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Southern Comfort by Muse2488
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: New Friends, New Life, New Classes. Sigh.
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Hogwarts was huge! There were so many kids, ranging from Irish to Scottish, to British and so on. And I was, unfortunately, the only American there.

 Insert sigh here.




James and Freddie walked on either side of me yelling ‘Make way! Sexy American with an adorable accent coming through!’ Jerks.




I mean, Gits!



The feast was amazing and Headmistress McGonagall gave a nice speech about inter-house unity and keeping the peace. She also warned students to stay away from the Forbidden Forest (duh!) and that the caretaker, Argus Filch, didn’t want magic done in the corridors. In my opinion that’s total crap. How are we expected to not do magic in the corridors. Lame sauce.


After the feast we were told to go to our dorms. I followed Dom and Rose to the Gryffindor common room. Freddie, James, Al, and Scorpius followed us and I was then introduced to another few family members. I met James’ and Al’s little sister Lily. She was very pretty. She was almost as tall as Al who was like 5’9 and of course towered over me. Her hair was a fiery shade of red and very wavy, falling down to the middle of her back. She was in her fifth year so she wouldn’t be in the same dorm as Dom and I. I also met Roxanne, Freddie’s sister. She looked a lot like Fred; dark skin, reddish brown hair and just as tall as he is. Sigh. Roxanne was rooming with Dom and I and there was another girl named Starlene. She was very pretty as well.


What is up with all of these gorgeous Brits?



She had long brown, curly hair with deep chocolate brown eyes. She wasn’t nearly as tall as everyone else but, you guessed it, she was taller than me. By like 3 inches. She was 5’5 and completely ecstatic at not being the shortest person in the group. She was full of energy, literally bouncing around and talking a mile a minute. I had to grab her shoulders and force her to still, it was pretty hilarious. We bid the boys goodnight and climbed up to our dorm. All of my things were already sitting on a full size canopy bed with thick red and gold curtains. Which will come in handy when blocking light because our room had like four windows. Alura, my owl was already in the Owlry becoming friends with all the other owls.



Before we went to bed the four of us compared schedules. I wanted to become a healer once I was finished with schooling so I had a lot of classes that I needed to take. I was taking Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, History of Magic, Defense against the Dark Arts and Muggle Studies. I figured Muggle studies would be an easy A since I practically grew up as one. Dom and Starlene were taking the exact same classes as I was at the same times which was really encouraging. Roxanne was a total freak and was taking Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy instead of Muggle Studies. She had to get a Time Turner in order to take all the classes she needed.




I could hardly sleep I was so nervous about classes the next morning. What if no one liked me? What if everyone thought I was a freak? What if they all hate Americans? Oh my gosh! What if they came into my dorm in the middle of the night and stole all my underwear and then stuck them on the walls with a Permanent Sticking charm and then everyone started laughing at me?



Okay, okay. I might be overreacting a bit.



Or a lot.



Finally, I allowed the wonderful thoughts of complete and utter humiliation to lull me to sleep.






“Paislee! Come on girl! It’s time to wake up! Rise and shine!” A sing songy voice cried right next to my ear. I shrieked and fell off my bed. Luckily Starlene was smart enough to move away from me before I fell. The girls started laughing. I groaned from the floor, my face on the cold hard wood floor.




“What time is it?” I mumbled. 



“8 in the morning Paislee Jeanette Hayes! And it’s time for your first day of actual school!” Starlene sang. I groaned again and stayed on the floor.



“You’re not a morning person are you Paislee?” Dom asked. I groaned in response. They laughed.



“Come on! Up and at em! Breakfast starts at 9am and classes start at 9:45.” Starlene said tugging on my arm and forcing me to stand. I shuffled towards the bathroom, showered quickly, dressed and let my hair air dry which meant it would be slightly curly. I wasn’t much of a make-up person. Starlene and Dom were though. They both emerged looking like freaking super models, their hair done elegantly and faces painted. Roxanne had a small amount of make up on and pulled her hair into a pony tail. We all had our uniforms on, I mean robes, and I felt like I was part of the Van Trapp family.



I was wearing a pleated skirt, collard long sleeve shirt that was white, a sleeveless grey sweater vest with red and gold stitching around the edges and Gryffindor’s seal, stockings, and Mary Jane’s. Can we say porno fantasy? 



