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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 19 : You Break It, You Buy It
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A blur. That's what her life Hermione's life was: a blur.

The events from the night before seemed distant and fuzzy and impossible to believe really happened. Her and Ginny's nine year friendship could not possibly be over, right? Especially not over something, someone, like Draco Malfoy.

It all seemed like it was a horrid, unreal nightmare that she was about to realize was not actually real. She was still Ginny's best friend and maid of honor, she had not tried to get out of Draco Malfoy's game like a wimpy child and she hadn't broken one of Draco's sill rules.

None of that was real.

None of it could have possibly been real.

Hermione grabbed a black, professional looking skirt and a button up, white shirt, paired with black heels. A simple choice of attire for her complicated life. Even though that confrontation with had to have been a figment of her overactive imagination, she was still in a fake relationship with Draco Malfoy since the man she had loved for the past ten years had completely ripped her heart from her fragile chest. She was still lying to everyone she truly cared about, which was not an easy feat.

At least, on the bright side, she had the dinner with Hagrid to look forward to. Her, Ron, and Harry had always had a very close relationship with the half-giant groundkeeper and reading that letter had made her realize how much she missed spending time with him.

She thought back to all of the times the three of them had snuck down to his hut, past curfew to visit him. They'd escaped Argus Filch and his cat, Mrs. Norris, countless times, which was they got older, was not an easy task as they did not all fit comfortably under Harry's invisibility cloak, like they had their first year. She remembered all the dozens of times Hagrid had 'slipped up' and mentioned things they needed to know, but were not supposed to. They really owed Hagrid a thank you for his slip on Fluffy, seeing as that night had had an outcome that would forever affect the future of Harry and Voldemort.

It would be good to see him. Harry was surely invited, and he would most certainly bring Ginny a long and, as last night could not have possibly been real, they'd surely discuss the wedding and more of her bridesmaid duties.

As she charmed her hair to become less frizzy and full of tangles, she tried to reason with herself about how the events of yesterday could not possibly have been real, could they? Her hair formed in to a professional looking bun that had a feminine touch of tiny stands of hair etching her face.

She walked in to her tidy living room that was so clean it would drive any one, aside from herself, insane, No one else could possibly live in a room that...tidy.

However, a chilling sight met her eyes.

She felt her heart drop and pain stab her chest.

There, on the counter was where she'd tossed the phone after her conversation with Draco.

The conversation she'd had with Draco after the confrontation with Ginny.


It was real, not a nightmare.

She fell in to a chair, knowing she couldn't stand anymore with how lightheaded she'd suddenly gotten.

She sat there for several minutes, letting the events, that she know realized were real, from last night seep in to her exhausted brain.

Eventually, she pried herself away from the chair: she had to get to work.

Work was, by far, the last place she wanted to be seeing as her boss, Harry, was Ginny's fiancée and she had surely told him what had happened, and there was no possible way he could be pleased.

She flooed to the Ministry, ignoring all the people who stopped to say "hi" to her. She was not usually in a bad mood in the mornings and she liked greeting people cheerfully, but today was not going to be a good day. The events of the night before hung in her mind like a dark, heavy cloud. What had she done?

Walking in to her office, she immediately noticed that the picture frame of her and Ginny when they went to the Quidditch World Cup when she was in her fourth year was shattered. Ginny' had been here, and she was not in a calm mood. Seeing that picture made her think of what had happened that day, that was the day Harry had seen the dark mark in the sky, cast by none other than Barty Crouch Jr., the events of that day helped Harry realize that Lord Voldemort was still at large.

She settled in to her desk, preparing herself mentally for the day she was no doubt going to have, praying that Harry would not find a reason to come talk to her.


Ron scribbled away at the papers on his desk, trying to get back in to a mentally healthy frame of mind. He'd choked when he was talking to Harry and had confessed his deepest fears: he couldn't do it.

It couldn't possibly be that hard, right? Lavender wasn't that awful either...right?

The first part sounded a lot more real.

"Oh, Won-Won!" he heard a squeal from the door.

'Bloody hell.' he thought as he looked up to see Lavender in the doorway, a hand on her still fairly small dump.

He forced a fake smile on to his face and she let herself come in, closing the door behind here.

"Hey, Lav," Ron sighed, shoving his papers away as there was no possible way she could get any work done with her here. Between her mouth and just the fact that she'd probably be peering over his should waiting for him to finish like a child, he was better off just talking to her until she was ready to leave.

She grinned, running her fingers over a snow globe he'd been given as a souvenir from Ginny when she got back from Disneyland in America two years ago.

"What's going on Lav?" he asked as her eyebrows knitted together about something unbeknownst to him.

"Just thinking," Lavender said, slowly, sighing. There was a far off look in her face.

"About...." Ron pushed. If she was going to act like that than he had the right to know the reason why.

