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The Girl in the Cellar by firefly910
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 The forest was dark, shadows fell everywhere casting creepy shapes on the uneven ground. Gnarled trees hid most of the moons pale light, their canopies tangled together creating a sense of entrapment beneath. Hidden between one of the oldest, most twisted trees was a lone figure. The girl was huddled over herself, her burgundy scarf pulled tightly up around her face. She was shivering slightly, her hands were clenched, knuckles glaringly white against the darkness of her jumper. Apart from the shivering she barely moved, only when the wind carried the sound of leaves rustling or the suspicious sound of a twig breaking did she flinch and tighten herself into a cocoon even more.

Her eyes were wide with apprehension and they darted to and fro, never lingering on one spot to long, she didn't want to allow her imagination to conjure faces in the barks of the trees or in the shadows that lay behind them. Once or twice she had thought she saw something move in the corner of her eye but she dismissed the thought, deciding it had to be a woodland creature. The reality was, no matter how much she tried to convince herself, she had not seen a single animal in the time she had been there. The clearing had an eerie feel to it. The wind had picked up considerably creating howling voices that taunted her about getting lost.

Lost and without a wand.

The concept of time had ran away from her, she had no idea how long she had been there. It could have been merely minutes but it felt like hours. Left defenceless without a wand, all she could do was wait and hope that they would come looking for her. Her stomach felt like lead when she though of being found, she knew very well that there would be other people out there looking for her and she couldn't bare to think of what would happen if they got to her first.

The sound of a twig snapping brought her out of reverie. That one had sounded far to real and far to close for comfort. Without her wand she had no means of protecting herself, she wasn't strong enough physically to be able to hold off anyone and if anyone did attack her, they would probably have wands; there was no way out if they came.


“Petrificus Totalus.”

“Go and get Scabior.”

“Why do I 'ave to go and get him, you go I'll keep watch over 'er.”

“She's petrified you moron, go and get Scabior now.”

“All right, all right. What'chu getting your knickers in a twist for?”

“You'll see Jones, you'll see.”


“There better be a good reason the pair of you have dragged me to this godforsaken place at this time in the morning,” Scabior scolded, in his thick London accent. The two snatcher's stood facing him nodded their heads vigorously and pointed at the young girl, seemingly passed out at their feet.

“Found her hiding in the giant tree over there, petrified her before she had chance to retaliate. 'Course we've searched her, she's got no wand anyway.”
Scabior raised his eyebrows in intrigue at the comment about the wand and then glared at the two Snatcher's.

“Well what the hell have you gone and petrified her for?! We can't bleedin' well question her now can we?! If she's got no wand, she could be a Muggle, shoulda' just killed her on the spot!”

Jones gulped and pushed the other Snatcher forward.

“Smith reckons he recognises 'er. Says if he's right about who she is then we're gonna be in for a big reward, dintcha Smith?”

Smith nodded and a huge, nearly toothless grin spread across his face. He bent down and rolled the lifeless girl over. Her brown curls fell away from her face, Scabior took a sharp breath and pushed Smith out of the way. He furrowed in his pocket and retrieved a handful of dog-eared posters. Flipping through them he found the one he wanted and a malicious grin danced onto his face.

“Well done boys, oh very well done. And without a wand? Even better. Oh we will be rewarded for this, I promise you. Let's go.”

And without a seconds hesitation they turned on the spot and disappeared, leaving no trace of themselves or the girl behind.


A/N: So there it is, the Prologue to my brand new Dramione novel. It feels so good to be writing again! Thanks to everyone who helped me when I was having dilemma's over planning. Special thanks go to HarleyQuinn for helping me come up with the title, that was one long discussion! Anyway, I hope this little teaser has drawn you in. Leave a review and tell me what you think.



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