hermione practically flew out the door.

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Crystal Clear: Midnight


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