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Being A Malfoy by NymphadoraLupin
Chapter 1 : Meet Blaise Malfoy
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My name is Blaise Malfoy, older sister to Scorpious Malfoy, daughter to Draco Malfoy and to put it simply, who knows! My mum didn’t stick around for too long, apparently after she had my brother she felt bad for not being able to live up to the family name and left. I know what you’re thinking and yes I am well aware that Blaise is a guy’s name and yes I am named after my father’s best friend Blaise Zabini. My mum and dad were expecting me to be a boy, to be an heir to the Malfoy name but too bad for them I turned out to be a girl. Blaise was the only boy’s name they could agree on when mum was pregnant and they couldn’t really be bothered picking a girl’s name. Personally I would have liked something like Odetta but I like my name all the same.

“Blaise! Come on you’re gonna miss the train!” I heard Astoria call from downstairs. You see after my mother left, grandmother Narcissa went on a warpath trying to find dad a wife and Astoria seemed like the only one to fit the cut. She was nice most of the time unless it was that time of the month.

“Hold on Astoria. Don’t get you knickers in a twist.” I yelled, even though she was nice I refused to call her mother, mum or any variation of that word. It just didn’t feel right. Giving myself a once over in my bedroom mirror I ruffled my wavy collarbone length blonde hair in the mirror before walking downstairs. Scorpious had already apparated with dad to the station he was probably already on the train, he was such a daddy’s boy, it was sickening. I took Astoria’s arm and we apparated to King’s Cross Station, ran through platform 9 ¾ and ended up on the platform where we found dad. As I suspected Scorpious was nowhere in sight, he was probably already trying to find Rose Weasley, even though he was utterly in love with her- he doesn’t know that I know that- he likes to make fun of her, which is why this year I am going to do everything in my power to get those two together already. I gave Astoria and dad a quick goodbye and boarded the train to Hogwarts.
I was on the train when I saw the brown haired head of one James Potter.
“Hey Potter! Get any shorter over the break?” I yelled

“Not sure Malfoy. Get any bitchier?” he yelled back

“Probably,” I replied with a smirk. Potter was in my year level we were both starting our sixth year this year and we loved to fight. It was just our thing. Probably the constant war between our parents added a little fuel to the fire, but honestly it was just a fun thing to do. Me being the proud Slytherin that I am loved tormenting people and the Potters and Wealsey’s were my favourite victims, they were just so defensive it was comical. I pushed past him and found an empty compartment that was usually filled by the weasels and the offspring of the boy that lived. But me being me took that compartment out of pure amusement. Much to my dismay they all filed in one by one anyway, James being the last one in the compartment and having to take the seat next to me just made the situation more awkward. They then all launched into a game of wizards truth or dare. Honestly, it was like I wasn’t even there!
“Albus, truth or dare,” I heard the love of Scorpious’s life say

“Umm, truth,’

“Who do you like?’

“Come on, I’ve only answered this question like seven hundred times, give me a new one”


“Fine! Aurelia Kettleburn! Are you happy now?”

“Ecstatic” Rose then turned to James,

“James, truth or dare” she smirked, knowingly, I flinched a little when Rose smirked like that something bad was bound to happen.


“Come on James, truth is for wusses, pick dare, come on!”

“Fine dare, give it your best shot Rose,” she smirked again, Rose was my best friend in the world, I had known her long enough to come to the recognition that her smirks meant no good. Just because I like to torment the Wotter’s didn’t mean I didn’t like rose. Typically I shouldn’t, but Grandma Weasley was there when I was kicked out my house last summer.

“You have to kiss the closest person to you-” he cut her off

“Easy” he said as he went to kiss his sister Lily on the cheek, she stopped him just in time to say

“Not just anyone, they have to be blonde and it has to be a full blown snog session,” I cast a glare at her, knowing that she meant me; she had been trying to push me and James together for as long as I’ve known her.

“Jeez, Rose what’s with you and making me snog blondes?”

“I just want the best for my cousin,”

“Closet person to me eh? Well there are no blondes in this room so…” he trailed off until he realised that there I was a perfect blonde, sitting right next to him pretending to be lost in my thoughts. Then without my knowledge or consent I felt James arm snake around my waist,
“No way Potter! When hell freezes over! There is no amount of money that would make me snog you!” as those words left my mouth I felt James Potters lips crashing down on mine, I had a minor spaz attack in my head but my brain went into hibernation and my body responded, stupid body! I started to kiss him back and there we had it we were making out in front of the whole clan on a train. I was snogging my enemy on a train, in front of his family on the way to Hogwarts. Sorry but it was a little hard to comprehend, it’s not that I didn’t like it, I mean whoa! That boy is skilled! But it was just confusing. He then changed the way he was kissing me, it changed to huger and desperation, like that if he had ever stopped he would die inside, like he just couldn’t get enough of me. I had a feeling he didn’t want to stop but I broke it off when I heard someone clearing their throat in the doorway to the compartment and there stood my brother Scorpious, who knew how long he had been standing there or what he knew but one way or another I wasn’t going to hear the end of this.

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