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When It All Falls Apart by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : It's complicated.
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A/N Hey I hope you are enjoying this story, I would love to know what you all think of it. I wrote this for Nano last year :-D

Disclaimer: I own nothing but what you don't recognise.

" I feel so untouched, and I want you so much.
That I just can't resist you, it's not enough to say that I miss you"

The Veronicas - untouched.



“Can you believe this?” Adrianna cried early the next day, waving her timetable in front of Kaydence who was having a flirtatious staring contest with Sirius, she wasn’t sure how it worked but she had to admit that it was fun. Kaydence reluctantly looked away from Sirius and to her friend who was still waving the parchment; she took it from her and looked at it.

“What am I looking for Adrianna?” Kaydence asked skimming through the page, trying to find something wrong with it; she had to admit that nothing popped up at her.

“Right there!” Adrianna took the parchment and pointed to the first lesson of the day, Transfiguration with the Gryffindors, Kaydence tried to contain her excitement and set a difficult frown on her face.

“It’s like they’re trying to torture us!” she growled, apparently convincingly as Adrianna agreed with her, taking the parchment from her and glaring back down at it as she grumbled. Kaydence looked up to Sirius again and saw that he was engaged in conversation with a smug looking James. She sighed before looking down at her own timetable.

“Are you not going to eat your breakfast?” came Aedan’s voice as he sat down next to her.

“you really need to stop sneaking up on people” Kaydence said with a smile as she pushed her half finished plate of food away from her, shrugging she looked up at him “I’m not really hungry to be honest... whereas I can see that you are” she scoffingly laughed as Aedan piled food on his plate and seemed to inhale it quickly.

Aedan swallowed before speaking “I’m a growing lad, I need all the protein I can get for the Quidditch field”, he flashed a smile at Kaydence causing her to shake her head with a smile.

“Hey Adrianna” he offered to the still annoyed girl, who was glaring at the timetable as though willing it to change itself

“Hey Aedan, do you have transfiguration first lesson?” she asked, Kaydence tried to hide her smile at the fact that Adrianna kept on about it.

“Yeah, why?” he asked slowly and suspiciously “you won’t be able to copy off of me”

“You say that as if you do any work” she muttered glaring at him, he rose an eyebrow at her challengingly and Adrianna opened her mouth to retaliate.

“We should get to class” Kaydence said loudly interrupting them, they both looked at her as she stood up, swinging her bag onto her shoulder. Adrianna grabbed her bag and also put it onto her shoulder as she too stood up

“I’ll come with you both” Aedan said finishing off his breakfast and standing up, his bag already on his back. Adrianna linked her arm through Kaydences as they walked off, Kaydence was going to chance a look back at Sirius but didn’t have the opportunity to, and she would see him in the lesson.

“We should sit at the back” Adrianna told them as they entered their classroom, she walked ahead of them and picked a table at the back. Kaydence sat down next to her as Aedan took a seat at the table in front of them.

“Why didn’t you wait for me in the hall?” a tall blonde boy scolded taking a seat next to Aedan some five minutes later.

“Because I knew you would be late” Aedan laughed as he leaned on Kaydence’s table, his chair shifted so he was sitting sideways. “Besides someone had to walk these two beautiful ladies to the lesson” he winked at Kaydence who smiled slightly embarrassed, she glanced at Adrianna who was staring at the blonde boy.

“Raleigh you remember Kaydence and Adrianna don’t you?” Aedan said nodding towards the girls.

Raleigh turned around and looked at them, smiling suavely at them. “Why yes I do” he looked Adrianna up and down and winked at her suggestively, Adrianna giggled slightly. Kaydence knew it wouldn’t be long until Adrianna would get with Raleigh, maybe she should but a bet on how quickly that would be? Kaydence was betting on two days. She shook her head at her friends behaviour and looked back at Aedan who was staring at her intently, she felt her stomach flip slightly, scaring her. The only person she had had that happen with before was Sirius.


