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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 8 : Changing Draco.....
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            “It was a beautiful Indian summer day, the day I left my happy home to pick up the mother of my child. If this dinner went well ‘I will marry her’ I thought as I aparated away. She met me on her stoop of her steps, her long golden blonde hair blowing in the gentle late summer breeze; her lightly lidded eyes seemed to elongate her blue-green eyes and long lashes. Her pink lips mouthed the words “I love you” as I approached. I grabbed her by her waist. Told her what to expect before, I kissed her forehead clutched her tight, and aparated.


            “I bought her to our front gate, to show her our property. I took her through the gardens, across the mote, and then through the front doors into the great hall. The floor gleamed with its black and white tiles that ran down the hallway, that were lined with the family portraits, and lit torches darting along each wall. I started to tell her about each portrait as we passed. She was a little startled when they spoke out, correcting my details. When we finally reached the parlor my parents were waiting for us, we entered the room and I felt her squeeze me tightly as she started to walk a step behind me. I could feel how scared she was. I didn’t think much of it then since, I was so happy. I introduced her, swallowed hard waiting for the small talk to be over and the fireworks to start.


“Father, Mother” I have to tell you something. I looked over at my Mother and she nodded in approval. Alaura and I are going to have a baby! My Mother came over to us gave her and I a hug and then walked over to where my Father was standing. But, before my Mother could reach him he whipped around and walked straight for me. He got into my face, looked me into my eyes. “


Is she a” …he hissed.


“I knew this was going to happen, I thought as I grab Alaura and pulled her behind me hoping to shield her.”


“Yes, Father” I admitted.


“ He just screamed the rest in my general direction. I bet you can figure out what he said; ‘you’re disowned, disgrace, how could you, you have ruined the family name, you’re on own, never step a foot in my house again, blah, blah, blah.’


            “That was that and we left, I haven’t been back since, I went right to the ministry and got a job the very next day. I took the one job that felt right. From that day on I have been putting Dark Wizards like my father away to where they belong; Azkaban.”


            Hermione was in shock. ‘He ready had changed.  I had something to do with it? Wow,’ she thought. “But Draco, you said that you were going to be a father. Do you have a child?”


Draco stood up, looked up and away. He had to give himself a few moments to swallow the tears threating to choke him and run lose from his eyes.


“I thought I had enemies before, when I was at school, during the war. But, since I started working for the ministry, now I know what real enemies are.”


“Draco, what are you talking about” Hermione asked timidly, standing up, stepping next to him and putting my hand on his arm. He flinched slightly under her touch.


“We had a few good months. I was enjoying this honest man stuff; Going to work, coming home to someone who cared about me, and to someone who I cared about. Coming home to a warm place, not one where you see your parents just going through the motions. When I was young, I was always alone, no sisters, brothers, just nothing. I learned to entertain myself, most of the time that’s all I had.


“It was easy to get used to coming home to a family with someone who was happy to see me. We did normal things like; cook dinner and even watch TV. I never knew how good life could be just by having someone to come home to and enjoying the simple things.  My life seemed to have meaning for the first time. My family was starting to blossom around me, making me want to work on my professional life next.


            “I did great on my first few cases. That’s when I got the opportunity to really prove myself with the ministry. You know that case I got over Harry. That is the one that changed my life forever. You see my Father was still was very angry about my decisions about my life, especially about choosing a muggle over the family.  He had the habit to run off his mouth off to his friends and that’s just what he did. The case was to track down a Death Eater, find out what he was importing, get proof, once I had the proof bring him in and arrest him.


            “Simple enough I thought. I went through with my day, filed my papers and left for the day. I was going to follow some leads that lead me into knockturn ally. I was scared, I do have to admit. I knew where the place was, and how to get there. What I didn’t know was that the Deatheater I was after knew my father and happen to be at one of the places where my father had been running his mouth at. Because, when I came to the door of the warehouse that I was looking for, I saw that the door was open. It had some writing on it in green glowing magic ink. ‘Malfoy come in, please’.


             I went in, tripped a few times, because of the darkness of the hallway. I had to use my wand as a light. As, I lit up the last room, that’s when I saw her. She was tied up, hanging her wrists by invisible chains. I ran up to her to only be zapped back by something that I couldn’t see.


            “I still can hear her cry. I tried everything that I knew, but all I could do was watch her cry.  Jugson came out laughing when he saw me. I went straight for him with every spell I knew, legal or not, it didn’t matter. He blocked each one easily. I must of did just as he thought I would of because next thing I knew. I landed right into his trap, with a bag over my head. I could hear her cries as the words crusio, crusio rang off the walls echoing into my ears. I felt helpless there was nothing I could do. Then I saw the green flash through the bag over my head and that was it, she was dead. They ripped the bag off my head, stood over me and laughed.


            “Men who watched me grow up, were now laughing at my pain as I looked on to the women I loved hanging from the rafters. The ropes that bonded me were gone in an instant. I ran to her, picked her up, and aparated out of there. The last thing I heard was ‘that’s what happens when you play with the big boys.’’ I didn’t know what to do, so I took her body to the manor. Luckily, my Father wasn’t there and my Mother was able to call the house elf to clean her body up. I just stood there crying trying to remember to breathe, while looked at her lifeless body curled up in a ball as if she was sleeping. All I could think about was her cry’s, ‘how’s it was my fault that she’s dead. What am I going to do?’ I was in the study when I heard him arrive. I fell to my knees when I saw him and told him what happen. It didn’t even faze him that I was upset or what had  happen.