She looked up at him and smiled, "Everything." she paused for a moment before speaking quietly, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"Not leaving me. So many guys would have left me alone, but not you. I know it's still early but...I know you didn't plan for this, I didn't either, but you stuck with me anyway. I'm not used to that. People in my life always seem to find some reason to leave me when I need them; desert me. Thanks for sticking around. I don't know how I could do this alone." she sighed, and Ron noticed how she looked like an entirely different person. She looked so honest and genuine. It was a nice look. Very rare for her.

Hearing her say that made him feel guilty for what he'd said to Harry.

Lavender really had had it hard and didn't deserve what he'd said.

He smiled faintly, "You shouldn't have to thank me. I'm here for you, Lav, I'm not going anywhere."

He pulled her in to a comforting, air tight hug.

For the first time in a long time Lavender felt safe, like she had a safe place to land; someone would be there to catch her when she fell.

Finally, Ron pulled away from the hug and looked at her, "I'm glad you're hear, I'd been meaning to talk to you about something...."

Lavender raised her eyebrows in a way that told him to continue.

"There's a dinner party at Hagrid's this weekend," he explained, "I haven't seem him in ages and he's a really dear friend. Would that be something you'd like to go to?" Ron asked, not sure whether he really wanted her to go or not.

"The gamekeeper?" she asked, knitting her eyes together.

"Yeah," he nodded.

Did she know any other Hagrid's?

"I guess that could be fun," Lavender smiled faintly, after several moments of thinking.

Ron grinned, "That's good to hear. It'll be good to see him again."

Lavender was not entirely sure how she felt about the idea, and she honestly was not thrilled about it, not that she'd let him know that though.

As long as Roger Davies was not on the guest list, she'd go though.

She did have one other fear though: Hermione was sure to be invited, and she was not completely sure Ron was over her.


Hermione scowled at her work. There was too much, she'd never finish.

These emotions were not normal for her.

She wanted to cry about what had happened the night before. Why had she even gotten herself in to this mess anyway?

She knew she should have just let it go.

But, being Hermione, letting it go was not an option.

Now, she would give anything to go back in time and change that fateful day.

The whole building felt eerie and weird, like she didn't belong.

Being in the ministry is not a very enjoyable thing when your boss is your ex-best friend's (who now hates you) fiancée.

Talk about awkward.

Hermione prayed that he would not find a reason to talk to her today.

Looking in to Ron's office, she met a vomit-worthy sight, Ron was with Lavender, rubbing her enlarging stomach. It looked like he was...talking to it?

Oh, Ron.

She examined the work on her desk, hoping to finish early just so she could leave.

A quiet knock on the door took her away from her thoughts.

Looking up, she was immediately pierced by the green eyes of Harry Potter.

This could not be good....wait, what was he holding?!

How did he possibly get that?!

Clutched in his fingers like it was some vile, thing was a lacy, black bra. Her lacy, black bra.

"Can we" he asked, nervously scratching the back of his neck as he shut the door behind him.

Hermione felt her face flush, "Where did you get that?" she asked, through gritted teeth.

"That's kind of what I needed to talk to you about," Harry mumbled, his face also red.

She snatched the sexy lingerie from his hand, her eyes wide with shock. How could he have possibly gotten that? Did he break in to her flat?

"Draco dropped it off, said you left it at his place," Harry explained, his face glowing, "He said you weren't in your office and he didn't have time to find you."

That little prat.

Hermione felt her blood boil.

Malfoy had done this to her?

"'s not what it looks like," she sighed, her face red.

"You don't have to explain."

"I really should, it's not-"

He held up a hand to make her be quiet, "Hermione, I really don't care," he sighed before continuing another direction with the conversation, "Gin told me about last night."

Hermione felt her heart drop.

Harry knew.

"Harry," Hermione gasped, hoping to Merlin he didn't hate her.

"I'm not mad," he said quietly, "what happened between you two is your business, but, she's really upset with you right now. She's really furious, and adamant that you lied to her," he began, obviously not wanting to say something.

"Harry, I swear, I didn't-" he cut her off again.

"Merlin, Hermione, stop," he sighed.

He was not looking forward to what he had to do, but knew it was necessary.

"Hermione, I don't know how to tell you this..."

"I can take it, Harry. Please, just tell me," She knew what was coming.

"Ginny doesn't want you at the wedding."

She had known what was coming, but hearing the words said a loud hurt her more than she thought they would. The words broke her heart, not that they surprised her though. In Ginny's eyes, she'd been lied to, and nothing made her more upset than a liar.

Tears crept their way up, but she refused to let Harry see her cry.

"I'm sorry, 'Mione. I'll try to change her mind," Harry said sympathetically.

Hermione just nodded and sat back down.

Harry turned to leave but stopped just short of the door, "Wait, Mione?"

She looked up at him and he saw that her eyes had tears in them, but knew better than to say anything about them.