She looked around the room to see that Sirius had already entered the room and was sitting next to Peter joking with him and throwing stuff at Remus who was growling back at them. Why hadn’t she realised he had come in? Normally she was waiting for him to enter the room. She felt shocked at herself.

“Quiet down, quiet down. Mr Carrel please turn your chair around to face the front” Professor McGonagall’s sharp voice rapped around the room. Aedan winked again at Kaydence before turning around to face the front.

“Aedan seems quite keen with you” Adrianna whispered to Kaydence, who shook her head at her friend,

“no we’re only friends” Kaydence told her with a shake of her head, taking some parchment and an ink and quill out of her bag to take notes down for the lesson.

Adrianna didn’t seem convinced “just give it a matter of time”

“I don’t want anything”

“you keep saying” Adrianna muttered back taking some of Kaydence’s parchment “you haven’t had a boyfriend or been with anyone in years Kaydence, I think it’s time you went out with someone and had some fun”

“I have fun without running off with every guy I see unlike you I might add - besides who said I haven’t seen anyone in years?” Kaydence asked in a nonchalant tone, Adrianna gave her a ‘you’re joking right?’ look

“I have been with you almost everyday at school for the past few years and you have not been with any guys in that time! Unless....” Kaydence felt dread fill her slightly, she tried to not let it show “... you’ve been sneaking off at night to meet up with a boy secretly?”

Kaydence scoffed at her friend’s idea trying to not give anything away with her expression, Adrianna let out a laugh.

“Nah if you were you would have told me” she nudged Kaydence laughing at her; Kaydence managed a smile on her face.


At lunch that day, Kaydence was walking across the field on her own, Adrianna had decided to go looking for Raleigh and Aedan had gone off to talk to Severus Snape about the potions assignment they were given for their second lesson. She was looking out for Sirius hoping to at least get to see him for five minutes. She found him sitting by a tree near the lake, with James, Remus and Peter; she walked slowly over trying to think of an excuse to be near them, in case any of her friends caught her there, she came up blank.

Sirius caught her eye as she neared, she gave him a quick head nod over in the direction of the furthest side of the lake, he nodded back at her in acknowledgement and excused himself from the others, James looked up and glared at Kaydence who rolled her eyes at him.

“What’s up?” Sirius asked shoving his hands in his pockets as they met in the secluded part at the side of the lake

“I just wanted to see you that’s all” Kaydence smiled up at him, he grinned slightly down at her, his eyes flicking around for a sign of anyone coming near them.

“How comes you’re not with Carrel and Peyton?” he asked her

Kaydence frowned at the idea that she would be with Aedan

“Why would I be with Aedan?” she asked staring at him in confusion

“You seem to be getting quite friendly with him” Sirius shrugged not looking at her; Kaydence knew that Sirius was getting jealous. Kaydence laughed slightly

“He sat in front of me in class, it’s nothing”

“You spent a lot of time with him at the party” Sirius muttered

“I had to show him around on my father’s orders, there’s no need to be worried or jealous about it Sirius I only have eyes for you” she reached her hand forward and took hold of Sirius’s squeezing it comfortingly. He seemed to perk up a bit.

“He’s just someone in my year that I have to talk to now, because Adrianna has decided to set her eyes on his best friend Raleigh ok? – besides you don’t see me getting upset about you being with Potter all the time”

Sirius stared at her as he held her hand firmly, a smirk filling his features. “You still hate him?”

Kaydence huffed “Correction! The boy hates me; he’s always glaring at me whenever I look at him or you”

“He just doesn’t like to share” Sirius said with a shrug “besides you don’t help situations by telling him to go get laid, cure his eyesight and to leave you alone”

Kaydence giggled to herself, Sirius looked around quickly before placing a chaste kiss on her forehead.

“I have to go; before James comes over here” he let go of her hand and walked backwards “I’ll see you later on ok? I’ll send you an owl. We can go visit the room of requirement again if you like?”

