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The Resistance by nitenel
Chapter 3 : Dunlap's Plan
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Fidgeting restlessly, Ana turned to Hermione and whispered, “How much longer?”

“We only started twenty minutes ago,” she snapped.

“Sorry,” muttered Ana, refocusing on the meeting. She glanced around curiously at the other members of the council to see who was paying attention. Many of them had vacant expressions on.

Megan Oxford was giving a presentation on enemy numbers and where troops had been spotted. However, as far as Ana was concerned, it didn’t matter how many more troops the Death Eaters had. There were a lot more of them than of the Orders and that was all that mattered.

“And therefore we can deduce that the northern part of England is weakly defended and is a good target,” she finished.

Ana shot up. “It’s weakly defended?”

Megan nodded. “I’m not 100 percent sure, but the chances are very likely that we could launch an offensive.”

“I say we attack,” boomed Porter. “We can win a major battle right now. Perhaps we can recapture Hogwarts too.”

“There is no strategic value in the north,” said Percy. “If we capture it, we will be spread thinner. At least with Wales, it was near us and we could have defended it easier.”

Mcgonagall nodded. “I agree with Percy. An attack in the north would be unnecessary.”

“I beg to differ,” said Ana. “The most heavy enemy numbers are around London which is closer to us. I suggest we take the north and relocate headquarters there.”

“I could agree to that,” Percy said reluctantly. “London’s proximity to us is fairly worrisome.”

“If we were to attack, where would we focus our troops on?” asked Hermione. “Dunlap?”

The muggle general stood up and walked over to a map of England hanging on the wall. He examined it for a moment before turning to the rest of the council. “I will admit I have been thinking of a plan for a while. As far as we know, Scotland had been untouched by the enemy and remains neutral. I believe that we should send an emissary there and warn them that we will be attacking the enemy near them.”

“That could be arranged,” murmured Mcgonagall thoughtfully.

“Excellent,” said Dunlap. “I suggest that we send an advance party to Berwick to secure the town. It would have to be a quiet thing though. Wave One would consist of no more than twenty people and they would go directly to where ever the commander in charge is and assassinate them. An appointed person will polyjuice into the commander and others will become key people. Wave Two, a day or two later will arrive and be in charge of lowering suspicion amongst the townsmen. Wave Three, at leas at one hundred people, will create a line around Berwick and not allow anyone out. Finally, five days after our original part arrived we will arrive in masses.”

“You have been thinking about this, haven’t you?” Neville remarked amusedly.

Dunlap spared a glance at him before continuing. “While our troops there press forwards and take Embleton, Alnwick, Amble, and Rothbury, we will launch a massed attack against Sunderland. While this entire operation is in order, I want a good 30% of our troops to stay behind and launch light attacks at the enemy lines to keep them unaware.”

“How far would should we push them?” asked Porter.

“I believe we should secure the cities first,” said Dunlap carefully. “But if we were successful in our attacks by Scotland, I would suggest an advance to Whitehaven eventually. As for our attack against Sunderland, an eventual campaign to capture Newcastle and Middlesbrough is a good goal.”

“It sounds to me as if this plan could work,” Mcgonagall said. “Is there anymore to add?”

“No ma’am,” replied Porter.

“You may be seated then. Does anyone have anything to say before we leave it to a vote?” announced Mcgonagall.

Percy rose and addressed Mcgonagall. “If this campaign is a success, will we send emissaries to foreign countries?”


Percy nodded and sat down as Muriel stood up. “I see no reason to attack them. I say we stay here and outlast them. We can reinforce our borders and create a utopia. Once we have established ourselves as a new country and can support ourselves, we can focus on the retaking of England.”

Silence met her words and Ana said incredulously, “Are you bloody stupid?”

“I agree with Ana. What Muriel says borders on treason,” Ginny said, hiding a grin.

Ana snickered quietly as she shared an amused glance at Hermione. There was little love between Muriel and the rest of the Weasleys.

“I call for a vote of no confidence in Muriel Weasley and her removal from this council,” suggested Ginny. “She obviously is just looking out for her own skin.”

“All those in favor?” asked Mcgonagall.

All the councilors raised their hands and Mcgonagall turned to Muriel. “The council has spoken. You have been dismissed. Please collect your things and leave this headquarters.”

Muriel stood up and slowly walked to the exit. Before she left she glanced at Ginny and the other Weasleys. “You will rue this day.”

She left and the Weasleys all started to smile and Ron sighed happily. “Now that we’ve gotten her out of the way – wait, how did she even get into this council?”

“She is very influential,” said Bill reasonably.

“Back to the debate please,” Mcgonagall snapped at them, her nostrils flaring. “We will vote now. All those in favor?”

Ana, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Porter, Neville, Bill, Podmore, George, Flitwick, Hagrid, Megan, Dunlap, Dawlish, Luna, Percy, and Slughorn slowly raised their hands. After taking a glance at the others, Doge and Medson followed suit half-heartedly.

“The motion passes unanimously,” said Mcgonagall calmly.

Deep sighs were heard around the gym. They were finally going on the offensive, for better or for worse.

A/N: What do you think of this story? Like? Dislike? Love even? Hate even (please not!)?

This chap is quite short compared to the others. This just seemed to be the best part to stop at…

Fav characters?


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