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Scarred by TheHallow
Chapter 1 : What to do now?
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Harry looked into the mirror, he felt sore everywhere. Wondering why his chest hurt so much he took off his shirt to reveal a giant red mark across his chest. He looked at it questioningly as Ron opened the door.

"Bloody hell! What's that from?" said Ron wide eyed. 

"I think its from when Tom hit me with the killing curse, People die from the curse but I guess, since I'm the only one who has survived it twice, it leaves scars." Harry pulled his shirt back on and sat down on his old four poster bed

Ron sat down on his old four poster and looked at Harry

"Everybody has been looking for you. There are reporters everywhere! Taking pictures of the castle, but all of them want to see you... Hermione and I got interviewed but we told them that you weren't available." 

"Thanks" said Harry as he lied down. He sat there deep in thought thinking about his future "It's just dawned on me, I don't have to worry about Voldemort trying to kill me. I have a future to worry about instead. I have no idea what to do now, I'm shocked that I'm even alive"

"Well mate there isn't much i can say about that! Just that I'm happy you are alive!" 

"Thanks Ron." 

Ron looked at Harry's new scar and suddenly said "You need to talk to Ginny, Harry. She still seems kinda pissed off at you." 

"oh. yeah i'll go do that now!" Harry said as he put on his shirt and walked out of the common room and down to the great hall. 

When he arrived at the Great Hall, He looked everywhere for her. He finally found her healing the wounded with Madame Pomfrey, but when she saw him... 


"uhoh" came the sound of his best mate standing next to him. 

"How could you do that to me!" She said as she was storming up to him. 

"I thought you were dead! You fool! Did you have to do that?!" 

"Actually yes i did Ginny. I–"


Ginny had slapped him so hard that his glasses flew off his face and onto the floor. And he let her slap him, because he knew how much she cared and how scared she had been when she saw him, when she thought he was dead. 

"Ginny i'm sorry i can explain everything–" 


"I am furious with you Harry James Potter!" 

Everybody was watching the scene now. Astounded that Ginny would ever hit the man who saved their lives. 

Just before Ginny was about to slap Harry again, Ron grabbed her arm and said "I think that is enough Ginny. Let him have some dignity." 

GInny then snapped back into of her senses. What had she done? She watched dumbfounded as Harry picked up his glasses, and as he did the glass lenses that had cracked began to heal themselves. And Harry did not have a wand on him. 

And with the remaining dignity he had he left the room, while mentioning "I have something for you to look at Madame Pomfrey. I'll wait for you in the Hospital Wing" 


When Madame Pomfrey came into the Hospital wing Harry was sitting on one of the beds waiting for her. 

"Now Mister Potter, what seems to be the problem?" 

Harry took off his shirt to reveal the new scar that had formed on his chest, It was a large bruise looking scar that looked already healed, but it was now bigger than it had been when Ron had seen it last. 

Madame Pomfrey gasped and told him to lay down as she preceded to take out bottles of potions from her many drawers and cabinets. The next thing Harry saw was the ceiling of the Hospital wing with Ginny's face looking down on him with a worried expression. 

"I must be dreaming" He said with a smile "I see a red headed angle" 

"Oh Harry!" She cried, tears streaming down her face

"I am so sorry! Please forgive me!" 

Ginny reached up to her blurry face but missed because of his bad vision. Ginny grabbed his glasses and handed them to him. He put them on and was then able to see her clearly, and as he was about to reach her face he stopped. Ginny looked at him and saw the flicker of pain washed over his face. 

"Ginny" He began to say. 

"You don't need to say anything at all, Harry. I am sorry" 

And then she kissed him, and harry knew everything was going to be alright.


*Hey there guys! This is my first chapter ever! But I'm also starting a new story that most definately has longer chapters! I'm sorry this one is short but what can i say? I mean everybody does freakishly long ones that practically say nothing, i wrote what i felt needed to be said! Updating soon!!*  *P.S: if you have any advice please review and share! I love the feed back!*

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Scarred : What to do now?


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