“yeah sounds good” Kaydence smiled blowing Sirius a kiss, he pretended to catch it and put it in his pocket, she turned around and walked back towards the castle checking around to see if anyone was watching them, the coast was clear as she carried on. Her head filled with the thoughts of Sirius being jealous of Aedan, she didn’t see what Sirius had to worry about, and she didn’t see Aedan that way.


September ended quickly and it was currently the first week of October, It had been three days since she had last seen or heard from Sirius and she wasn’t happy. Her only lesson with him was Transfiguration and he hadn’t shown up for the last lesson, even James, Peter and Remus were absent.  She had sent him various letters which he didn’t reply to. She stormed down the stairs from her dormitory to the common room, throwing herself down on the sofa next to where Aedan was sitting, crossing her arms with a loud huff as she glared moodily ahead of her.

“Cheer up love” Aedan said putting an arm around her and squeezing her shoulders tightly. She took another huff before answering

“No I’m too annoyed” she snarled looking around the room. She noticed that Adrianna and Raleigh were occupying the other chair; she rolled her eyes and scoffed. They had become inseparable for the past three weeks, much to the annoyance of Kaydence. But as a bonus she got to spend more time with Aedan who she had become quite close with recently, due to her best friend being otherwise occupied with kissing a certain Slytherin every chance she had.

“I want to leave” she said to Aedan a look of disgust on her face as Adrianna and Raleigh seemed if possible to get even more passionate, making Kaydence think of Sirius, which she didn’t want to do at the moment or she would get even more angry or sad.... she seemed to be a bit of both at the moment

“I agree” the same look of disgust on Aedan’s face “before we throw up” he removed his arms from Kaydence’s shoulders and stood up, Kaydence followed him and they both walked out of the common room and towards the library, their favourite hang out when Adrianna and Raleigh became distracted with each other.

They took a seat near the window, Aedan pulling out a deck of cards from his robe pocket.

“Exploding snap?” he asked casually

“Sure why not” Kaydence agreed as Aedan dealt out the cards. After the cards had been dealt out they began their game.

“So Kaydence” Aedan asked fidgeting in his seat slightly

“Yes Aedan” Kaydence said concentrating on the game as she placed a card on the table; Aedan placed his on top of hers.

“I want to ask you something”

“Go ahead and ask – SNAP!” she beamed as she picked up the pile of cards and put them on the bottom of the one in her hand.

“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me on Saturday?” Aedan asked a subtle hint of fear of being rejected in his voice. Kaydence nodded

“Sure Adrianna won’t be around to go with me anyway”

“Great” Aedan beamed starting a new game of snap, Kaydence watched him, wondering why he was so happy about the fact that she would go with him. It wasn’t like it was going to be a date.

They carried on playing the game, Kaydence only looked up when she heard the door open and Sirius walked in followed by Peter, James and a very pale Remus. She felt her heart swell with happiness at seeing that he was ok, but then felt anger fill her at the fact that he hadn’t talked to her.

He walked passed her, keeping eye contact with her, followed by the others. They sat further down the library. Kaydence waited a painfully long five minutes before giving Aedan her excuses about leaving the table for a while.

Sirius was already waiting for her in a secluded spot; he grabbed her arm and pulled her into a deserted aisle, kissing her on the lips. She pushed him away and pointed at him angrily

“Don’t think that by kissing me I’ll forgive you for disappearing for three days!” she scolded, Sirius sighed.

“Yeah, sorry about that” he said scratching the back of his head “I just had to do something”

“Like?” Kaydence pushed hands on her hips

“I can’t tell you, it’s not my secret to tell” Sirius seemed torn

Kaydence fumed at him, he could sense she was angry

“Look I want to tell you, I’s not for me to say” he added hastily

“And you couldn’t tell me that you were disappearing? I didn’t need to know why if it’s this ‘big secret’, but to tell me nothing, I was worried about you!” she asked pointing at him again

“I’m sorry ok, but I haven’t been the only one disappearing” Sirius snapped back

“What do you mean?”