“Do I seriously have to wear this? I mean the skirts down to my knees but this has bad porno written all over it.” I said. The girls laughed.



“It’s not that bad. At least we can dress it up.” Starlene said and Dom nodded.



“Ready for breakfast?” Roxanne asked. We nodded and made our way down to the Great Hall.



Great Hall? Wonder why they call it that? Maybe cuz it’s…..great? HA! I slay myself!




We went straight towards the Gryffindor table and sat down. We were joined shortly by James, Freddie, Scorpius, and Al. Rose and Lily shortly followed. We all piled food onto our plates and finally started eating. I had just stuffed a huge forkful of eggs into my mouth when James spoke.



“So how was your first night at Hogwarts American?” James asked. I rolled my eyes.




“Are you ever going to call me by name? Or is it going to be American all year?” I asked. James smiled.



“I’ll probably change my mind throughout the year. Count your blessings American at least I’m not mentioning your…height issues.” James said the last part carefully. I scowled at him.



“Say anything about my height and you’ll have a tail in three seconds flat.” I warned him. Freddie laughed while James blanched for the tiniest fraction of a second before his smirk was back in place.



“Man, I really like her. I hope you’re as good as you say you are at Quidditch, the team will be much more fun with your cheeky self on it.” Freddie said. I smiled at him.




I think I rather like Freddie. He’s much nicer and less, what was the word? Pratty?


“Well, you’ll just have to find out now won’t you?” I said slyly. Freddie smiled.

“Speaking of which, when exactly are trials? And where?” I asked turning to look at James.

“They’ll be in two weeks and at the Quidditch pitch. I can show you where it is once we have a free period if you’d like. We could…get to know each other better.” James said with a sly smile and a wiggle of his eyebrows. Freddie burst out in laughter along with Al and Scorpius. I sent him a death glare and the girls joined me.




“I’ll pass.” I said, rolling my eyes. 



“You’ll fall for my charms soon enough American.” James said and high fived Freddie.



I ignored them.









Ha! I didn’t think of jerk first! I’m starting to blend!




“Don’t hold your breath.” I muttered.




 “Can’t help it if you steal my breath away.” James replied.







“Oh please, is that the best pick up line you have? I’ve heard better ones from the cows on my best friends’ farm.” I told him with an eye roll.



“Oh no no no American. I have plenty more. However, I cannot be expected to use all of my material in one sitting now can I?” James said with a smirk.



“Let me guess; I’ll just have to wait and see?” I asked dryly. James nodded.



“Ignore him Paislee. He’s an arrogant git.” Dom said.

“You wound me cousin.” James said, grabbing his chest and pretending to weep on Freddie’s shoulder. Freddie patted his back.



“It’s okay mate.” Freddie said consolingly. James mock cried louder. I stifled a giggle. The scene was quite funny. Of course I was confused as to why Freddie had just called his cousin his mate.






“Why did Freddie call James his mate?” I whispered to Dom. Dom started laughing hysterically.



“What’s so funny Dom?” Rose asked. Everyone was now staring at Dom and my face was starting to heat up. James and Freddie noticed.

Insert sigh here.




“P-Paislee…hahaha…James and Freddie…mates…hahaha!” Dom said through fits of laughter. I scowled at her.






“Well I’m sure it has something to do with what the American said. So, out with it. Why’s she laughing?” James asked, smirking at me.



He smirks a lot.

“I asked a question that she apparently found hilarious.” I said, shooting Dom a death glare. She was still laughing uncontrollably.



“What did you ask?” Al questioned.



“I asked why did Freddie call James his mate.” I replied.



Five seconds of silence and then…



An explosion of laughter.

Rose was leaning against Scorpius and Lily and Al were clutching their sides. Starlene was doubled over and so was Roxanne. James and Freddie looked slightly offended but were chuckling despite themselves.



People from the other tables were starting to stare.



“Mate is a term for friend. Barely anyone says friends round here. It’s normally mate. And not as in like, life partner or anything.” Al said, finally sobering up enough to talk.



Insert foot in mouth here.






Longest year of my life? I think yes.




“Oh. Ya’ll have the craziest terms.” I said.




