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Healing A Broken Heart by fairytalelover3
Chapter 6 : The Story
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Chapter 6

“Why did you come running in after you did that to Ron?” Hermione asked questionably.

“I thought I saw someone I do not want to see right now.” Draco replied coolly.

“Oh. Thanks anyway. For jinxing Ron.” Hermione said. He replied with a grunt.

“You know what, I changed my mind. Let’s go get your things from the forest and stay out of the house for tonight. My..uh, roomate might be back and I’m sure you don’t want to meet…it.” he said not wanting to give away ‘its’ a girl.

“Okay but what was the point of buying those clothes.”

“I didn’t go there for you, I have to meet someone for lunch there and if you are going to be staying with me, unfortunately, I can’t stand to look at those hideous things. Now come on.” he hissed.

They apparated back to his house. He went in and unlocked the protective charms while she waited.

Draco went to inform his butler that they would be staying the night while she gathered her things. She came back carrying a small bag.

“Is that why you had to come back? For a purse?” He said appalled.

“No. It has an undetectable enlargement charm on it.”

“Oh, I’ll have to remember that. Come on. I didn’t deactivate the night time alarms,” he said and led her upstairs to a room.

“You’ll be sleeping here for tonight. Do not come out of this room unless with me. My mother cannot know you are here unless you want to be injure by a drunk woman who hates mubloods. The door over there is the bathroom.” Draco said and strolled out into the hallways. He went to inform his mother he was here for the night and went to bed himself.

~ ~ ~

Draco and Hermione arrived at his house the next day after staying at the Manor. Again he had to go inside and see if his roommate was there. She wasn’t so he let Hermione in. Hermione was starting to wonder what was so bad about this guy.

“I’m going to go work then I’ll be down.” He said awkwardly and left. Hermione walked around the house for a bit.

She wrote letters to Harry, Ginny, and a small one to Luna. She knew Harry would want to know she’s alright but she didn’t tell him where she was. Hermione also knew she could expect a messy written but genuine response on the back of the letter she wrote.

He was very busy being the Head of the Auror Department. A couple compared as the recent day Lestranges called the Raro’s were on the loose. No one knew how they escaped but they were very dangerous.

She fixed herself some food. The house elf Kinky and her argued over who got to use the kitchen. Kinky won so Hermione waited to eat. It was a nice house Draco had. It was big but not big enough that you get lost in it. It was richly decorated with Slytherin colors and family heirlooms.

Draco came down later looking tired and worn out. She wondered what he did when he went to work. He had a few dirt smudges on his clothes but she stopped herself from pointing it out to him. He quickly ate his food while she watched him. Draco was much like a pig when he was hungry. When he was done he sighed and leaned back in his chair, eyes closed.

“Are you alright Draco?” Hermione asked. His eyes popped open. He rather liked the way she said his name. He shook that thought away, anyways that sounded ridiculous. It was just a name.

“Just tired, that’s all.”

“Oh.” Hermione said and moved some food around on her plate. She noticed he was actually trying to be civil.

“You have something you have to tell me.” he said with a smirk.

“What is that?”

“What happened between you and Weasley.” he said.

“Why do you want to know?” she snapped.

“I’m curious. I don’t usually jinx people for the fun of it like I did today. And you already agreed to it.”

“No I didn’t! I said maybe.” She said, her voice louder.

“Wrong. You said ‘fine’ which is technically agreeing.”

“It’s a long story and I doubt you have enough time.” Hermione said.

“I have all night. Let’s sit down in the room over there where I can relax.” he said. Hermione shrugged. Draco stretched out his legs on a couch while Hermione sat on the other couch (her bed) facing opposite him.

“Fine.” Hermione talked aloud as she reluctantly relived it.

Hermione was walking towards a very fancy restaurant. Her heels clacked against the ground as she nervously messed with her hair. She was sure tonight would be the night. The night when Ron asked the big question.

It was afternoon, they were meeting for lunch. The sun was shining brightly, taunting her on what was about to be. The distance showed signs of rain clouds but she ignored them. Nothing could ruin this day.

She found Ron waiting for her towards the back of the restaurant. He looked very nice in his dress robes.

Hermione has a slight feeling something was wrong.

As usual, she was right but again she ignored it.

They exchanged greetings and sat down. They ordered drinks. Ron looked sort of nervous. 

“Hermione I need to tell you something.” he said.

She hadn’t noticed the word ‘tell’ instead of ‘ask.’

“What is it?” she said trying very hard to stop the butterflies in her stomach.

“This is sort of hard to say…” he started.

Hermione thought to herself that it can’t be that hard. It was only four words.

“Go on,” she urged with a smile.

She thought she was going to hear, “Will you marry me?”

But instead she heard the words tumble out of his mouth, “We need to break up.”

The butterflies were gone. Her face fell. A huge rock sunk into her stomach. Had she heard him right?


“I’m sorry. I don’t think this is working out. I-I’ve met someone else,” he said not daring to look in her eyes. He knew she wouldn’t take it well. He was right.

She stood up and slammed her hand down on the table. The tables around them watched closely.

“How can you say that!” She said furiously.

“I still love you Hermione, just not in the way you think. We’ve been together a very long time. It’s run it’s course.”

Hermione was heartbroken, tears were threatening to spill from her eyes.

“I can’t believe you! I thought we had been doing great recently.” His face flushed red.

“Actually I’ve known it’s been over for a while. I’m sorry, I didn’t know how to tell you. I knew you wouldn’t take this well.”

“You knew!” She said outraged. His face turned even redder, if possible. He sat there while she stared at him. She saw him getting his wand out slowly and point it at her under the table. He was trying to calm her down or confuse her. 

Hermione blocked the spell slyly. She was fuming inside and her heart was shattered into a million pieces. How could he do this?

She felt so stupid. She had confided in Harry, Ginny, and Luna that she was sure Ron would ask her. Embarrassment flooded through her. She hoped with the pieces of her heart they did not throw a congratulations party.

She reached over to smack Ron, who seemed ready to duck, but before she got the chance she was disarmed.

“I don’t think so,” said a drawling voice, almost like a match to Malfoy’s.

A girl came out from the shadows. A girl with dark, brown hair with a single green streak through it came from the shadows. Ron slumped down in his seat looking horrified.

*back in reality*

“What did this girl look like?” Draco asked suddenly, interrupting Hermione. It seemed harder to relive it the second time then the first. Her stomach was churning with every emotion she felt that night.

“Like I said, the hair had a green streak. She had a pointed, tan face and was actually sort of ugly.” Hermione said.

“I bet,” He mumbled. Draco’s heart sunk. Unfortunately her knew this girl. This girl named Victoria. And whatever happened that night could not have been good.

A/N: I'm sorry I haven't upated in a while, I've been working on a few one-shots. I know, a cliffhanger but there's more to come! And thank you to everyone that has left a review!

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Healing A Broken Heart: The Story


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