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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 2 : You Have Such...Nice Eyes
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I woke up the next morning with a little shriek from my own mouth. I fell down from my bed and hit the ground quite hard. Unfortunately, I woke the entire room. I cursed faintly under my breath as I got up from the floor. I tied my hair into a messy bun and glanced at the clock. Damn it, it was already 7. My first class, Charms, started in an hour. I grabbed my things and rushed into the bathroom.

"You forgot your glasses, Lina!" shouted Mallory. I stopped and turned around to take my glasses from Mallory's hand.

"Thanks, Mal," I said. I rushed toward the bathroom and started to strip my clothes off. I put my glasses on the sink and stepped in the tub.

My eye sight was not really bad as James's. In fact, I barely needed it. But I didn't feel save without it. I used that glasses to hide my abnormal eyes from everyone. My parents told me that I should be grateful to have such eyes. It made me looked special. But, for me, special is only a polite word of being a freak. And I hated to be titled as a freak. I had contact-lenses, that I barely used. I preferred the glasses than that.

"Lina, you've been in there for ten minutes! It's my turn now!" screamed Mary. I groaned and answered her that I'll be right out in a minute. I rinsed myself and dried my body. I slid inside my uniforms, powdered a bit my face and sprayed my perfume to some part of my body. I combed my blonde hair slightly and pocketed my glasses before walking out from the bathroom.

"There, the bathroom is all yours," I said to Mary, faking a pout. Mary rolled her eyes and stepped inside the room. I noticed Lily was ready. Maybe she had shower in the Prefect's bathroom.

"Come on, I'm starving," said Lily to me. "Let's go to the Hall."

I sighed. "Alright, just wait a minute. I want to tie my shoes."

I put my glasses in its box and knelt down to tie my shoes. Lily was tapping her foot impatiently. I groaned. Honestly, that girl was annoying the hell out of me. Sometimes I hated her. She shouted at me to get faster. I rolled my eyes as I stood and straightened my skirt. I grabbed my back and took the glasses box inside my bag without even looking at those things. I ran after Lily and rushed to the portrait.

"Lily! Wait for- AAAAH!" I screamed as I bumped into someone's arm. I knocked that person to the ground and groaned.

"Ouch, I'm so sor- Black?" I said with a tone of surprise. Sirius Black was lying under me with a look of annoyance and surprised.

"Gerrof me, Isilee!" he snapped. I snorted and got up.

"As if I wanted to spend my time with you any longer," I grumbled and off to the Hall. Lily was waiting in front of the door when I arrived there.

"What took you so long?" she protested. I huffed and went to sit on the seat of our House table.

"Black's the answer," I mumbled. Lily nodded in an 'oh-I-see' way and took a seat next to me. Her head was craned in position of searching for someone.

"Umm... Lily?" I said. "What are you looking for?"

"It's a who, actually. I'm looking for Severus," she answered lightly, right when Snape walked out from the Hall. She waved at him, who waved back at her. I frowned.

"Of all boys in this school, why are you choosing Snivellus?"

Lily glared at me. "It's Severus, and I choose him because he's actually nice."

I snorted. "Nice? Really?" I mocked as I stabbed my steak, imagining that meat was Sirius' face. Lily nodded forecefully, made me wonder why her head still was intact with her neck.

"He's better than Sirius at least," she said matter-of-factly. I agreed at her statement silently. I was just going to put the meat on in my mouth when I saw people rushing out. Lily and I quickly followed suit to see what was happening. I instantly groaned when I saw what happened, which Lily followed a few seconds after me.

Sirius and James were standing tall with their wands raised lazily. They were surrounded by at five Slytherins – almost of them were boys. There was only one witch among the boys; Bellatrix Black, Sirius' cousin. She was in her last year and she had an utter hatred toward Sirius – which was replied equally by Sirius. I could see Snape was one of them. His black eyes were glaring into James' brown ones. Even though I hated both boys a lot, I really wished that they beat Snape.

"Someone, shut the door! I don't want this fight interrupted by teachers!" shouted James. I supposed someone did what said, because in three seconds, the door banged closed. Sirius was now smirking with pure smugness and threw his condescending looks toward the Slytherins.

"Now, where are we?" he said rather in sweet, sickening voice. Unfortunately, that burned Bellatrix's anger.

"Shut up, Sirius! You just signed your enrollment into your grave by pissing us off!" screamed Bellatrix. Sirius's smirk grew wider.