“Says the American who says ‘ya’ll.’” James said. And the way he said ya’ll was too stinking cute. Normally its said with a southern flair, but when James said it, it sounded like a proper word instead of a slang term.

I giggled.



James cocked his head to the side and looked at me.

“Do you find me amusing American?” James asked. I nodded. “And how do I amuse you?”

“You said ya’ll.” I said, stifling another giggle.

“Are you making fun of my accent?” James asked, a grin appearing on his face. A mischievous grin at that. I shook my head back and forth, a snort escaping my lips as everyone at the table attempted to say ‘ya’ll.’ When Al tried it I lost my composure and started laughing out loud.

“P-please! St-stop! Ya’ll are k-killing me!” I said through my laughter.

“I can’t believe an American is making fun our accents. Trust me Pais; you’re the odd one out in this part of the world.” Freddie said with a grin.



I finally got a hold of myself and stopped laughing. Freddie had a point.

“I’m sorry. That was just too stinkin’ cute.” I said, smiling at all of them.

“As is your accent. I can’t wait to see what the professors say once you start talking.” James smirked. I scowled at him which only made him laugh.

 “Well we’ll find out soon enough! Class starts in ten minutes.” Rose said pushing her plate away and gathering her books, with a look towards Al and Scorpius she started for the exit.



Al and Scorpius sighed.




“We better follow, otherwise she’ll lecture us. See you lot later.” Al said. Him and Scorpius followed after Rose. Lily mentioned something about meeting a friend of hers and left shortly after.

 “Well, come on you lot. Let’s get going. I know we all have the same classes and first up is DADA.” Dom said.



“What’s with the whole ‘lot’ thing?” I asked, grabbing my things and walking with Dom, Roxanne, Starlene, James, and Freddie. 


Phew, I’m gonna need a nickname for my new group of friends.



“Lot is saying like, you know, everyone. It’s another word for group.” Starlene said happily, skipping slightly while all of us walked.

“Oh.” I said lamely. I should’ve known that.

“It’s alright. You’ll get used to it soon enough!” Starlene said brightly, taking my arm and looping it with hers. I nodded dumbly and sighed.

“Who’s the new DADA professor?” James asked. Everyone but me shrugged.

“New professor? What happened to the old one?” I asked. No one answered. Starlene and Dom started coughing while Freddie and Roxanne looked away as if they heard someone or something.

“Well…he sort of…left voluntarily.” James said with a grim smile.

“Left voluntarily? You mean he quit?” I asked, confused by his answer. 



Roxanne and Freddie snorted. They sounded so alike I almost couldn’t tell the difference. I guess it’s like twin sense or something.



“Well…he…erm…”James trailed off. Dom sighed.






“He ran away screaming like a lunatic.” She said simply.




My turn to snort.



“Why?” I asked.



“Um…he had a rather rough year.” Starlene said, everyone grimaced. Freddie and James kind of smirked.

“Why do I have the feeling that you two had something to do with it?” I asked as we started climbing a moving set of stairs. That’s right. Moving! I’m all for magic showing off a bit but this was a bit much.



 “Ouch Paislee. That hurts.” Freddie said dramatically throwing his hands over his heart. James mimicked the motion.



“They had everything to do with it.” Roxanne said, scowling at James and Freddie.

“His ears grew back!” James said defensively. 


“His ears were gone?” I asked. 



“James and Freddie slipped something in his drink at the end of last term. His ears fell off and he started hiccupping uncontrollably. When he heard his ears hit the floor he started screaming and then ran out of the classroom.” Starlene said.



“You can’t prove anything.” James said. Freddie nodded and crossed his arms over his chest.






“No, but Aunt Ginny certainly made sure you wouldn’t be able to sit for quite some time.” Dom said slyly. James winced while Freddie laughed.




“I still don’t think I’ll ever be able to sit down properly.” James said bringing a hand to rub himself. I laughed.




“Well I’m not sure who the new professor is but we’re about to find out!” Starlene said happily as we entered a large and open classroom.



There were no chairs or desks or anything like I thought there would be. I had never been to a school of course but I thought there would be desks.



