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Who Knew?! by Dramionedrunadrinny
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1......
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A/N: Hello fellow lovely readers! First of all, this is my very first fan fiction andI am pretty new to writing this kind of stuff (i dont write at all but anyway...) I would appreciate at least one comment from a nice person who bothers to review.Secondly, i do notown anything the amazingJ.KRowling has created.I olny own the story line.In this chapter, it is only Draco and Old MouldyWart so the OC will come in chapter 2 or 3, i havent decided yet:D.Oh and before i forget, Draco will be veryvery OOC in this story O_o. ^__^ anyway without further ado, TO THE STORY!!!


I stood in front of a very ancient looking mansion. It looked terrible, no wonder the Dark Lord chose this place to stay in. The gates are broken and graffitied by some veryrebellious wizards,probably Blaise Zabini. He is the most rebellious, hyper, mischievous guy youwould ever meet. He is also one of my friends, notthe followers. He has written to me every week scince the holidays and he is the only non-family member thatknowsI work for the guy who killed the Potters.When Itold him, he was very shocked at first but thengotused to the ideathatI am atthe Dark Lord's command.

I finally came back to earth from thinkingland and finally remembered what I was doing here.

The DarkLordsummoned me totell me my next task. He is getting really annoying with these worthless useless tasks he sets for me to complete. What would I ever achieve from scrubbing the floors of the Riddle House and being Potter's enemy?Yes, I know what you are thinking .But they are terrible to each other!Harry hates Draco and Darco hates Harry etc. But have you ever thought that I was being mean for a reason. No, you haven't. Haha I win.

I walked through the over grown grass to get to the door. When I opened the door , the doorknob fell to the floor. Typical. I rolled my eyes and fixed it with my wand.

When I walked into the mansion, the smell hit me. It was discusting and foul. It smelled like rotting wood and blood. I pinched my nose and continued onwards.

I saw a couple of very large spiders scurrying towards a room.I would love tosee Weasel's face when he sees these pathetic excusesfor an insect. He will be screaming his head off andI will be laughing my head off. He is suchawimp. Expect wierdness from blood-traitors...

I just remembered that the Dark Lord is Legemens and could ' read my mind' as muggles like to say. Lucky for me, I am an Oclummens, so I can block my mind very well from the Dark Lord.

I quickly blocked my mind on the spot and walked into a room which just might be the living room

In the living room, there was a great fireplace which lit up the whole room and painted itin a orange glow.there was two comfychairs faced towards the fireplace and the walls were pretty much covered in pictures and photos. Some of the photos showedSalazar Slytherin andthe others had a couple. A woman with pale skin, black hair in a bun and very light green eyes which seemed to be filled with regret, and a handsome man with a fair complextion,light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He is looking at the woman lovingly. I realised the couple to be Merope Gaunt and TomRiddle Sr.

Why wouldthe Dark Lord have pictures of the one man he hated the most?

BeforeIcould jump to any conclusions,I noticedthat one of the chairs that was facing the fireplace, was facing me and sitting in it was none other than Voldemort himself (yesI can say the name too youknow)

"Hello Draco" he said sneering. I merrly nodded andlistened for what he was about to say.

"You are probably wondering why I called for you so lateat night. amI right?" I nodded again. I feel like a nodding fool.

"Okay first of all.I hear you are becoming ...nice... I cannot have a nice person fulfilling my orders or even work for me as a metterof fact. You can't even achieve thesimplest tasks. That iswhyI asked you to scrub my floors"

well that explains it....

I cant believe my family actually work for this guy. I think it is only me and my mother who dont actually want him in ourlives. I know my mother is only doing this because she wants tokeep me alive and wants to keep my father safe. My father is the completeopposite of my mother. He is a fully certified Death Eater with the Dark Mark and everything. Now my father wants me tofollow his footsteps and become a Death Eater like him. I do not want to be aDeath Eater because as you can see, I am actually on the good side or the lightside or the cliche side or whatever you want tocall it.

"Draco I am letting you go" He suddenly said. Taking me aback

He lets me go now?I have been wanting freedom ever since I have gotten myself into this mess. I have not done his tasks properly or at all formany years and he decides to let me gonow? why not earlier? I had to cover up myshocked expression.

"W-why now? I mean, why when you have so little followers andPotter is out to kill youbefore you kill him?"

hegave a evil sounding laugh an said" Draco, you are so stupid. The only reasonthat Potter will ever find me would be because hehas either followed you around or gained information from a betrayingDeath Eater. Use yourbrain a bit!"

Ibit my lip very hard and tried not to scream at him for calling me stupid. I closed my eyes and slowly nodded

"So before I let you go you have to achieve this one task for me. If you fail, you and your family would getkilled by moi"

I knew there was a catch...

"What do you want Lord?"I managed to say

"I want you to kill Dumbledore"

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Who Knew?!: Chapter 1......


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