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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 2 : My best friend Lee
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Hope that if anyone is reading this they are enjoying it, I'm enjoying writing something different :)



I awoke with a start jolting my body upright, I'd managed to fall asleep at like 9 last night? what the bloody hell was wrong with me, I looked to my watch 7am, I dragged myself out of bed rubbing my tired eyes, I pushed open the bath room door with a yawn.

Now even though this is a shared bathroom it is still pretty spectacular, a very large white tiled room with a huge almost swimming pool sized bath in the centre, on the opposite wall was Malfoys door, I quickly headed over the soft carpeted floor and locked his door. I turned my attention away from the bath but to a small shower hidden behind it, today was not a bath day.

After a very speedy shower I pulled on my black school trousers and a clean shirt, and my tie, I unlocked Mafloys door and headed back to my room.

I spent a good half an hour doing my make up, finally standing back from the mirror to take in my appearance for the day. Now I'm not anything amazing, like I'm not veela standard but in my mind I'm pretty good looking.

I wore a pair of old tatty black converse trainers and black drainpipe school trousers, my white shirt hanging off me not tucked in and my green and silver tie hanging very loosely around my neck.

I pulled my dark red hair off my face into a very messy pony tail and my make up looked spot on, I grabbed my black shoulder bag and shoved my wand and robe inside.

Now I know, I don't look like your typical Slytherin girl. I've seen them in their cute little skirts all neat and tidy, their hair all in perfect condition and then there's me, I may look kind of sloppy but I'm comfy and that's what counts.

I headed out of my room and into the chilly shared common room and much to my glee Malfoy wasn't up yet, striding across the room towards the portrait hole, I took another look back to make sure I'd firmly closed my door, I never could trust that toerag, with that last look I pushed opened the portrait and stepped into the real Slytherin common room closing the portrait behind me as I scanned the much busier room.

"Rory" Came a familiar voice, I looked at the kids rushing around the room to find the source then without warning I was lifted into the air by a pair of very strong muscular arms.

Now as I mentioned before I have one friend at this school, he's the best friend a girl could ever want and his name is Lee Davies. I could trust this boy with my life, he is pretty much what every girl needs.

You may wonder how we met? well I bumped into him on the train to Hogwarts, he was such a tiny boy, much shorter than me he had fluffy black hair and big blue eyes, he was what you would call the most adorable 11 year old ever, now to keep this tale short and sweet, we bumped into each other while trying to buy some sweets (told you I'd keep it sweet) and we just got to chatting and well from that day on we were inseparable, he was just as sarcastic weird and quirky as me, in my mind he is my missing twin, but enough of that, back to today.

"Morning Lee" I croaked unable to breath as I was lifted up into his tight squeeze, after a couple seconds he dropped me down.

I stared up to Lee and yes I say up he must be at least 6 ft something and I'm down here at 5'5. Lee is a very well build and tanned young man but that's what you get for being a beater on the Slytherin quidditch team not to mention all he does in the summer is spend his time playing quidditch.

I won't lie he is a very attractive chap, tall dark and handsome are the exact words to use and yet he has those perfect Sapphire eyes and the biggest smile ever and not forgetting the award winning personality, I'm lucky to have him in my life.

"Come on Rory I am bloody starved" he said brightly with his kind voice.

"Oh alright" I huffed still trying to get my breath back from the tight squeeze.

Lee headed out towards the corridors of the dudgeon's leading me out in the direction of the great hall, one good thing about having Lee was he is like a human battering ram, he so tall and muscular that kids dart out of his way when they see him coming.


The pair of us sat in the great hall, Lee had a mountain of food on his plate and he devoured it with great speed while I nibbled on a bit of toast frowning at him

"Don't give me that look" he laughed in between mouthfuls

"What look?" I said with a wink

"That 'stop eating to much you great oaf' look" he said eyeing me up

"Well really Lee do you need to eat so much? you can't use the 'growing lad' excuse for much longer you know" I said laughing

"Well I am still a growing lad, so you can shut up besides, maybe if you ate more you wouldn't be such a midget" he said nudging me, I gave him a pretend death stare and laughed

"Just hurry up, we need to go to class, it's like quarter to 9" I huffed looking at my tatty old watch

"Oh Merlin forbid we're late to class, because that never happens to us" joked Lee, he knew damn well that being late to class was a very regular occurrence to us.
"besides isn't it only muggle studies? I doubt Professor Barnes will be too fussed" huffed Lee

"Honestly do you never listen?" I frowned collapsing my head onto the table
"We're getting paired up for our projects today, you realise these projects will continue until the end of 7h year and will count to 70% our final grade I said exasperated
"I want to get a good partner so I'm hoping if we get there early she'll partner us together, I mean imagine if you ended up with that bimbo Pansy?" I pleaded, Lee's faced contorted to a look of disgust at the thought of being paired with that little pub faced idiot

"Ok, I'm done eating lets go" I he said quickly shoving his still half full plate away and gathering his belongings.

We speedily made out way out of the great hall and nearly broke into a run to the muggle studies class. You're probably wondering why two Slytherin like us are taking muggle studies and especially me with my mum being a muggle, well to let you in on a little secret, its an easy subject to pass and we needed to extra NEWTs in fact quite a few Slytherins took the glass, well them and a few hufflepuff kids but that was it really.

We arrived with 10 minutes to spare at the muggle studies class room, Lee knocked on the door and pushed it open and we stepped inside.

This was a very strange class room to see, it was filled with obscure electrical objects and muggle objects, it was set out exactly like a muggle school room. There was a large desk at the front of the class that stood in front of a large blackboard.

"Morning dears" came a squeaky voice making me and Lee jump


I could pretty much beg for some reviews and feedback, pretty please?


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Muggle Studies: My best friend Lee


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