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Only a Piece of Wood by daliha
Chapter 7 : The Lions and the Cup
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Hello Readers! After a longgg break I'm back! *smiles* To those who have kept with this story so far you don't know how much you mean to me especially Owlpost68 :) Here's the newest chapter and hopefully the next one will be up soon. 





 Once inside his dormitory Oliver Wood found himself smiling like an idiot. 


For years it had been his dream to go out with Robin Watson, and today, although it was short, his dream had come true. It was just as Elliot said that very morning.


“Relax mate, she seems like a nice girl.”


He heard someone open the door as he slipped on a clean jumper. “Oliver” said a sharp voice, in response Oliver sighed. Even if he couldn't see the voice's owner he knew who that tone belonged to.


“Percy” Oliver sighed as he watched the Weasley look through his trunk muttering something under his breath.


Oliver blinked once. Twice.  On the back on Percy's robes there was a large piece of parchment attached to it.


“Here's a new one: Hopeless Bore

F & G”


He felt a smile crawl onto his face.  Those words described Percy perfectly.



October 31st, Halloween Night


As it turned out Percy forgot to mention that Fred and George had not only attached a note on his back but that they had also taken his wand and switched with a trick wand.


How did this affect Oliver?


Simple: Percy had just given the twins detention, which meant they'd miss tomorrow's practice.  Something he was almost sure the boy did on purpose.


Oliver walked into the hall muttering various threats his eyes scanning the Gryffindor table for the Weasley twins. The second he got his hands on those boys...


Someone whistled catching his attention. He turned his eyes fell onto Elliot and Sophia who ran towards him. “Finally Oliver! Tell me all about it!” she smiled up at him hopefully. Oliver tried to form words but instead ended up shrugging.


“You're joking right?” she began bringing her eyebrows together “you've just gone out on a date with the girl you fancy-”


“Sophia I know...” he began looking around the hallway “by the way have you seen the Weasley twins I



Sophia blinked shocked at the fact that Oliver had interrupted her. “No I haven't and for someone who just went on a date you seem-”


Elliot spoke up pointing at Oliver. “They're behind you.”


Spinning Oliver found himself face to face with smiling faces. “Captain, how are you on this fine evening?”


Slowly, but surely Oliver's blood pressure was on the rise “you two do realize we have our first game in a couple of weeks”  he began now poking Fred's chest. “And instead of behaving you two decided to piss off Percy!” without his noticing Oliver was now yelling “I ASK YOU FOR SOMETHING SIMPLE AND THIS-”


George pulled Oliver's hand away from Fred. “Now Oliver calm down” Oliver turned towards George his eyes narrowed. “Our detention is after practice time” finished George quickly hoping to avoid his captain’s wrath.


Oliver took a deep breath as George lifted his hands.


Fred smiled relieved as he went on to explain what his brother just said “see Percy for once is as interested in the Cup as you are-”


George nodded as Fred glanced at him “meaning detention is no longer an excuse not to practice.”


Oliver's lip twitched as he heard Fred's words “you mean to tell me that you two having purposely getting detention...” Elliot and Sophia each held Oliver by an arm “all these years-”




“Of course not Oliver!”  Fred and George lifted their hands “We love Quidditch!” he said making sure emphasize the word love.


“Not as much as you do though” added Fred as George pushed him.


Oliver pulled himself away from Elliot “whatever, just show up on Saturday! Eight o'clock.” He shooed the twins away.  They walked away quickly taking turns glancing over their shoulders.


“Oliver you need to calm down” said Sophia with her hand on his shoulder. Oliver shook his head scanning the hall for and empty seat.


“It's my last year to win the Cup” he said taking her hand off his shoulder “and it's my only chance to go pro.” To play professional Quidditch had been his lifelong dream, flying had been the thing that kept him going. Nothing else made him feel such adrenaline, and nothing gave as much satisfaction as kicking Marcus Flint's arse on the field.


