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Fierce by Harrypotterbookworm
Chapter 1 : Fierce
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Roxanne Weasley strutted into the Great Hall.

She timed her entrance at the exact right time, right in the middle of breakfast, when she knew that most of the school would be in there. Roxanne also timed it for when most of the teachers would not be in there, because they would already be getting ready for their first class. The fact that Lysander had just taken a huge mouthful of pumpkin juice had nothing to do with the decision.

Really, it didn’t.

Stopping right in the centre of the doors she put her hands on her hips and surveyed the reaction of her entrance. From the Slytherian table on her left to the Gryffindor table on her far right, there were multiple reactions, but all ranging around one emotion. Shock.

Roxanne grinned and looked over them all. She knew she looked amazing. A lot of time and effort had gone into making this moment perfect and it was all going to be worth it when she saw that look on Lysander’s face and heard those words come out of his perfect mouth. That perfect mouth that had started this in the first place. He wouldn’t know what had hit him.

After she thought she had paused for the right amount of time in the doorway to make her point, Roxanne started to move. She turned swiftly to her right, past the Hufflepuff table then turned sharply on her heel to face down towards the high table in the gap between the 'Puff’s and the Gryffindor table. Finding Lysander’s shocked face around halfway down; Roxanne smirked and continued her walk down the aisle. The show she was putting on at the moment would put Victorie - who was now a top fashion model – to shame as she passed half the population of Hogwarts boys’ shocked faces. One poor second year at the Hufflepuff table had even fainted when she walked by. This must be one of the biggest displays of self righteousness since the days of James and Lily Potter the first.

Finishing her walk, Roxanne turned to face Lysander. He was staring at her, an incredulous look on his face. Next to him, Albus was looking slightly pissed off, most likely more to the fact that he was covered in Lysander’s pumpkin juice then about what Roxanne was doing. James, across the table on the other hand, was looking furious. Roxanne was surprised that he hadn’t hexed anyone yet, considering the fact that all the Weasley/Potter clan were completely over protective of their sisters and cousins, James and Fred most of all. Speaking of her brother, she was glad he had graduated almost two years before; otherwise she might not be standing here right now, most likely she would have been halfway back to the common room.

Rose and Lily were next to James and they both had identical proud and knowing looks on there faces. Roxanne scoffed inside her head at them. They had this crazy theory that she fancied Lysander. They wouldn’t give up on it, like dogs to a bone, no matter how much she denied it.

Lorcan was next to Albus and because he wasn’t family he was allowed to stare as much as he liked. And boy, he was taking advantage of it. Almost as much as his brother.

Roxanne looked back at Lysander after taking in the reactions of her cousins and reclaimed her smirk. He couldn’t take his eyes of her body. Not surprising really, considering how much of it was on show. He didn’t even remember what he had said, only yesterday. But she had.

And she hadn’t forgotten.


“HIT IT HARDER ROXANNE!” James yelled in her direction as a bludger came streaming towards her face. She swung her bat at it with all her strength, her arms screaming in protest. SMACK! She followed the progress of the bludger with her eyes and happily saw it fly all the way across the pitch, past the keeper’s hoops and out over the lake. It hit the target that was floating halfway across the water, making it successfully light up.

“YEEHAW!” she yelled, pumping her arm up and down. Roxanne had been trying to hit that bloody target for half an hour already. Looking over to James, she saw him nod in approval.

“Well done. Wait until Ly' is done then go over some drills.” He gave her a half smile then moved over to where the reserves were practicing. Laughing, she turned to see two of the Chasers doing a weird dance formation, as if trying to spell out her name in the air. The third was off in the corner, looking highly annoyed and pulling out his coin bag. This just made Roxanne laugh even more. She shot them a thumbs up then turned once more to smirk at the frustrated figure across the field from her. Flying over there, she pulled up next to Lysander and flicked her beaters bat over her shoulder.

“It is too hard for ‘ittle little Scamander? I’m sure your older brother would do it without any trouble.” She pouted her lips and spoke in a baby voice. She knew that being the younger brother by seven minutes was something that bugged him.

“Shut it Weasley. You know Lorcan could never even be able to lift this bat.” He grunted in response as he hit another bludger towards the target, missing it by miles. Lysander swore. Roxanne leant back on her broom and put her hands behind her head like she was sunbathing.

“It feels so good to just relax my arms. They don’t feel sore at all.” She lied. Roxanne’s arms were still screaming in pain from the work out and stretching them back behind her head was just aggravating the pain. But she would do anything to annoy him, even if it was putting herself through physically pain and lying her ass off. It wasn’t like he didn’t like annoying her at the same time. It was a two way street. When he didn’t reply to her latest comment, she tried one more time.