            “Hermione, I left that room, that house, and haven’t seen him/them since. Leaving my father was easy, my mother on the other hand that was a bit harder. She had always done her best, but I knew her loyalty was to my father. I took her body of the first person who really loved me and had her buried in Paris close to ‘our’ home. For just a few months, I had a real family, and a real life. All I have now is my job. I will find Jugson one day and send him away. He’ll get his.” Draco shook his shaking fist up at the sky and wiped a lone tear from his eye that he had been unable to keep in its place.



Hermione didn’t know what to do after hearing his story, but it did explain a little bit of his behavior.

            “Is that why you keep turning away from me when things seem to get intense?”


            He looked right into her into her eyes and kissed her. Hermione’s head swam, knees buckle and down she went, taking him with her. Both of them fell down and started to laugh. The laugher cut the moment making them come back to the reality of the right there and now.


“I’m sorry you caught me off guard with that story then, you kissed me. I wanted to make you feel better, but instead you made me feel better.”


“You did, you just don’t realize it.” Draco said in an almost whisper, his head leaning into Hermione.


Hermione looked up at him with pursed lips. He could tell that she had no idea what he was speaking of. Again it felt to Hermione that he could read her thoughts and maybe he did.


Well, he did kind of  know how to.’ She thought to herself.


“When I saw you that day, you woke something up inside of me. Something that I thought was dead, something that I thought died inside of me a long time ago. For the first time, I felt something. For so long, I felt empty and lost. I mean I knew what to do but, I just kinda of went through the motions. I just shut off and let myself get lost in my job.” He looked up at Hermione, his eyes were shining again “I’ve put hundreds of dark wizards away since then, but until that day when your file came across my desk I felt nothing. I saw that it had something to do with you and for the first time I felt something, I felt concerned for you. I knew the time had finally come when I could finally return the favor to you.”


“What was in the file that got your attention?” Hermione asked as she looked down and away.  ‘There it was again, what was going on? What made him so concerned and why was I in a file at the ministry?


            He began to tell her about the file came from internal affairs. Ron was under an investigation. That there were photos of Ron with questionable wizards’ and records of an influx in their accounts since, these meeting started. Then, there was a detailed tracking of Hermione from the day she left the ministry to the present. It went on to say that Hermione was cleared from the allegations’ since her days were pretty typical to the life the ministry expected of her by their standers, besides the fact that she rarely used much magic anymore. Which was true, Hermione felt that since we moved to a completely muggle town there wasn’t need for magic and it would be better/ easier to fit in to the new surroundings.


“Draco, is what you’re telling me true? I mean do you have proof?” Hermione asked while standing up almost afraid of the answer she was about to get. Draco stood up too and put his arms around her.


 ”Unfortunately, I do and it doesn’t look good.” Draco turned Hermione around and pressed his lips to hers, making it all melted away; all of the worries, all the fears and anxieties were gone, even if was just for the moment. All of Hermione’s thoughts and worries about Ron just dripped right down and out of her mind. She was swimming in Draco. Hermione felt his hands on her back and just ached for his skin to be against hers.


 “Can we go back to yours” she said breathlessly “Can we just forget about all of this, even if it just for tonight?”


 Draco smiled at Hermione “You sure?”


She nodded “yes” and the next moment they were in his hotel room.


            Draco summoned candles and lit them with a gesture. Hermione’s heart was racing to point of it popping out of her chest. She was high on the adrenalin; she was scared, nervous, excited all wrapped up in one package. The hair on her neck was standing straight up in anticipation of Draco’s next movement. Hermione sat down on the edge of the bed. Draco stood right in front of her. Hermione looked up into his eyes and unbuttoned his dark gray shirt one by one, taking in each moment as if it was a gift. She didn’t know that she was holding her breath until the last button came undone.


Hermione was presently surprised at how muscular he was. His pale skin on his chest was unbelievable smooth, his muscles rippled underneath his pale skin. She wanted to touch one of them. Hermione was completely in awe as she ran her palm slowly down his chest to his stomach and then traced the line of his belt a few time before unbuckling it. Draco placed his hand on her cheek and pressed his lips to her as he laid Hermione down on the bed.


            She could feel him on her thighs as he pressed closer, while he slid his hand down to trace the curves of her body. Hermione rolled him over and lifted herself off from him. She stood up and unzipped her red dress, letting it to fall on the floor and just stood there in front of him in her black lacey bra and matching underwear.

Hermione felt frozen to the spot. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but she knew she wanted to do.





            I was lost in my thoughts. My breathing became shallow when I felt him close to my body, his skin felt cool against mine, my knees buckled as he kissed the nape of my neck. I turned to him and gave him a kiss that seemed to be unbreakable as he swept me off my feet and put me on to the bed. He threw the puffy pillows off the bed as I ripped the sheets down. I felt like screaming the desire I felt. Draco answered my scream with his own, by letting out a low sigh as he climbed in next to me He openned his arms to let me in, he sweep a curl from my face, putting it behind my ear then kissed me again where he fingers just were.


He rolled on top of her whispered “are you sure?”


 She answered breathlessly “yes Draco, please”


 He pressed his lips to hers lips, then to her neck, finishing at her collarbone and only to go back again. They melted together, their bodies intertwined with each other, as they became one throughout the night.






 A/N: Hope it wasn't too sappy. Thank you for all of your reads. I still can't believe that people would read it not to mention like it. If you like this story check out my other fic SXRXRR

Thanks again

Lot's of love~ S

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