"Draco also told me to give you this." He handed her a sealed envelope with her name of the front.

"Thanks," she mumbled.

He left and she ripped open the letter and found there were six words in a sloppy scrawl on it:

You break it, you buy it.

It took her several moments to figure out what he was talking about, then realization hit.

When she was on the phone with him the night before, she'd called him Malfoy.

Apparently, this was her punishment.

She broke the rule and now she was paying it for it by getting humiliated by one of her best friends and making him think she was....doing things...with Malfoy.


She crumpled up the note and threw it in to the wastebasket.

Her life just kept falling apart more and more by the second.

She couldn't stand to be in that office anymore, she needed to leave.


Lavender laughed too loudly at Ron's joke, "Oh, Won-Won," she giggled.

Ron smiled feebly, "Lav, I need to ask you something..."

Her grin was wiped from her face and a more serious look appeared, "anything."

"Would you mind skipping dinner tomorrow night? I'm sorry, I know I promised you, but I've got loads of work that I need to get done and," he begged, but she cut him off.

"This isn't because of Hermione is it," she whispered.

"No, I just have some work to do, that's all,"

He noticed that she did not look one hundred percent convinced by his statement.

"Lav, you have got to stop worrying about me and Hermione. We're over, finished. She's with Malfoy and we're...whatever we are...and you have nothing to worry about, I promise."


"Yes, you and that baby are all I care about. All. Did I plan on this? No. And neither did you, but I'm happy with this. I want you to be happy too, but I don't think you're going to be until you believe me, nothing is going on."

She smiled weakly, "I love you Won-Won."

Before he had time to react to her shocking announcement, her lips were on his.

She loved him and he loved her, she knew it.

Little did they know that an already shattered heart had just broken in to in infinite amount of pieces.

Hermione Granger stood, glued to the spot, staring at them. She had walked out of her office and down the hall and was greeted by the site of Ron and Lavender's make out session.

A real make out session.

They were really together, and she had no one.

She had thought until the night before, that there might be something more to Draco, but that phone call had proved her otherwise: she was alone.

Beneath her pain, she felt anger rush through her.


She was going to go to that dinner, with Draco, and show Ron what he was missing, and show Ginny that she wasn't lying (even though she was).

She rushed back to her office and was dialing Draco's number in seconds.

"Yes, Granger? Get my present," he smirked.

She momentarily forgot what she was calling for, "How did you get that?"

He laughed, "summoning charm. Really, Granger I would have thought you could have figured that out for yourself."

She cursed under her breath, "We'll talk about that later," wow, she sounds like an old married woman, "but I have something to ask you."

"You want to slyther-in with me?" he laughed at himself as her face flushed.

He was never going to let that one go, was he?

"No. There's a dinner part this weekend. Ron and Lavender are going to be there-"

"Say no more. I'm in. Unlike you, I don't give up that easily."

"Whatever. Meet me at my flat, on Sunday at 6."

"See you there, Granger."

"Great, Mal--err...Draco," she spat the name through clenched teeth.

"Nice save," he smirked, "Not ready for the punishment to rule break number two?"

"Goodbye." she spat and snapped the phone closed.

It was time to put this game in to full affect.

She was through with thinking that Draco could be different, or that he could change.

He couldn't and she knew it.

This dinner was surely going to be an interesting one.

A/N Please don't be too mad(: I'm sorry about Hermione getting uninvited, but it was necessary.

Hagrid's dinner party (which will be a three parter) begins in the next chapter: finally(:

I promise it will be entertaining :D's a sneak peak of what's to come, enjoy! :

Everyone laughed, things were going better than they had thought.

Harry and Ginny were there and neither Hermione nor Draco were any where to be seen. Plus, he was getting to see people he'd missed.

He looked over his shoulder to see Luna twirling in a circle, the odd 'accessory'

He smiled faintly to himself.

"So, how long have you two been back together?" Cho asked quietly, Mason throwing back some firewhiskey behind her shoulder.

He and Lavender looked to each other, "Not long, but it's going really well though," Lavender giggled.

Cho smiled, "That's great."

Out of the corner of his eye, Ron saw that Cho's eyes flickered subtly over to where Harry stood talking to Hagrid.

Before he could say anything though, Lavender spoke again as he got a drink of firewhiskey.

"Things really are great, which is why we're looking in to getting out own apartment, it really would be better."

Ron choked on his drink.

Her little announcement was not something he knew was being planned.

(if you called a live thing an accessory) dancing in a circle around her hat, as Rolf, who he had already gathered was as out there as Luna, twirled her around, swaying without rhythem to the music.
Wow, long preview(: So, we already know that Cho and Luna are there, as are Rolf and someone named...Mason? We'll see who all shows up, and there will be some new people.

So where's Hermione and Draco? Did they skip the party after all?

Hope you enjoyed:D

Review, Please(:


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