“You know, even a second year could make this target.” At this Roxanne happily saw his muscles clench in his back. But still he didn’t turn to her. Sighing loudly, she waited for a few minutes, lazily flying in slow circles watching him grit his teeth in frustration as he missed time and time again. She could see what he was doing wrong.

“You’re twisting your hands at the last minute. You need to hold the bat a bit harder and not let them move.” Roxanne said after a few more minutes, bored with watching him. Lysander continued to smack the ball; though she could see him trying not to twist it wasn’t working. She sighed with impatience and flew over to him.

“Here!” She placed her hands roughly on top of his and swung into thin air, making sure they didn’t twist. “That is how it’s done.” He looked at her in disbelief as she flew away again. Watching from a safe distance away, she saw him hit the target on the next try. After getting the nod of approval and orders from James, Lysander flew over to her.

“That was nothing to do with my grip.” Lysander growled, not looking at her. Roxanne scoffed at his statement.

“Uh huh, of course it wasn’t.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm. Lysander summoned the bludgers to them and they started to hit them between each other.

“It really wasn’t. It was all in my tenseness of my arms. My grip was fine. You just wanted an excuse to hold my hand didn’t you, Annie.” Lysander sneered back at her, using the nickname that no one dared to use. Roxanne hit the next bludger back harder, using more of her strength.

“Like I would want to do that. I would probably catch a disease or something, Sandy.” She replied, using his own hated nickname.

“Just admit that you were wrong, Annie. It was because I was tense!” He shot back, hitting the bludger harder as well.

“Was not! It was your grip!” Roxanne gritted her teeth in frustration at him and pain in her arms.

“Was to! Tenseness!” He hit it hard back.

“Was not! Your grip!” Putting her back behind it, she wacked it back.

“Was to!” Hit!

“Was not!” Smack.

“Was to!”

“Was not!”





“WAS TO-OOFF!” Roxanne successfully managed to get the bludger past Lysander’s bat and send it flying straight into his stomach.

“Just admit it; I’m the better beater here.” Roxanne said smugly.

“The day … I say … that you’re the better beater ….. is the day … someone … walks into … the Great Hall … wearing … only … their... underwear!” Lysander puffed out, trying to get his breath back.

“Just you wait, Sandy, just you wait.” Roxanne glared at him, hitting the bludgers away and flying down to where James was gathered with the rest of the team around. Lysander followed and landed on the opposite side of the semi-circle, still clutching his stomach.

“Now we will have to keep up our speed when facing the … ROXANNE WHY IS LYSANDER CLUTCHING HIS STOMACH?!” James roared when he saw Lysander hunched over.

“I don’t know James. Maybe he just can’t handle the strains hitting a target while it’s his time of month?” Roxanne replied innocently, batting her long eyelashes. Everyone around the circle snorted with laughter while Lysander looked murderous.

“Yes, because you would know all about that, wouldn’t you, Annie.” Lysander smirked, straightening up. The whole circle let out a collective ‘ooo’ and turned back to face Roxanne.

“Listen here you …” Roxanne took a step forward, brandishing a finger to poke him with before James put a hand out to stop her.

“ENOUGH! Roxanne, don’t hurt Lysander again. I need you both in top shape for the weekend’s game, so you are not to hurt each other agreed?” He waited for them both to mutter their agreements before carrying on with the game plan.

“Right, so the 'Claw’s have a lot of speed as I was saying so …” Roxanne tuned out James’s instructions and focused on glaring at Lysander. He had recovered from his lack of breath and was listening intently to what James was saying. He stood up straight and his muscles showed through his thin grey t-shirt while his messy blonde hair was swept away from his blue grey eyes. His rather long face could be completely controlled by those eyes, Roxanne had learnt. Lysander stood at over six foot, but this didn’t help him when he and Roxanne got into fights. She was a tall girl herself, and with her chocolate brown skin and messy black locks, she could look quite threatening when she wanted to. Running a hand through her hair she started to loose her glare until she was just looking at him in curiosity. What made him tick? Why did he always choose to fight with her? Lysander’s blue grey eyes met her and Roxanne quickly put her fierce glare back in place and turned away. She saw him give a half smile, as if thinking, before turning back to James.

Roxanne was confused. A half smile? Why would he half smile at her? He was obviously planning something, she decided. So she would have to get him first. A plan started to form in her mind as she just thought about it.

What had he said about underwear?


Standing in front of Lysander and watching him in stunned silence gave Roxanne a feeling of accomplishment. She had finally got the better of him. Rose and Lily really had done a great job on her, she had to say. They had put this weird cream in her hair that made it actually shiny and made the curls sit properly around her face. Roxanne had even let her roommates help out with the makeup, which was way overdone for normal day wear but for the occasion seemed to fit perfectly.