“I know I’m new to this whole school thing, but aren’t there supposed to be desks?” I asked Starlene quietly. A group of people in yellow and black robes walked in, followed by a group in green and silver. I guess we were sharing this class with the Hufflepuff’s and Slytherin’s.


“Normally there are.” Starlene replied. James and Freddie walked over to the other side of the room and dropped their bags on the floor and then sat down themselves. Starlene, Dom, Roxanne, and I followed their lead. The Hufflepuff’s joined us a couple of seconds later but the Slytherin’s stayed where they were.

I had read in Hogwarts, A History that the Slytherin house and Gryffindor house are kind of like enemies. Which explained why they stayed away from us.


All of a sudden there was an explosion in the front of the room. People screamed and I felt myself pressed against the floor with something heavy on top of me. It was James. He had his arms over my head. Soon the screams stopped and I looked up at James. He was still on top of me. My heart was beating erratically in my chest and I felt heat creep up to my face.

“I could get used to this.” James said smirking. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off of me. Well, it was more like I pushed and he didn’t budge. He was very…solid. I could only imagine how fit he was. He was the captain of Gryffindor’s Quidditch team so I’m pretty sure he’s ripped. The heat in my face grew. James laughed as he rolled off of me.

“What did you do?” Dom said as she stood up and shook off the dust from her clothes, or robes I should say.



Freddie and James looked at Dom and then at each other.

“Are you insinuating that we had something to do with this?” Freddie asked.



“That’s exactly what I’m insinuating.” Dom said putting her hands on her hips.



“We didn’t do this!” James said, looking slightly offended.



“I don’t believe you.” Dom said.



“Seriously! We didn’t do anything!” James insisted



“James, Freddie, this has you two written alllllll over it.” Starlene said smirking slightly.




“But we didn’t do it!” Freddie cried. I was trying to keep myself from giggling but it wasn’t working too well.



“He’s right. They had nothing to do with it. For once.” A voice said from behind. We all turned around and soon everyone was gasping.



“TEDDY!” James, Freddie, Dom, Roxanne, and Starlene all yelled. A few Ravenclaw’s and Hufflepuff’s yelled too. I was hopelessly confused. They all ran towards him and tackled him to the ground. I gasped and a few of the Slytherin’s snickered. The rest of the class was laughing. I didn’t really know what to do except watch. Teddy was struggling to get up as the Weasley/Potter clan and Starlene dog piled on him.



“Okay, okay! Geroff you lot!” Teddy chuckled good naturedly. They laughed as they got off of him.



“Why didn’t you tell us Teddy?” Roxanne asked.




“Where’s the fun in that? And it’s Professor Lupin now.” Teddy said with a smug smile. The rest of the class chuckled and the Slytherin’s scoffed. I guess they really didn’t like us.



“This is brilliant!” James said. The rest of them all nodded.



“Well I guess I should explain the explosion huh?” Teddy, I mean Professor Lupin, said. He gestured for us all to come to the corner of the room where this big cabinet was. It was shaking and then another huge explosion sound came from inside of it. I squeaked and everyone gasped as well.



“Is that a boggart?” I asked. Everyone turned to look at me. Everyone’s eyes were wide as saucers and I felt the heat rush to my face.



I am such an idiot. Why in the world did I ask a question? Out loud at that! My plan was to speak as little as possible this year!



Insert face palm here.



“Why yes it is Ms…” Professor Lupin trailed off, waiting for me to supply my name. I swallowed hard. 



“Paislee sir. Paislee Hayes.” I replied. Rather quietly at that.



“Well Ms. Hayes, you are correct. This is indeed a boggart. I know you went over these in third year but I figured we’d start with something a bit on the fun side. You’re going to be doing your N.E.W.T. exams this year and it’ll be wicked hard so instead of stressing the importance of these exams and how it’ll affect your future, and how they determine what you’ll do for the rest of your life and if you fail them you’ll practically fail at life…” He trailed off. The Weasley/Potter clan were sniggering while the rest of us had all gone pale. I personally could feel all the color drain from my face. Professor Lupin threw his head back and laughed.



“I’m kidding guys! Well, kinda. But seriously calm down. You’ll all do fine, I just want something fun to kick off this term, especially since it’ll be your last! Now, who wants to go first?” He asked. Everyone raised their hands and the room got rather noisy. I kept my hands firmly at their sides, unfortunately for me Professor Lupin locked eyes with me.