"Now, now, Bella. I haven't pissed on you...yet. But, thanks for the suggestion, though," Sirius said. James laughed loudly at that, causing Bella to be even more angry than before - if it was even possible anymore. The girl looked like she was about to explode anytime.

"Tallan- "started Bellatrix but the light was blocked by Remus' Protection Shield.

"Moony!" yelled Sirius and James at the same time.

Sirius whipped around and half-glared at his best friend. "Don't you dare to try to help me!" he finished as he conjured a strong Protego Shield around him and James.

"Padfoot," said Remus slowly, trying to reason with his high-prided best friend while attacking one of Sirius' attackers; not like James or Sirius would need him to do that. "I'm not trying to help you two idiotic gits. We're going to wait until you're nearly dead, then we'll try to help you."

James rolled his eyes and threw another spell to his enemy. "I won't lose, Moony. Losing is never an option for me."

He waved his wand, making a small force to push his Remus away from him. He cast a circle around him and Sirius, marking his position and the Slytherins. To his left, Sirius waved his left hand, motioning his enemy to attack him. The Slythering wasted no time and started to attack the duo prats. He flicked all curses, jinxes, charms and spells away easily. I was beyond amazed. Never had I seen anyone could duel like that. I dared bet that if the two was asked to duel with Dumbledore, they would and could do it.

"Potter, stop this at once!" Lily shouted, trying to get closer toward the battle arena. But, the force field James had so powerful, it held off Lily away from them, no matter what spells she threw at it. Desperate, Lily turned to Remus.

"Remus!" she said to her Prefect partner, whose wand was ready anytime. He was the only boy between his friends that we girls called by his first name.

His head turned to face Lily, but his eyes never leaving the pompous gits. "Yes, Lily?" he answered.

"Do something!" she shrieked. Remus sighed.

"Lily, I amdoing something. And if you excuse me, I want to continue doing it."


"Lily," I cut her off. "They will do fine," I said sincerely. I didn't know why, but I just defended Sirius Black and his friends.

"AHA! I BEAT YOUR SORRY ARSES!" shouted Sirius in pure delight when the last wand, Bellatrix's wand, flew right into James' right hand. It was right when McGonagall opened the door. She looked downright terrifying, shaking in anger.

"Two fights in already and your first class hasn't started yet?" she gritted. "You two better start explaining the right reason, and no lies, Mr Black, or I'd send you home before you can say Merlin." Both boys sighed and made their way toward McGonagall.

"I tripped over Bellatrix's when she walked down the staircase," Sirius began.

"But, Sirius managed to grab her hand to save him from falling down right on the face," James continued.

"Losing her balance, Bella pushed James, which caused him to push Snape-"

"-we all toppled over the stairs, with my legs landed on Bella's back-"

"-and my arse- sorry, Professor. I mean, my bollocks landed on Snape's face-"

"-then, we started to scream at each other-"

"-and before we knew it, we won the duel against those-"

"-slimy, sickening, scumbags."

A few students, including me and Lily, were having trouble on stopping ourselves from laughing. That bit where James Potter's arse landed on Severs Snape's face would always be remembered by everyone. Unfortunately, McGonagall found nothing funny from it. She looked at Remus, who shrunk in fear at her scrutinizing glare

"Was that the way of it, Lupin?" asked McGonagall. The tall and lanky boy nodded sincerely.

"Well, twenty points each of you," said McGonagall. Everyone gasped. James' mouth was wide opened, while Sirius looked like he just got a heart attack. He opened his mouth, trying to reason with McGonagall.

"Professor, we were just defending ourselves! You couldn't possibly-"

"Black, from what I hear, it didn't sound like you two were merely defending yourselves. I believe there was something you didn't tell me, and that something was probably about how it was you who started the fight. I think, I'll cut thirty points from you and Potter," said McGonagall sternly. Sirius and James groaned.

"It's not fair! Why did you cut so many points from your own House?" James whined.

"I only docked sixty points from you while those friends of yours were about a hundred," she finished in a final tone. I glanced at the Slytherin sand-glass and it did decrease. Both Sirius and James sighed and turned around, walking toward our first class. Their two other friends were hot on their heels.

"Don't you have classes to do?" barked McGonagall. All students that were watching rushed to their own classes. I quickly folllowed Sirius' steps with Lily behind me.