But it had been Victoire that had really come through for her. She had been more then happy to supply the bra and knickers she was in right now. They were both black and white zebra striped with hot pink lace trimming around the edges. Just to add to the affect, Victoire had added in a pair of matching hot pink stilettos for her along with a very encouraging letter telling her to make sure to take pictures and send them to her, especially of his face if they could. Roxanne had the feeling that Victoire had the same thoughts as Rose and Lily on Lysander and her.

“So are you going to say it?” Roxanne said smugly to the silent hall. At this, Lysander jumped, as if he had forgotten who she was, and looked at her face.

“S-say what?” He slightly stammered, still in shock.

“Say I’m the better beater.” Her grin got bigger as Lysander glared at her.

“And why on earth would I say that, Annie?” He stood up, getting his cool back and turned to face her.

“Because, and I quote you saying this Sandy, ‘the day I say you’re the better beater is the day someone walks into the Great Hall wearing only their underwear!’” The crowd gasped at this, hardly believing that Lysander Scamander would ever say this.

“When did I ever say that?!?” He cried indignantly, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Do I have to hit you with another bludger in the stomach to jog your memory?” Roxanne said innocently while Lysander’s eyes widened.

“Oh no,” He lengthened the ‘oh’, shaking his head.

“Oh yes.” Roxanne said, laughing.

“You can’t hold me to that!” Lysander cried.

“Oh yes I can!” Gleefully, Roxanne stepped back and folded her arms. Lysander waited for a few moments, obviously trying to think up some way to get out of this. The crowd around started to laugh at his hopelessness, yelling out ‘just say it Lysander!’ and ‘she’s definitely got the better body’. James had actually gone from looking murderous, to looking slightly amused at the situation. Albus winked at her, laughing. It seemed that the whole hall was on her side.

“I’m waiting …” Roxanne was already basking in her own glory, missing the footsteps and the hush that flooded through the crowd.



“I can’t believe we’re missing our own victory party.” Lysander grumbled a few days later after the game as he scrubbed hard against the trophy room floor.

“If you hadn’t spent so much time staring at me I could have been out of there before she came in.” Roxanne shot back from across the room.

He glared at her. “You’re saying this is my fault? You’re the one who paraded through the Great Hall in your underwear! That was why she gave us detention.”

“Only to prove a point!”

“Wasn’t a very good point.” Lysander muttered as he went back to scrubbing the floor, scowling.

“Oh come on.” Roxanne completely abandoned scrubbing the floor, standing up and placing her hands on her hips.

“What?” He looked up at her, annoyed.

“You know you enjoyed it.” She smirked.

“Oh think I enjoyed being humiliated it front of the entire school?” Lysander cried indignantly, standing up also.

“No, I think you enjoyed looking at me in only my underwear.” He stared at her in shocked silence before answering.

“What?!?” He spluttered, eyes widening in disbelief.

“You heard me.” Challenging, Roxanne crossed her arms in front of her. Lysander turned away from her, shaking his head.

“Ha.” He chortled, still facing the wall.

“Nice comeback there. I’m scarred for life.” Roxanne said sarcastically.

“You really have no idea, do you?” This was really not what she had thought he was going to say as he turned back to her, amused.

“No idea about what?” She questioned, still thinking she had the upper hand.

“How … never mind.” Lysander trailed off, seeming to think about what he was going to say before he said it.

“Come on! Tell me!” She demanded, stepping forward

Lysander sighed. “You know I’m not going to tell you Annie.”

“Come on. Or are you to chicken to tell anyone your feelings like all the boys at this school.” Roxanne sneered, refusing to give up.

“Why do you think I was going to talk about my feelings Annie? Are you feeling emotional yourself?” He mocked her. Roxanne was rattled. Without her noticing, she had lost control of the situation. Glaring at Lysander fiercely, she turned away from him and went back to scrubbing the floor silently.

Lysander was surprised by this action, though he didn’t show it on his face. Taking her lead, he crouched back down as well. They worked in silence had a slight touch of awkwardness to it for the next few minutes, each lost in their own thoughts but still extremely aware of the other across the room.

“I only did it because you were planning to do something to me first.” Roxanne said quietly, keeping her face well away from Lysander.

He froze, still looking at the floor. “What?”

“I only did the whole thing with the underwear because you were planning to prank me first.”

“Where did you get that idea from?” Lysander turned to look at her for a second curiously before quickly returning to scrubbing furiously, blushing.