“We know Ollie” went on Elliot throwing his arm over Oliver shoulder “chill besides you’re the best keeper this school has to offer-”


“Plus the cup belongs to Ravenclaw!” declared Sophia with a smile, the boys turned to her. Sophia wore a serious expression, she even had her hands on her hips.


And this to the Gryffindors had suddenly become the funniest they had ever heard. “That's rich Soph!” laughed Elliot.


“And why is that funny?”


“Because Chang is an awful seeker and Davies is a joke of a Captain” declared Elliot crossing his arms over his chest. Sophia frowned.


“And because the Cup this year belongs to Gryffindor” declared Oliver confidently.  His eyes gave off that maniac-like glint he usually got right before a game. Sophia snorted.


“Whatever we’ll see what happens” she said holding her chin up high. Sophia then made her exit by turning on her heel as soon as Penelope Clearwtaer called her name.


Elliot and Oliver continued on their way to take their seats at the end of the Gryffindor table. A couple of feet sat Dai Chang devouring a bag of sweets with Sarah Stimpson.


She smiled in his direction, Oliver nodded turning away from and back to Elliot who was already busy eating.


“Have you seen Robin?” he asked. Elliot shrugged.


“I have!” said a voice taking Oliver's pumpkin juice. The redhead took a seat next to him smiling. Oliver smiled as she downed the pumpkin juice with a smile. “In fact I think my name is Robin.”


“Now do you” answered Oliver as filled the goblet with Pumpkin juice. Elliot smirked probably surprised at the fact that Oliver was acting natural though that was to end very soon.


As soon as she playfully poked his nose “It's what everyone calls me.”


Oliver blinked his nose suddenly hotter than the rest of his body, close by he heard Elliot laughter, and saw Robin smile.


After that dinner had become an awkward affair. Oliver had barely eaten anything instead he listened to Elliot's chatter. Robin would sometimes try to include Oliver but failed miserably only causing Oliver more embarrassment. To Oliver this wasn't a new subject in fact it had always been like that.


Once dinner was over the students walked back to their dormitories, once the Gryffindors arrived at their Oliver could tell it would be only the beginning of a very uncomfortable night.


Apparently Sirius Black, the mass murder, had broken into their common room, ripped The Fat Lady to shreds forcing them to abandon the Gryffindor Tower for the night.


The Gryffindors were led to the Great Hall forced to sleep on the floor along with the remaining houses.  It was a perfect way for Oliver to end his odd day.



November 1993


Rain was still pouring outside like it had for the past week.  This would lower their visibility, and they would definitely have a weak kick-off.


Oliver laid down his quill his nose filled with the smell of wet parchment. He frowned for moment “wet parchment?” thought the young man. Suddenly he felt something wet fall onto his head. Oliver cursed loudly picking up his scattered parchment; he still couldn’t understand how Hogwarts expected their Captains to work under such conditions.


The small so called ‘office’ where the team Captains supposed to keep their brooms and hold their meetings.  Something Oliver would never understand, after all the room only had a small wooden desk, and a stool.  During the winter it was unbearably cold, during the summer it was unbearably hot, and during the rain… it leaked.


Cursing he stuffed his notes into his bag.  Oliver threw his bag onto the floor running his fingers through his hair. Although they practiced every day for hours on end Oliver still wasn’t confident enough. His team flew well, but under these weather conditions they couldn’t bet Slytherin easily.


For one their players were huge. In fact he’d have to be careful. Knowing Flint he would knock Oliver out the first chance he got. 


Then there was Charms which he was starting to fail, even with Percy’s tutoring. Oliver groaned at the thought of having another meeting with McGonagall about his grades.


He heard a loud knock, he frowned. No one knew he was here not even Elliot “its open” he called slowly reaching down to pick up his bag.


Oliver hitched his bag onto his shoulders as he watched the door creak open.  His face began to heat up as he dropped his bag onto the wet floor. His brown eyes burning holes into the person that stood before him.