Charms class was taught by a short teacher named Filius Flitwick. Professor Flitwick was standing on a pile of books that were stacked on a chair. I saw no seat was empty for two, for me and Lily. There was only two sits empty – one next to Sirius, one next to James. I think James intentionally sat separately from Sirius. I sighed and went to sit next to Sirius while Lily went to sit next to James hesitantly.

"Hello again, Isilee," said Sirius without looking me as sat next to him.

"Why, hello Black. I hope you're satisfied docking sixty points in the first day of school," I said in a too-cheery tone. Sirius snorted.

"Isilee, you wereenjoying my little show. Admit that."

I shrugged. "I didenjoy that. Still, I have no reason to agree with you."

"But Snivellus and Bella deserved it."

"I take it Bella is a short form of Bellatrix, yes?"

Sirius cringed at the name. "Yeah, my beloved and super charming cousin, Bellatrix," he answered.

I nodded and didn't continue our conversation. I looked around and found Lily and James were bickering as usual. I smirked. I'd told her that they were meant to be, but she didn't trust me. She stuck with her opinion that Snape was a lot better than James. That was the most stupid thing that she ever said.

Flitwick was starting the class. He was teaching us about Expression-Mask Charm. Even though I'm the second best girl in my year (well, that means I'm the fourth – Sirius was the first, next was James and then Lily), I must say, this subject was damn hard. I didn't know what to do at all. I wrote all the notes on the board but I didn't understand a single thing about it. I glanced at Sirius, who looked thoroughly bored. I guessed, he had learned this before. Still not understanding about the subject, I closed the book and started to look around, again.

Almost all classes I attended was with Slytherins. And all of it was with Sirius' gang. I hardly ever talked to his gang, but at least, I know them quite well not to annoy the hell out of them. James and Sirius were probably the most brilliant between the four of them, the masters of hexes, jinxes, and more; Remus was extremely good at Defence and Charms, in which his scores nearly tied with me and Lily; and Peter...he was the master of eating. Yeah, between the other three, Peter was the one who had nothing to be proud of.

There was one thing that Sirius could and James couldn't; the Unforgivable Curses. As you know, there were three curses; Imperius Curse, Cruciatus Curse and the Killing Curse. You knew that when you wanted to use one of those Unforgivables, you needed to use pure hatred - you needed to have enough hatred to mean the curses to happen upon someone. That was one thing that Sirius had always been taught of but James didn't.

"Oooh, how I loved to run my hands through it," mumbled Sirius. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the direction he was looking at. He was looking at Mallory's leg that was intentionally showed for him. She lifted her skirt up to her upper-tigh, showing more skin than appropriate. I sighed and started to doodle on my book.

"And I wonder how boys' minds work," I muttered. Apparently, Sirius heard what I said. He turned his head to me and tilted it in an annoying angle.

"What's that suppose to mean, Isilee?" he said. I rolled my eyes while starting to draw the Hogwarts emblem.

"You know exactly what I meant."

He smirked. "Well, I don't. So, would you kindly please explain that to me?"

I shrugged and kept drawing. "You're all dirty minded pigs that never thought of anything besides sex."

He pouted jokingly. "Oh, don't be too judgemental. I did think about something else. Umm... I thought about naked girls, what it feels to shag them in my parents bed room, what's the best way to take their clothes off, and... Yeah, many more."

I snorted. "See? I told you. You boys are all pigs."

He leaned on me and for a few mad seconds, I thought he was going to kiss me. But, I was wrong. "You know what, your drawing, if you see it from here, it looks like some kind of penis," he whispered. I slammed my quill and glared at him. He was smirking widely.

"Shut your mouth or I'll shut if for you," I grumbled. I glanced at Professor Flitwick, afraid that he might see our little fight. Sirius kept sneering.

"Oooh... I'm scared," he mocked.

"You blasted git! I swear, if it's not because we're in a class, I will hex that nose away from you face!" I hissed. He was just opening his mouth to retort back when he stopped and looked at me directly.

"What?" I said. He looked right into my eyes with an intensity that could fry an egg.

"Is it only me, but did you have such... Such... Such nice eyes?" he said slowly, not sure of himself.

I frowned. No one ever noticed my eyes before. It had always been hidden by-

"My glasses!" I exclaimed loudly. Professor Flitwick and the whole class turned their head toward me.

"Miss Isilee, if you wish to take your glasses, you may ask me properly. You don't need to shout," said the little man. I blushed and muttered my apology to him. I quickly grabbed my bag and started to find my glasses. I took the box and realised something; it wasn't my glasses box!