“Does it matter? You were, weren’t you?” Roxanne said defensively, not looking at him either, though inside a small seed a doubt was growing in her mind.

“Umm, actually no I hadn’t thought about that in a while.” Lysander spluttered out awkwardly.

“Oh.” Roxanne fell quiet for a moment before suddenly jumping up and brandishing her floor brush at him, spraying water everywhere. “Then what was that half smile about? Huh?”

Lysander stood up slowly, wiping a few spots of bubble water off his shirt, still confused. “When did I half smile at you?”

“The other day! At Quidditch practice!” She cocked a hip to the side, a smirk spreading across her face, feeling as if she finally had him.

He smiled back at her. “You noticed I smiled at you?”

Eyebrow’s pulling together; she shrugged off the smile and said fiercely, “So what if I did?”

“It means you were looking at me.” Lysander said slowly, as if discovering something magnificent all at once.

“Well that generally is what someone is doing if someone notices something, Sandy. Though why anyone would want to look at you …” Confused about his reaction, Roxanne defaulted to the normal banter of theirs, trying to regain her footing in the conversation.

He laughed, a little harshly. “Ah but Annie, you do want too.”

“What the hell - have you gone crazy Scamander?!” Roxanne exploded, spluttering at the thought and brushing the idea away.

“You really have no idea do you. Merlin, you can be so frustrating sometimes!” Lysander growled, running both hands through his spiky blonde hair, pacing away from her for a second.

“I always have an idea, Sandy.” Roxanne drawled, flicking one of many black flyaway curls out of her face, acting as if she was getting bored with this whole conversation, when really she was just as confused as he was.

Lysander turned back to face her. “Not this time you don’t. I can’t believe ...” He trailed off, shaking his head.

“Can’t believe what Scamander? What on earth are you going on about!” Roxanne said, finally letting some of the confusion that she was feeling into her voice and into her face, drawing her eyes together.

This seemed to break Lysander. His face softened and his hard, defensive stance diminished, turning warmer. A smile started to pull up the corners of his mouth and he started forward, quickly covering the room and stopping right in front of Roxanne. Her brows furrowed further in, baffled by his sudden change in mood and she looked up into his now soft blue grey eyes.

“What the hell are you doing Sandy?” She softly murmured, still fierceness in her voice and her eyes.

“Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time Annie.” Lysander murmured back with a smirk and suddenly his lips were on hers, at first gently then fiercer. Roxanne just stood there, stunned for a moment, before forgetting who he was and returning the passion. They seemed to meld together, a frantic connection of the line between hate and love, breaking the barriers.

Roxanne broke away, pulling her arms away from where they had ended up tied in Lysander’s hair and breaking the hold he had around her waist, gasping. His hands limply dropped to his sides at her sudden retreat and he just watched her as she ran one hand through her already crazy curls, eyes wild at the loss of control.

Oh Merlin, Roxanne thought, the memory of the last few seconds going round and round in her head, feeling almost dizzy. I just kissed Sandy Scamander. She looked back up at him, still standing exactly where he had before, watching her with those careful blue grey eyes of his. For once she couldn’t see what he was thinking through his eyes, they were blank, as if Lysander had just gone off the map.

“Shit, you’re a good snogger.” Roxanne said aloud, eyes wide.

This caused a reaction. “Oh really?” Lysander reclaimed his smirk, raising one eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Roxanne said breathlessly, taking one look at him before half running back towards him and wrapping her hands through his hair again, slamming her lips back to his fierce reception. He picked her up off the ground, using his beater’s muscles and she coiled her legs around his waist, still keeping their lips firmly glued together.

“This-” Lysander tried to say but Roxanne stopped him with a kiss.


“Not-” He held her further back from him, her still hanging off him like a monkey, hair flying all over the place, eyes alive without their normal wall hiding real emotion behind it.

“This is not one random snog in the trophy room.” He told her, seriously. She looked back into his eyes and the utter passion and conviction that they held, a grin spreading across her face.

“No way.” Roxanne said, eyes sparkling with mischief. “But you do know this means that Victorie and the others are all going to be on our case.”

“I don’t bloody care about what they say.” Lysander tilted his head back laughing, “I’ve got you, haven’t I?”

This statement only caused Roxanne to slam their lips back together, smiling wide.

Yeah, he’d definitely got her.


A/N: Beta'd by the lovely LilyFire, thanks so much hun! Also thanks to Jacqui for letting me tempt her with 3/4 of this story but still giving me the most wonderful comments that made me finish. This would still be sitting in my old documents without you. And most wonderful awesomesauce huggles to Lisa for dealing with me sending her drafts of this over and over again, and then convincing me to post when I finally got it right. You were right, jumble never fits in anywhere!


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