“How about you Ms. Hayes?”



Insert groan here.



“Uh…sure…why not?” I said as casually as I could. I walked up to the front of the class. Dom, Roxanne, and Starlene gave me reassuring smiles. James and Freddie sniggered. I threw them a death glare.

 “Well Ms. Hayes, I take it you’re new here?” Professor Lupin asked. I shook my head yes.



“Where are you from?” He asked.

“America.” I replied. Professor Lupin chuckled.





“I gathered that. Where in America?” He asked.

 “Brantley, Alabama. It’s a small town about an hour away from Montgomery.” I looked around and everyone was giving me strange looks. Of course they were, they had no idea what I was talking about.



"Of course ya’ll wouldn’t really know were Montgomery was but it’s a major city in Alabama.” I said.




James and Freddie grinned and I heard a few people snicker as I said the word ‘ya’ll.’



“I know where that is. I had to travel to America a few times during Auror training. Nice country, too hot though.” Professor Lupin grinned at me. I smiled tentatively back.



“What brings you here to Hogwarts?” He asked.

 “My Dad transferred to the Auror program here. I’ve been homeschooled most of my life, but Dad works a lot now and can’t teach me anymore.” I replied, feeling rather sad about it.



“Are you Jace Hayes’ daughter?” He asked.

 “Yes sir.” I said smiling.

“Well, your father is quite the extraordinary wizard. I met him earlier this week and saw some of the work he did in America. Harry Potter was very lucky in finding him. I’m sure we’ll see great things from you, having been taught by such a great wizard.” Professor Lupin said. I blushed. James and Freddie snickered.





Insert smile here.



Ya know, for remembering a British term.



Oh shut it.



“Alright then Ms. Hayes. You know the incantation and what to do I assume?” Professor Lupin asked.


“Yes sir. Wand at the ready, something funny, and then Riddikulus.” I said.

“Here we go!” Professor Lupin said. He walked over to a record player and circus music started playing as he opened the door. 


I breathed in deeply and tried to think of something funny as a doctor came out with a huge, and I mean huge syringe. I’m deathly afraid of needles. In Brantley I had broken my arm at Kerianna’s house when we were 8 years old and instead of calling my parents they drove me to a muggle hospital. I kept insisting I would be okay if they would just take me home but they were having none of it. The doctors pricked and poked me with a dozen different needles as they assessed the damage and I screamed and cried and kicked but they ended up strapping me to the table. And now I have an unearthly fear of needles.



Riddikulus!” I cried and the doctor turned into a monkey wearing a dress and the needle turned into a banana. The class started laughing.



“Well done Ms. Hayes! James, you’re next!” Professor Lupin called. The girls smiled at me and hugged me while James high fived Freddie and walked up towards the front. He winked at me on his way up there and my stomach fluttered.



What can I say? I’m a sucker for a winker.




“Wand at the ready Mr. Potter.” Professor Lupin said. James grinned.

“Sure thing…Professor.” James said. Professor Lupin grinned.



James pulled his wand out and the monkey looked at James and started transforming. It spun in the air and finally turned into a Dementor. James blanched for one second before shouting, “Riddikulus!” The Dementor turned into Harry Potter wearing an apron and oven mitts. Everyone roared with laughter.



After everyone had had a turn with the boggart, Professor Lupin turned off the music and then faced the class.

 “Well, how’d you like your first lesson?” He asked. Everyone applauded and he chuckled.



“Good! But, we will get serious for tomorrow’s lesson. Now, I guess I should’ve properly introduced myself huh? I apologize. I got distracted by a couple of prats.” Professor Lupin said eyeing the group I was standing with. They laughed and Professor Lupin smiled.



“I am Theodore Remus Lupin and I will be your Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor this term. I’ve been an Auror for five years now and have decided to pass my knowledge on to you lot. I consider myself to be fair and I am quite excited to teach for the first time. I will respect each and every single one of you as long as you respect me. Fail to do so and I will have no problem deducting House points as well as hand out detentions; no matter whose House you belong to. I want you to read chapter one in your textbooks and be prepared to participate in class discussions as well as volunteering to participate in the various activities like Ms. Hayes did today. Ten points to Gryffindor for Ms. Hayes’ bravery at being the first to bare her soul.”