"Damn it," I cursed. "I just took Mal's panties' box."

Sirius's head shot up and turned to me. "What? Her panties?" he said. I groaned.

"Oh, fuck off, Black. I'm really panic right now," I snapped at him. He rolled his eyes and looked away from me. Finally, I realised that this was not my lucky day and I should be grateful that no one (except Sirius) had noticed my eyes.

"Why are so damn panic, Isilee?" mumbled Sirius suddenly. I tried to find an excuse as fast as I could.

"I can't see without it, damn it," I mumbled back. Sirius snorted.

"You're seeing well, woman. You've copied small notes from a board about ten metres from you. You can see damn well without it."

I groaned but refused to tell him the truth. He sighed and looked at me. It seemed that he was really interested with my story. "Okay, if you tell me why you need that fucking glasses so much, I won't annoy the hell out of you for the rest of the month. How's that?" he asked. I stayed silent for a moment, calculating the risk. At last, I nodded. He grinned and motioned me to tell him.

"I was afraid that everyone will mock me that I'm a freak. I hate that. I have heterochromia and polydactyly, and that's enough for anyone to mark me as a freak," I told him. Sirius frowned a bit and I saw a slight hint of a...blush?

"Can I ask you one more thing?" he said slowly. I shrugged.

"Depends on your question."

"Well, then you'll answer this," he said in a tone of relief. "As much as I hate to admit, I really have no idea what's heterochromia and polydactyly is."

I held back a laugh. Sirius Black, the smartest kid in the whole wizarding world, didn't have the slightest idea about deformities. He huffed and looked around, clearly annoyed that I was laughing at him. I should've known. He didn't know much about deformities, maladies and other stuffs about human body. And, he hated that! He hated to not knowing about something.

"If you don't want to answer it, fine," he said. "I'm not interested either."

I let out a small chuckle and talked again. "I'm sorry, but I just never thought that there's something that you don't know," I said. I took a deep breath and started to explain everything to him. "Heterochromia is someone like me, having different eye colour from one to another. Polydactyly is like also me, sadly. People who got polydactyly has extra fingers and toes." I showed him my thumbs. He looked at it closely and I thought he was going to laugh at it.

"Go on, laugh," I said nonchalantly. "I've had enough with that."

Sirius frowned and leaned back on his chair. "There's nothing to laugh. Blimey Isilee, for such smart girl, you don't have such humor."

I chuckled a bit, which he followed silently. I noticed that everyone started to practice the charm. "Are you going to practice it or not?" I asked him, since we were suppose to practice it together. Sirius nodded and took his wand.

"Before we begin on, do you have anything to ask about this lesson?" he said. "Perhaps I can explain it to you."

My jaw dropped. How in the world could he know that I don't understand anything? He smirked at me, knowing that he was guessing right. I sighed and let him to explain it to me. Maybe, he would do greater than Flitwick. After all, his way of talking was far more understandable. He was a young bloke after all.

"So, you just have to focus on two things," he started. "Your real feelings and your impassive mask – the one that you're going to use later to hide your real feelings. You have to picture those two clearly in your mind. And I mean by clearly is you have nothing to think except those two. Then, think the incantation in your mind and try to stay focus until your enemy believed you. It'll be more helpful if you could do Occlumency. You could hide your thoughts and hide your feelings."

I nodded. "And how to do the opposite? How to know someone's real feeling?"

Sirius smirked. "Simple, Legilimency."

"And you can do that?"

"Of course I can. That's incredibly simple," he said. I raised an eye brow. "For me. Incredibly simple for me," he added quickly. I rolled my eyes.

"You sure have so much pride inside you," I said. He shrugged.

"That must be coming from my blasted Black genes," he muttered darkly. He took a deep breath to control his anger. "But, you don't have to try to read other's emotions. What you have to do is hiding it."

I took my wand and tried to picture what I was feeling right now. I'd never done Occlumency before, but I'd try. Okay, I was feeling...nervous right now. I didn't know why, but I just felt it. The next step was the impassive mask. The last one was shutting my mind with the Occlumency. Alright, I could do it.

"You ready?" he asked. I nodded.

"I'm ready," I answered.

"Right, I'm going to use a weak Legilimency on you and try to bloke it as well as mask your feelings." He stopped for awhile, as if he was thinking about something. "You might have two more days free of my pranks and insults."

Well, wasn't that exciting?

"But Black, I don't know how to use Legilimency," I said, realising that I couldn't do that. Sirius was now between smirking and smiling.

