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Thorns and Roses by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 3 : French Class
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“I want to sleep!” Molly complained.

“Shut up, Molly!” Sam snapped bitterly, pulling her blankets over her head, she was still upset she couldn’t go to the tournament. However, now that it was 5 am on a Saturday morning and they had to go to mandatory French lessons, Rose considered Sam lucky. Molly’s hair was in a giant knot, her freckled skin smudged with the make-up she never washes off before she goes to sleep. Tosh slouched on her bed, yawning as she tried to wake herself up by washing her face with a cold wet rag. Rose herself could feel the bags under her eyes, she wasn’t a morning person by far, and normally didn’t have to wake out until 7 on school days and slept until 11 on weekends. But despite how much Rose valued her sleep, she still couldn’t help feeling the tournament was worth it, if only just barely.

As the three Gryffindor sixth years finally made their way to McGonagall’s room. They were dressed in pajama pants and oversized tee-shirts. Luckily, the other kids were wearing their pjs and dressing gowns as well. Rose sat next to her friend Emmalee Truss from Ravenclaw; who was resting her head in her folded arms.

Albus and his roommate Danny Lere (the only other of the five Gryffindor sixth year boys that could go) were sleeping on the table in front of Rose. James next to Albus, sleeping on his brother’s shoulder.

Luckily like angels sent from Heaven, Cameo Jones and Tara Fostor came into the room balancing trays full of coffee cups on their hands. “Alright, kiddies,” Tara said, “Time to show your bright smiley faces.”

“Oh, you are gorgeous.” Someone said as Cameo started to pass out the coffee. They passed coffees down in a line; Rose got one then gave one to Emmie. It was hot and strong, Rose wasn’t one for coffee, she was more of a tea girl, or hot chocolate on a cold night, but right now the powerful black liquid was a gift from the gods.

“Cammy, I love you,” Albus said, “I bloody love you.”

Cameo laughed, “Sorry, Al, I’m more into older Potter boys.” She ruffled James’s hair as she passed him.

By the time McGonagall got into the classroom the group of pajamaed teenagers was slightly more awake and a buzz of conversations filled the room. But with a tap on her desk the headmistress instantly silenced the crowd.

“Now,” McGonagall started, “you have all chosen to represent the best of this school, thus for I expect nothing less from you then your very highest behavior, are you quite done Mr. Malfoy?”

Scorpius had been leaning back in his chair, two rows in front of Rose, making faces at her. Rose had been giggling into her coffee cup. Scorp immediately sat up, “Sorry, ma’am.”

“This is the precise behavior I was talking about!” McGonagall chastised, “If you cannot act your age, what is even the point of bringing you?” She launched a forty minute lecture on how she expected them to act and how childish they were being. Rose’s eyes began to get heavier as the caffeine buzz fought her boredom. Next to her Emmie had already fallen back to sleep and Toshiko was sending a note back and forth to Albus. Molly was leaning over whispering to Louis. Rose took out a roll of parchment and a quill and started sketch a slightly rude caricature of the headmistress.

By the time they actually started learning French the sun was already rising in the window. Minutes crept by, making hours, Rose could feel the room starting to get antsy, she herself wanted to stand up and stretch. Even with her watch moving particularly slow it marked 10 am. In the window younger kids were playing in the grass, she envied them. The stuffy crowded room felt like a thousand miles away from the sun filled lawn. It seemed like time was moving at a crawl but still more time passed, Rose’s head felt like it was going to explode as McGonagall hammered words into her head. Toshiko bumped Rose’s arm and slid her a note.

Is she ever going to let us out???? I want lunch! I’m starved!!!!!!!

It said in Tosh’s slim neat hand writing. Rose dipped her quill in her ink and scribbed back.

Doesn’t look like it, but if we all starve and have to pick which one of us the others have to eat, I vote Albus. Tosh laughed, making McGonagall look up at her sternly. Tosh crumpled up the note under the table and turned her laugh into a cough.

“Do you need to go to the hospital wing, Miss Simmons?” asked McGonagall sternly.

“Just a tickle.” Tosh told her.

“I’m sure.” Said McGonagall, “Since your all of you are obviously not paying attention anyways, you can all go to lunch, and when you’re gone, I advise all of you to consider how much you want to go on this trip. And in an hour, I only want those of you back here who are going to make an effort.”

The class dispersed, “Wow, who peed in her porridge this morning?” Molly asked as they walked into the corridor.

“You can’t prove anything.” Joked Albus.

“You really can’t blame her though,” Rose said, “You’d be frustrated to if you had to deal with us.”

“Teacher's Pet.” Molly scoffed.

“I am not!” protested Rose.

“Rosie’s got a point, though,” said Danny, “It can’t be easy for a woman as old as she is.”

“You just agree with her because you fancy her.” Albus teased.

“Not true!” Danny said, but the way his face turned red made Rose feel hot with embarrassment. Danny was nice and smart, but not only did Rose not interested in him, but she knew Emmie Truss was.

“Come on, I’m starved.” Said Tosh, thankfully diverting the attention from Danny.

“Ditto.” Molly agreed, “My stomach’s going to eat itself if I don’t get some food in it.”

The five students rushed down to the Great Hall where Samantha, Josh Thomas, and Michael Lund were already eating. “How was your first French lesson?” Josh asked.

“Yuck.” Replied Molly sticking out her tongue, “I’d rather eat a flobberworm then go back there.”

“Eat up then, because it ain’t going away.” Sam said, smiling sadistically.

“Oi! Stop enjoying our pain.” Said Tosh.

“Hey, you get to enjoy the entire year,” Sam reminded her, “Let us enjoy these two months.”

Rose shot her friend a look as she began piling her plate. “Tomorrow we have to remember to bring snacks,” She said, her tummy was making an angry growling noise.

“I’ll run to Honeydukes tonight and nick some stuff.” Albus volunteered.

“You can’t steal!” Toshiko protest.

“Oh, shut up, Tosh.” Snapped Molly, “Make sure to get some of pep up pops, coffee’s okay, but the buzz fades too quickly.”

“Pick me up something too,” Sam said, “If you’re going to have all the fun at least let me get fat off of it.”

Albus took out a piece of parchment, “Okay, what do you want?” He started jotting down suggestions as everyone named off the sweets they wanted.

“Chocolate frogs.” Tosh said.

“I thought you were against this.” Teased Rose.

“I am, but since I can’t stop you I might as well benefit from it.” Tosh replied.

Albus rolled his eyes but wrote down his girlfriend’s request. As the groups talking and teasing went on the hour they had for break melted away far faster than Rose would have liked.

“We better get back before Professor No Fun or we’ll be in trouble.” Molly said, “Come on, Allons-y, everyone.”

“Allons-y?” Sam repeated.

“It means 'lets go'.” Rose said, “If you were old enough you would know.” Her playful tainting earned her a bun thrown right at her faces. She caught it laughing, “Thanks, mate, in case I get hungry later.”

Authors note: Hope you liked it :) Once I get back to school and have my computer back I'll be able to update faster, and hopefully Microsoft Word will help improve my terrible spelling and grammar. I knoww spel goood. anyways please review :D make me happy

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