“You seem to be spending all your time with Peyton, Carrel and that blonde thing Peyton has sunk her teeth into”

“They’re my friends”

“Sure they are” Sirius said sarcastically

Kaydence frowned at him “they might not be the most trustworthy people in the world but they are my friends”

Sirius shook his head “whatever”

They looked at each other angrily for a moment, Kaydence fumed “when am I next going to see you?” she hoped to change the subject before they ended up saying something they regretted

“I don’t know?” Sirius shrugged anger still on his face “how about Saturday?”

“Saturday’s Hogsmeade weekend” Kaydence told him slowly

“I’m well aware of that” he said sarcastically, Kaydence frowned at his tone

“Well I’m going to Hogsmeade with my friends”

“Let me guess Carrel” Sirius snarled

“Yes... what is wrong with you? I have no one else to go with and you seemed to have disappeared off of the face of the earth!”

“So you agree to go on a date with Carrel when I’m gone for three days!”

“It is not a date!” Kaydence growled at him “he’s my friend”

“Bet that’s not what he thinks is it” Sirius nodded over to behind a bookcase where Aedan was currently sitting waiting for Kaydence to come back.

“Well I know different! And you should be able to trust me a bit more to know that I wouldn’t do something like that to you”

Sirius took a deep breath as he frowned angrily

“Besides where the hell have you been? You haven’t replied to any of my letters”

“I haven’t got any letters from you” Sirius said confused, Kaydence stared at him

“if this is a lie Sirius it’s not a very good one” he’s confused look seemed to convince her that he didn’t know what was going on “I have sent you about twelve letters in the passed three days”

“Well I haven’t received any of them...”

Kaydence’s immediate thoughts went to James and how he must have taken them

“Well your idiot of a friend must have hidden them or something”

“Why would he do that?” Sirius cried coming to James defence “he has no reason to act that petty”

“Oh doesn’t he? The guy hates me and hates the fact that I’m going out with you”

“He’s my friend....”

Kaydence shook her head at him not believing that he was defending James against her

“Fine.” She growled finally having enough of this argument “take his side, you always do” she stormed away from him ignoring his calls for her to come back, she rounded the corner and walked further down the room towards the window that she had been sitting at.

Aedan’s face filled with concern at the anger on her face

“What’s wrong?”

“Sirius” she growled without thinking, she felt horror fill through her at the slip of her tongue

“What did that traitor do?” Aedan seemed tense as he looked around for a sign of Sirius

“Nothing it doesn’t matter now, it’s just a feud between families that’s all” Kaydence shook her head as she stood up “can we go back now please I’ve had enough of being here”

Aedan reluctantly stopped looking for Sirius and turned back to Kaydence agreeing with her and standing up also.

She walked out of the library without a backwards glance to see if Sirius was watching her, she was too angry to even look at him.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Aedan offered practically running after Kaydence as she stormed down corridors on her way the common room

“No” she said stubbornly back. They returned to the common room in minutes, Kaydence left Aedan standing by the sofas as she walked up the stairs and to her dorm, slamming the door behind her. She noticed with thankfulness that the dormitory was empty. Throwing herself onto her bed and kicking off her shoes, she closed the curtains around her, casting a silencing charm around her. It was there that she let the effect of the argument hit her, tears fell down her face as she began to sob, she hated fighting with Sirius.

Waking up a few hours later Kaydence rubbed her tired swollen eyes, sitting up straight she looked around for her wand, waving it and undoing her silencing spell. Pulling back her curtains she noticed that all of her other dorm roommates were already asleep; looking down at her watch she noticed that it was one in the morning. She had slept for four hours.

She stretched as she stood up and walked over to the bathroom, to bathe her eyes. Walking back out a few minutes later, her eyes feeling much better, she noticed that an owl was perched next to her bed a note tied to its leg. She walked over to the owl, taking the piece of paper and stroking the owl before it took flight out of the open window. She opened the piece of paper and saw a scrawl she recognised to be Sirius’s

I’m sorry X

Sitting back down her bed she sighed before wiping her eyes again, laying back down she held the paper in her hand again. She would talk to him in the morning.

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