The Gryffindor’s started clapping and patted me on the back. I grinned up at all of them.



“Class dismissed! I look forward to see you all tomorrow morning bright and early!” Professor Lupin beamed at us and beckoned us to leave the class room.



I went to grab my things while the Weasley/Potter clan stayed behind and talked with Professor Lupin.




“I can’t believe you’re really our DADA Professor!” Dom squealed.




“This is going to be the best bloody year ever!” Freddie exclaimed, clapping Professor Lupin on the back.


“I was so nervous, could you tell?” He asked looking a bit shaken for the first time.


“No! You were bloody brilliant!” James said.



“Really?” Professor Lupin asked again.



“Of course! Would we lie to you?” Starlene asked. Professor gave her a look that said, ‘Yes, yes you would.’



“I thought you did extremely well. Couldn’t even guess it was your first day.” I said. Professor Lupin looked down at me and smiled.



“Thanks for volunteering. It made it so much easier.” He said looking relieved.

 “Well, I didn’t exactly volunteer, you kind of volunteered me.” I said. Everyone laughed.



“True, but you could have said you’d rather not. I appreciate the courage. The Sorting Hat definitely placed you correctly.” Professor Lupin said. I smiled at him.





“So what do you think of our new extremely attractive American student?” James asked. I groaned. Professor Lupin rolled his eyes.




 “James, she’s been here all of what? One day? And you’re already hitting on her? You’re worse than Uncle George was with Aunt Angelina.” Professor Lupin said. Everyone laughed.



James slung an arm around me and grinned.



“Can’t help it Ted. Plus, she’s been all over me since we met on the train.” James said smirking.



Insert jaw drop here.

“No I haven’t! Ya’ll are the ones who have been hounding me!” I cried incredulously.



“I love it when she says ‘ya’ll’” James said with a grin.



I snorted while everyone else laughed.

“You might want to be careful around this lot Paislee. You tend to get sucked in and once you do there is no hope in escaping.” Professor Lupin said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Oi!” The clan cried. I laughed.


“How did you get sucked into it?” I asked.



“Well, my parents died in the War and I lived with my Grandmother, my Mother’s Mum, but I was raised by her and Harry and Ginny. Harry’s my godfather.” Professor Lupin explained.



“I’m sorry about your parents Professor Lupin.” I said solemnly. He grinned at me.

“Please, call me Ted or Teddy. Of course not in class or in front of the other Professor’s, but when it’s just this lot Ted is fine.” He said and I smiled back at him.



“That might be hard, but I’ll try.” I replied.



“Alright guys, you’re going to be late for your next classes so go on. I’ll see you all later on.” Teddy said. We said our goodbyes and left for Potions. It was down in the dungeons apparently and since I had no idea where to go I followed the rest of them.



“Teddy’s part of the family. Him and our cousin Victorie are engaged and getting married next summer. You’re invited of course.” Dom said hooking my arm with hers. I smiled.



“I don’t want to intrude.” I said. Everyone scoffed.



“Oh please, I’m sure over half of the British wizarding population is going to be there once Grandma Weasley finishes the invitations.” Roxanne said.



“Plus, I still need a date. What do you say American?” James asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. I snorted.




“Pass.” I said.

“You’ll concede soon enough American.” James said while high fiving Freddie.



“Don’t count on it.” I replied.



“You’re not the only who can be fiercely motivated.” James said, his voice lowering a few octaves.

My breath caught in my throat and I felt a bit light headed.

He really is unbelievably good looking.

It is soooooooo not fair!

“I guess it’s gonna be a battle of wills then. But let me warn you, I am unbelievably stubborn.” I told him.


“And let me warn you, I always get what I want.” James retorted.




“You’re such a prat James! Leave her alone. She has better taste.” Starlene said grabbing my other arm and marching ahead of James and Freddie. Roxanne followed us giggling.


A/N: Alrighty! What do ya'll think of chapter 3? Suprised ya with Teddy being the DADA teacher huh? Well I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. I know it's a little long but there was so much I wanted to fit in and I already have like 6 more chapters written. Leave me some love and I'll get them up rather quickly! =]]

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