"Woman, I had been shutting my mind and masking my realy expression since yesterday. Trust me, I won't lie. Once a Black said something, tha'st always been the only truth."

He gave me no time to gasp in awe. I sighed and focused my mind. I gave a curt nod, letting him know that I was ready. I blocked my mind and tried to think more on both things he told me. Sirius took a deep breath and tried to attempt my mind. It was so hard. I was sort of tempted to show him my real feelings and thoughts. But, I braced myself and focused more. I didn't know how long I've been doing that, all I knew was I managed to past the task.

"You've done it! Brilliant!" he said. I smiled happily and hugged him.

"Yes! I never thougt I would!" I said. He chuckled a bit. I saw that only James, Lily, Remus and Snape who had done it.

Sirius let go of me and he looked at me deeply. His chuckles died right away as I looked back at him. I felt him leaning on me dangerously. I never been this close with him. Hell, I'd never been this close with any boy. My breath hitched, feeling his breath on my face. His hands snaked around my waist and he pulled me closer toward him. He tucked a lose strand of my blonde hair behind my ear...

"Yo Padfoot!" said James.

And that snapped us both.

Sirius cleared his throat. We pulled apart and turned our heads toward James. Surprisingly, he acted like he didn't see what we'd almost done. He was smirking and pointing at an angry- no, berserk Lily. Her face was now as red as her hair.

"I kissed her, Padfoot! Me, your dearest Prongs, just kissed Lily Evans!" exclaimed James, made Lily ran after him while sending hexes toward him. Sirius rolled his eyes and looked at me.

"Isilee," he started. "Just pretend that it didn't happen."

"What didn't happen?" I asked, though I knew exactly what he meant.

"You know what I'm talking about." He turned away, packing all his books and stuffed it into his bag. "No, tell you this way. Forget everything that happened today between you and me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've to go to my next class. Au revoir."

I froze with mouth wide opened, staring at him. He grabbed his bag violently and stormed out of the room, the door slammed closed loudly behind him. James quickly went after his idiotic best friend, bombarding him with questions and all. Lily walked slowly toward me, her eyes showing pure concern. I knew she was half-expecting me to cry, but I had no tears in my eyes. I felt confused. One moment he was all nice with me, then he returned into his bastard-self. After a few more seconds of staring, I tidied my things and rushed out of the room with Lily hot on my heels.

"Lina, wait for me!" exclaimed Lily. I slowed down my pace and waited for her.

"What's happening back there? What did he do?" she asked when she was already next to me. I shook my head.

"I don't know. He was...acting all nice with me, then he tried to kiss me!" I mumbled. "The next thing I know he was cold again and storming out of the class. Weird kid."

Lily gasped. "He tried to kiss you?"


"Seriously? He tried to kiss you?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at her. "Yes, Lillian, he tried to kiss me. Now, stop talking about him or I'll hex your mouth off."

Lily sighed. "Alright, no need the fuss. I was just making sure of it," she said. "Come on, let's go to Defence."

I shook my head. "No, I'll skip all classes today. I don't feel like seeing him."

Lily nodded. She patted my shoulder and dragged me to the stairs – right to our common room. "Then I'll join you. I don't want to be in class too. Not after Potter kissed me," she muttered the last sentence darkly. I forgot my problem right away and looked at her happily.

"He did kiss you!" I said. "I thought he was just lying about it to Black."

"No, it was the truth. He did kiss me, right on the lips."

"And how was it? Was he a good kisser?"

Lily's eyes lightened and I realised that she enjoyed a bit. "Yes, he was a great kisser. He kissed me gently and even managed to brush his thumb on my cheek. I felt my stomach-"she stopped.

"You tricked me!" she said in an accusing tone.

"No, you're the one who told me," I said. "Willingly," I added. She glared at me and I tried to hide my smirk, but I failed. And damn, I was laughing right now.

"Stop laughing!" she said as we entered our dorm.

"But I can't," I said between my laughs. At last, she joined me.

"Alright, I let you win this time," she said. I smirked.

"Lily, you always let me win."

Soon, I forgot my encounter with Sirius.

Author's Note:

The Black sisters were actually way older than Sirius (Bellatrix being eight years older, Andromeda was six years older, and Narcissa was four years older). I wanted to show the relationship Sirius had with the Black sisters - seeing that it wasn't really mentioned in the books. And that Charm is also made up ;)

Thanks for reading and please review!


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