“Afternoon Wood” Flint’s drawl filled the room as he took a step inside. His dark eyes scanned the room; Oliver put his arms across his chest.


“I’m pretty sure you’re not here for chit-chat Flint” he said through gritted teeth. How the hell did Flint know he was here?


“Davies was right” added Flint as he pointed to one of the faded posters on the wall “only you would have Puddlemere posters.” He held up a small piece of paper. “We have to talk Wood.”


“I have nothing to say to you!” spat Oliver picking up his now soaking school bag. Flint pulled him by the arm.  Oliver pulled his arm from the boy’s strong grip, angrily Oliver turned to face him.


Flint held up a small piece of paper as he smirked. “What I have  to say is something that will interest you” he leaned against the wall.


“What could possibly-”


“Quidditch” answered Flint before Oliver could finish his sentence. In an instant he had Oliver’s full and undivided attention, his lips pressed into a thin line.


He could hear the thunder outside as Flint began to speak. “As you already know” he began “my seeker was hurt in an unfortunate accident-”


“You mean one he provoked” muttered Oliver just loud enough for Flint to hear though the Slytherin ignored it.


“His arm is still injured” went on Flint in a hurt voice as his lips slowly curled up into a smile. He watched Oliver’s eye widened. “I spoke to Madam Hooch, and she agreed we can’t play.”


“What the hell?!” yelled Oliver ripping the small piece of paper from Flint hand. The Slytherin gave Oliver an amused look as his eyes scanned the paper at full speed.


“Hufflepuff!” yelled Oliver looking up at Flint who chuckled.


“Madam Hooch was quite sympathetic, and Diggory agreed to the match” said Flint with a smile, as Oliver grabbed him by the collar.


“You think I’m stupid!” spat Oliver the blood rushing to his head as he pushed Flint against the wall with surprising force. “As if I don’t know what you’re doing!” The Slytherin’s sneer confirmed Oliver’s guess.


This was done on purpose all so Slytherin wouldn’t damage their chances at the Cup. “If you half as smart as I am” began Flint prying Oliver’s hands off him with ease “you’d have done the same thing.”


“I wouldn’t have” answered Oliver “I unlike you, don’t need to cheat to win!”  With that the Gryffindor walked out of the room slamming the door behind him.


For weeks they had been training in these conditions to beat Slytherin, not Hufflepuff! His plans, and all those plays were all rendered useless! Oliver kicked up the mud as he made his way to the castle under the cold rain. Between this and Charms Oliver’s life couldn’t get any more frustrating.


He pushed the castle door open finding himself face to face with none other than Argus Flich himself. “What do you think you’re doing boy?!” he yelled in his usual raspy voice. Oliver opened his mouth to argue back but suddenly remembered his muddy shoes.


“Oh..” the boy looked around, “er..sorry” added Oliver, he held out his wand and with a flick cleaned his shoes. Despite that Filch glared at him as if Oliver’s breathing was now a crime. Oliver sidestepped Filch slowly, he half-expected the caretaker to throw the mop at him. Once out of sight Oliver hurried down the hall, how was he supposed to inform his team of this change.


In fact how could he, as Captain, let this happen? He shook his head “we’ll beat Hufflepuff” he muttered to himself. “All I have to do is schedule a couple of more practices” he stuffed his hands into his pockets. All he had to do was give this match a different approach and all would be well.


The following weekend Oliver informed his team of the changes that had been made, there were protest but there was also lighthearted behavior something he reminded them (quite harshly) that they could not afford. It was their last chance at the cup and he wasn’t just about to let Flint take it from him again. That practice was probably one of the most difficult ones Oliver had faced; Harry had taken five extra minutes to find the snitch. Angelina, Alicia and Katie missed the goalpost twice and Fred and George spent most of their time diving until one of them landed in the mud.


            “Showers!” he yelled throwing the Quaffle back at Angelina who barely caught it. Oliver was the first to land and instead of heading towards the showers he walked back towards the castle muttering curses under his breath, reminding himself the cup was going to be his.








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