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What Only We Know by MileyMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Closely Guarded
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Note: So this is my first try for any real kind of first person piece of fiction. I'd really appreciate comments and feedback to help me figure out where I can improve it! Hope you enjoy, the bunny just kinda hopped into my head one day and wouldn't leave! JK Rowling owns anything you recognize, apart from Darcy... he belongs to Jane Austen.

I stare out of the window, fingers running through the mess of curls that now comes to an end in the nape of my neck. Staring. It seems to be what I do a lot lately but I can't help it. If it hadn't have been for him my sister and I would have been talking now. Instead here I sit, strawberry blonde hair hacked short, hiding in the Burrow, staring out at the hills that are oh so very visible from the attic. It sounds cliché, to ruin a life time relationship because of a boy but in all honesty it's not like this boy is just any boy.

This boy is the love of my life, the person I have spent my twenty-one short years dreaming about. This boy is Teddy Lupin.

And I am Dominique Weasley.

Yes, go ahead, laugh. I mean. I'm the younger sister.

The plain one compared to Victiore and even compared to my younger brother.

I fit in with the Weasley's. I'm relatively tall and slender like my aunt Ginny and my father really... with red completely straight hair, tamed only by the fact that it's got blonde in it so doesn't completely stand out of a crowd.

I'm a Weasley though... not a blonde part-veela, which makes it rather surprising that Teddy Lupin would fall for me when he has my perfect older sister as an option.

A tempting option apparently.

Twisting a strand around my finger I sigh slightly. My parents will absolutely not understand. Nothing about this screams normal... but from the time we first kissed in my fifth year and his seventh I haven't looked at another boy... well man.

He stole my heart. I didn't have a choice or a say in the matter and the fact that I fell so hard made me think that maybe he actually cared back. But that backfired nicely in light of James' proclamation in sixth year.

Teddy, snogging Torie. I hadn't bothered to think that something like that was possible but now, now on a rainy day in the attic of the Burrow I can't help realizing that anything is possible. Which is the scary bit.

The steam from the Hogwarts Express drifted into the train. Dominique sat, curled on the seat, a muggle book in her hand. So it was the first year that her cousins Rose and Al would be at school with them... that didn't mean she had to entertain them. Staying true to her Ravenclaw nature the Weasley had her head buried in the book before they were even ready to leave, having said goodbye to her parents already and with no idea of where Torie could possibly be Dom's mind drifted to her favourite subject, her own romantic hero, Teddy Lupin.

He had been quieter than usual the last part of this summer and Dominique resolved that as soon as she got a moment away from prying family eyes she would write to him. Eyes focusing on the words Dominique ignored the entry of her cousin and best friend, Roxanne, who plopped down like a sack of potatoes on the seat next to her.

“What are you doing Dommy? Reading about that ridiculous Darcy character again?”

The words caused Dominique to look up before grinning slightly. “Yes and no. He's so dreamy... but this is a different one of her books. She's really a very talented muggle author... well she was anyway.” Glancing at the cover, noting that the portion about the author mentioned she had died sometime in the eighteen hundreds Dominique shrugged before glancing over at the empty compartment. This was really the only time she would have with Roxy before the rest of their cousins descended.

“Actually I was thinking about Teddy. Do you think it's strange that he would spend as much time with me as he did in the school year and beginning of the summer but I didn't hear anything from him during this last bit?” Oh she knew that this was Roxy's least favourite subject. But Dominique didn't care right now, even as the sigh indicated that she was pretty sure she didn't want to know Roxanne's thoughts on the matter.

It wasn't a big deal after all... Teddy was only two years older than her. They'd grown up together and yet now that he had left Hogwarts Dom really didn't know what to think about his lack of attention.

Roxanne had opened her mouth to answer when James shoved into the compartment, being his own predictable self, and seeming to burst with excitement. “Guess what I saw!”

Without even particularly glancing at Roxanne again Dominique turned towards James. “What did you see Jamesie?” He had interrupted them, probably with something completely pointless and so she was really not going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Hence the use of the boyhood name that his family had teased him with.

“I saw Teddy, our Teddy, snogging Victorie. Our Teddy was snogging our Victorie!”

Dominique moved before she realized she had, shoving her younger cousin out of the way and ignoring his shout as he fell onto one of the seats. All she wanted to do was see this for herself. All she wanted to do was smack Teddy over the head.

Which was frankly deserved as she tore down the corridor, pausing at a window when she spotted the bright blue head of hair. Teddy was snogging Torie. Her sister. Merlin knew that Dominique suddenly lost her will to smack him or even confront him. Leave it be. It wasn't like she needed Torie around over this next year and then the older, more perfect, Weasley would be out of school. Free to snog Teddy as much as they both wanted.

Tossing her hair out of her way Dominique continued down the corridor, locking herself in the next bathroom that she found before bursting into tears. This was going to be a long train ride.

So I'm here, staring out of the window like the loser I seem to have become, and she is down there. My perfect sister is down in the kitchen fawning over her boyfriend. The boyfriend that whether she knows it or not, she stole from me.

“Dominique Weasley. You have to grow up and stop this moping. Somebody is going to notice and when they do you are going to be in an awkward spot of trouble.” I mutter to myself, fingers running through my hair as I lean forward, head resting on my knees. Maybe if I stay here, like this, for the next few hundred years it will all go away.

Who am I kidding. If I stay here for the next few hundred years life will pass me by, I'll be old... I'll be dead and I won't have done anything!

I can't let that happen all because of a boy.

Brushing the hair out of my eyes I take a longing look up, out of the window again before sighing. Something has got to be done, if not now then when? I have been moping about Torie and Teddy snogging each other, as well as refusing to have pretty much anything to do with the latter, for too many years now. Four, or almost four at any rate. I may not have much say or choice in the matter but they are dating each other, and I have to live my life.

I have to move on now. It's really the only way to get things done.

Standing I turn my back to the window, making my way out of the attic and along the floor towards the staircase when Roxanne comes barrelling up it, looking like she has seen a ghost although honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she did, the way her father acts sometimes.

“Dommy. You really really don't want to go down there.” She hisses, trying to grab my hand and pull me into the bedroom we have shared every time we've visited our grandparents here. Releasing her grip I shake my head pointedly and continue on my way down the stairs. Whatever it is that Roxanne doesn't want me to be there for I think that I probably should be there for it.

It's not like it can hurt any more than the complete and utter pain of having my heart ripped out and stomped on which I've been dealing for four years.

Absolutely nothing that anybody can possibly throw at me can top that one.

Rounding the corner I enter the kitchen and take in my family before me. Mama and Papa look up as I come to a stop. I ignore Roxanne who, having followed me down, leans against the wall, unable to be seen by the people inside the room, still trying to convince me to run.

“Dommy.” My sister starts, I turn my cool blue eyes to watch her. “Dommy Teddy and I are getting married! Isn't it exciting?”

I was wrong. If there was one thing that could possibly hurt me more... this was it.

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